20 His and Her Bathroom Ideas for Romantic Couple’s

When it comes to designing the bathroom, there are endless ideas. Ideally, you can choose from color contrast to lighting, vanity to décor, and from bubble bath to quick hot shower in the morning.

But if you are in a relationship and moving together soon, then making two different bathrooms can be overwhelming yet exciting. You can easily decorate your bathroom in your way with these marvelous ideas which will give you both your own space.

A few key designs that will update the vibe of the bathroom in a snap are given below.

Luxury His and Her Bathroom Ideas to Follow

1. Dark and light color tones

From the dark roof to the white and dark tile work, this beautiful restroom is perfect in all cases. For an interesting interpretation of the contemporary shading combo, the towels show a handcrafted splendid hint of girlish shade. The enthusiastic and lively shadings attract your eye, yet set an example of their own.

Together, the exceptional combo of black and white with pink touches and flower placement make a statement of its own. You can set up an indoor plant too.

2. Stone and marble fixtures

Don’t be afraid to mix things up while decorating your bathroom. You can use stone walls along with marble countertops and two different basins. While the smallest things can make huge changes, you can stay on trend by using antique fixtures in the bathroom.

You can also use rustic wooden frames and for the feminine touch place a glass vase on the counter filled with flowers. The two separate doors are a perfect touch of his and her bathroom. Here, we gathered 30 farmhouse design and decor ideas for you.

3. Wooden textures

Who said that you cannot use wooden texture in a couple’s bathroom? Wooden décor is often considered gender-neutral as it suits both men and women giving the coziest and warm vibe to the overall house.

You can use a wooden ladder and place it in one corner to hang a towel for both of you. You can also add flowers on top or a tray filled with your other accessories.

4. Open shelf vanities

Open shelf vanities are a great idea to place your things in the bathroom. You can place all your masculine items on the top shelf and other girlish items on the lower shelf. It will make it easier for you to access your things in the morning.

If your partner is messy then you have this idea that won’t even cramp up your space. Besides this, we have exotic bathroom ideas that might inspire you.

5. Double sink bathroom

Double sink bathroom

You can’t go wrong with washed paint as it gives the comfiest décor, and there is no exception when it comes to the bathroom. When you have beige vanity you can surely use the underneath space to hold your towel baskets.

The rectangular sink on the marble countertop will provide space to both of you when you get ready in the morning. It will serve as a hub for organizing your everyday necessities.

6. Serene beach bathroom decor

Serene beach bathroom decor

Beach view bathrooms are the ones people often crave on vacations, but why not transform your personal bathroom into beach décor? Most people find the beach relaxing, so it’s easy to link the bathroom with the beach décor.

Light blue paint on the wall makes the environment relaxing, with pegs on the shelf you can easily hang your towel in it. You can also hang blue curtains near the bathtub, it will suit both personalities. These are small details that will leave a big impact on the overall setup.

7. Sleek and practical bathroom

A couple bathrooms can never be more serene without floating shelves. You can use floating shelves to hold both of your accessories. If you have a large bathroom space then you can use two separate vanities in your bathroom.

It will be a little costly but will give ample space to both of you. Other than that you can use these vanities on the opposite side of the bathroom.

8. Antique touches

A silver serving can be used to store all your decorating items. You can get all your antique décor from thrift stores and place them in your bathroom. You can place it on a marble countertop and it will perfectly do justice for both of you.

You can put a vase in your bathroom and place decorative flowers in them, but just to keep up you should regularly dust them. This is one of the most hustle free décors. A zen bathroom design might feel you, love.

9. Walk in shower with pebble tiles

Walk in shower with pebble tiles
Image: bhg.com

Walk-in showers are a practical, attractive choice for both small and large bathrooms. The beautiful pebble tiles will draw your attention as soon as you will enter the bathroom.

Enclosed by glass, this bathroom will give the most functional use of space. You can enjoy the hot shower all the time, you can also place beautiful pink-colored flowers nicely displayed in a jar at the back of your toilet for a little girlish décor.

