55 Outstanding Boho Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas for Your Master and Modern Bedroom

Boho or Bohemian style of home decor is increasingly popular these days, and we’re not complaining! The Bohemian concept relates to spirituality, music, and various unconventional art forms. This style conforms to no strict rules, does not stem from a specific culture, and can have a different interpretation to different people.

Bohemian people often used to be wanderers who traveled to different places, which is probably why this style of decor incorporates so many different textures and patterns. It draws inspiration from various cultures and tribes from different parts of the world.

The essence of boho decor is that it’s fresh, fun, colorful, and artistic. Woven rugs, patterned blankets, and handcrafted pottery are popular elements in any boho bedroom.

We love the handmade wall hangings, beaded dreamcatchers, and tassels on everything. The vibrant colors of the decor stand out beautifully against the soft white walls. If you’re an artistic soul that loves to DIY, a boho-chic bedroom might just be the perfect choice for you.

Modern Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Boho bedrooms often contain a multitude of decor elements which can be a little overwhelming for first-timers. We recommend you start with the very basics – the wall color, the furniture, and the permanent fixtures. Once you have the basics taken care of, decor elements can be added or swapped over time as you please.

1. bohemian chic bedroom decor

bohemian chic bedroom decor

Here’s a peaceful bohemian chic bedroom decorating ideas setup that soothes the eyes and calms the soul. The wood-paneled walls have been completely whitewashed making the entire room look saintly. The bed chosen for space is a simple wood spindle bed, and beside it sits a minimalistic skinny-legged nightstand.

Two adorable tiny reading lights on either side of the bed and a wood shelf in the middle sum up the furniture in the entire room. This boho bedroom features a minimal amount of furniture, clutter, and decoration, yet manages to be absolutely stunning.

2. When in doubt, white it out

When In Doubt, White It Out

The all-white decor is definitely going to be a recurring theme in this article since an all-white palette has been trending in all styles of home decor, especially boho. It’s fresh and clean and something that is liked and appreciated by everyone.

This gorgeous boho bedroom features whitewashed loft ceilings and wood-paneled walls, white bedding, and gorgeous white drapes around the bed, creating the perfect canopy that’ll make lying in your bed feel as though you’re floating amongst the clouds.

3. white boho natural bedroom Decor

white boho natural bedroom decor

Bamboo blinds are a popular alternative to curtains, especially when it comes to boho decor. They introduce a natural, earthy tone and also a variance in visual texture.

Bamboo blinds block out the sun’s harsh rays while letting a little bit of light peak through, creating a gorgeous play of shadows in the room during the day. They are often used alongside curtains.

4. boho teenage girl bedroom ideas

boho teenage girl bedroom ideas

If you’re finding the concept of a boho bedroom idea for a teenage girl a little too overwhelming, you needn’t do much to start with. Creating the perfect boho bed will instantly transform your space into a bohemian theme. Choose several different layers of bedding, preferably with different patterns and textures.

Then select some pillows- lots and lots of different pillows of varying textures and vibrant pastel colors. Accessorize your bedding with tassels and pom-poms (or both!) and voila, you’re done! Finish off with a woven rug if you’d like.

5. Exquisite terracotta charm

Exquisite Terracotta Charm

Terracotta elements are quite common in boho decor, but if you’re unable to get your hands on some terracotta pottery, go for terracotta bedding instead! This has to be one of our favorite color combinations for boho bedrooms.

The gorgeous textured terracotta-colored bedding looks gorgeous against the plain white sheets and muted cream-colored surroundings. The rose gold framed mirror and hanging pendant light are the perfect complements to the bedding.

6. Romantic balcony bedroom

Romantic Balcony Bedroom

This gorgeous boho-themed balcony bed setup is the perfect arrangement for a romantic night with your loved one. Tons of extra cushions make the bed extra comfy, while candles and string lights give the area a romantic golden glow. The candles have been put in beautiful glass cases so you don’t have to worry about them being a fire hazard.

