40 Examples of 5X8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

They say there are no rules to design, but if there’s one rule we suggest you adhere to, it’s that you stick to your theme. Now the design theme shouldn’t just be something you randomly came across in a home decor idea and chose on a whim; selecting a theme you will be comfortable with every day for a very long time is critically important.

A bathroom is a place where we can relax and unwind and be our own true selves, and it is only fitting that our bathroom design is as inspirational and stimulating to the senses as possible. We’re here to give you some pointers to keep in mind while designing the 5×8 bathroom of your dreams.

5X8 Full Bathroom Makeover Design Ideas

1. 5×8 bathroom floor plans that is both beautiful and practical

A Bathroom Floor That Is Both Beautiful And Practical

It goes without saying, whatever bathroom floor you choose, stick to the matte kind. A smart choice would be something that doesn’t stain easily and is able to endure standing water.

Ceramic and natural stone tiles are great options. We recommend avoiding carpeted or solid wood floors.

2. small bathroom 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas

A State Of The Art Toilet

The toilet has the potential of being the very focal point of the bathroom, and it is important that we set aside the budget to invest in a good one. A high-tech option would be a smart toilet, perfect for a modern bathroom.

3. A stunning, but functional bathroom sink

A Stunning, But Functional Bathroom Sink

When it comes to bathroom sinks we like to stress on quality and functionality, while also not compromising on aesthetics. Look for a glossy one with an anti-splash feature, which will resist hard-water stains on itself and prevent water splashing onto your countertop and mirror.

It can be tempting to get one of those tiny bowl-sinks simply because of how cute they are, but make sure to get one big enough that you don’t spill water onto the vanity.

4. Innovative 5×8 bathroom layout with shower

Innovative Storage Solutions

A 5 x 8 bathroom can be pretty spacious when the storage design is done right. While it looks cute to have all your things on display initially, you will find that it tends to get very cluttered and overwhelming really quickly.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones to have a bathroom closet to put things away out of sight, opt for storage bins or baskets to put on your shelves rather than displaying the items by putting them on the shelves directly.

5. A timeless color scheme

A Timeless Color Scheme

About two-thirds of your bathroom, including permanent features such as walls, vanity, sink, cabinets, toilet, and bathtub, should be in your dominant hue, which is normally a neutral color. A third of the items in your bathroom, such as your towels, rugs, curtains, and art will be in your secondary color.

A third color is chosen as the accent, which provides pops of color throughout the bathroom to break up the monotony.

6. Ceramic hardware 5×8 bathroom layout with tub

Ceramic Hardware That Go Beautifully Together

Choose a bathtub, sink, and toilet that match well together. Opt for curvier lines to add a delicate and feminine touch to your decor, and a glossy finish to make sure your hardware is easy to maintain.

7. A cool LED mirror you would want to stare at all day

A Cool LED Mirror You Would Want To Stare At All Day

LED mirrors are all the rage at the moment and they’re perfectly suited for a wide range of modern designs, from luxurious to minimalistic. They add extra gloriousness to opulent vanities and eliminate the need for external lighting for minimalistic vanities.

8. Elegant wall mounted bathroom units

Elegant Wall Mounted Bathroom Units

If you’re someone that likes modern designs, clean spaces, and a minimalistic vibe, you may want to look into wall-hung bathroom units. Toilets, vanities, and storage units that are wall-mounted leave space underneath and can give a 5 x 8 bathroom the illusion of spaciousness.

9. A glamorous vanity area

A Glamorous Vanity AreaA Glamorous Vanity Area

A clean and spacious vanity area makes getting ready in the morning much easier. A round vanity mirror will be a statement piece in your bathroom. Choose a wood or stone slab countertop to suit your rustic décor or a marble countertop for a more elegant look.

Adorn the space with a jewellery tray or perfume display and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

10. women’s bathroom decorating ideas

An Accent Wall That Catches The Eye

An accent wall will give your bathroom a greater sense of space and style, without you having to break the bank. Choose a wall with no windows or openings to be your accent wall, and paint it a darker color than the rest of the walls.

Make sure your accent wall both contrasts and complements your color scheme. Use framed photos, art or wall hanging decorations to glamorize it.

Aesthetic Elements of a 5 by 8 Bathroom Design

11. A soft rug that looks and feels like heaven

A Soft Rug That Looks And Feels Like Heaven

A round, plush rug can break up the harshness of the cold, hard, Stoney bathroom fixtures and give it a more warm and cozy feel. A beautiful bathroom rug setting can help elongate the space and strategically draw the eye towards a focal point. We recommend it for those couples who are thinking of his and her bathroom ideas.

