Make your Christmas Awesome With These 40 The Most Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Bathroom Ideas

Elf- A name that brings sparkle to the kids’ eyes. Every year in the month of December these little class brings luck and joy to the home.

Elves are supposed to be the Santa’s scouts that keep their eyes on the kids’ behavior and report to Santa. Thus, we cannot ignore these tiny super characters. 

Now what is the most thoughtful about these elves is the place to keep them safe where they are not to be touched. Moreover, they can watch the kids closely. 

We are here some hilarious and funny Elf on the Shelf bathroom Ideas. Bathroom? Yes, as this is the place, where kids can take care of their personal hygiene. After this Covid year 2020, it is most important for everyone to take care of their hygiene. Especially kids, who are known to skip washing hands regularly.

Well, leave this work for little Elf and see the Magic!!

1. Elf on the Shelf in Flush Tank

Not only for Christmas but also you can use elf for decorating the bathroom.

As here, Elf is resting over the flush tank with some decorations spread all around. 

Elf On The Shelf In Flush Tank

2. Set reminder through the elf on the shelf

You can set reminders for the upcoming Christmas date. This will create eagerness among the kids and the other family members.

Place your elf on the cabinet with the notice of the number of days remaining for the big celebration.

Set Reminder Through The Elf On The Shelf

3. Have some awesome playful moments with your elf

Just place your elf on the sink with a kind of fishing rod. Yes, you need a little craftwork to be done. But is worthful when you see your little ones’ excitement.

You can close the drainage of the sink and also fill it with water and water animal toys.

Have Some Awesome Playful Moments With Your Elf

4. Cute Elf on the Shelf is inside the Toilet paper roll:

To keep elf inside the toilet paper roll. Isn’t it a wonderful idea!! indeed it is. Elf can keep reminding everyone to take care of their hygiene. Now you can renovate your toilet with these toilet paper storage ideas.

5. Create Some funny moments with the help of Elf on the Shelf pooping inside the sink

Just imagine how are your kids going to react to seeing the pooping elf? They will surely go crazy.

Elf On The Shelf Pooping Inside The Sink

You can take the help of clay and colors to create poop. After all, happiness makes building a home.

6. Glitter Bath for Elf

Do you want your Bathtub to shine? Then, place your little elf inside the glittery water-filled bathtub. 

Place some water toys on which elf is enjoying. This is a good way to encourage your kids to the bath.

Glitter Bath For Elf

7. How about creating a snowman with toilet paper?

Well, we all are crazy to play with snowmen especially kids. Then place your elf inside the toilet paper roll and draw snowmen like eyes, nose, and buttons.

Creating A Snowman With Toilet Paper

8. Elf taking a Bubble bath in a playful mood with friends inside sink

Now it is the time for your elf to play with his friends. Let the little lad take a bubble bath with his friends and see the fun!

Use marshmallows for making bubbles and sent everything in your bathroom sink.

Elf Taking A Bubble Bath

9. Elf making simple decorations with earbuds

Elf teaches kids with some simple messages. Elves always spread messages to live in simplicity.

Here, the elf is creating lovely decorations with earbuds and spreading magic all over.

Elf Making Simple Decorations

 10. Elf playing with Father’s shaving cream

Kids love to see their toys behaving like. Your little champ often tries to mimic his father while shaving. You would love to see his twinkling eyes when he will see his elf doing the same!

11. Elf on the Shelf idea encouraging kids to build a Snowman

You can take the help of your little elf in encouraging your kids to do some exciting things this Christmas.

Well, as here elf is ready with a snowman made from toilet paper roll and encourages kids to make their own.

Elf On The Shelf Idea

12. Cute Elf is Closing His Eyes

Elf is closing his eyes here not to watch anyone bathing or changing clothes. 

Thus, such a simple way to make your kids learn the basics. Isn’t it?

