40 Decorative Towel Display Ideas for Bathroom – Towel Folding Ideas

Are you tired of your old Bathroom? Do you also think about changing the look of your bathroom and making some decorative changes? There are so many ways in which you can transform the look of your bathroom and make it more aesthetically pleasing. One of the methods in which you can change the look of your bathroom and make it more appealing is changing the display of towels.

It will also transform the look of your towel rack, hence approving the overall look of the bathroom. Isn’t it great? If your answer is yes then we have some amazing and budget-friendly ideas for you. Let’s dig into 40 awesome bath towel display ideas.

Clever Bathroom Towel Display Ideas to Add Creativity to Your BAthroom

It is always good to have some extra towels on hand when you have some guests or friends coming over to stay but sorting them into a beautiful one can be challenging. You can always use some baskets, hooks, shelves, and cabinets to change the overall impact of the bathroom.

Changing the décor of the bathroom especially vanity, lighting, toiletries, and towels gives the touch of refinement to the bathroom. Hanging towels in different manners, folding them in different shapes like swans, accordions, or even tightly folding them around the rails can give a fresh look to your bath.

Some towel arrangements ideas for bathrooms are discussed below which will change the ambiance without demanding much effort.

1. decorative Verssatile towel ideas

decorative verssatile towel ideas

To give a relaxed and compact style to your bath, a more versatile design, try placing a stool in one corner of your bathroom.

This way you will be able to swap it whenever you want with other options. They come in different sizes and shapes. If you have wooden décor in your bathroom, then a rustic wooden stool or Fiona Stools will make the perfect choice for your bath.

2. heated towel rails

heated towel rails

It is always very difficult to get out of hot showers in cold weather. If you are that person, then you should have heated towel rails in your bathroom. This will keep your towel warm which will feel like heaven. 

This will serve as a top-notch than an ordinary towel bar. Once you are done with a shower you can grab the end of the towel and wrap it around you till you get comfortable enough to wear some clothes.

3. Open cabinet design for folding towels

Open cabinet design for folding towels

Do you have cabinets in your bathroom? Then why do you worry about placing your towels anywhere? You can easily place them in open cabinets.

Putting them in that way will make it easy for you to grab towels and toiletries in the morning. Such an easy access option. Perfectly stacked towels will look great in your bathroom.

4. Daft hangers

Daft hangers

Want to give a shabby chic look to your bathroom? You can now give it a new look by placing daft hangers in your bathroom as towel racks. Stylish daft hangers and some nicely wrapped towels around them will get the job done for you. This is the best way to hang towels in small bathrooms.

5. Old Wooden hangers for towel Display

Old Wooden hangers for towel Display

By changing the arrangement of towels can give your bath a new and refreshing look. All you need is some old wooden hanger to give your rustic themed bathroom a new and exquisite look.

All those hangers which are of no use anymore can be used for hanging towels. Get a pair of nails and daft the old wooden hangers on it so they will serve you as a neatly placed towel bar.

6. Mounted towel bars behind doors

Mounted towel bars behind doors

Behind the bathroom door is always a great idea which people do not use very often. Use this area to install a towel rack behind the door. It will give some extra space in the small bathroom.

A slim set of shelves or simple racks will give enough space to hang your towels. This is one great way to utilize the extra space.

7. Pantry style shelving

Pantry Style Shelving

Innovative pantry style shelving will give your other essential toiletries ample space. You do not have to splurge upon more time-consuming ideas of a makeover. You can store more than one towel in your bathroom with this method. So what are you waiting for?

8. Translucent Glass shelves

Translucent Glass shelves

If you have a glass door around your shower then the new translucent glass shelves will give a stylish and modern look to your space. Neatly stacked towels will always be in your range while coming out of a hot shower.

They also come as free-standing wall mounted shelves so you don’t have to worry much about the hardware either. This slender glass shelf will give worthy décor to your bathroom.

9. Antique Toiletry table

Antique Toiletry table

Many antique options are available in the market. These antique tables along with neatly displayed towels and toiletries come in super handy. Providing a textural look full of packed furniture like copper or brass tubs.

It will be a great addition to your bathroom creating a more visual appeal for you and even your guests.

10. Disassembled Crate shelves

Disassembled Crate shelves

A plane towel bar may be boring to you but you can add some twist to it by adding a basket into it in a beautiful way. There will be a great basket on top and a bar underneath it to have your towels. You can also place your towels in the crates. It is such a budget-friendly idea.

You can also add some tissues, some toiletries, and other essential items into the basket. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, theme, and layout, this style will suit it perfectly.

11. Stainless steel Racks

Stainless steel Racks

Don’t be afraid of using costly items in your bath. It is very easy to get a modern bathroom on a budget by adding some careful planning.

