40 Surprisingly Easy French Country Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

French Country Design is inspired by a classic French Countryside, which can fluctuate extraordinarily. French Country’s stylistic layout emerges from all aspects of nature and contains a great sense of modern times. One guideline that characterizes the appearance of a French country bathroom, is how the stylistic theme is consistently a consistent mix of natural and refined. French Country style is both extremely rich, warm, and inviting.

Planning a French Country model for your Bathroom can appear to be complicated from the outset, particularly in case you’re keeping at all the impeccably styled Bathrooms on Pinterest. Those rooms may look great and difficult to accomplish in your own home, however, it’s truly not. Here are some acceptable tips for making a delightfully rich, flawlessly inviting French Country Bathroom. Pick whatever is suitable for you the most.

Beautiful French Country Bathroom Pictures & Ideas

1. Sink with Exotic Golden Fittings

Sink with Exotic Golden Fittings

French-Country Design is a perfect blend of elegance and aesthetics. You will see a great love for the golden fittings in most of the bathroom designs.  These fittings bless the bathrooms with a soul-relaxing, homey, inviting look.

So, add a golden touch for your bathroom fittings and attain the impeccable French-Country glare. Ditch your sink with a vintage yet modern one for a royal bathroom. Indulge in the relaxing mode in your time.

2. Embrace the warm touch

Embrace the warm touch

The single word to depict a French country shading palette, it’s ‘warm’. Coloring is used to complement and add character. Eventually, any warm colors like yellow, red, green, blue, and also white—however the basic is that warm shades are used to attain an inviting, welcoming feel.

Moreover, warm colors with neutral colors like brown, beige, cream are the most in-demand. However dull or dark tones, for example, blacks and grays, do have a spot, yet rare. These tones are utilized to separate and add differentiation to a striking tone.

3. Get Creatively Inspired by Nature

Get Creatively Inspired by Nature

Nature adds that effortless elegance into a French country bathroom. It’s a must-have thing in country decor. You’ll discover wood-radiated roofs, regular stone, or wood-planked floors.

Natural materials regardless of whether wood or stone, will regularly have an endured appearance. You can add some planters to add natural glam to your bathroom.

4. Invest in some classic Accessories

Invest in some classic Accessories

French-country Bathroom is nothing without its unique classic accessories. If you have a good budget, these accessories are a must to invest in. Royal and elegant accessories are the signature of French designs.

Bathrooms need proper attention to care. No matter how simple your bathroom is, it can look great by adding beautiful Towel Trails, Soap Dispensers, royal elegant mirrors, amazing showers, laundry baskets, etc.

French country bathroom accessories are thankfully available in all budgets. So, rush for the best suited to you.

5. Give a majestic look with a chandelier

Give a majestic look with a chandelier

A Chandelier in a bathroom!. Well, yes, it’s a brilliant way to redefine your time.  A chandelier adds a little sparkle to your restroom without overburdening the space. Utilizing a little ceiling fixture over a sink, in a corner, or between sinks on a twofold vanity can be the ideal method to add light and style. 

Irrelevant upon how it is fixed, it can work for any restroom, from a small space to a huge one, and adds a little royal flavour to your French-Country bathroom taste.

6. Idea of adding a copper Bathtub

How about the idea of adding a copper Bathtub

The French Country bathroom is ideally unimaginable without adding the beauty of bathtubs. And if we say that you can add extra charm by including a copper bathtub to your bathroom, you will get the excitement.

Copper is not just a metal, rather it adds value wherever added. Moreover, we are all aware of its medicinal qualities. Drinking in copper vessels is bliss these days. 

Similarly, bathing in a copper bathtub has been proven a blessing for your skin. If you are financially blessed, then just go for it without a second thought. Rather, we would like to add that these bathtubs need proper routine cleaning.

7. Indulge in the luxury of Shower rooms

Indulge in the luxury of Shower rooms

French country bathroom designs love shower rooms. It transforms a conventional bathroom into a luxurious one. A shower room offers you some personal moments where you can remove your stress of the day. 

A hot shower at the end of the day that too in a beautiful glass shower room could take away all your anxieties. Thus, investing in a shower room could provide you with a meditation kind of relaxation.