7. BNW boho

BNW Boho

Now, this is our idea of the perfect boho Christmas bedroom decor. A comfy pallet bed topped with a printed comforter textured blanket and lots of pillows. A beautiful wood deck sits against a stunning black and white gallery wall, demarcated by a string of twinkling lights.

Lots and lots of greenery have been placed across the room to accentuate the boho vibe. An adorable little Christmas tree sits on a faux fur rug, with wrapped presents underneath it. This boho decor is stunning and relatively simple to accomplish.

8. modern bohemian bedroom with plants

modern bohemian bedroom with plants

Aesthetic modern bohemian bedrooms would tend to be quite busy and full to the brim with personal possessions, art, and decor elements. Wanderers occupying these spaces would often use stacks of their possessions as furniture to sit on, and this bedroom, with its thick foam seating, is reminiscent of that.

This space features a great variety of materials and textures, bold and vibrant colors and patterns, and a host of different handcrafted decor elements. The woven wall hanging looks stunning alongside the colorful art, while the hanging plants add an element of life to space.

The layers of blankets placed at different locations in the room enhance its comfort, while the hand-carved wood table with handmade pottery sitting on top amplifies its artistic nature.

9. boho Farmhouse aesthetic room

boho Farmhouse aesthetic room

This simple rustic farmhouse boho aesthetic bedroom is ideal for someone who hates clutter but still loves the bohemian style. This humble abode only features a handful of elements but is extremely rich in character.

The white walls, ceilings, and bedding make the space appear airy and spacious, while the textured pillows and large Moroccan rug give it that bohemian feel. The potted cactus, Moroccan pouf, and worn-out wood textures throughout the room accentuate the boho vibe.

10. cute boho bedroom ideas for Kid’s

cute boho bedroom ideas for Kid's

No one ever said a boho bedroom had to be predominantly white, I mean- who makes the rules anyway? This in-your-face boho bedroom decor displays a party of fun colors and textures all over, making it perfect for a child’s bedroom. Rich in beads, tassels, and fringes, this room has a lot of artistic elements that will inspire your child to explore their own creativity.

The bedroom’s boho character is intensified by the colorful printed bedding, rope basket storage, a vintage dresser, and layers of rugs and carpets. The small pop of greenery in the corner is an absolute necessity in a boho bedroom.

11. elegant boho bedroom

elegant boho bedroom

So you want the boho look without making your bedroom look like a vintage thrift store, right? Well, we’ve got the perfect elegant sophisticated boho bedroom for you.

This bedroom with softly painted walls features a large comfy bed with a simple wood bed frame. Two terracotta-colored lamps sit on either side of the bed, on a pair of ultra-simple nightstands.

The bedding is kept plain, except for that one cushion with patterns and tassels, providing a pop of color and texture. A few decorative handmade bohemian items sit on shelves on the wall. The subtle boho look is completed by a carved wood framed mirror and a rattan chandelier.

12. cozy dark bohemian bedroom

cozy dark bohemian bedroom

You know how it goes with boho – something must hang from somewhere, anywhere, be it the walls or the ceiling. So why not plants?

This gorgeous boho bedroom has plants creeping and crawling its exposed brick wall. The room features a cozy dark boho bed and couch, some textures blankets lazily thrown around, and a strikingly colorful rug.

13. bohemian moroccan bedroom Decor

bohemian moroccan bedroom decor

Whoever said you should avoid black when designing a bohemian Moroccan bedroom has been proved wrong by this gorgeous setup dominated by black elements.

The black macrame wall hanging, black embroidered bedding, and black Moroccan rug are all stunning elements in their own right. Hanging plants and fairy lights introduce an element of fantasy.

14. bohemian Soft Pink bedroom furniture set Ideas

bohemian Soft Pink bedroom furniture set Ideas

Here are a fun and playful inspiration for your kids’ shared boho bedroom. The walls are painted a soft pink color, while the floors and bed frames are light wood tones.

The furniture is pink and white, and the room is accessorized with dreamcatchers, strings of tassels, and pom-poms. A gorgeous reading tent with comfortable seating is made by draping white flowy fabric from the ceiling to the ground.