You can add stainless steel racks in your bathroom without covering much space. You can mount them on the wall, and these stainless steel racks will give a stylish look to your bathroom with minimal effort.

12. Mini Storage Units

Mini Storage Units

Mini storage units are super inexpensive and give you some extra room too. These units are placed anywhere the bathroom is installed alongside your mirror so giving you easy access to all your basic items including towels.

You can place hand towels in them or you can also attach a bar to it for some extra room. way to impress your guest with your skills.

13. modern bathroom Double towel Rack Ideas

modern bathroom Double towel Rack Ideas

One is not enough, so get as many as you want. The one stand has double bars but the lower one is more protruding than the upper one so that they won’t touch each other.

You can also use these double towel bars to add toilet paper on the lower one. Double Bar behind the door or near shower will grab the attention to itself.

14. Bowls of Towels

Bowls Of Towels

Here is another unique way of creating some space in your bathroom. Believe it or not, you can give your bath designer a look by filling a bowl or a box with a set of towels. Just roll them in a round shape and place them in a bowl.

Make sure to clean the bowl regularly so it doesn’t get dirty already with wet towels.

15. Standing Table near bathtub

Standing Table near bath tub

Standing tables are the new trend. Standing or folding tables are easily available in the market. You just don’t have to rush to the bathroom store separately to get a rail or a rack for your towels. 

Why bother with a towel bar when you can easily do this job with any table available? Place a standing table near your bathtub and fill it with some candles, essential oil, a towel, and a decorative tray.

16. Captivating Colored Display

Captivating Colored Display

Do you think black and white is boring? Do you also love bright colored displays and if your bathroom has bright colored decor and tiles you can that simply add different colors of towel in your bathroom and place them in a symmetrical way. You can also arrange them in different shapes or just make some type of swan or accordion with your towel.

17. Metallic bathroom towel ladder shelf

Metallic bathroom towel ladder shelf

Metallic towel ladder racks can be a great option to give your contemporary bathrooms an impeccable look. Modern bathrooms can use these metallic towel racks and hooks to give a great finish to the overall look of the bathroom.

You can always opt for a cooler metallic finish in Your Grey bathroom, then those ordinary Towel racks.

18. bathroom hooks for towels

bathroom hooks for towels

When you decide to come out of your comfort zone, then you can use some fancy towel hooks in your bathroom. You can arrange your towel in a sleek manner or you can just tie them tightly around these fancy hooks.

You can also use towel bar sets to give a luxurious and royal look to the bathroom. Don’t settle for a basic towel hook that is sold in the bath department of a market rather than goes beyond ordinary options and opt for fancy looking hooks.

19. Wall Mounted Towel Cabinets

Wall Mounted Towel Cabinets

If you have a small bathroom and you still want to stuff it fully, then a wall-mounted wooden towel cabinet will give a perfect and adorable look to it.

Being mounted to a wall, it will not even require any extra space and store your towels in it. To prevent the towels from falling out, do not stuff more than two towels in it.

20. decorating with towels on a towel bar

decorating with towels on a towel bar

For a clutter free towel arrangement, try placing them in a symmetrical order. This will show your guests how organized you are and you do not have to hustle to find new fresh towels every morning.

21. Floating Vanity with Mirror

Floating Vanity with Mirror

Every person has a vanity in their washroom along with a built in mirror which they see first thing in the morning. If you don’t want to invest extra in any separate towel stand, table or rack, you can use your already available vanity and attach a simple rail to its side to hang your vintage towels.

22. hanging bathroom towels decoratively

hanging bathroom towels decoratively

Whether you have just moved into your new apartment or you want to transform your old bathroom, wall stickers change the scenery of every room. Wall decals also come with hooks or you can just buy your old gold hooks or some other fancy hook to hang your towels in a creative manner. This one is the creative way to hang bathroom towels.

23. Stool for Towels

Stool For Towels

For a neat, refreshed look, the biggest challenge will be sorting towels in a way that they will be dry and fresh. Stools placed in a bathroom will not cost you any money but they will serve as a perfect décor, even more, it will give a vintage look to your bath. You can add charm to your bathroom in this easy way.

24. contemporary towel holders

contemporary towel holders

Whether you are looking for a towel placement idea in your personal bathroom, cloakroom or guest bathroom, tower storage solution is a smart option. Lean a ladder towards a wall and your new bath towel rack is ready. For contemporary bathrooms, use matte steel ladder and for traditional ones use wooden ladder and place towels on it.

25. Recessed towel rack ideas for small bathrooms

Recessed towel rack ideas for small bathrooms

Below the vanity, the room available will can be used for the stockpiling of towels. Two rows of folded towels under the vanity will serve as a clever idea for sorting your towels. For a more improved option, try using the space between wall studs to install a shelf in it.

