Gorgeous 32 Best Bathroom Magazine Rack Ideas You Should Try

Bathroom storage space can never be enough. You have to store all the things from towels to shampoos and toilet caddies in one place. One never gets tired of finding storage ideas in the bathroom, and when you have small space available then you want to utilize every single space available to you.

If you want to get entertained in the bathroom, you surely need some magazines and books to read while sitting, so why not explore some best bathroom magazine rack ideas to store them in the right place, so they may leave your bathroom clutter-free? Let us discuss some ideas that you can use to store your magazine in the bathroom.

1. Versatile built in magazine rack for bathroom

Versatile built in magazine rack for bathroom

Bathroom magazine storage ideas can be tricky while you are living in a small space such as a bathroom. You may want to use every inch of the bathroom so it will be functional and practical.

You can get a versatile designed rack with a basket underneath to place all your magazines. Being near the toilet, it will be easy to grab and read.

2. Stainless steel small wall mounted Toilet magazine rack

stainless steel small wall mounted Toilet magazine rack

A stainless steel small magazine holder rack can be budget-friendly and handy when it comes to finding a convenient option for storing your magazines as well as towels and tissue rolls.

A rod for holding your tissue is attached to this rack and you can replace your magazine easily whenever you want. It can be fitted anywhere and you can move it inside or outside your bathroom and it will save enough space.

3. wall mounted wooden bathroom magazine Holder

wall mounted wooden bathroom magazine holder

If you have a wooden or shiplap décor in your bathroom, then this wall mounted wooden bathroom magazine holder idea will work perfectly for you.

Try placing an old wooden shelf in a horizontal manner to hold your magazines, so they won’t fall outside. You can give your bathroom a more rustic look by making these small changes. It will also give your bathroom a cozy vibe.

4. Rustic mint colored wall mount magazine rack for bathroom

Rustic mint colored wall mount magazine rack for bathroom

If you love reading newspapers and magazines in the bathroom, then you know very well that you cannot leave them on the floor or countertop, because of the obvious reason of getting wet.

You may have to get a magazine shelf or holder to place them. Install a rustic newspaper holder on the wall but within your reach. This way you will get your desired magazine with easy access.

5. Freestanding wood toilet paper holder with magazine rack

Freestanding wood toilet paper holder with magazine rack

You want to style your bathroom in farmhouse style, then this toilet paper holder with magazine idea is surely for you. A little wooden touch will make the whole bathroom fresh and breezy. You can keep all your things organized in this way. This shelf will prove to be a decorative item to place an oil diffuser, underneath it, you will be able to hold your paper towel and magazine.

6. Antique bathroom magazine storage Idea

Antique bathroom magazine storage Idea

The antique items placed in your bathroom will give a vintage look to the overall bathroom décor. The minimal changes will take you to the past ages and make it more vintage. Antique items can be a little costly, you can get these antique items at the flea market or thrift stores. A small antique holder can hold all your magazines and can be placed on the countertop.

7. antique bamboo magazine rack

Bamboo Magazine Stand

Bamboo magazine stands can be used to place your towels and magazines. They come in a variety of sizes and large enough you can store as many magazines as you want.

Beautiful v shaped bamboo stands as both as magazine storage and basket. You can also place your hair clips on its handle.

8. white wooden magazine holder Stand

white wooden magazine holder Stand

For a washroom makeover, you always search for new things to remodel your bathroom. Both wooden and shiplap décor match well with each other.

You can enhance its look by inserting white shiplap stand. For a more natural feel, you can place white shiplap polished stand for placing your magazine. Drag it near your toilet and enjoy reading your magazine.

9. Wooden crafted rack

Wooden Crafted Rack

For a cohesive look, a wall mounted wooden crafted rack is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures. You can get all your magazines organized in that rack and within easy access.

It will be a decorative addition in your bathroom and will be easy to place your magazine and newspapers.

10. small wooden magazine rack with Toilet Paper Holder

small wooden magazine rack with toilet paper holder

Below the shelf area often gets wasted, so why not make it useful? You can use this space to place a magazine stand or towel holder. This stand is available in different materials and models and the choice will leave you astonished. Your bathroom will look more luxurious with all these additions.

11. Two in 1 magazine stand

Two In 1 Magazine Stand

Who doesn’t like to get 2 items at the price of 1? The best idea is to fix the magazine stand on the wall with an added toilet paper holder.

You can replace your tissue papers with towels too according to your convenience. It is fixed on the wall so won’t be covering any additional space.

12. Twins racks

Twins Racks

One is never enough, so get as many as you want. You can attach two vertical racks horizontally on the wall and place all your magazines in it.

This will cover a wide range of magazines from sports to games and even fashion magazines. You can read all you want while sitting on your toilet and never get bored.

13. wall mounted wire magazine racks

wall mounted wire magazine racks

Simple wall mounted wired basket which can be used for both holding flowers and blossoms to holding magazines or why not both?

You can place newspaper and magazine in this stainless steel basket which is rust proof and moisture resistant. Minimal décor always looks decent and classic and this is the perfect match for your bathroom.

14. Along the flush Magazine Holder idea

Along The Flush Idea

This idea is particularly for small bathrooms, because why compromise the limited floor space and you can’t even place them on the floor after reading.

So, for maximum utilizing the space, you can place the mini basket along the flush side. It will be easy to install, and magazines will be grabbed easily.

15. Dark wicker rack

Dark Wicker Rack

Tissue paper, towel holder and so many things to store, but not having enough space can make you frustrated. Don’t worry, we have got you under control. You can install a dark colored wicker basket along with a rod underneath it.