8. Add the elegance of cool Bath Mirrors

Add the elegance of cool Bath Mirrors

Imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Sounds incomplete! Ye, that is the beauty of the bath mirrors. French country bathroom decor emphasized the choice of the bath mirrors. Adding a correct mirror would amend the beauty whereas a wrongly chosen one could take away the charm of even the lavish one.

Bath Mirrors reflect you hence should be carefully chosen. Choose whether simple or antique, but that must add life to your bathroom.

9. French country Praise Patterns

French country Praise Patterns

In most of the French Country bathrooms, you will be amazed to see how they follow the patterns. Patterns can be on the wall, tiles, or ceiling. Patterns or textures take the beauty of this room to the ultimate level.

You can also apply some patterns to the tiles of the bathrooms. Some elegant patterns enhance the lavishness of the bathroom. Whether straight or curved, zig-zag or abstract, patterns are the soul for French Country Bathrooms.

10. Never underestimate the Curtains

Never underestimate the Curtains

French- country decor lovers know how essential part the curtains are. And when we talk about the bathroom, it is necessary for you to know the kind of the right bath curtain.

Well, the French adore cotton or linen fabric. Hence, this can be found in any of such interior designs and so well in the restrooms too.  Bath Curtains make the bathroom room feel welcoming, comfortable, and elegant.

11. Amazing tiles for your bathrooms

Amazing tiles for your bathrooms

You can give a French country touch to your bathroom just by changing your conventional tiles to checkered ones. French designs demand the checkered tiled for the bathrooms.

Checkered or textured bathroom tiles can get a perfect French Country to look. You can go for such vinyl sheets also as they fit into everyone’s budget.

12. Shabby chic can never go wrong

Shabby chic can never go wrong

For a splendid French country design, just add the magic of chic to your bathroom. Believe us, you will not be disappointed. That is the reason why the shabby chic style is the ideal subject to liven up your restroom.

It is perky with a dash of vintage and will have your washroom look rich yet unwinding without an excess of work done. So, apply these plan thoughts by us to change your bathroom from exhausting over to entirely relaxing in the blink of an eye.

13. Use a cool Vintage Clock

Use a cool Vintage Clock

Deploying a classy wall clock can do wonders in reforming your bathrooms in a french country style. A wall clock helps in being and time as well as add a perk to your restroom. Choose a classy one to live up to French Country designs.

A clock can help you limit your shower time as time is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. Therefore, investing in a classic wall clock would manage your life well as well as take you to the French Provence.

14. Cool is the amalgamation of old with new

Cool is the amalgamation of old with new

Old is gold but new is demand. Thus, it is always good to mix vintage, antique, and modern elements to create a fresh rejuvenating look that feels welcoming always.

Copy the idea of mixing in your bathroom. Try getting some fixtures of mid-century and blend them with some new ideas. You can turn your old bathroom into the classic French Country one with a small investment and thus it is worth applying.

15. Floral patterns in wallpapers will keep you energized

Floral patterns in wallpapers will keep you energized

Are you thinking of purchasing wallpaper to revamp your bathroom? If you want it to remodel as per French Country decor, then you must try spending on floral wallpaper. French decor appreciates nature and loves flowers. Flowers wherever placed, always enhance the beauty of the place.

The usage of bright florals in wallpaper would help you in being naturally young. Flowers whether used in curtains or tiles and wallpapers enlighten the area.

16. Give the hug of Marble

Give the hug of Marble

French country decor is extremely peaceful. The use of marble gives a perfect look. You can use marble floors, marble accessories, marble bathtubs, etc.

Marble is in itself classy and adds beauty to your bathroom. Marble floors are actually for what people can crave. Use marble for simply elegant and perfect decor.

17. Rustic wooden Cabinets for bathrooms

Rustic wooden Cabinets for bathrooms

French country furniture is a blend of provincial and fancy modern pieces. You can do this by chasing for exemplary vintage pieces. 

Search for a wooden cabinet with bent legs and carving all through. Rustic furniture will transform your bathroom in the humble, elegant feel that French country interior design is known for.

18. Grab Good Essential Oils

Grab Good Essential Oils

French Country decor is an artwork in which all the necessary elements have their values. Essential oils are liquid extracts of various beneficial plants and possess a stronger smell than the plants.

