40 Bathroom Makeup Vanity Ideas and Inspiration

Your bathroom is the true reflection of your style and personality. Hence to be taken care of well. Are you the one who is thinking of remodeling the bathroom? Then you must be thinking to choose the right vanity for your bathroom. Of course, it is the most important place inside your bathroom.

No matter whether you are trying to remodel or get the new one, the first and foremost thing is to choose the right theme. It matters as if you may want a modern bathroom or a traditional one and the vanity would be chosen accordingly. This article will surely help you be decisive.

Master Bathroom Makeup Vanity Ideas

1. Small Space Vanity Solutions

Small Space Vanity Solutions:

Looking for a vanity for a space bathroom? No issues, as there are perfect solutions for small vanity areas. You can either choose a floating cabinet with the sink over it or a flour touching one. 

You can keep your bathroom clutter-free by just adding a small dressing table to the bathroom. Here is the image for your inspiration.

2. Stay Minimalist with Nook Vanity

Stay Minimalist with Nook Vanity

If you are looking for a makeup vanity that fits into a nook, then this is absolutely for you. Remember one thing,” Minimalist Rejoice”.

Therefore, don’t try to mess up your bathroom with heavy storage or articles. A small cabinet or drawer with an open shelf would resolve all your issues. For small spaces, go for white and timber as it will help in getting the feel of a big bathroom.

3. White Creates Magic

White Creates Magic

A simple white vanity with a white-glowing mirror can make heads turn to your bathroom. Try if you have a love for white colors. Undeniably, this simple change would make a revolutionary change. 

White marks peace. When you get ready in front of the white mirror and with white makeup vanity, you can feel calmness all around you.

4. Gorgeous Classic vanities

Gorgeous Classic vanities

Classic vanities never fail to attract. These are mostly wide cabinets with huge space. Lots of drawers and shelves will keep your bathroom clean. You can easily incorporate all of your important stuff here.

These look perfect when the cabinet is made up of wood. Wood embraces the bathroom. It amplifies the beauty of even a very small place.

5. Simplicity wins follow it

Simplicity wins, follow it

Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

Keeping everything simple is life. So, follow it while selecting the vanity too. Simple yet gorgeous. The use of light-colored timber adds beauty with the warmth of the pink color.

Moreover, the simple pink framed mirror just seems to welcome you inside the bathroom. You can choose your own simple likewise. It would enhance the whole bathroom area.

6. French Country Bathroom Makeup Vanity

French Country Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Everyone loves French country-style bathrooms and vanities. It carries a modern touch with a royal touch. If you are remodeling your bathroom vanity, just go with the matching wooden cabinet with lots of storage inside.

The vanity will magnificently change the ambiance of the bathroom. Certainly, you will go crazy for yourself while getting ready in such vanity.

7. Get a freestanding vanity unit

Get a freestanding vanity unit

You can purchase a good freestanding bathroom makeup vanity. The benefit is that you can move it to anywhere as per your likings. You can also fix it up.

Try getting the perfect match or in contrast to color to go with your bathroom. Makeup vanity not only helps you to declutter but also adds to the charm of your bathroom.

8. Black and White- A combination that never fails

Black & White- A combination that never fails
Image: Houzz.com

A right black & white combination just adds the value. You can try this combination while choosing your vanity as well.

Black is the sign of aggression and passion that adds glamour, while a white color signifies peace of the mind and adds calmness.

When both put together, they turn divine. get a white bathroom makeup vanity if your bathroom walls are black or grey in color or try vice versa. The outcome would be beyond your imagination.

9. Floating Vanity is awesome

Floating Vanity is awesome

Nowadays, it is a trend to get a floating makeup vanity. This kind of dressing table suits each bathroom, whether small or large. You can use the space wisely by choosing the floating cabinets for your vanity.

However, a tall slender tower cabinet can be placed for storage assistance. Floating vanity has a modern taste with added elegance.

10. Lighting Solutions for Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Lighting Solutions for Bathroom Makeup Vanity

The vanity is viewed as an errand zone in the washroom. You ought to have lighting that makes utilizing the sink, counter, and mirror simpler. This implies having splendid light that enlightens the individual and sinks territory.

