40 Most Popular Rustic Bathroom Mirror Ideas

The rustic style of decor is very much in-trend right now, be it a completely rustic bathroom design or just a few rustic elements here and there. A rustic item in your bathroom instantly gives it character and depth, while introducing a variety in texture. The good news is, unlike most fashion-forward decor trends, the rustic look can be achieved on a little to no budget. This means that you get to upgrade your bathroom decor without breaking the bank. Sounds like a dream right?

All you need to do in order to give your bathroom a rustic touch is bring in some rustic textures in the focal points of your bathroom. Distressed wood and exposed brick are two popular choices of material for the job. In this article, we’re going to show you forty different rustic bathroom mirror ideas that will guide you in your rustic bathroom makeover.

Farmhouse Mirrors & Rustic Vanity Mirrors Ideas to Pay Attention to Textuer

I think we’ve already mentioned texture about five times in this article so far, but it really is the most important aspect to keep in mind when designing a rustic bathroom. Make sure you select different textures of wood, tiling, framing, and accessories as much as you can to intensify the rustic vibe in your space.

1. Artsy barn-door style mirror

Artsy Barn-Door Style Mirror

With its black metal hanger that looks like a sliding rail, this vanity mirror has been designed to look like a barn-door. The wood frame has a beautiful natural pattern, which has been hatched to add texture.

The mirror is small but perfectly situated over the bathroom vanity, making it the focal point of the vanity area.

2. A door to a magical world

A Door To A Magical World

We’re not sure whether this mirror frame that looks like a closet door is actually a door or simply made to look like one, but we can all agree it looks beautiful! It’s amazing how a simple metal handle on the frame gives it so much character.

The wood frame has a rough coat of light grey paint on it that lets a little bit of the natural wood color peak through it.

3. Charming rectangular mirror

Charming Rectangular Mirror

The simple rectangular mirror is heavily distressed, with slight traces of white paint that looks like it’s been sanded off. This mirror frame is very rustic but its clean lines and rectangular shape make it look neat and elegant.

4. Stylish studded wood frame

Stylish Studded Wood Frame

This super-wide vanity mirror is decorated with stylish black metal studs. The mirror expands the entire length of the vanity, giving the bathroom a look of having a large and spacious vanity area.

5. Sleek geometric his and hers mirrors

Sleek Geometric His And Hers Mirrors

The two mirrors and the wood vanity in this bathroom are some unique works of art. The design is simple but artistic, drawing attention to the double-vanity area.

The mirror frames are a rustic mixture of metal and wood, with the round mirrors perched inside the square frames. The mirrors hang on a textured stone wall.

6. Round blacksmith mirror with a screw-clamp

Round Blacksmith Mirror With A Screw-Clamp

This stunning round metal framed mirror looks like an antique piece that is probably about a hundred years old. The two ends of the frame come to an elegant clamp close at the top, giving the mirror a teardrop shape.

7. Peely-paint rustic

Peely-Paint Rustic

 The worn-off paint on this lovely wood-framed mirror makes it look as though it’s an upcycled cabinet door. It sits in a dainty spot, surrounded by some chic rustic decorative items.

8. Textured herringbone frame

Textured Herringbone Frame

Here’s a large mirror perfect for a spacious bathroom with an expansive vanity area. The frame on the mirror is a rich, dark wood with a herringbone-patterned texture on it.

The mirror hangs on a sandy-beige stone wall, providing contrast in both color and texture.

9. Sliding barn-door Rustic style mirror

Sliding Barn-Door Style Mirror

Now here’s a farmhouse rustic bathroom mirror design that is actually a mini barn door. A unique piece like this wood mirror is sure to be the center of attention in a space, and its surroundings should be designed to complement the mirror.

You can try this idea in your farmhouse bathroom mirror when you are going to decor your farmhouse.

10. Gorgeous whitewashed wood

Gorgeous Whitewashed Wood

A rough whitewash on old, distressed wood is a great way to add style and character to old furniture. This gives the furniture a rustic vibe.

11.  The rustic charm of unfinished wood

The Rustic Charm Of Unfinished Wood

 A beautiful piece like this one will add a rustic charm to any bathroom. The mirror frame is an old, naturally distressed wood that has been left in its original state.

The wood mirror also has a rack for some of your small vanity essentials. You may also put some rustic decorations on the rack, to intensify the rustic feel of the mirror.

12. Subtle rustic vibes

Subtle Rustic Vibes

Although there are no natural wood textures visible in this bathroom, the extensive use of wood does give it a very subtle rustic feel. Molding and carving on the wood add texture to the palette.

The mirror has a wood frame that has been painted to match the vanity. It has some intricate detailing that gives it a rustic look.

13. Grid-framed barn-door mirror

Grid-Framed Barn-Door Mirror

The barn-door style mirror seems to be the number one choice when it comes to rustic bathroom mirrors. We’ve already seen multiple variations of it, and this particular one is definitely one of our favorites.

The grid-frame makes it look like an actual barn-door, and the sliding rail-looking clamps really intensify that rustic quality.

14. Small hanging mirror

Small Hanging Mirror

When it comes to rustic decor, natural handwoven rope and wood really go hand in hand. Here’s a simple, small bathroom mirror with a wood frame hung by a piece of rope.

The simple act of adding the rope to this arrangement has given it a ton of style and character.

