40 Jack and Jill Bathroom Floor Plan Ideas | Remodel & Layout Plan Ideas

Jack and Jill’s bathrooms are set apart by the fact that they are designed to be shared between two people instead of one. They are often characterized by the unique feature of having two different entrances, making them accessible from two rooms at the same time.

Certain fixtures in these bathrooms often come in twos, and the bathroom design as a whole requires some special thought. In this article, we’re going to show you the top 40 design ideas for Jack and Jill’s bathrooms.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Remodel Ideas

While designing a shared space, one of the most important tasks is making sure the space design caters to both parties’ individual needs. If functionality is your priority, let us show you how you can maximize functionality without sacrificing beauty.

1. An expansive vanity area

A Jack and Jill bathroom is designed to serve the needs of two people and thus requires certain features to be larger. A large vanity area that accommodates two people will allow both users access to self-care at all times.

A large, extended countertop will provide space and functionality to both parties using it. Make your vanity area the star of the show by using a white stone or marble slab countertop.

2. A gigantic vanity mirror

A gigantic vanity mirror
Image: nattydecor

A huge vanity mirror running down the entire length of the vanity area will ensure both users have their fair share of the mirror to make getting ready faster and easier. It will also elongate your bathroom and give it the illusion of openness.

3. Gorgeous marble double sink vanity

Gorgeous marble double sink vanity
Image: RH

Having two sinks can be a necessity when it comes to a Jack and Jill bathroom design. Place them at either end of a large vanity countertop to avoid the two users getting in each other’s way.

4. Beauty in symmetry

Beauty in symmetry
Image: gatheredky

Incorporate identical design elements on both sides of a double vanity to create symmetry. Arrange lights, faucets, and permanent fixtures on both sides in a way that they are mirror images of each other.

5. Two for two

Two for two
Image: homedit

While a double vanity looks stylish and also saves space, to some pairs it’s just not practical for them to be sharing a vanity space. Some bathrooms also won’t allow a double vanity area due to space restrictions, and you may have to go for two separate vanities in the same bathroom.

Locate the two vanities at opposite ends of the room, facing each other. Use identical permanent fixtures for continuity, and personalize each space by adding smaller and replaceable décor elements to suit each person’s style.

6. An innovative and enclosed toilet cubicle

An enclosed toilet cubicle will provide much needed privacy and allow simultaneous use of the entire bathroom by both parties. Invest in a quiet flush toilet to avoid causing noise disturbance to the other person.

If your bathroom comes with a nook, place the toilet there and section it off for an easy solution.

7. A luxurious double shower

While not a necessity, a double shower would continue the expansive theme of a Jack and Jill bathroom. Two identical rainfall showerheads, shower caddies and towel racks on each side will help you decorate your towel.

8. Adequate storage for both

Adequate storage for both

When designing a shared bathroom it’s important to have enough storage to accommodate two people’s needs. Vanity drawers and bathroom closets can be a great way to maximize storage.

9. Double fixtures double functionality

Having two of all essential fixtures in a bathroom instantly gives it that Jack and Jill vibe. It increases functionality and keeps the users from getting in each other’s way.

10. Deluxe shower curtains

Shower curtains, or bath window curtains, could be essential in providing privacy to the users. We recommend full length curtains of a heavier, thicker material to ensure maximum opacity.

Plush velvet curtains can be a great option for more luxurious styles of bathrooms. For a simpler and more earthy vibe, jute cotton curtains can be a wonderful, eco-friendly choice.

11. A crisp all-white Victorian décor

A crisp all-white Victorian décor
Image: elledecor

Cool white tiling, a white stone countertop, white cabinetry and a shiny white freestanding tub will create a beautiful Victorian era inspired bathroom while keeping it fresh and youthful at the same time.

Add interest to the space with gold metal accents, fresh pink flowers for a pop of colour, and a black and white patterned rug. This style of decor is timeless and tends to suit most people, ideal for a bathroom that will be shared by two different people.

12. Subtle soothing hues

When working with a smaller space, go with lighter colours that will make the bathroom appear brighter and more spacious. Light neutral pastels like mint green or baby blue will calm the eyes, while giving the bathroom an element of serenity.

Rose gold faucets and fixtures will add style without looking harsh, like gold does sometimes. Herringbone patterned light grey marble floors and marble textured mint green bath tiles will add visual texture while perfectly continuing the peaceful theme of the Jack and Jill bathroom.

13. A spa retreat in your own bathroom

Incorporate natural stone and wood accents into your Jack and Jill bathroom design to give it a spa-like feel. A large jacuzzi style tub can act as a focal point of the space.