You can mount the light over the mirror to project the light downwards. Sconces on one or the other side of the vanity mirror can make a conventional and rich look.

Search for LED lights, pendant bulbs that are smooth, moderate, and mix in with the stylistic theme as light bars.

11. Textured Tiles goes well with Ceramic

Textured Tiles goes well with Ceramic

Tiles and washrooms go inseparably, so it’s normal to utilize tiles in vanity territory. You could utilize it on the backsplash region of the vanity. Tiles can make it simpler to keep your washroom clean and shield the territory from overabundance dampness.

Beautiful lines on tiles make the small area feel bigger and more beautiful. Thus, choose your tiles for the bathroom vanity wisely.

12. Furnish with the classy touch of Brown

Furnish with the classy touch of Brown

Take your modern bathroom to the dark side with dark brown-colored makeup vanity. Brown vanity cabinets and accessories will give the space much life.

Brown goes well almost with every light color. You can combine it with white ceramics, brown antique faucets, or beige-colored walls. Related 30+ Dark Grey Vanity Bathroom Ideas.

13. Dual Sink Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Dual Sink Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Wondering! why do we go for a dual sink while a restroom is used by a single at a time? Well, dual sinks are the solutions to be used by two people at the same time and in the same space.

If you are having a party at home, this kind of vanity is a proven boon. It gives you the comfort of getting ready simultaneously.

This solution is loved by some couples too or office-going partners as it helps to manage their valuable time.

14. Indulge in the beauty of Marble

Luxury is where there is Marble. If you want a luxurious bathroom vanity, give it a quick graze of the marble.

Nothing can scream louder about luxury than a marble. You don’t need to put in much effort if you are using glorious marble in your bathroom and in your makeup vanity too.

15. Grace your Bathroom with an Open Vanity

Grace your Bathroom with an Open Vanity

Open Vanity is for those who are extremely organized and keep their life mess-free. In contrast, closed cabinets can hide all the mess inside them. But still, for some chaotic people, it is difficult to find the needed belongings at the right time.

So, if you are among those who are blessed with systematic character, the open vanity is the perfect choice for you.

These feel more comfy, spacious, and also time-saving. Keep baskets to store wrangling towels, hair accessories, soaps, toilet paper, etc.

16. Intensify Bathroom Makeup Vanity with Glowing Mirror

Intensify Bathroom Makeup Vanity with Glowing Mirror

Glowing mirror perks up the vanity area. The light coming out of it magnifies the beauty of the bathroom. Find either an expensive or a simple mirror. Adding LED lights behind the mirror just changed the way your old bathroom looked. It is rather very suitable for your pocket as well.

17. Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic bathrooms and also the vanities never go out of style. They are simple to manage, pocket-friendly, and also homey. With a little effort, a traditional old vanity can be replaced by the rustic yet modern one.

If you ever thought of buying a new vanity or even remodeling your whole bathroom, this style is for you. Simple yet elegant is the most suitable phrase for rustic bathroom vanity. Wooden cabinets or shelves with scones hanging by side of the vanity complement each other.

18. Marvelous Granite Vanity

Marvelous Granite Vanity

Want to turn your bathroom luxurious? Choose Granite. Granite tiles or vanity platforms will add a glow to your bathroom.

Granite is the hardest material yet is less likely to get cracks easier than ceramic. Granite being more permeable gets stains easily. Hence, require proper care.

19. Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity with the calmness of Blue & White

Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity with the calmness of Blue & White

Everyone loves peace. White is the best-suited color to adore it. When white gets combined with the cool royal blue. The magic spell showers.

Try in your white bathroom, a cool blue vanity with a flower vase decorated over the counter & this is how your bathroom feels more welcoming to you. Take inspiration with the picture below and follow accordingly.

20. Feel the Goodness of Copper into your Bathroom Vanity

Feel the Goodness of Copper into your Bathroom Vanity

Look at this bathroom makeup vanity image. Try an ingeniously wonderful Copper faucet-basin pair with all copper accessories.