Woven textures are introduced by a circular rug and rope basket storage. A lovely beaded chandelier hangs from the ceiling in the center of the room.

15. Calming blue classy boho bedroom

calming blue classy boho bedroom

The Stunning white bedroom features a few bold accents such as a black headboard, deep blue tie-dyed cushions, and blue bohemian artwork. The bed is made tall and comfy with poofy white bedding and textures duvets and blankets.

Subtle boho hints are added through the macrame wall hanging and the patterned rug. You can try these blue ideas for your guest.

16. grey and white boho bedroom

grey and white boho bedroom

Here’s a grey boho bedroom for a change. This sophisticated bedroom is predominantly beige and grey, featuring a boho rattan headboard, wood tones, and bohemian printed bedding.

17. boho glam bedroom

boho glam bedroom

If you think glamor and boho don’t go together, think again. This fancy bedroom features both glamorous and boho elements. While chandeliers are glam, making them a beaded chandelier will give your room a boho quality as well.

Textured poofy bedding, layers of rugs with varying textures, poofy seating, and raw woody tones are used throughout the room, ensuring a good mix between glamor and boho.

18. Beachy boho loft

Beachy Boho Loft

We love this beachy white boho bedroom with ocean blue accents. A pretty closet stands in one corner of the room, with intricate hand-carved detailing on the doors. A large blue patterned rug runs through the entire middle of the room.

The bed is layered with cozy bedding, pastel cushions, and textured blankets. A gorgeous beaded chandelier hangs low from the ceiling, making it the center of attention in the room.

19. Bohemian hotel glam

Bohemian Hotel Glam

Dainty little boho bedroom has varying tones of blue incorporated in the decor. The bed has nice tall mattresses, just like a hotel room bed. It sits against a pale blue gallery wall and has pastel blue and white bedding with an embroidered blanket on top, reminiscent of a golden sandy beach and blue waters. The bed sits on top of a large deep blue boho patterned rug.

20. bohemian minimalist bedroom Ideas

bohemian minimalist bedroom Ideas

A very subtle boho-themed loft bedroom features ceiling to floor curtains and large windows. Wood tones, beige bedding, and a sandy grey rug pull the look together.

21. Crown of your canopy

Crown Of Your Canopy

This tiny boho bedroom only has a bed but manages to look jaw-droppingly beautiful with a sheer white canopy that falls gracefully down from the ceilings to the sides of the bed. The green vines give it a magical look.

22. Mid century modern boho

Mid Century Modern Boho

This modern boho style of decor is super trendy at the moment. The decor is kept mostly white, except for the beautiful olive Moroccan rug.

Wood furniture is used, introducing some earthy tones. A rattan bed is used with comfy white bedding. The faux fur throws add variety in texture while the potted plants complete the boho look.

23. Jungle oasis canopy bed

Jungle Oasis Canopy Bed

Entwined in creeping money plant vines and lush green indoor plants all around, this boho bedroom is a sight to behold. The canopy bed with the sheer white drapes, soft white bedding with pastel accents, and an abundance of tassels around the edges gives this space a mystical vibe.

Several rattan elements are used, along with a patterned boho rug that ties everything together.

24. Bachelorette’s boho den

Bachelorette’s Boho Den

Filled to the brim with style and personality, this gorgeous bedroom looks cozy and lived in. There are different textures all around, from the rattan mirrors and woven baskets to the rope rug.

Layers of blankets with bohemian patterns are thrown lazily on the bed. Plants are a staple in any boho bedroom and this was no exception.

25. Boho nursery decor

Boho Nursery Decor

This boho-themed nursery is the embodiment of innocence and purity and is the perfect bedroom for an infant.

We love the textured off-white rug, and the tassel chandelier right above it. A muted brown woven carpet covers the entire floor, proving an additional layer of comfort under the decorative rug.

26. colorful bohemian bedroom Decoration

colorful bohemian bedroom decoration

With a regal silver Moroccan pattern glistening off the wall, this bedroom is fit for a Maharaja or at least one of his royal subjects!