12. gorgeous metallic bathroom designs

Gorgeous Mix Of Metals

A great way to pull the entire look together is to use the same color and texture of metallic fixtures throughout the bathroom. This includes sanitary hardware such as taps, showerheads, flush handles, and aesthetic fixtures such as drawer handles, curtain rods, and light sconces.

However, if you’re confident enough, you can achieve a stunning combination by mixing different metals together in your design.

13. A luxurious set of curtains

A Luxurious Set Of Curtains

It’s important to choose a high-quality, luxurious fabric that extends from the ceiling to just above the floor, with a liner on the inside. Use a lighter color to give your bathroom a spacious look, or use a bold one to provide a pop of color in a monochromatic bathroom.

We suggest avoiding patterns or prints since they can make a 5 x 8 bathroom look a little too busy.

14. A charming ornate chandelier


We’ve recommended chandeliers several times in this article because we simply can’t think of a reason not to have one! It’s an excellent way to give your bathroom a designer feel, and there’s a vast array of chandeliers out there to fit every aesthetic.

15. A magnificent mirror wall that opens up your bathroom

A Magnificent Mirror Wall That Opens Up Your Bathroom

A mirror wall, although tricky to accomplish, can make your 5×8 bathroom look double its size while also giving it a gorgeous designer look.

Use a floor to ceiling mirror against a blank wall to give the illusion of continuation. Half length or smaller mirrors can also help expand enclosed spaces.

16. Classy and sophisticated matte finishing

Classy And Sophisticated Matte Finishing

Having a matte finish all throughout your bathroom could be 2021’s biggest design trend. Matte metal fixtures, matte floors, and matte tiling are all coming into fashion right now.

17. Curvy lines that soothe the eyes

Curvy Lines That Soothe The Eyes

Bathrooms often tend to look rigid due to all the stiff features and harsh lines provided by shower cubicles, cabinetry, and square tiling. Round mirrors and circular rugs help break that up by giving the space a more friendly and playful spirit.

18. Art that reflects your heart

Art That Reflects Your Heart

Including art in your bathroom decor is the best way to personalize the space. It adds interest to empty spaces in your bathroom, such as a blank wall or the space above your toilet.

You don’t have to invest in something exquisite, sometimes a DIY piece does more for your space than something created by a famous artist.

19. A luxurious marble countertop

A Luxurious Marble Countertop

The easiest way to add an element of luxury to your bathroom is by using marble countertops. They look especially stunning when paired with gold fixtures.

If marble is a little too expensive, opt for a marble overlay which comes at a fraction of the cost.

20. Cool tones vs warm tones

Cool Tones Vs Warm Tones

It’s important to have a balance between warm and cool tones in your decor, and lighting can help you achieve that. A bathroom with predominantly warm tones would need a source of cool lighting to calm the eyes, while a cool white and blue bathroom would need some warm lighting to add an element of comfort.

21. Ambient lighting to create a subtle glow

Ambient Lighting To Create A Subtle Glow

Looking to give your bathroom a wow factor? Ambient or mood lighting can do the trick. Conceal LED strips behind permanent fixtures such as mirrors and shelves to give your bathroom a unique atmosphere.

22. Space-maximizing glass walls

 Space-Maximizing Glass Walls

Glass walls, or invisible walls, help section off a space without visually blocking it off. This gives a 5 x 8 bathroom added spaciousness and an airy feel.

23. Textures to stimulate the senses

Textures To Stimulate The Senses

Use plush towels and rugs in your bathroom decor to provide softness against the harshness of the wood, stone and metal fixtures. A variety of textures throughout the bathroom will give it both dimension and sophistication.

24. Concealed vs exposed showers

Concealed Vs Exposed Showers

For a clean minimalistic look, go for a concealed shower. While making a statement using bold metallic accents, an exposed shower will give your bathroom that extra oomph.

25. Strikingly bold bathroom fixtures

Strikingly Bold Bathroom Fixtures

Bold bathroom fixtures, such as matte black or gold taps, showerheads, and sconces can provide a stylish accent and deliver a bold statement, all at the same time. 

Functional Elements of a 5 x 8 Bathroom Remodels Images

26. Captivating light fixtures

Captivating Light Fixtures

While warm lighting creates a cozy ambience, cool lighting makes your ceramic and stoneware sparkle. Replacing your old sconces with new ones that match your aesthetic can have a massive impact on your space.

The addition of a crystal chandelier will look regal and give the bathroom an illusion of texture, while a wrought iron chandelier is perfect for a rustic-style bathroom. For a modern look, bubble pendant lights suspended from the ceiling can be a great choice.