10. Fresh traditional bathroom

Fresh traditional bathroom
Image: houzz.com

The spacious bathroom can be used for both of you as you decorate it with a walk-in shower and double sinks. For one sink you can use pink color and for others feel free to use a blue basin.

This ensuite bathroom with ceramic tiles and blue flowered shutters around the window will be super pretty. You can put a curtain on your window that will look more stunning, for idea read this article.

11. Pallet shelf for beauty and utility

Pallet shelf for beauty and utility

Don’t forget to make use of every inch of the bathroom.  You can make your own DIY table to place between the sink and toilet and put a flower pot on it to make your bathroom a shabby chic one.

You can use an old distressed table and paint with the color of your own choice.

12. Monochrome bathroom

Are you a big fan of white and black themes? Do you also prefer your furniture black and white toned? If yes, then Monochromatic style is just one you are looking for. It will suit both of you.

Monochromatic Boho style is one of the most famous and inspired ideas to transform your bathroom. A monochromatic textured tile along with the same style rug and a dream catcher on the wall will give the perfect finish to your bathroom.

13. Minimal spa bathroom

Minimal spa bathroom
Image: hgtv.com

What can be more romantic than a spa bathroom? Because all couples crave some quality time together away from all the stress.

This minimal spa bathroom with an attic can give you a mesmerizing view and you can place a table near it to hold candles. Furthermore, you can also place towels on it. An all-white bathroom will take all your worries away.

14. Brass Track bathroom

Brass Track bathroom

Brass and beige totally complement each other. You can use a free standing claw foot bath tub in the bathroom with a marble countertop and rectangular white double sinks to make ample space. More so you can also add wooden decorative items to enhance the overall décor of the bathroom.

15. Classic glamorous bathroom

Classic glamorous bathroom

For a dramatic update to your bathroom, you can add a pop of navy blue color to one of its walls. The subway-tiled bathroom looks so beautiful with golden fixtures to tie the whole décor together. Furthermore, you can also add wall art to that navy blue wall.

16. Industrial Chic bathroom

While you may have a small room, you can make it bigger with décor. Try on a little industrial flair with a concrete counter and tie it all together with an industrial-style towel rack.

The clean white cabinet with grey and white tile work will give the perfect extra touch to your bathroom and you both will feel more than comfortable with all this extra décor. The neatly folded towel under the counter will keep the space clutter-free.

17. Boho Bliss

To achieve a relaxed boho combined bathroom idea, you can place some candles in your washroom. For a relaxing bubble bath, you can also place a decorative tray on your bathtub whether it would be a wooden or plastic tray or a raisin tray

Just lit some candles and enjoy your relaxing bubble bath in your new space. You can also take a combined bubble bath in your bathroom with all this décor.

18. Vintage vanity style

Vintage vanity style
Image: hgtv.com

f you have space for it, then you can make all necessary arrangements to make your bathroom beautiful and functional for both of you. Simply take an elegant tray and fill it with some candles for a relaxing bath. You can add as many candles as you want to make your whole space lit. You can also hang a distressed mirror in the bathroom to take mirror selfies together.

19. Enclosed Showered Bathroom

Enclosed Showered Bathroom
Image: Aaron Leitz Photography/Kimberly Gavin

The Walls in showers are functional and elegant. From pattern tile to captivating marble décor, you can use both of them and an enclosed shower along with a bathtub can be used by both of you at the same time.

This white vanity with toilet and glass enclosed shower and white ornate mirror and some white beautiful roses will increase the visual appeal of the bathroom.

20. Geometrical shaped tile and gold décor

Geometrical shaped tile and gold décor

A unique way to integrate gold into the bathroom is by texture, fixture, and faucets. You can hang a gold mirror on the wall or you can experiment with vanity in other cases.

Two nicely placed golden-colored towel rings behind the wall will give both of you enough space to hang your towels. Round sinks will also serve as another option to make your bathroom easy to use.

Final thoughts

With a huge selection of different colors, décor, and fixtures, you can choose space for both his and her personal haves… These key designs will transform your bathroom in a snap and you both will enjoy equal and quality time in the bathroom together.

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