Two small silver lamps sit on identical mosaic patterned nightstands, providing a stylish accent. The colorful patterned cushions and blankets look stunning against the plain white sheets.

27. Gorgeous boho bedroom featuring rattan elements

Gorgeous Boho Bedroom Featuring Rattan Elements

This simplistic boho bedroom is rich in rattan elements and black and white accents. The ruffled cushions, rugs, and throw blanket enrich the decor with lots of variety in texture.

28. Modern fun boho eclectic bedroom Decor

modern fun boho eclectic bedroom decor

This boho bedroom may be tiny in size but it really packs a punch. It features some bold colors and fun patterns, with a headboard wrapped in fabric and printed cushions.

29. Wild tropical jungle simple boho room

wild tropical jungle simple boho room

A splendid carnival of colors and textures, this simple boho bedroom is truly a masterpiece. When so much color and the pattern are incorporated into a decor, you need an equal amount of greenery to balance it out and soothe the eyes.

30. neutral boho bedroom

neutral boho bedroom

Clean and simple boho bedroom decor incorporates rich, dark wood tones and earthy textures.

31. Serene white boho Living Room Ideas

Serene white boho living room ideas

Pure white bedroom channels its bohemian personality through a rattan chandelier, textured, layered bedding, and a reed basket.

32. Ebony and Ivory

Ebony And Ivory

While colors, patterns, and textures have been a huge part of the bohemian style of decor, not every boho bedroom needs to be so busy and overwhelmed with various different decor elements.

This breathtaking bedroom with a loft ceiling has an elegant and simple yet impactful decor. The sheer white drapes and clean white bedding makes this bedroom look like a spa retreat.

33. boho living room decor ideas

boho living room decor ideas

This youthful boho bedroom features a host of playful elements such as a fuzzy rug, layers of textured throw blankets, and money plant vines running down the walls. The room is packed with boho accents such as the wood pallet bed, rope basket and rattan hats hung on the wall.

34. Boho beach tent bedroom

Boho Beach Tent Bedroom

Bohemian people often were wanderers and lived in tents wherever they decided to stay a while. If you’re truly interested in the bohemian style of living, this might just be the perfect bedroom decor inspiration for you.

Create a false ceiling in your room by draping fabric across the ceiling. Use a colorful rug with patterns, and incorporate as much of tassels, fringes, and pompoms as you want.

35. Stunning green accent wall

Stunning Green Accent Wall

Give your bedroom a designer feel by opting for a bold accent wall. Place a contrasting hanging feature in front on the accent wall, like the giant pom used in this room.

The rattan bed is ideal for a boho bedroom, and the green poofy bench is the perfect accessory to complement the accent wall. The beautiful Moroccan rug gives the space an artsy feel.

36. bohemian style boho bed frame

bohemian style boho bed frame

Get your hands on a unique wrought iron canopy bed frame like this as the centerpiece of your bedroom. Place a tasseled runner on your bed, and place several layers of rugs on the floor to create that boho aesthetic.

We feel a bed frame like this deserves its chance to shine, without having its glory hidden under drapings.

37. Modern boho style decorating Ideas

modern boho style decorating Ideas

A modern boho bedroom with a very cushy pastel blue bed and minimal furniture can look absolutely striking against fresh white walls and floors. Handcrafted elements such as clay pottery, hanging light fixtures, and small wood pieces of furniture give this place a subtle bohemian quality.

38. Artistic wood craftsmanship

Artistic Wood Craftsmanship

An intricately carved wood headboard can single-handedly up your boho game. Pair it up with ornate metal light fixtures, simple white bedding, and a woven rug.

39. A style statement of a bedroom

A Style Statement Of A Bedroom

It’s amazing how much a person’s bedroom can tell you about them. For example, upon entering this gorgeous loft you can tell from the clothes hangers and bodice chandeliers that this room belongs to a fashionista who loves designing and displaying her clothes.

