55 Stunning Bedroom Flooring Ideas You Will Thank Us For

The Bedroom is a personal area where we relax to rejuvenate ourselves. Hence, it must be comfortable in every manner. When choosing bedroom designs, we take care of all the aspects. Thus, the flooring also needs proper attention.

You ought to choose flooring in two aspects. The first one is comfort- so you can move freely with bare feet and the second one is the Design- Which is in turn important to consider. Nothing between the two could be neglected. As one wrong choice may ruin your bedroom decor. Therefore, no matter if you are renovating the bedroom, or buying a house, you should keep these in your mind.

55 Best Bedroom Flooring Ideas and Choices

1. Comfortable and pocket-friendly Laminate Flooring

Comfortable And Pocket-Friendly Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the most used flooring in today’s world. The reason behind its vast usage is its availability in various designs and styles. It provides so many wooden options of floor design which changes the room into any desired idea at a very low cost. Getting a hardwood floor for bedding could be very expensive.

Though, it is used widely but is not considered durable in the long run as it gets scratched easily as well as distorts with the frequent spill of water. Yet, you can use it with proper care in your bedroom.

2. Ceramic tile floors for bedrooms

Ceramic Flooring

This type of flooring has so many options when it comes to design. If this can support your bedroom design, then you can choose it unconditionally. Available in various patterns and designs, these tiles are easy to clean and resilient to water. Thus, mostly used for corridors and in balconies.

This can be a good choice, but you should keep in mind that these surfaces can be very cold during the chilling season and hence should be avoided to be used in cold areas.

3. Engineered Wood Flooring Ideas for the bedroom

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is much more convincing when you are looking for some hardwood options. A thin layer of wood is applied over hard plywood.

Thus, it has a life expectancy of approximately 30 years conventionally much better than laminated flooring. You can give a real wooden flooring look at less cost than hardwood. Its good real estate value makes it worth trying.

4. Textured Wooden Floors adds to Warmth and Style

Textured Wooden Floors Adds To Warmth And Style

You can go for wooden laminates or engineered or even real hardwood with textures. This flooring surely would add to the bedroom style. 

Moreover, it would grace the warmth of the room and make it more comfortable for even bare feet.

5. Exquisite and luxurious Granite Flooring

Exquisite And Luxurious Granite Flooring

When it comes to durability and luxury, Granite stone will be your best choice. It adds grace wherever applied.

Granite is a sturdy stone and its resistance to dampness and scratch makes it worth being used in the bedroom. However, very costly in comparison to wooden or laminate in bedrooms.

6. Modern Rockwood Soft Area Rug

Modern Rockwood Soft Area Rug

An area rug is a typical expansion to a hard surface floor, for example, hardwood, overlay, or tile. Area Rug to be used to brighten the whole components of a room, for instance, they can manage different tones utilized in the stylistic layout of that room. 

Area Rugs helps in noise reduction and can change the flooring within the blink of your eye without investing in the floor change. 

7. Intensify Style with Vinyl cheap bedroom flooring Idea

Intensify Style With Vinyl

Vinyl flooring could be the best choice if you are looking for a flooring option at a low cost. Well, Vinyl is durable and water-resistant more than laminate flooring. It is well-adapted in bedrooms, offices, etc as it is available in many designs.

However, there are many varieties available in the market and you ought to choose wisely otherwise, vinyl will make your bedroom less attractive and cheap.

8. Evergreen Wooden Flooring for luxurious Bedroom

Evergreen Wooden Flooring For Luxurious Bedroom

You can choose ageless wooden flooring for your bedroom. These hardwood floors perk up the luxury of the bedroom. But, wait there is more you to know as Hardwood flooring can blend itself with any kind of decor.

Whether it is modern or farmhouse, country-style or shabby chic, this flooring can coordinate with any design and hence, is worth applying. This kind of wooden floor is best for a chic bedroom.

