38 Best Nautical Bathroom Ideas

From color scheme to lighting and accent, you can combine different components to create your own nautical-inspired bathroom. You can incorporate different ideas like yacht motifs, seashell wallpapers, treasure box, and steer the wheel to your bathroom for achieving nautical zen. You do not always have to live near the ocean to give you a breezy and relaxing feeling. While decorating your bathroom with nautical-inspired dĂ©cor, you have to keep the soft ambiance of the bathroom in your mind. From these inspirational minimal decor and furniture ideas, you can create your own coastal bathroom in no time. So, let’s take a look and explore some wonderful ideas.

1. Nautical Signs and Shelf décor

Nautical signs are the most cost-effective option while decorating your bathroom. The use of color pallets like sea blue, teal, eggshell, and light grey completely represent the theme of ocean-style decorated bathrooms. You can place corals and hang starfish in the bathroom and some candles in a jar to make the washroom glow at night. 

Nautical Signs and Shelf décor

2. Wood Clad Mirror DĂ©cor

If you have a small bathroom, then minor changes can give your bathroom a beachy look. You can place a distressed mirror on the wall along with some starfish accessories on top of it. You can also hang a beach sign above your mirror to achieve the ocean aesthetics. 

Wood clad mirror décor

3. Rope Towel Holder

If a man craves the waterfront or ocean and smells of sand and wants to keep his surroundings with the same breezy feel then the best idea is to add different nautical accessories. For that matter, if it is done right you can enjoy the smell of the ocean and water while staying at home. Bathroom towel holders with a rope can be a great option. You can paint your wall blue and use a simple rope to hold your towel.

Rope towel holder

4. Crate Placement for Decorative Items

For the creative and convenient option to decorate your beach cottage bathroom, you can use some DIY ideas that will fulfill the requirement of a beach style bathroom.

The wooden crates are available everywhere from markets to your house garage. You just have to look and paint them accordingly. You can place towels, accessories and decorative items in these crates. They can also be custom made so that you can adjust them in your bathroom according to the size of it. 

Crate placement for decorative items

5. Jute Nautical Door Hanging

While entering a bathroom, the first thing that your audience will notice is the door hanging that you have used in your bathroom. It can be a nautical jute door hanging with a humorous quote of any beautiful beach saying.

Jute Nautical door hanging

6. Matte Gold Anchor Sign

Transform your bathroom into serene nautical inspired bathroom by placing sailor items on the wall. You can use matte gold anchor sign on a dark blue painted wall to compliment the décor of the bathroom. Sailor striped dress type baskets are available in the market to use a storage item.

Matte gold Anchor Sign

7. White Painted Decorative Lantern

For a beachy vintage décor, try placing some DIY lanterns in your bathroom. You can also get customized lanterns to get the hues of the ocean in the summer season. White painted decorative lantern can get the job done without making any extra effort.

White painted decorative Lantern

8. Oars with Hooks Display

Everyone knows that oars are an important nautical item. Without those, it is impossible to row a boat. It is not only used to row a boat but can also be used as a decorative towel hanger. It is mounted on a wall to hang different accessories from your towels to your keys. Everything can be changed on this single item.

Oars with hooks Display

9. Dark Blue Paint with Sea DĂ©cor

Some people think that it is difficult to place nautical items in your bathroom but you can keep it minimal yet attractive with some minor details. Like the paint of the walls should be navy blue and with extra paneling, you can place different decorative items like artificial fishes, starfish, and seashell on the floating shelves.

Dark Blue paint with Sea décor

10. Vertical Wooden Shelves

The wooden vertically placed shelves come in handy when you have limited space in your bathroom. Small bathrooms can be changed into nautical style with simple tips and tricks. You can use two high-contrast wooden panels as floating shelves covered with ropes and attached starfish.

Vertical wooden shelves

11. Rustic Teal Decorative Basket

To decorate your bathroom in a perfectly elegant way with all nautical unique items can be overwhelming. Rustic teal decorative baskets complete the charm of an ocean-style bathroom. The basket in the bathroom can be used for a variety of purposes let alone decorative items. You can place mini jars in it covered with sands and place some neatly folded towels in it as well.

Rustic teal decorative basket

12. Bright White Bathroom

An all-white bathroom often gives the feeling of peace and satisfaction. The same properties are of the coastal bathroom. You can decorate your bathroom in bright white color for a breezy effect. From a white tub to a white pedestal sink, you can give the touch of sand by placing a rug near a bathtub.