The goodness of copper will add value to your vanity as well as to your health. Get soap dispensers again made up of copper and it’s done. Copper ensures lavishness wherever it belongs to.

21. Enrich the Bathroom Vanity counter with some Indoor Plants

Enrich the Bathroom Vanity counter with some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants not only are the ornament for the vanity counters but also add some life to your bathroom.

Feel livelier by pouring the exceptional beauty of the plants. Either buy a vase or a whole planter, and you will feel the difference.

22. Ultra-Modern Vanity Idea for a small bathroom

A small bathroom can be decorated magnificently with some tiny changes. If storage is not your concern, then you can go for such a bathroom. A slender freestanding modern sink with an unconventional looking mirror and beautiful faucet.

What else do you need to remodel your tiny personal space? This kind of bathroom vanity goes well with your drawing or living room bathroom.

23. Gorgeous Country Style Simple Bathroom Vanity

Gorgeous Country Style Simple Bathroom Vanity

Wooden floor and ceramic vanity are perfect couples. Sometimes you don’t need to do much for the refinement. 

The minimal surroundings bring out the best of the Vanity. Also, a classic wooden rack directly under the vanity serves to hold all you require for your morning and night schedules.

24. Choose your Kind of Layout

Choose your Kind of Layout
Image: pexels.com

You can make the best decision as per your needs. Sometimes you can design it in a better way than anyone else.

Here you can see the best usage of the space. A tall white tower accompanies the vanity. A cool sink with lots of storage solutions is the best one. 

Furthermore, the hanging creeper plant gives life to the vanity, and of course, the light that illuminates the whole area goes perfectly.

25. Pick out the best Bathroom Makeup Vanity that fits in your space

Pick out the best Bathroom Makeup Vanity that fits in your space

Your bathroom space may be larger or smaller than others. Henceforth, it is a must to go for the one that meets your space needs. You may require huge storage or just a vanity for your small corner.

Choose wisely, else you will end up in disappointment. A small simple vanity would redefine your bathroom space. Thus, know your requirements first to get the perfect one.

26. White Ceramic Sink with Stainless-Steel Faucet

White Ceramic Sink with Stainless-Steel Faucet

Natural beauty doesn’t need much effort. Have a look at this picture. Naturally, the beautiful marble countertop is blended perfectly with the white Vanity.

The rectangular ceramic sink is complementing the stainless-steel faucet and the white scones on both sides of the charming round mirror.

27. Beyond Royal

Beyond Royal

A free-floating royal blue vanity gives a bathroom an ultra-royal look. Appealing accessories provide a stunning look to the bathroom. Let your vanity be angelic so that it will turn everything there is a ravishing modern way.

Best complemented with the modern towel rail that is wall-mounted near the vanity. A freestanding bathtub with the royal bathroom makeup vanity is just welcoming you.

28. Uncovered Shelves Vanity provides an Abundance of Space

Uncovered Shelves Vanity provides an Abundance of Space

Open shelves add decorating solutions. You can either put some decorative exclusive pieces or you can use them to keep towels, soaps, or other bathroom accessories.

Rectangular twin mirrors add elegance to the efficient bathroom vanity. Freestanding vanity cabinet gives a balance to the heavy bathroom needs.

29. Color out of Boring ones

Color out of Boring ones

Selecting the color for your bathroom is an art. Vanity doesn’t need to be boring or only of neutral shades.

You can choose life by adding some live colors. For your inspiration, you can check out the picture with the combination of Mauve and white.

Undoubtedly, it is a breathtaking one and warming too. This can be the finest solution for teen girls’ bathroom.

30. Enhance your Bathroom Vanity with a Metallic touch

Enhance your Bathroom Vanity with a Metallic touch

From elegance to royal touch, from beauty to calmness, this Vanity has it all. Add metallic fixtures, faucets, lamps, or even the frame of the mirror.

Modern rustic classic vanity is ready to bring the best out of you. Silver to golden, copper to brass, you can choose any to beautify your bathroom yet functional.

