35 Intensely Romantic Bathtub Ideas Designed to Help Impress Your Date

Sometimes we feel like our relationship needs some spicing up. Or perhaps we’ve both been so busy with our hectic schedules that we haven’t been spending much time together at all. Even the best of relationships demand a little bit of extra tender love and care from time to time. In this article, we present 35 romantic bathtub ideas so that you can treat your partner to something special and intimate and show them just how much you care for them.

A romantic couple bath is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy a quiet evening with your special one. It allows you to decompress and connect with each other on a deeper level, both physically and mentally. With these tips, you will become an expert at planning a spa-like romantic bath for the perfect night with your loved one.

Romantic Couple Bath Ideas for Valentine’s Day For 2022

Looking at romantic bathtub ideas on the internet can get a little overwhelming sometimes. It’s important to keep in mind what works for the particular space that you have, what can be done to it, and how it can be improved.

Sometimes a simple reorganization or a tiny bit of decoration can make a world of difference. Take note of the kind of romantic bathtub decor you and your partner both prefer, and go on from there.

1. romantic candle light bath

romantic candle light bath

When designing a romantic candle light bath, the bathtub needs to be the star of the show. Select the finest material, the most flattering shape, and the most expansive size of the bathtub for your space.

This oval romantic jacuzzi bathtub comes with a wide deck space made out of a gorgeous stone slab. This allows for a little bit of space to decorate and create romantic baths together.

2. romantic big bathtubs

romantic big bathtubs

Adorn the space with luxurious curtains, a fragrant bouquet of roses, and silk bathrobes. If your bathroom lacks ambient lighting, wrap a scarf around your light sconce to dim it out and create a sensual atmosphere. 

Soft piano or harp music can be the perfect background music for a romantic bath. If there’s a song that you and your partner have special memories attached to, that can be a great option as well.

3. romantic bathtub with rose petals and candles

romantic bathtub with rose petals and candles

This romantic bathtub with rose petals and candles is one of the most beautiful romantic bath ideas I have ever seen. Set up some finger food on a bath tray so that it stays within arm’s reach. Wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, and cheese are some delicious aphrodisiacs.

Put out luxurious silk napkins and shiny silver cutlery. Have a bucket of ice on hand to keep the drinks cold.

4. bubble bath with candles and rose petals

bubble bath with candles and rose petals

A few drops of essential oil in the bath or a few scented candles burning on the deck of the bathtub will promote calmness, relaxation and evoke positive emotions in you and your partner. Get some fragrant massage oils or creams so you give your date a romantic massage and make them feel pampered.

Use a fragrant bath bomb that will give your bath water a nice fragrance and color as well. Adding Epsom salt to the water will help relax your muscles.

5. rose petals romantic bath ideas

rose petals romantic bath ideas

Rose petals sprinkled around your bathroom will instantly give it an amorous vibe. Cover your bathwater with sensual, velvety, deep red rose petals, and create a rose petal trail leading into the bathtub for your partner to follow.

6. romantic bath ideas for couples with Soak and dine

romantic bath ideas for couples with soak and dine

If you and your partner are both foodies, you know finger food isn’t going to cut it. Plan an entire meal on a large bath tray which you can enjoy while soaking in the bathtub with your partner. 

Plate your food neatly and elegantly and use glass cloches to keep it warm. Use your best napkins and silverware, and don’t forget to serve some cold wine.

7. romantic bathroom decorating ideas with a gift

romantic bathroom decorating ideas with a gift

Give your special one a token of your love to make the evening even more romantic. A luxury perfume, a silk nightgown, or some edible lingerie would make the perfect gift.

Place it onto the bath tray and have them open it while the two of you have a romantic soak in the tub. A tub of aromatherapy massage cream or body oil as a gift would be thoughtful and sensual at the same time.

8. modern romantic bath with candles

modern romantic bath with candles

This bathroom features a large round soaking tub with a charming view of the city. Golden lights give the place a soft glow while LED candles add a playful charm.

Luxurious rose petals cover the bath entirely, making it intensely romantic. Warm up some massage oil in a candle fire oil warmer.

9. Warm and cozy wood cabin aesthetic valentines bubble bath

Warm and cozy wood cabin aesthetic valentines bubble bath

A large romantic bathtub sits in a wood-paneled deck under a sloping wood roof. Unique lampshades create patterned lights and shadows on the walls while the air grows warm and heavy as scented candles burn away.