Bright White bathroom

13. Life Preserver As Wall Hanging

Life preserver hanging is one of the important accessories of the sea view bathroom. This white and red life preserver hanging compliments the wall and it can be attached with a rope or can be mounted directly to the wall. You can also use it in your bathtub while giving your little baby a bath.

Life Preserver As Wall Hanging

14. Champagne Sand Decorative Bottle

Most of the time big bathrooms can be changed to nautical-style bathrooms by making very little effort. The empty champagne bottles can be filled with sand and candles and placed on a decorative tray or stool near the bathtub. You can also add scented candles to this tray and make your space fresh.

Champagne sand Decorative Bottle

15. Shiplap Blue Wall

To take your nautical style bathroom to a next level, try changing the color of the wall. You can use blue to represent the color of the sea and similarly all other nautical accessories will play a major role in this décor. You can color contrast it with beige or dull gold accessories. More so, you can change your shower to rustic gold with a white bathtub for a cooler vibe. 

Shiplap Blue Wall

16. Dock Cleat Shelf

Having limited floor space can be quite exhausting to manage. You need a lot of room in your bathroom to fix all your accessories without cramping up space. The navy blue painted floating shelf will get the job done with dock cleats mounted to the wall. The ropes addition is another good idea for nautical bathroom décor.

Dock Cleat shelf

17. Sea Items Frames

For a perfect combination of touch and texture, you can use sea view frames. You can print customized frames from Pinterest and get wooden frames to frame these wall arts.

For decoration, you can also use the above toilet brown floating shelf. The wooden frames are increasingly popular while decorating your nautical bathroom.   

Sea items frames

18. Seahorse Towel Hangers

For a space savvy nautical style hanging idea, use this towel rail to store your towels.

Using a towel hanger is one great idea to hold your towels. Do not worry about them falling on the floor. Being darted to the wall, they will hold your towels without falling down on the ground. The grip of the clip will most certainly hold your bathrobe too.

Nautical-inspired bathrooms are the new trendsetters. They not only complete the look of the bathroom but also give a nice touch to the ordinary-looking bathroom. To enhance the beauty of your bathroom, you can implement some simple ideas like coastal picture frames. These frames come in a variety of colors or you can paint them by yourself in different hues of blue.

Seahorse towel hangers

19. Ocean View Frame

Nautical-inspired bathrooms are the new trendsetters. They not only complete the look of the bathroom but also give a nice touch to the ordinary-looking bathroom. To enhance the beauty of your bathroom, you can implement some simple ideas like coastal picture frames. These frames come in a variety of colors or you can paint them by yourself in different hues of blue.

20. Greenish Blue Frames and Water Board Hanging

To gain the charm of a nautical style bathroom, try mixing blue color with green coral color under the sea. You can get two-toned frames easily in the market and get the pictures of those ocean moments that you spent at the sea framed as a memory. The water board with hangers-on will help you to hold your towels in an orderly fashion.

Greenish Blue Frames and water board hanging

21. Side Table DĂ©cor with Roped Handles

A vanity placed in the bathroom stores a lot of space and being placed in one corner of the bathroom, it does not make a mess of the space. Rustic décor fills the nautical requirement of your bathroom i.e. the rustic look of the vanity. Your Vanity can be decorated with many items and the roped handles can be easily cleaned with damped cloth.

Side Table décor with roped handles

22. Beach House Sign with Seashells Hanger

When you are trying to fit everything in one nautical style bathroom then storing towels can be a big deal. The nautical beach house sign towel rack will keep your smelly and soggy towels away and swap them with fresh ones at the same time.

Beach House Sign with seashells hanger

The shabby chic nautical bathroom has a sailor print shower curtain with a wall art gallery. If you visit the sea and always keep a picture as a souvenir then this is a good time to use all your pictures in one frame and get your frames in white color so if you get bored of it, you will paint them and your new frames will be ready in no time.

Sea crafted Art Gallery

24. Sea Blue and White DĂ©cor

A white tub placed in the hallway will mark the theme of nautical style bathroom. It will look beautiful placed on hardwood flooring.

This charming style of nautical bathroom with a white sink and marble counter will enhance the simplified lifestyle. Behind the mirror wall can be painted in hues of blue for color coordination.

Sea blue and white décor

25. Submarine Mirror

If you don’t want to go all blue in your bathroom, then beige or eggshells can be great alternatives. The submarine is an important component of a nautical bathroom, so the submarine mirror is often referred to as sailors’ eyes. Decorate your bath with this mirror and impress your guest.

Submarine Mirror

26. Blue towels and Above the Toilet DĂ©cor

People often forget about the toilet décor above while it is one of the best and most noticed places in your bathroom. You can place a beach sign or any other sea quote in that area. Furthermore, you can decorate yours behind the toilet wall with sea art. Blue towels neatly placed on a marble counter display the serene blues of the sea.