You can use Lavender essential oil to relieve stress., Rose used to improve mood and reduce anxiety, Jasmine helps with depression, Sandalwood oil is used to calm your mind, and also aids skin.

19. Choose Vintage Classy Light fittings

Choose Vintage Classy Light fittings

French Country designs welcome lights. Light fittings embrace the interiors of the place. Embrace using chandeliers, lamps, pendant lights, vanity lights, 18th-century scones, lampshades, etc. Go for using light shades as this decor is passionate about pastel or light heart-warming colors. Here, in this article, we showed some stunning bathroom sign ideas.

20. Give a Glossy Touch of Metals

Give a Glossy Touch of Metals

Metallic touch perks up the beauty. So, it is a must to use metals if you are seriously looking for French Country decor. In a bathroom, you can get a metallic sink or faucets, or even bathtubs.

Adore metals and get the castle-living-like feel. Metals not only amplify your lifestyle but also are good for your moods. Go and grab metallic bathroom accessories.

21. Cherish Plants to the Bathroom

Cherish Plants to the Bathroom:

Add the flavour and blessings of nature by keeping beautiful inside plants in your bathroom. French love nature and always embed to wherever applied. 

Their passion for nature gives a majestic feel to the restroom. You may add some plants or flowers that would go perfectly for a French Country look.

22. Know the rule- Simplicity stays forever

Know the rule- Simplicity stays forever

A vintage bathtub, light-textured wall, off- white paints, a set of pretty curtains, antique furniture, checkered or textured tiles makes complete French Country Design.

Simplicity is what you will find in each French decoration. It stays forever. Decorate your bathroom with just simple classic things and you are done. French aesthetics adore simple yet elegant living and thus why it is always fantastic.

23. Charming Natural Stones in Bathroom

Charming Natural Stones in Bathroom

The main point of the French country bathroom is the usage of stunning original stones in walls or accessories combined with mesmerizing glass showers and natural stone-made bathtubs and floor.

Soothing white paint on the walls highlights the ambiance of the room, a contemporary freestanding bathtub, drapes on the windows, and adds a classic and inviting touch to the bathroom.

24. Go for A Pretty Bright Rug or Mat

Go for A Pretty Bright Rug or Mat

Vintage French Country Bathroom looks appealing with its accessories. Rugs and mats play a vital role in achieving the target. Spot a huge mat on the floor in a light tone. It might have an inconspicuous or matured search for a little natural appeal.

At a near point place a classy bathtub and several beautiful bathtub beautifiers on it. The complementary rug or mat would aid finish the natural lounge look.

25. Place some Beautiful Paintings

Place some Beautiful Paintings

Paintings can turn any place from simple to exotic one. You can buy a masterpiece and place it near a mirror or bathtub or even anywhere inside the bathroom.

A simple painting even can do a great job in seeking the French Country look. Imagine the cool walls, with lovely shower rooms and metallic faucets. An amazing floral painting even seems to add to the luxury of the bathroom.

26. Combine White with Golden

Combine White with Golden

French-Country Bathroom praises white color. Mix it with the golden touch and find a divine restroom for yourself. White attracts peace and is golden to provide warmth.

When peace mixes with warm touch it will unburden your stress. You can feel meditating while bathing. Feel free to go for white and experience mental relief inside your restroom.

27. Use Candles to spice up Romance

Use Candles to spice up Romance

If we talk about romance, how is it possible not to talk about candles? Candles do not only brighten up your life but also can spike your romantic life.

For centuries, candles have been a very important part of the bathing rooms. French Country design advises the usage of beautiful candles and candle stands. These enhance the ambiance as well as give you a reason to embrace yourself.

Luxurious Aromatherapy is trending

A nice smelling bathroom is a sign of a luxurious lifestyle. It can turn your mood in the blink of your eye. None of us wants to enter inside a foul-smelling restroom. Hence Aroma has been an essential part of French Country Bathrooms.

You can get an aroma diffuser or aromatic candles for the ever-ending fragrance in your bathroom. Get aroma leaves or oils of various kinds and use them as per your mood.

29. Don’t forget a Classy Armoire

Don't forget a Classy Armoire

An antique armoire represents a French country design. Using a classic one inside your bathroom will sort all your storage burdens as well as give an authentic feel to the restroom.