Rod can be used to hold your tissue paper roll and above it, the basket can be used to store your magazines and newspaper. You can place as many magazines as you want, it won’t fall on the ground.

16. V shaped magazine rack

V Shaped Magazine Rack

Rotating baskets and racks are the best choice to hold your magazines. They are the most durable option and are easy to clean because of the material used.

For decorating your bathroom, you can use this rack and place your magazine in it. You can also place it on the floor, near your bathtub and shower.

17. Freestanding different racked holder

Freestanding Different Racked Holder

Having more than one rack in one stand can be pretty useful and convenient. You can use this freestanding stand to hold your tissue paper rolls as it is one of the most used items.

If you are having a bathroom that has two flushes then you can use this stand and place it in between both of them and enjoy.

18. Classic small magazine holders

Classic small magazine holders

Instead of installing boring old style racks, then you can use this classic small standing rack. You can use this rack to store magazines and this classic steel stand can be placed over the counter. You can also get this in matte gold color for enhancing the look of the bathroom.

19. Chain style jute basket

Chain Style Jute Basket

Not a big fan of steel décor, you can use this jute basket to hold your magazine. Keep things away from eyesores by just placing them in this covered fancy jute basket.

It has handles on both sides so you can easily move it and carry it being heavy. You can also make rolls of magazines and stuff them in it. Your bathroom will be clutter free.

20. Rustic stylish water bucket for magazines

rustic stylish water bucket for magazines

Antique items only increase the grace of any place without getting in the way of the overall décor of the bathroom. You can get this silver coated water bucket from eBay or Amazon at a normal range and place them near your flush to place your magazine. Your guest will be amazed by looking at how creative you can get while decorating your bathroom.

21. wall mount magazine book Brass rack

wall mount magazine book brass rack

Solid stainless, brass racks look so beautiful, and being wall-mounted is destined to hold your magazines. You can mount it on the wall, and round curves show the elegant design of the rack. You can get all your magazines by just moving your arm and can place them in an organized manner.

22. wall mount magazine rack with toilet paper holder

wall mount magazine rack with toilet paper holder

This beautiful steel rack is not only any magazine rack but also a tissue holder. To increase the practicality of this stand, you can use this to hold two tissue rolls as it has space underneath it.

You can attach it to the wall with less added effort as it does not require much hardware. Being clean, you can also see the crystal clear image of yourself too.

23. Bathroom Accessory and magazine basket

Bathroom Accessory And Magazine Basket

If you live in an apartment then you find that storage space becomes a major issue. There are many products that you want to keep in your bathroom ranging from accessories, towels, magazines, and newspapers. However, you can purchase a basic bathroom accessory basket to store all sorts of things.

24. white wood magazine holder

white wood magazine holder

The neutral colored stand can be placed in the kid’s bathroom. A compact and convenient white wood magazine holder will store some books for your kids and will be easy to grab and read while training them to maintain their concentration. If you have a wooden floor then to change color contrast, you can use this white coated wooden mini magazine holder.

25. Captivating rack display

Captivating Rack Display

If you do not want to destroy your bathroom walls, then try placing a freestanding two in 1 rack on the floor. This won’t take up floor space and enables you to safely place items such as toilet rolls and magazines, what you need within reach. The sleek design of this rack will increase the visual appeal of the bathroom.

26. metal magazine holder wall mount

Metal Magazine Rack

If you are not a tech person and looking for bathroom magazine rack ideas, then it is quite possible that you read a lot of magazines and newspapers. While sitting on the toilet, instead of scrolling through apps, you might need to install a magazine rack if you love to read. This contemporary style rack is designed for neatly displaying all your magazines in one place.

27. Mid-century modern rack

Mid-Century Modern Rack

The mid-century modern rack will have its own charm while being compact, it will save a lot of bathroom space.

For a flattering and timeless décor in a small bathroom, you can use this rack in one corner of the bathroom. It will not cover so much space but will provide you with extra storage in no time. Check ours over the toilet storage ideas.

28. Portioned basket holder

Portioned Basket Holder

Portions not only provide space to store items but also look very decorative and stylish. Many of the items can be stored in these baskets as they are easy to place and can be taken out when worn out.

They provide a country style look to the bathroom without requiring much effort. Being divided into two parts, you can store magazines and newspapers in a decent way.

29. Distressed black magazine holder

Distressed black magazine holder

Bathrooms are one of the most used places in the house. You should not hire an interior designer to decorate your bathroom. You should use every inch of your bathroom to store your items. A basic black rack can come in handy while storing your magazines.

30. Sophisticated metal floor magazine racks

sophisticated metal floor magazine racks

You must be thinking why all these metal racks? Most of the wooden rack and shelves are not water resistant so you should go for a more durable and long lasting option, which is basically metal.

Stainless steel décor, whether it’s shower rods or fixtures, or faucets, can be used in any way. So why not incorporate it while placing your magazines?

31. Chic magazine rack

Chic Magazine Rack

The perfect narrow decorative style magazine rack can be made a part of any modern style bathroom without giving it a second thought. The delicate black wires being a little spaced out give you access to explore different magazines options available to you.

32. Ikea rotating stand

Ikea Rotating Stand

You love to read magazines, so why not search the Ikea catalog for getting the perfect, matching rotating stand for your magazines?

This rotating stand can be used where you do not want your things to be thrown around, getting this stand will help you organize your magazines in a cramped space. It is budget-friendly and helps you display your magazines nicely.

Final Thoughts

Storing all the items ranging from air fresheners to skincare items in one place can be quite tricky and complicated with limited bathroom space. You can use different bathroom magazine holder rack ideas to store your magazines and newspaper, you will love how your space will turn out to be.

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