Illuminate the space with soft, ambient lighting. Use potted plants and scented candles to accessorize.

14. A lush garden oasis

If there’s a tree hugger hidden inside of you, here’s your chance to let it shine. Grow an entire plant wall inside your bathroom and feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical destination.

The warmth provided by the greenery sits in perfect harmony with the cool grey stone walls and floors.

15. Simple natural and earthy

If you and your partner enjoy nature, go for a natural and earthy bathroom decor that’s simple and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. A handmade copper or burnt clay sink, textured wood countertop and natural stone walls will make you feel as though you are cradled in Mother Nature’s loving arms.

Decorate the space with handmade wood furniture and use woven baskets as storage. Replace any chandeliers with some hanging plants to complete the look.

16. Warm and cozy wood accents

When struggling to reach a middle ground between two people’s personal tastes and preferences, wood is almost always a safe choice. It can be sleek, modern and sophisticated, and make your bathroom look and feel high-end.

Wood paneled walls, simple wood cabinetry and gorgeous teak floors create the look of style and opulence. Make sure to use a variety of tones of wood to avoid a flat appearance.

17. Beauty set in stone

Incorporating stone into your bathroom construction adds texture, durability and style to your space. Its neutral tones are perfectly suited for a shared bathroom. Choose a variety of tones and textures to add dimension to your bathroom.

Incorporating stone into your bathroom construction adds texture, durability and style to your space. Its neutral tones are perfectly suited for a shared bathroom.

18. Ultra glam mirrored wall

Ultra glam mirrored wall
Image: Instagram

If you’re looking to glamorize your bathroom consider doing a mirror wall. It instantly adds an element of style and is absolutely stunning to look at. 

Complete the decor with stone tiles, an Art Deco vanity mirror, and luxurious gold faucets. A simple gold chandelier will add sophistication while making the ceilings appear higher.

19. Moroccan mystique

A Moroccan style bathroom will give you the feeling of being in a luxury hotel whilst being in your own home. A large jacuzzi tub surrounded by shiny stone tiles in sandy tones mimics a desert oasis. 

Clay pots and vases and some framed Moroccan art is used as decoration. Ambient gold lighting and moroccan patterned accent tiles give the space an enchanting aura.

20. Let Minimalism fill the voids

Let Minimalism fill the voids
Image: nextluxury

A shared bathroom can tend to get a little cluttered and overwhelming sometimes. Keeping decor elements at a minimum will help maintain a clean and spacious bathroom that two people can comfortably use at the same time. 

Use clean and bright grey stone tiles, and a shiny white wall-hung vanity that leaves space underneath. A black framed shower partition, black faucets and a black towel-rack act as bold accents against the whites and light greys.

21. Bold in Scandinavian style decor

With the rise of minimalism, Scandinavian-style bathrooms have become increasingly popular. They feature clean lines and soothing, neutral tones.

Dramatic accents are usually avoided, except perhaps a piece of plain wood furniture as a contrast against the monochromatic cool grey decor.

22. Fun and young retro bathroom design

Create a fun and playful retro-style space using patterned tiled walls and floors. Geometric patterns on light pastels work well with this design.

Add some 1980s inspired mirrors with curved edges and cylindrical light sconces to complete the look. The addition of an Afghan patterned rug will go beautifully with this decor.

23. Automatically stylish

For an ultra modern Jack and Jill bathroom, opt for automated faucets and showers, a smart toilet and bidet, and some sleek ebony wood cabinetry. Illuminate the hi-tech features with overhead spotlights.

24. Agelessly vintage

Antique wood cabinetry, crown molding, and pedestal furniture make for a wonderful vintage-themed Jack and Jill bathroom. Timeless neutral tones are used throughout the space, and a freestanding tub with silver pedestals draws the eye in as the focal point of the room.

An ornate chandelier adorns the ceiling right above the bathtub, and some antique light sconces with warm lights illuminate the two vanity areas from above.

25. Glamorous in amorous silver

A gorgeous silver mirrored double vanity will instantly add allure and style to your Jack and Jill bathroom. Marble sinks, backsplash and floors are the perfect compliment to the shiny and reflective silver surfaces.

An antique cross-legged stool, a gilded mirror and a pair of old-school shaded lamps add to the charm of this glamorous bathroom setting.

26. Shabby chic and unique

Shabby chic and unique

While shabby chic decor often tends to be soft and feminine, two identical straight-legged pedestal vanities introduce a masculine charm, creating the perfect balance for a Jack and Jill bathroom.