27. Organization tips for functionality and aesthetics

Organization Tips For Functionality And Aesthetics

Organizers are fundamental in making any bathroom look put together. Don’t just leave things lying on the bathroom counter. Clean up your vanity by organizing your toothbrushes in stylish toothbrush holders, and put away your cosmetics inside compartmentalized drawers.

Invest in some drawer organizers so that every item has its own allocated space.

28. Repot, declutter and display

Repot, Declutter And Display

Sometimes, despite having a well-decorated bathroom, it can seem a little cluttered and messy due to all the different bottles of the product we have on our vanity, shelves, and caddies. Invest in decorative soap and shampoo dispensers to display openly, and conceal smaller items by organizing them into baskets that match your décor.

Get dispensers and soap cases that match your decor, or simply buy high-quality glass or acrylic ones which tend to go with everything. If you are a white lover and want to do your bathroom remodel white I highly recommend this.

29. Add a living element to your space with some ornamental pl

A bathroom isn’t complete without a little bit of greenery to soothe the eyes. If you’ve got a window, place an air-purifying plant such as a snake plant in a pot on the window sill, or on a plant stand below the window where the sun hits.

Certain plants tend to thrive in a bathroom setting and won’t require much of your time or care. Air plants, aloe and cacti can all be great options.

30. Make your bathroom smell inviting

Make Your Bathroom Smell Inviting

Lighting a scented candle in your bathroom for half an hour will neutralize unpleasant odors and freshen up the air. You may also hide a few air freshener pockets at various locations such as under the sink, behind the toilet, and inside your bathroom closet.

If you’re in the mood to splurge, get an automatic air freshener dispenser that will spritz the air at regular intervals and keep your bathroom smelling divine all the time.

31. Modern bathroom design (budget small bathroom ideas with tub)

Modern Bathroom Design

Keep the décor bright, with clean lines, bold accents, contemporary art and a statement chandelier for a modern look that you just can’t go wrong with.

32. Rustic bathroom design

Rustic Bathroom Design

Incorporate wood accents into your décor for a rustic vibe. Wrought iron fixtures, an exposed brick accent wall, a woven reed floor mat, and some wood shelving would tie the look together beautifully.

33. Shabby-chic bathroom design

Shabby-Chic Bathroom Design

A freestanding clawfoot bathtub, floral wallpapered accent wall, a round vanity mirror with an ornate wood frame, and pastel accents throughout the bathroom would create a wonderfully feminine shabby-chic look. Sheer lace shower curtains and a mid-century crystal chandelier would be the perfect accessories.

34. Regal bathroom design

Regal Bathroom Design

To create a regal aura, choose bold colors and luxurious textures such as shiny metal fixtures, marble or granite countertops, and plush velvet curtains and rugs. Warm lighting, ornate sconces, and an empire chandelier will complete the look.

35. Classical bathroom design Ideas

Classical Bathroom Design

Crown molding, antique brass fixtures, a clawfoot bathtub, and a textured accent wall would make for a beautiful classic bathroom design.

36. Minimalist bathroom design

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Opt for plain metal fixtures, naked iron shelving, and a glass shower partition instead of shower curtains. Square vanity mirrors and rectangular rugs in solid dark colors will help continue the minimalistic theme.

37. Industrial themed bathroom design

Industrial Themed Bathroom Design

Bare concrete and textured wood are a match made in industrial heaven, and together they can do great things for your bathroom decor. Teamed with an iron-framed glass shower partition, black metal fixtures and some exposed plumbing, this can give you a magazine-worthy bathroom.

Since this bathroom decor comes with strong features, use ambient lighting to illuminate all the prominent features and soften the atmosphere.

38. farmhouse bathroom remodel ideas

Farmhouse Themed Bathroom

Replacing your shower curtains with a custom barn door-style partition will instantly give your bathroom a farmhouse makeover. Use a wooden ladder as shelving or for a towel rack, and stick to earthy tones and natural textures wherever possible.

Engineered wood floors and a reed floor mat would suit this decor perfectly. Opt for rope baskets or wooden crates for additional storage.

39. Black or white, or black and white?

Black Or White, Or Black And White?

A black and white bathroom is bold, clean and sleek, and is always in style. It is one of those stunning combinations that always catch people’s attention. With the right pops of color, this one can be a real compliment getter!

Create a balance between light and dark that you’re comfortable with. If you’re unsure whether it will end up being too dark, stick to white permanent fixtures and accessorize with removable black items, such as rugs, towels, curtains, and art.

40. Eclectic style bathroom design

Eclectic Style Bathroom Design

This style of bathroom design often features subway tiles, bold patterns, and fun, unique bathroom fixtures. Use colorful wallpapers, tiles, rugs, and some stunning art to create an impression.

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