31. Glass Vessel Sink

Glass Vessel Sink

Glass Vessel Sink complements any bathroom especially when is combined with white. The purity of white and the transparent character of the glass vessel sink for your bathroom vanity is just a showstopper.

Get the glass vessel sink either single or a pair and you find your bathroom vanity alive. This kind of remodeling will not take much money and not much energy.

32. Cool Indoor Plants Natural Embellishment idea for your bathroom Vanity

Cool Indoor Plants Natural Embellishment idea for your bathroom Vanity

When creativity and nature combine, create the divine. That is superbly true. Get some very beautiful indoor plants and decorate your open shelf vanity with them. Also, put some on the vanity counter.

A dim yet bright light from the chandeliers would do wonder. Without much ado, your vanity creates magic. It will be like singing and welcoming and also, homier.

33. Implement a Golden Glow for your Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Implement a Golden Glow for your Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Gold is classic. Gold is amazing. Add a little brush of the golden paint and feel the luxury. The golden carved class frame and the admiring yellow marble countertop would turn your traditional vanity into a luxurious one.

Don’t think too much and get the majestic glow for the golden vanity. Amplify with the bright yellow light to take out the best golden glow.

34. Combine Modern with Conventional

Combine Modern with Conventional
Image: faucet.com

Sometimes a little touch creates a masterpiece. You should always be experimenting and believe in your ideas while thinking about the bathroom Makeup Vanity. Get a circular mirror instead of a rectangular or square one.

Be it light-emitting to illuminate the restroom. Moreover, small yet open shelves of modern vanity will make your space larger and spacious. Select a wallpaper that goes well.

35. Contrast color Palette for your Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Contrast color Palette for your Bathroom Makeup Vanity
Image: bhg.com

You do not need to choose colors that blend into your bathroom. If you just want to give a modern change to your restroom, add a makeup vanity with a contrast color.

The contrast shows the flexible character. Also, creates an overwhelming atmosphere around. Modern bathroom vanities need a perfect appealing color and the right sink and faucet combination.

36. Wall-mounted dual Sink Modern Bathroom Makeup Vanity

A simple and pocket-friendly vanity solution is here. Pick a modern dual sink vanity. With contrast shelves, this vanity looks appealing and simple. You just need your old rectangular mirror to be wall-mounted with fascinating small chandeliers hanging on both sides. Wall-mount your vanity and it would turn out amazingly beautiful.

37. White Ceramic Sink with Ultra-Modern Faucets

White Ceramic Sink with Ultra-Modern Faucets

Enhance the appearance of your bathroom vanity with a modern faucet. There is a huge number of designs available. Get the best one out of them. This Ultra-modern faucet just incorporates a new wing to the life of the bathroom.

Black checkered tiles and ceramic sink seem to just be complimenting each other. Your simple old bathroom would look gorgeous with this kind of beautiful addition.

38. Statement Sink with A Golden full-length Mirror

Statement Sink with A Golden full-length Mirror

When the style is all more a need than storage, at that point why not introduce a statement sink like this one. Love the straightforwardness of this design. It creates interest yet doesn’t overwhelm the remainder of the space!

This is the ideal alternative to favor up a simple free space. Furthermore, it’ll make certain to intrigue your guests as well.

39. Modern and Contrast Luxurious Vanity

Modern and Contrast Luxurious Vanity

Amazing modern weightless and effortless vanity carries a ton of white, white wall tiles and textures, white illumination, ultra-white cabinets with simple bright yellow handles.

With such minimalist decoration, a touch of soothing orange flowers is feeling like spring after dry scorching heat.

Luxury is added by the grey-white combination of the sink and the bathroom itself.

40. Use your Old Dressing Table as Bathroom Makeup Vanity

Use your Old Dressing Table as Bathroom Makeup Vanity

You have an old antique-style dressing table, then wait! Don’t throw it away. Old antique styled Dressing can turn into a marvelous bathroom makeup vanity. This dressing turned vanity to enrich your bathroom with style and royal touch.

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