Cute Elf Is Closing His Eyes

13. Elf is playing Fishing games in the Bathroom Sink

Keep your elf on the sink with a tiny fishing rod and some toy fish. When your kids watch their elf-like this, they will be amazed to see and it will be fun for all.

Elf Is Playing Fishing Games In The Bathroom Sink

14. Create Happy Bathing Moments for your Elf

Elf is special and hence, should be treated specially. Create some funny enjoyable happy moments by placing balloons and toys in the bathtub.

Create Happy Bathing Moments For Your Elf

15. Cute Elf is keeping a close watch while resting in a container

Elf being a Santa’s scout knows his duties. As in here, it is resting in a container and watching everyone’s behaviour to report Santa.

Use marshmallows to decorate the container and to give your Elf warmth in chilling winters.

Cute Elf Is Keeping A Close Watch

16. Elf on the shelf got his buddy

Who doesn’t want to have friends? So do our Elf. If you can get two elves then elf will be so happy in living and playing together.

Look at this picture. Elves are so happy in each other’s company. Also gives a beautiful message to everyone to live together.

Elf On The Shelf Got His Buddy

17. Elf is instructing Kids to Brush Teeth

Kids are very stubborn when it comes to brushing teeth and bathing specifically in winters.

How about taking the help of an elf to teach your kids to brush? Here’s Elf is holding up a brush and there is a message in the sink also. 

Believe it or not, but kids will surely follow the message as they know that elf would convey to Santa.

Elf Is Instructing Kids To Brush Teeth

18. Elf on the Shelf playing with Marshmallow Balls

What is more delightful than watching your elf on the shelf playing with tiny marshmallows.

Place your elf this way and it’s done. 

Elf On The Shelf Playing With Marshmallow Balls

19. Elf on the Shelf is in a Giftbox

Everyone loves gifts. And our kids wait for the gifts sent from Santa. Make their moment memorable by keeping your elf on the shelf inside the gift box.

Elf On The Shelf Is In A Giftbox

20. It’s time to Exercise-Saying Elf on the Shelf:

Christmas is the best time to make your kids learn good habits. For this Santa sends Elf.

Here is as you can see, Elf is motivating everyone to exercise as it is good for health. A straw with both side marshmallows as weight seems to be pretty eye-catching.

21. Pretty Province for the Elf on the Shelf in the Bathroom

Surprised! Yes, you can easily create a beautiful place inside the bathroom for your elf on the shelf. 

You can make his bed over the tissue box. You can prepare lovely clothes and cookies for the elf.

Pretty Province For The Elf On The Shelf In The Bathroom

22. Elf On the Shelf with Christmas decorations on the cabinet

You can transform your shoe cabinet into a beautiful world of the elf.

Moreover, it will look lovely after setting some Christmas decorations. We have 45 amazing bathroom storage cabinet ideas, you can pay a visit there.

Elf On the Shelf with Christmas decorations on the cabinet

23. Elf On The Shelf dressing up as Santa

See here how little elf is looking like a Santa by putting on a tiny Santa cap and cute beard. Perfectly giving you a Christmas Goal. Isn’t it?

Elf watching himself in the bathroom mirror. So Cute.

Elf On The Shelf Dressing Up As Santa

24. Be Careful as Elf on the Shelf is bitten by a Shark!

Elf is playing inside the bathroom and suddenly bitten by a toy shark. There is blood also inside the sink. Elf is in pain and needs extra attention.

Be Careful As Elf On The Shelf Is Bitten By A Shark

25. Elf turns out as an angel

Elf is an angel. With the sprinkles, he designs his angel wings to let others keep in mind that he is an angel- Santa’s Scout.

So that the kids behave accordingly to get the gifts on Christmas Day.

Elf Turns Out As An Angel

26. Elf on The Shelf- And the Magic Begins!!

Elf knows to create magic. He showers blessings to everyone through his magic.

He is sitting here with a plate on which colorful stones have been arranged. And Elf is holding a paper to put some hot water to see the magic.

You can also create some playful moments with elf inside the bathroom.