9. Patterned Flooring with cool shades

Patterned Flooring With Cool Shades

Patterned flooring is loved much these days. To make your place vibrant, you can use it. Blue-green colored floor pattern is trending across the market. Conversely, here we would like to add that Patterned vinyl flooring could be felt boring with the passing time.

Thus, if you have a mindset to change it after a few years, only then choose such.

10. Exemplary Patterned Floor

Exemplary Patterned Floor

A patterned floor with a textured design can change the mood and dramatically turn your bedroom. The pattern can be from simple to complex geometrical designs. You can select the best suited for you.

11. Hand Printed Tiles -A Traditional Bedroom Flooring

Hand Printed Tiles -A Traditional Bedroom Flooring

In a traditional home (mostly in India or nearby), the utilization of hand-painted tiles is very common. These are sustainable and environmentally friendly. These hand-printed tiles add brightness and style to the conventional floors.

Generally ideal for yards, or galleries and also they work in the bedroom as well. You can choose them to magnify the room. The main issue with such floors is that they used to hold dampness.

12. Soothing Smooth Light Shaded Vinyl Flooring

Soothing Smooth Light Shaded Vinyl Flooring

Light shades are the first choice when it comes to bedroom flooring. Distinct vinyl patterns will aid in having the right choice.

Invite a soothing light blue beautiful pattern to suit your bedroom. Furthermore, you can lay these in various styles and can be used in kids’ bedrooms too. 

13. Bright Fish Patterned Floor for Kids’ Bedroom

Bright Fish Patterned Floor For Kids' Bedroom

Fish impression on the floor is quite impressive if you are looking for the perfect kid’s bedroom flooring. Fish brings good luck as per some conventions and thus, is a great pick for the floor.

14. Ecstatic Animal Printed Flooring

Ecstatic Animal Printed Flooring

Animal print never goes out of style, whether clothes or decor, these prints are easy to find. Additionally, here in this picture insect printed vinyl sheet is looking well and creates an illusion of crawling insects on the floor. Well, this is a good design for those who love fantasy.

15. The artwork on Marble Floor Is just like an Ornament

The Artwork On Marble Floor Is Just Like An Ornament

Marble itself a language of luxury. And when we create a masterpiece on it, it turns simply gorgeous. For instance, have a look at the picture. It proves that you can use marble as per your whims. 

16. Go Vibrant with Floral Prints on Vinyl 

Go Vibrant With Floral Prints On Vinyl

The most loved texture is still nature-inspired. We all love floral prints, Do we? The matter of fact is that when you choose such a design for your bedroom floors, you are actually adding vibrance to the calm and soothing environment. It livens up the whole bedroom.

17. Bold Roses On the Black Floor of a Luxurious Bedroom

Bold Roses On The Black Floor Of A Luxurious Bedroom

Flooring is one of the basic elements that add to luxury. If not chosen well, a well ornamented plush bedroom can look miserable. Henceforth, must be elected well. Likewise, in the picture, you can see how this beautiful rose patterned black floor is adding style to the luxurious vintage bedroom.

18. Plush Golden and Blue flooring options for bedroom

Plush Golden And Blue Floor

When we talk about some luxurious and plush designs, then the first color that strikes our mind is Golden. Obviously, golden is the first and foremost choice to create opulent decor. Well, it can be used in flooring as well. The free Golden-Royale blue combination floor is simply fantastic.

19. Decorative Geometric Designed Vinyl Flooring

Decorative Geometric Designed Vinyl Flooring

Whenever there is a demand for decorated vinyl, geometric patterns attract the most and keep trending always. Geometrical designs are loved for their symmetry. These designs adapt easily to every decor and are available in abundance.

20. Dazzle with Radiant Patterns flooring for bedroom

Dazzle With Radiant Patterns

Enhance luminosity in your bedroom easily by choosing the radiant pattern of the vinyl flooring. Not Agree? Have a sight to the picture. The beautiful fruit design with sparkling yellow is upgrading the surrounding.