26. towel bar on side of vanity

towel bar on side of vanity

Pinch these ideas and display your stool openly on a rail but make a colorful combination of towels in that case. You can use different color schemes that simply go with the theme of your bathroom and jingle it up. It is super quick and easy.

27. Lower Shelf display

Lower Shelf displaY

Open area underneath the shelf can be used to store the stack of towels in a neat way. It will serve as a prime spot of freshly laundered towels. For making it more functional, try placing a bucket under the shelf to arrange towels and the contrasting buckets will go with the theme of the bathroom.

28. Shelf Drawers

Shelf Drawers

A basic shelf with a drawer is one the most practical and space saving bathroom storage options especially for storing towels. These drawers are super practical to keep your bathroom clutter-free. Drawers’ are easy to store towels if you are not a fan of displaying towels.

29. Below the sink towel baskets

Below the sink towel baskets

A pretty towel basket placed below the sink can be a great option for towel storage. Placing them under the sink will not cover any extra space in the bathroom if you have a small bathroom. Choose that material for baskets that will not exhaust the towels in them. You can also use mini jute baskets for towels.

30. Mini towel buckets

Mini Towel Buckets

If you are short on wall space but have some extra room on the floor then you can use that area to place some sort of bucket on the floor.

Arrange your towels in a zigzag manner in those buckets and make some functional use of those buckets. It will be a conventional use of accessories available to you within reach.

31. Free Standing shelf

Free Standing shelf

Free standing shelves are a great option for placing towels. Roll or fold your towels into decorative ideas. It is totally up to you. Add plants, candles, and small cute toiletries on the top shelf to make it extra fancy.

32. modern bathroom towel holders

modern bathroom towel holders

Just like cream rolls, to make your bathroom fancy and save space keep your towels in the shape of rolls. Spa Style rolls are also very famous. This will serve as the best idea to the most cramped place.

You can make rolls and place them in trays or baskets. You cannot have an idea how it evolves until you see it with your eyes.

33. Basic Towel Rack

Basic Towel Rack

Not Fancy, not too old, just a basic rod of towel will give you space to put your towel. If space is tight in your small bathroom, try mounting it on the side of the vanity or cabinet. Space savvy idea!

34. Pull out towel holder inside Cabinet

Pull out towel holder inside Cabinet

Instead of installing a typical towel rack to hold your towel instill a pull out towel holder in the cabinet. Whenever you will open the cabinet for accessing your accessories or essentials then you will take out the towel easily.

They will store your bath towel without covering any additional space in the bathroom.

35. Stylish Towel Rings

Stylish Towel Rings

Hanging towels save you extra time because you do not have to unfold them every single time you visit your washroom. This space-savvy bathroom towel storage idea will make your bathroom more space for other stuff.

Stylish towel rings do not look cheap but add style and make smart use of space.

36. Stacked Towel Storage

Stacked Towel Storage

All white towels stacked in a beautiful way look appealing to eyes. Many luxe yet minimalist options are available. You will never lament the sagginess of poorly rolled towels but these stacked towels will serve as a penchant for organization.

37. DIY Basket Shelves

DIY Basket Shelves

As the name suggests, DIY basket racks are one convenient option for towels. You can use your old basket and decorate them with DIY crafts or you can use the flower basket of your old bicycle which you don’t use anymore. 

These Basket shelves can be hung anywhere in the bathroom and you can make rolls of your towel to fit in them. It will give ample space to other essential items in your bath.

38. Ladder Towel Rack

Ladder Towel Rack

If by any chance you have a ladder lying around in the house, then you don’t need a towel rack. In this case, you can simply give it a coat of paint to make it look antique. You can also place a number of towels on it. Just add some potted plants on the top of it to give it a greener look.

This will be beneficial for both damp and dry towels. They are compact, portable and flexible so you can easily move them anywhere. This will give a splendid look to the bathroom.

39. Industrial Style Storage

Industrial Style Storage

The industrial looking towel rack is basically a collection of meal pipes all facing in different directions. You can simply hang more than one towel on it. When not in use, you can easily rotate the pipes in one direction.

Such an easy convertible option as a towel rack. It won’t even disturb the overall theme of the bathroom.

40. Tree Log Towel Bar

Tree Log Towel Bar

If you are looking for something different and unique, then you can take your chance with the log towel bar which is basically a furnished log orchestrated between two wooden hooks.

Also if you don’t want the wooden log to move every time when you can take towels out, then you can get it fixed with some glue or darted up with wooden hooks. This will certainly look one of a kind and get attention.

Let us know which towel display ideas for the bathroom you’re going to use in your next project.

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