Elf on The Shelf

27. Elf on the Shelf along with toy Dinos in the Bathroom

All toys go crazy as Christmas is near. 

Here all the dinos are looking at the mirror with the Elf.

Elf On The Shelf Along With Toy Dinos

28. Thanos is taking a selfie with Elf on the Shelf Cap

Here see how Thanos is imitating to take the selfie with the elf’s Santa cap. 

Thanos Is Taking A Selfie

You can also set this kind of Christmas decorations.

29. Elf on the Shelf enjoys popcorns in Bathroom

Everyone loves treats and so does elf. Try to feed him with the best way to keep him happy. 

A tiny Elf is enjoying popcorns in a tiny bowl. You can arrange this in the bathroom as well.

Elf On The Shelf Enjoys Popcorns In Bathroom

30. Elf on The Shelf Gets a Playful Task

We all want our elf to keep happy ad what is more entertaining than giving him some tasks with his toy friends.

Here in the picture, you can see how much is the elf happy while playing the twisting task. Inside the bathroom, you can also set such things on the counter.

Elf on the Shelf gets a playful task

31. Elf on the Shelf enjoys Marshmallows with barbie

See the excitement in your kids’ especially in your daughter’s eye by seeing her barbie and the elf are playing together.

Both of them are enjoying marshmallows together. Believe us, this way your kids would love to visit their bathroom again and again.

Elf On The Shelf Enjoys Marshmallows With Barbie

32. Naughty Elf goes Fishing in Toilet Seat!

Elf loves fishing. But what if the naughty elf goes fishing in the toilet seat? Phew!!

Yet, kids will definitely enjoy this part. Elf creates funny and joyful moments for the whole family.

Naughty Elf Goes Fishing In Toilet Seat

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33. Elf on the shelf with a Marker playing with Kids Pictures

Have you decorated your bathroom walls with your kids’ pictures? If yes, then you can place the Elf on the Shelf on a photo.

Moreover, set a marker on the lap of the elf and wait for the kids’ reaction.

Elf On The Shelf With A Marker Playing With Kids Pictures

34. Have fun with Elf on the Shelf

Give your elf a transformation. As here, you can see the elf has gone cotton-headed.

Let him sit on the counter or the shelf with his name banner.

Have Fun With Elf On The Shelf

35. Christmas Countdown with Elf on the shelf

Christmas is near and the elf is busy fishing but keep reminding that only a few days are left for Christmas.

Christmas Countdown With Elf On The Shelf

36. Are these Elves on the Shelf really making Lemonade?

Elves are busy making lemonades. Are they really making it? Well, please check before using or buying those lemonades.

We doubt it to be Elf Pee!!! 

 Elves On The Shelf Making Lemonade

37. Dress up your kid as an Elf – A real-life Elf

Let’s make Christmas more gratifying than your kid plays as an elf.

That too a real-life elf.

Let him play with whip cream or shaving cream in the bathroom

Dress Up Your Kid As An Elf - A Real-Life Elf

38. Elves on the Shelf are making Chocolate Tower

Chocolates are kids’ favorites and become more enjoyable when they see their elves making a chocolate tower. 

Elves on the Shelves adding more sweetness to Christmas.

Elves On The Shelf Are Making Chocolate Tower

39. Elf on the Shelf is enjoying a bath inside the Sink

Set a bathtub for the elf in a container. Fill water in the sink and let the elf enjoy with the kids.

This will increase kids’ curiosity for Christmas.

Elf on the Shelf is enjoying a bath inside the Sink

40. Elf on the Shelf enlighten moments with his girl

Elf is enjoying juice with his girl. Take two small chairs and let them enjoy their juice with the same bottle.

Let’s make elf’s moment more comfortable and enjoyable.

Elf On The Shelf Enlighten Moments With His Girl

Hope you have enjoyed these Elf on the Shelf Bathroom Ideas. Make your Christmas much memorable for your kids and your family.

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