21. Empower Style with Texture hardwood floor bedroom designs

Empower Style With Texture Hardwood Tile

Hardwood floors are awesome and when they are spiced up with textures, create something divine. Let’s understand how you can flip your bedroom look with the help of these tiles.

For your instance, in the picture, you can see the beauty of the textured hardwood tiles is simply intensifying the bedroom. In addition to the beauty, these are easy to maintain and conceal the dust and stains well.

22. The Unmissable Natural Stone Bedroom Floors

The Unmissable Natural Stone Bedroom Floors

Nature is inviting. It compliments and gets blended very easily irrespective of the surrounding. Conventionally, natural stones are the first choice when you are choosing floors for your gardens, corridors.

Conversely, some people liked them in a way that they don’t hesitate to use in their bedroom as well. However, it is quite hard to maintain these due to their rough nature

23. Light Grey Decorative Vinyl goes well with Style

Light Grey Decorative Vinyl Goes Well With Style

Grey is tranquilizing, provides calmness wherever applied. Bedrooms are supposed to relax and thus, grey-colored floors make them more welcoming.

The picture depicts the mingling nature of grey tones with any style. You can rely upon such color and decor.

24. Minimalist Concrete Floors for the Bedroom

Minimalist Concrete Floors For The Bedroom

Concrete flooring has been widely used for ages and hence worth mentioning. Concrete is very casual than stone. It is so contemporary and adjusts itself with the decor. However, little difficult to clean and maintain.

25. Brick Pattern On Smooth Vinyl

Brick Pattern On Smooth Vinyl

Bricks are impeccable. They are very hard to ignore. Additionally, when the brick pattern comes with soothing smooth vinyl, it becomes irresistible.

Take a look at the picture and understand how lovely is the bedroom floor looking. You can also flip the look of your bedroom by applying such floor designs.

26. Get The Gleaming Bright Illuminated Floor Carpets

Get The Gleaming Bright Illuminated Floor Carpets

Wall-to-wall carpets are the first thing that eventually turns the look and feel of the Bedroom. Hence, without keeping a doubt, get a wall-to-wall bright-colored Vinyl Carpet to sparkle your life. It adds warmth to the complete style.

27. Stylish and Comfortable Mosaic Floors

Stylish And Comfortable Mosaic Floors

Mosaic is a lovely combination of ceramic and natural stone backing with a mesh. Mosaic has been one of the most widely used floorings. It looks mesmerizing. The stones give it an amazing texture and the ceramic makes it anti-skid.

28. Timeless Geometrical Designed Bedroom Flooring

Timeless Geometrical Designed Bedroom Flooring

Geometrical patterns are agile. These timeless designs are amazing. As in the photograph, the geometrical patterns vinyl are going well with the white background. Adding luxury to style. 

You can choose among the wide range of such designs and get applied to your bedroom.

29. Multicolored Vinyl Carpet turns your Bedroom into Picturesque

Multicolored Vinyl Carpet Turns Your Bedroom Into Picturesque

Are you among those who love to play with colors? You can reveal your passion for colors into the flooring too. Likewise here in the picture, this illusionary weaved multi-colored Vinyl is just providing styling options to the flooring.

30. Matchup Flooring with your Bedroom Furniture

Matchup Flooring With Your Bedroom Furniture

What can be the best if your furniture design matches the flooring style. Yes, it is exquisite and you can’t take your eyes off such style. Thus, go with the floors that match the furniture to perfection and feel the magic.

31. Plush Magnifying Floral Design on Flooring

Plush Magnifying Floral Design On Flooring

Undoubtedly, the floral pattern is the first choice of most people across the globe. This pattern, without doing much, magnifies the space they belong to. For instance, you can see in the photograph. How lovely the floor looks.

32. Vintage Style Classic Bedroom flooring

Vintage Style Classic Bedroom Flooring

Traditional artwork is quite visible whenever we talk about something classic. Here, you can see how stunning this vintage beautiful blue colored floor is. Go for something like this and revamp your bedroom.