Blue towels and above the toilet décor

27. All Blue Bathroom

From the splash of the waves to the corals of the sea, all blue colors represent the ethnicity of the nautical style bathroom.

The fresh blue breezy paint and white towels can be used to fulfill the dream of a nautical style bathroom.

All Blue bathroom

28. Sailor’s Dress like Wallpaper

Little changes can make a great impact on the bathroom. The sailor’s dress can be a symbol of the sea. Wallpapers are easy to clean and manage in the bathroom. All stains can be removed with a wet cloth and some detergent. You can use navy blue and white striped wallpaper in the bathroom.

Sailor’s Dress like Wallpaper

29. White and Yellow DĂ©cor

If you don’t want to go all blue in your bathroom as it will be a representation of a boy’s bathroom, then most certainly this idea is for you. White and yellow dĂ©cor can serve as a great alternative for neutral yet nautical style bathrooms.

White twin basin sink countertop with basket space underneath it will help you to store towels and accessories in it. In another article, we collect some yellow and grey bathroom decorating ideas you might be interested to read.

White and yellow décor

30. Roped Mirror with Dark Blue Walls

A blue mosaic tile floor with denim wallpaper can be a luxurious nautical style bathroom idea. Rope weaving is very famous for nautical items, so a roped mirror with denim wallpaper and coral reef photo frame will help you achieve the aesthetics of a nautical bathroom.

Roped mirror with dark blue walls

31. White Shiplap and Blue DĂ©cor

The use of a color palette while styling your bathroom is very necessary.

You can use a different light color palette for a fresh polished décor.

From crisp cool white, with the hint of sea blue vanity evokes the look of the bathroom.

You can place a teal colored stool near a white polished porcelain bathtub.

Sea and white truly make a lovely color scheme. For a real fresh appeal, you can add beautiful flowers to your vanity.

Your utterly serene nautical bathroom is ready.

White shiplap and blue décor

32. Starfish Mirror with Wooden Vanity

Navy blue bathrooms with wooden touches look visually appealing when styling nautical style bathrooms.

The white pedestal sink with marble countertop and polished wooden stand looks so luxurious in an ocean style bathroom. Nautical style is often associated with a beachy oasis look, so what’s better than a fresh breezy bathroom?

If you have a calm personality, then this style is surely for you.

Starfish mirror with wooden vanity

33. Wooden Nautical Vanity

Certain miniature displays change the style of the bathroom. From dusty wooden cabinets to wall art, the implementation of the style depends upon your dream for wooden nautical vanity and bathroom.

The round rustic mirror will add gentle touches to the nautical bathroom.

Wooden Nautical Vanity

34. Dolphins and Crab Wall Frames

If your child is a big fan of the sea and is keen to find the treasures of the ocean, then you can provide him with this nautical style bathroom for his own treasure hunt.

The dolphins and crab frames and nautical soap dispenser will make the bathroom airy, bright and breezy.

Dolphins and crab wall frames

35. Nautical Bathroom Mirror

In the beachy bathroom, the addition of a nautical mirror will be a great addition. Teal vanity with rectangular white sink topped with some beautiful skylights will add a counter shelf to space. The potted plant will serve to make the bathroom bright.

Nautical bathroom mirror

36. Coastal Bath Wall

One of the fantastic and budget-friendly ways to decorate your bathroom in an ocean-inspired look is a coastal bath wall. Three wooden walls around the bathtub and glass surrounding can help you achieve the model yacht look.

Coastal bath wall

37. Seashell Covered Mirror with Two Toned Wall

A seashell-covered mirror is just a DIY idea for your bathroom. The nautical bathroom can be quite costly if you want to re-done your bathroom. But DIY ideas can help you save a lot of money and effort. All you need is seashells and a lot of them with glue to properly attach them.

Seashell covered mirror with two toned wall

38. Coastal Style Egg Shell DĂ©cor

Coastal-style bathrooms are not always about blue and white décor. Depending on the color pallet, you can use smoke grey, eggshell, and cream color in your bathroom. Designing your bathroom with eggshell color will bring in a lot of fresh light into your bathroom. It will leave a huge impact on the overall look of the bathroom.

Coastal style egg shell décor

Final Words

Nautical bathrooms can be quite difficult to manage and the makeover of the bathroom with minor changes will be heavy on your pocket. But with these inspiring ideas, you can remodel your bathroom with the smell and feel of the ocean, the smell of the sand, and all creatures in it.

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