The white walls, light flooding in through the windows, and tulle drapes give this room an ethereal beauty.

40. Relaxing colors and textures

Relaxing colors and textures

If simplicity is your thing, go for a plain white bedroom and slowly add a few muted, earthy tones of color and texture. A plush rug will add texture and luxury to your room without any additional clutter. 

41. Wander into Scandinavia

Wander Into Scandinavia

If a bohemian person got inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, this would probably be their bedroom. It is a minimalist design, except for the bed which is quite extravagantly made.

The only other items present in the room are a woven basket nightstand, a hanging rattan light fixture, and a photograph on the wall.

42. boho white bedroom Decorating Ideas

Heaven Let Down Your Drapes

The canopy drapes in this all-white bedroom decor go up so high they almost seem to be descending from heaven.

43. The bed makes the room

The Bed Makes The Room

If you’re looking to give your bedroom a boho makeover, you might just get away with simply redoing your bed. This boho bed has been made so well, with layers of colors, patterns, and textures, the rest of the bedroom doesn’t need much decoration.

44. Macrame privacy curtain

Macrame Privacy Curtain

A great way to divide your boho bedroom into areas is to use a macrame curtain. They section off spaces beautifully without closing them off completely.

45. Jungle oasis Boho Living Room

Jungle oasis boho living room

Plants are probably some of the most important elements in a boho room decor. Get ones that thrive in the shade, and definitely get a variety of plants with different heights and bushiness.

46. cozy corner boho bedroom

cozy corner boho bedroom

Make your boho bedroom super cozy by doing your bed with lots of pillows and layers of cushy bedding. Add an additional form of seating for lounging in during the day, maybe a swing chair or a hammock.

47. Pastel boho with rattan headboard

Pastel Boho With Rattan Headboard

Here’s a dainty little pastel bedroom with a whole set of rattan furniture. Soft mustard and pastel accents blend beautifully with the rattan.

The tassel lampshade beside the bed is adorable. Also, if you’re not good with actual living plants, a great way to add greenery to your room is by using a large floral wreath.

48. Be bold with your patterns

Be Bold With Your Patterns

We’re wondering how the designer managed to match the bohemian headboard exactly to the wallpaper, but we agree it looks stunning! Also, the bedding used is to die for.

49. Elegant and classy

Elegant And Classy

Black accents against white will instantly upgrade any room decor, especially when a wide range of textures are incorporated. Check our next ideas about animal crossing bedroom decor ideas.

50. A mix of cultures

A Mix Of Cultures

The bohemian style comes from the marriage between many different cultures and art forms. While Moroccan accents are extremely trendy, boho is often inspired by European, Asian, and Indian cultures.

51. Your bedroom in paradise

Your Bedroom In Paradise

The breathtakingly beautiful wood-carved headboard sets a regal theme in this boho bedroom, accentuated by the ornate candle stands, wall hangings, and feather quills. Perfect room for a hipster princess!

52. boho textured bedding

boho textured bedding

We believe beds are sometimes cozier when messy, and this boho bedroom decor proves that. The bed is covered in layers and layers of textured blankets and cushions, while canopy drapes hang lazily above.

53. Busy boho bedroom

Busy Boho Bedroom

This pretty boho bedroom is brimming with character and we dig it! Not an inch of space has been spared from the designer’s creative touch.

54. vintage minimalist boho bedroom

vintage minimalist boho bedroom

Set apart your sleeping area with a dainty crochet curtain that matches beautifully with your vintage minimalist boho decor.

55. Color block theme

Color Block Theme

It is very much possible to design an entire boho bedroom without including a lot of white tones at all, and it can sometimes produce jaw-dropping results.

This bedroom has emerald green walls all around, with a vibrant choice of bedding and curtains. Neon pops of color across the room make this a standout design in our lineup of boho bedrooms.

Final Note

Different people have different tastes. We cover 55 boho chic decorating ideas so that all our readers get most of the boho decor ideas at one time and make decisions quickly. Let us know in the comment section which bohemian bedroom decorating ideas we miss.

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