33. Gorgeous Textured Stone Tiles on the Bedroom Floors

Gorgeous Textured Stone Tiles On The Bedroom Floors

These days several designs are available in textured stones. It looks beautiful whether applied on walls and floors. Just make your bedroom wonderful by using such tiles to your bedroom. Tiles are easy to clean and manage. 

34. Mesh of Yellow-Golden Leaves on Blue surface

Mesh Of Yellow-Golden Leaves On Blue Surface

Heart-melting designs are in surplus amount when you go to the market. You will surely get confused about which one you should consider.

For your aid, we have come up with such a stunning floor pattern. It is a mesh of leaves on the great royal blue surface of the floor.

35. Aesthetic Bright Patterns On the Floor

Aesthetic Bright Patterns On The Floor

Aesthetic artwork on the floor of your bedroom simply keeps stress at bay. Go for bold and classy bright artwork on the floor. This will keep you engaged within its beauty and changes the boring bedroom into an amusing one.

36. Eternally Beautiful Black & White Flooring

Eternally Beautiful Black & White FlooringEternally Beautiful Black & White Flooring

Black and white tiles come in a variety of styles and go well with all decors including transitional styles and the modern farmhouse.

This evergreen texture provides a bold look and can amalgamate itself with almost every finish.

37. Black and White Squares on the bedroom floor

Black And White Squares On The Bedroom Floor

Vinyl can take any form. It looks amazing in every way. Choose the best vinyl pattern for your bedroom. Likewise, in the picture, you can see the black & white square patterns get blended well with the color of the furniture of the room.

38. When your Floor Speaks Traditionally

When Your Floor Speaks Traditionally

There is always confusion while choosing traditional over modern. Well, we can add here that it is purely your choice.

Traditional floors are impeccable and so the modern is. If you have a passion for traditional designs then show it by choosing the right one for your bedroom.

39. Bohemian vinyl flooring bedroom ideas

Bohemian Vinyl Flooring

Bohemian vinyl flooring designs are trendy and come with bold prints and colors. You can choose your Bohemian vinyl and decorate your room.

These patterns play with colors. Hence, you will see the combination of colors in the same design. For example, the picture depicts a right Bohemian floor for the bedroom.

40. Modern vinyl flooring for bedrooms

 Modern Vinyl Flooring Patterns

By using cool colors make a room feel more open and bigger. Thus, choosing a wide repeating design in fresh colors will make your bedroom a little grander. You can pair patterns with walls in the same tone to get your paradise.

41. Add Sophistication with the Matching Hues

Add Sophistication With The Matching Hues

Want to add sophistication to your bedroom style, You must opt for the matching colors with your wall or furniture. Consequently, the same color would add polish to the existing decor.

42. Stylish Mosaic Flooring for your Bedroom

Stylish Mosaic Flooring For Your Bedroom

Mosaic doesn’t always mean to roman and Greek-style ceramic floor with inlaid stone. Eventually, it is much more than that. You can choose any mosaic flooring for your plush bedroom. Mosaic brings calmness due to being cool in nature.

43. Gorgeous and Vibrant Chevron Pattern Hardwood Flooring

Gorgeous And Vibrant Chevron Pattern Hardwood Flooring

Chevron pattern on planks is simply gorgeous and when it plays with colors, it creates a stunning ambiance. Let us take a look at this photograph with ravishing beauty. You can get it very easily. It is a very promising floor design.

44. Ultra Modern Contemporary Black flooring with Bold Leaf 

Ultra Modern Contemporary Black Flooring With Bold Leaf

If you would like to add the comfort of nature to your bedroom flooring, you can keep nature around you. Hence, presenting our next illustration that consists of ultra-modern black hue on flooring along with bold & wide leaves. Thus, creating a feel like resting in the lap of nature.

45. Abstract & Colorful Modern Vinyl Flooring

Abstract & Colorful Modern Vinyl Flooring

Want to try something colorful? Vinyl has options in that category too. Go wild while choosing colors and abstract patterns on the floor. No matter what may be the tone of your bedroom, abstract and wild patterns with bright hues add life to your bedroom.