Keeping a cabinet will manage to declutter the bathroom. The classy vintage one will be a warm hugging. Storage problems will be sorted out with beautification. Hence, must invest in it.

30. Vintage Dressing Area

Vintage Dressing Area

Are you blessed with a spacious bathroom? Turn this blessing into French Country Bathroom by just adding a vintage dressing table and chair or stool. Just get transformed inside your restroom where you spend your time.

Earlier queens used to have their dressing inside their huge restrooms. Nowadays, It is a sign of the lavish lifestyle and hence is part of the French Country décor.

31. Get a Sophisticated Touch

Get a Sophisticated Touch

Classic and sophisticated décor is a representation of the perfect French Country design. You may use soft colors and matching accessories. The bathroom will give you a feeling of welcome. Just with proper care, you can maintain these bathrooms. White or light shades add a glare to a French Country Bathroom. We also have an article on zen bathroom ideas, this will inspire you too.

32. Try the Marvelous Blue-White or Blue-Yellow Combo

Try the Marvellous Blue-White or Blue-Yellow Combo

French have shown their love for blue color. French country design is full of using its various combinations. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, Go for blue-white or blue-yellow colors.

Use tiles, rugs, accessories, and feel the magical outcome. Blue shows calm and white or yellow represents welcoming. They together will take you to the divine world.

33. Buy Exotic wicker or wire Laundry Basket

Buy Exotic wicker or wire Laundry Basket

We cannot deny the essential presence of laundry baskets inside our bathrooms. French Country Design suggests using wicker wooden or classic white baskets. Try any shape or size. Be it oval, round, square, or any. Just place it nicely in your restroom and you find all sorted.

In luxurious French Decor bathrooms, laundry baskets are a must-buy and suddenly grab attention while going inside. You can reform your bathroom by adding simple yet elegant small things that fit into your pocket too.

34. Remember that Quality Counts

Remember that Quality Counts

If you are thinking of bringing a French Country Bathroom inside your hope. You have got to be serious about the quality of the products purchased or applied.

French Country represents the lavish lifestyle that cannot be achieved without keeping quality in mind. Drapes should be used with heavy yet pretty fabrics. Tiles too should incorporate luxury. Matching heavy anti-skid mats to be used.

35. Embrace some instrumental music

Embrace some instrumental music

Music is divine. It calms you inside out. Bathing with music is a sign of luxury. Embed a simple classic music system in your bathroom. You can use it as per your mood.

36. Use Multi Colored theme and patterns

use Multi Colored theme and patterns

You can infuse a multicolor theme to have a luxurious feel to the bathroom. It will enhance the look and feel of the bathroom.

French Country Bathrooms love colors and thus try experimenting with colors worth for. If you love colors, then just mix different soothing colors that would give the desired look.

37. Vintage, classy, and charming accessories

Vintage, classy, and charming accessories

French decor is all about the classic look. You can feel it everywhere the design is used. The simplest thing is to use vintage, antique things for your bathroom area. This will automatically resolve your bathroom remodeling schemes.

38. Enforce a Golden Touch

Enforce a Golden Touch

Gold is eternal and everlasting. Just incorporate a small touch of golden paint, golden accessories, or use in the handles of the door or windows. Gold itself is classy.

The glossy appearance will move anyone’s mind. French Decor is passionate about classic golden. Hence, just a tiny golden would turn your bathroom miraculously.

39. Keep your bathroom airy and full of Natural light

Keep your bathroom airy and full of Natural light

French Country means something very close to nature. Bathrooms that consist of light and proper ventilation fall in luxurious country designs.

It is believed in a country design that light should fall automatically into the bathroom. Artificial lights are to be used in the dark only. Henceforth, choose a place that has a bliss of light and air.

40. Complement with Ceramic

Complement with Ceramic

Discussing a vintage French Country bathroom without Ceramics is not possible. Ceramic can live-up the place it belongs to. Choose ceramic bottles for oils, or soap dispensers, bathtubs will provide a royal touch.

Furthermore, it is quite soul-soothing. Convenient to use and for our pockets too. We hopefully helped you in deciding to give a touch of French Country design into your Bathroom.

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