The vanities sit in front of two full-length mirrors, and a small storage cabinet sits in the middle. Pastel mirror frames and walls, in addition to the fresh flowers, further the shabby chic character of the space.

27. Ecstatically eclectic

Ecstatically eclectic
Image: Casework

If you like joyful and vibrant colours, patterns and textures, eclectic may be your perfect style of bathroom decor. Vivid wallpapers or colourful mosaic walls are signature eclectic styles, along with a busy patterned floor.

A blue vanity, pink storage closet and geometric patterned towels add to the endless pops of colour in an eclectic style bathroom.

28. Countryside Vibes

A brick tiled shower, concrete trough double basin and hanging edison bulbs make for the ideal countryside Jack and Jill bathroom. A beautiful greige tone continued throughout the bathroom creates a cool and calming atmosphere.

We love steel framed glass partitions, wrought iron towel racks and blacksmith tapware with this look.

29. Contemporary

Image: Digsdigs

Simple white ceramic ware, brilliant white walls and matching white window sills provide clean lines and a simple, homey feel. Wood elements bring in warmth to the space, while the blue pops of colour give it a youthful appearance.

30. Pretty as a posey

A blush coloured stained wood double vanity, rose quartz crystals and rose gold light fixtures sitting against a white marble backsplash create a lovely and delicate vanity area. This style of decor is simple, youthful and feminine without being overpoweringly dainty.

31. Captivating oriental style decor

This enchanting bathroom decor is sure to take you back to your East Asian vacation. Textured grey stone walls, natural marble vanity, and wood accents give this bathroom a Balinese spa-like feel. Decorated with a wood framed portrait of Buddha, this space is both zen and stylish.

32. Modern edge bathroom decor

Modern edge bathroom decor

This style features strong black elements such as granite countertops, black stone walls, and black steelware.  Aqua blue accents cut through the bold black rigidity of the space.

33. Fantastic in farmhouse rustic

Fantastic in farmhouse rustic

Whitewashed wood-paneled walls, a beige wood vanity, wrought iron light fixtures and blacksmith faucets all come together in creating a fresh, farmhouse rustic style bathroom. A small wooden stool and some greenery intensify the farmhouse vibe.

34. Industrial Jack and Jill bathroom

Industrial Jack and Jill bathroom
Image: Behance

This is a simple yet bold style of bathroom decor, featuring bare concrete walls, exposed plumbing and a wrought iron vanity. Round mirrors, sinks and bubble pendant lights provide softness against its stern disposition.

35. Stunning French provincial style bathroom decor

French decor often features Chantilly cream walls and furniture, ornate framed mirrors and soft pastel accents. Porcelain sinks and a marble countertop help continue the pristine white theme. 

Wood floors and some wood furniture bring in warmth to the space, while some flowers in a vase provide a brilliant pop of colour.

36. Let a beautiful rug elevate your design

Let a beautiful rug elevate your design
Image: nehomemag

Placing two vanities at opposite ends of a Jack and Jill bathroom and laying a rug in the middle will coalesce and bring the two elements together as one large space. For side by side vanities, use a long rug stretching the entire length of the area for the same unifying effect. 

Get a carpet that is darker in colour from the rest of the bathroom to anchor the various elements and create a welcoming atmosphere. Carpets in calming colours like grey and blue work well with brighter colours of decor, such as white.

37. A gorgeous seating arrangement

A gorgeous seating arrangement
Image: Nextluxury

Set aside some of the design space to create a seating area in order to enhance the amicable aspect of a shared bathroom. This allows the users to spend time and connect with each other while getting ready in the morning. 

Decorate the area with soft cushions in inviting colours. Keep it simple and cozy.

38. Embellish the ceilings

Draw the eye upward and create the feel of a tall ceiling by strategically placing hanging lights or an ornate chandelier. Placed directly above the middle of the two vanities, the chandelier will unify the space and at the same time add to the symmetry of the decor.

A simple shaded chandelier can be the perfect accessory in a chic, blue-gray bathroom. It adds a bright and playful element in contrast to the dull, neutral tones of the walls, floors and vanities.

39. Breathe life into your space

Breathe life into your space
Image: Idealhome

Make a little bit of room for a few potted plants in your bathroom, or hang some air plants by the window. An element of greenery will make your bathroom decor come to life.

40. Illuminate the focal features

Clever use of lighting, or lack thereof, can make or break any interior design. Ensure that all of the key functional elements of your bathroom are sufficiently lit, so that the users sharing the bathroom don’t end up fighting over the one well-lit spot. 

As a decor element use ambient lighting to highlight certain aesthetic features. Spotlights can give your tiles and stoneware a majestic sparkle.

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