46. Choose Graphic Pattern on Greyish-Blue Flooring

Choose Graphic Pattern On Greyish-Blue Flooring

Graphic patterns are the trendsetter these days. It turns out so well after fixing This kind of flooring goes in every room and so in the bedroom too. Again, its light shade never fades away and just with a little care, these feel durable for more than 20 years.

47. Marvelous Blue Stone Mosaic Flooring

Marvelous Blue Stone Mosaic Flooring

Have blues by thinking how the bluestone mosaic floor would look? Well, for you we have the picture of such a blue mosaic floor. Isn’t it looking stunning? Get this floor and see how magically your bedroom reforms.

48. How About Keeping Roses at your feet?

How About Keeping Roses At Your Feet?

The light blue color in flooring is widely accepted across the globe. Have you ever thought o the lovely rose pattern on it? Notwithstanding, just take a look at the picture. Red roses on the blue vinyl carpet feel amazing and provide awesome comfort.

49. Bring an Abundance of Beautiful Colors to your Bedroom

Bring An Abundance Of Beautiful Colors To Your Bedroom

Vinyl offers a wide range of beautiful colors, patterns, and heart-taking textures that define the style of your room in depth. You need to choose from bold and bright colors like orange, turquoise, cherry, blue, and red, to pastel or dark hues of black, white, grey, and beige. Choose solid colors and lovely patterns among the wide range available to enhance your bedroom.

50. Refresh Your Bedroom with Stylish and Unique Graphic Vinyl

Refresh Your Bedroom With Stylish And Unique Graphic Vinyl

Contemporary, graphic patterns and realistic vinyl flooring is creative and pragmatic approach to revive your bedroom plan. Sleek embellishment, designs that are strong and alluring, 3d optical impacts are ideal for making unique floors. 

51. Awesome Symmetrical Bedroom Floor

Awesome Symmetrical Bedroom Floor

We all love symmetrical artistic patterns. These are absolutely delightful when it comes to flooring. You can choose a symmetrical pattern flooring for your bedroom that matches the walls. The unique color on the wall and on the carpet depicts your style.

52. Get a Luxurious Carpet to Define Luxury

Get A Luxurious Carpet To Define Luxury

Carpets define luxury in a great manner. It drastically changes the ambiance of the bedroom. Find a great piece of carpet and lay it on the floor. If you want to reform your bedroom is a great way within seconds. Get a plush carpet for your bedroom and feel the luxury.

53. Ceramic Tiles Justify the Glamour of the Bedroom

Ceramic Tiles Justify The Glamour Of The Bedroom

Ceramic tile flooring has been the statement for ages to define glamour, durability, and maintenance. It used to be the first choice for people who love plush designs.

If you are passionate about getting the best way to design your bedroom, ceramic tiles will never disappoint you. Choose your pattern and look at how it glamorizes your bedroom. Check our recent post about guest bedroom ideas.

54. Wall to Wall Carpet for bedroom floor

Wall To Wall Carpet Is The Best Way To Invite Warmth Inside The Bedroom

Wall-to-wall carpets are suitable for cold places. It is easy to clean as vacuum cleaners are used for its maintenance. They provide an awesome comfort of moving bare feet inside your room.

These are extremely worthy for the small children as they can prevent getting the kids injured. Choose among the beautiful wide range of carpets available.

55. Get stunning bedroom with Marble flooring

Get Stunning Bedroom With Marble Flooring

Last but not least, how can we forget the luxurious and extremely pretty marble flooring. Wherever there is a luxury, there is a marble. Yes, marble screams about luxury. Hence, get your marble flooring done right away.

These are some trending flooring designs and patterns that will move the interior design world by storm in 2021. Choose the best-suited one and thank us later.

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Final Word

I hope you like our 55 most amazing flooring options for your bedroom. We tried to pick all types of options such as vinyl, carpet, laminate, etc.

Let us know which flooring ideas you gonna apply in your next bedroom remodel project. 

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