The bathtub is filled to the brim with soft cloudy bath bubbles, and as you step down onto the floor your feet are lovingly greeted by the luxurious faux fur rug. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this in Valentine.

10. Outdoor tropical couples bubble bath ideas

Outdoor tropical couples bubble bath ideas

Outdoor couples bathtubs have endless potential. You could watch the sunset while soaking and sipping wine with your loved one.

Hiding lanterns and fairy lights in between the surrounding greenery would intensify the romantic mood. A canopy or bamboo roof would make the setup feel even more luxurious and spa-like. We have outdoor bathtub ideas that might inspire you too.

11. Glowing white tub with LED lights

Glowing whirltub with LED lights

Let’s be real, an innately romantic lighted bathtub like this doesn’t demand a lot of decoration. A few candles on a side table and two glasses of wine do the job perfectly. Turn out all other lights to create a seductive vibe.

12. Gorgeous round romantic candle light bath

gorgeous round romantic candle light bath

Another romantic design that requires little to no decoration. The round shaped tub, gleaming penny tiles and warm lighting naturally make this bathtub setup very very romantic.

The golden light gleaming off the tiled backsplash gives this bathtub a regal look, sure to impress your special date.

13. small romantic bathroom ideas

small romantic bathroom ideas

This bright and playful small romantic bathtub decor is reminiscent of young love that is joyous and carefree. Flowers and candy strewed around, scented candles placed randomly throughout the space and the box of candy sitting below the tub makes this bathroom decor our sweetest pick.

Your date is sure to be charmed by this playful yet sultry arrangement. Play some jazz, pour them some wine and make them feel pampered and loved.

14. Bright and beautiful patio bathtub

Bright and beautiful patio bathtub

This wonderful setup lets you look out at your patio as you relax in your gorgeous bathtub with your loved one. It is calm, serene and romantic yet sultry and highly seductive.

Burn scented candles to set the mood and mix a few drops of essential oil in with your bath water to create a soothing and relaxing spa-like experience. Flower petals scattered on the bathtub will accentuate the spa feel.

15. Stunning ocean view bathtub for couples

Stunning ocean view bathtub for couples

With the view of the sparkling ocean, the sunset is reflected in the water and the swaying palms, this bathtub is beyond romantic.

Imagine soaking in this bathtub covered in floating flowers and spending some quality time with your significant other. This is our idea of the perfect romantic bath.

16. romantic jacuzzi tub ideas

romantic jacuzzi tub ideas

This lovely romantic jacuzzi tub looks enchanting with the floating tea lights. The strawberries and scented candles complete the simplistic yet adorable look. 

The steps and penny tiled backsplash add to the allure of the space. The sweet purple tinge in the bathwater gives it a sultry and inviting look.

17. Romantic round tub with a mind-blowing view

Romantic round tub with a mind-blowing view

This beautiful round soaking tub boasts the most wonderful view. Sit back, relax, nibble on some strawberries dipped in decadent chocolate sauce. Watch a romantic movie on the LCD display, or simply gaze at the city lights while sipping on some alcoholic beverage.

18. Corner tub with dazzling rim lights

Corner tub with dazzling rim lights

Glittery penny tiled corner bathtub features rim lights that illuminate the area and create a romantic atmosphere. The curtains make the area feel luxurious, while the lovely bouquets of fresh flowers decorate the space beautifully.

19. Captivating wood romantic couple bath ideas

captivating wood romantic couple bath ideas

A breathtaking wood couple bathtub sits right inside the bedroom on a wood platform. The bedroom itself is completely made out of dark wood, giving this place a rich and elegant romantic feel. The placement of the bathtub in the bedroom makes taking a bath here an extremely romantic and intimate affair.

20. Enchanting blue Moroccan style bathtub for new couple

Enchanting blue Moroccan style bathtub for new couple

The striking blue-tiled romantic bathtub is surrounded by romantic purple orchids and lush greenery. A waterfall tap constantly pours water into the tub covered in charming flower petals. Any new couple can implement this amazing romantic bath idea.

21. romantic bathtub with candles and Milk

romantic bathtub with candles and milk

If you’re looking to treat your partner to a truly extravagant experience, fill up the bath with milk instead of water. Besides giving you both baby soft skin, it will be the ultimate romantic bath that your partner will never forget.

Sprinkle on some luscious red rose petals, keep soft rolled up towels within arm’s reach and burn some scented candles to enrich the air in the bathroom. Enjoy some hot floral tea as you and your special one soak in this lavish milk bath.

22. simple romantic candle light bath

simple romantic candle light bath

If you’re looking for cheap and simple romantic couple bath options then I highly recommend this. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel loved; all you need is a little bit of creativity and thought. Some scented candles, a few floating tea lights, and two tall glasses of champagne can make your partner feel deeply cared for.

Decorate with some fresh flowers and use your partner’s favorite bubble bath. Remember, it’s the gesture that counts!

23. rose petals romantic bath ideas

rose petals romantic bath ideas

Fill up your couple bathtub completely with luscious bubble bath foam and scatter rose petals all over. Place an additional bouquet of red roses on the side to make the bathtub look extra romantic.

The large mirror also ups the romance factor allowing you and your partner to see yourselves together in the mirror. Accessorize with scented candles, chocolate-coated strawberries, and glasses of wine.

24. erotic bubble bath

erotic bubble bath

Put out a deluxe bath tray and serve small portions of a variety of chocolates, cheeses, and sweet fruit. Pour some wine on the side and decorate the tray with luxurious silk napkins, flower petals, and tea lights. Our most recent post about a small bathroom bathtub.

25. Bright vivid and playful

Bright, vivid and playful

Use a blue bath bomb to make your bathwater appear blue like the ocean. Red flower petals scattered over the water will look strikingly gorgeous in contrast to the blue water. Decorate with colorful candles on the side.

26. Sensuous candle lit bathtub

Sensuous Candle Lit Bathtub

Create a sultry and sensual bathtub decor using candles only. Place sweetly scented candles all around the bathtub and surrounding areas for a warm golden ambiance.

27. Flirtatious fluorescent bath

Flirtatious fluorescent bath

A bathtub that lights up from within is exciting and alluring and evokes feelings of passion and longing. Paired with some candlelight, this can be your simple and seductive romantic bathtub decor that will wow your special one.

28. Romantic wooden tumbler bathtub

Romantic wooden tumbler bathtub

Ideal outdoor hot tub for a romantic date night under the open starry skies. Give your partner a sensual massage in the tub while they sip on champagne and gaze at the stars.

29. Tempting double bathtub with a bedroom view

Tempting double bathtub with a bedroom view

A deluxe bathtub with twin headrests that spaciously accommodates two people is definitely the perfect choice for a romantic evening. Lie in the romantic foamy tub with your loved one, drink some wine and give each other neck massages.

30. Gigantic oval bathtub with tropical views

Gigantic oval bathtub with gorgeous tropical views

Sit in a gorgeous tub with your partner and look outside the massive windows at the tropical beach view. Enjoy the colorful twilight sky as the tea light candles get brighter, setting the mood for a steamy date night.

31. Contemporary elegance on a budget

Contemporary elegance on a budget

A romantic date does not necessarily require you to break the bank. You can plan an intensely romantic date on a budget that will make your partner feel very much loved and appreciated.

Decorate your bathtub with rose petals, put out a bottle of wine and two glasses, and illuminate the area with candle light.

32. Sensual spa date

Sensual spa date

Create a spa experience at home by putting together a tray of massage oils, clay masks and essential oils. Place fresh rolled up towels on the side, burn tea light candles all around and scatter rose petals on the bathwater.

Decorate with frangipani to give this a Balinese spa feel. Prepare a bath tray with sweet tropical fruit, pour out summer drinks for two and play some soft and relaxing music.

33. Homely and cozy date night

Homely and cozy date night

Here’s a romantic bathtub decor that reflects style through simplicity and modesty. Hanging plants, wood accents and a clean white color palette give this bathroom an earthy feel, while candlelight, wine, and the pink bath water create a sweet and romantic atmosphere.

34. Seductive Saharan spa bath decor

Seductive saharan spa bath decor

Hot pink glowing bathtub with water jets makes for an intensely steamy and sensual spa experience. Moroccan lanterns, expensive champagne and some gourmet food will make this a decadent and memorable experience for you and your date. Romantic bathroom accessories will make you more erotic.

35. Spacious deck area surrounding romantic shower

Spacious deck area surrounding romantic, open bath

This expansive romantic bathtub deck area with steps gives you and your partner lots of areas around the bath to lounge and connect and spend some romantic shower time with each other.

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