15. Bulky wood frame

Bulky Wood Frame

When a wood texture is as beautiful as this one, you want more frames and less glass in your unique bathroom mirror. The thick frame gives it a very bold yet elegant look that will look classy as well as add a rustic charm to any bathroom.

The wood has been left in its gorgeous natural tone and texture, while the background gives it a nice contrast.

16. Arched mirror against a stone wall

Arched Mirror Against A Stone Wall

Here’s a stunning bathroom idea for you if you’re looking to go all the way rustic. The arched grid-framed mirror has smooth lines and a smooth coat of paint, breaking up the roughness of the textured stone all around it.

The mirror frame has been painted a gorgeous grey color so as to complement the stone wall and wood vanity.

17. Collage of mirrors

Collage Of Mirrors

Can’t decide on which mirror to get? Get all of them! This bathroom vanity features three different unique and interesting bathroom mirrors placed in a cluster on the wall. Every mirror has its own artistic design and gorgeous wood texture.

The round mirror looks like it’s been made from an antique plate, while the square mirror looks like cracked glass. The relatively plain rectangular mirror acts as a grounding element for the other two.

18. Rectangular mirror with black metal hinges

Rectangular Mirror With Black Metal Hinges

This gorgeous wood framed mirror has the stylish touch of black hinges that have been added to the corners for decoration. The frame is thick, with a rich dark tone and beautifully contrasting textures.

19. Barn-door style mirror with storage rack

Barn-Door Style Mirror With Storage Rack

Here’s a simple, rustic, and almost minimalistic bathroom mirror design that comes with a small shelf. It has barn-door style clamps at the top.

While rustic decor is rarely seen to be paired with a minimalistic concept, this wood-framed mirror adds a hint of rustic style in an otherwise contemporary minimalist bathroom.

20. Modest rustic mirror with peeling paint

Modest Rustic Mirror With Peeling Paint

This is a simple mirror with its white paint deliberately peeled off in places to give it a rustic look.

21. Rusty iron oval mirror

Rusty Iron Oval Mirror

This unique artifact looks like something you’d probably see in a museum. Having a piece like this one in your bathroom will definitely steal the spotlight.

The oval-shaped mirror has a black metal frame with a ring handle on top. This will give your bathroom decor a bold and stylish touch.

22. Contemporary rustic round mirror

Contemporary Rustic Round Mirror

A perfect circle, this large rustic mirror is absolutely stunning with its black frame against the white bathroom. The mirror is paired with a rustic vanity with a barn-door style cabinet door.

The black tapware beautifully matches the mirror frame, and so does the sliding rail on the vanity door.

23. A hint of rustic in a shabby chic setup

A Hint Of Rustic In A Shabby Chic Setup

The lovely vintage chic bathroom has been given a touch of rustic style through its gorgeous vanity mirror. The mirror has a lovely old-fashioned shape with a beautiful wood frame.

The mirror sits against a powder blue wall, surrounded by different styles of decor elements.

24. Old whitewashed mirror

Old Whitewashed Mirror

A plain white boarded wall has been graced by the presence of this lovely old whitewashed mirror. The mirror brings in a slight variance in color against the wall and a lot of variance in texture.

25. Round mirror with intricate carvings

Round Mirror With Intricate Carvings

The gorgeous floral framed antique vintage mirror was carved out of a rustic wood material. It has been kept in its natural unfinished form, giving it an intense rustic charm.

The intricate hand-carved design makes this a valuable piece of artwork as well as a stunning bathroom mirror.

26. Extra-large herringbone mirror

Extra-Large Herringbone Mirror

An expansive double vanity bath mirror greatly enjoys this large herringbone textured wood framed rustic mirror that expands the entirety of the vanity. The wood framing looks beautifully aged and weathered, with all it’s natural texture.

The tiled splashback, stone countertop, and popcorn background wall provide a ton of variety in texture and color.

27. An artistic spa retreat

An Artistic Spa Retreat

This spacious bathroom looks like a luxurious spa retreat, with its perfectly located rustic elements. The wood-framed rustic mirror is accompanied by two large indoor plant pots sitting on gigantic rustic potholders.

28. A rustic contemporary setup

A Rustic Contemporary Setup

A rustic mirror sits against a gorgeous brick wall that has been painted grey to give it a more contemporary look. It also provides a variance in texture against the wood framed mirror.

The mirror frame is made up of a roughly whitewashed textured wood. The vanity countertop is made of a much darker and richer tone of wood, complementing the mirror.

29. An expansive arrangement

An Expansive Arrangement

A large double-length mirror is sometimes the best option for a double vanity mirror situation. The mirror frame has a high contrast pattern that really stands out. 

30. Modern rustic elegance

Modern Rustic Elegance

A simple rectangular bathroom mirror with a rustic wood frame placed on the bathroom vanity can look so stylish and elegant. The grey texture of the mirror frame looks stunning against the white wall and dark mahogany countertop.

31. Open up space

Open Up The Space

A large bathroom vanity mirror that extends pretty far up the wall and covers the entire width of the wall can really open up the space and give it the illusion of being much larger than it actually is.

This mirror comes with a rustic frame, beautifully complemented by the antique brass tapware, metal light fixture and mosaic countertop.

32. Small natural wood frame

Small Natural Wood Frame

This tiny artifact will fit into any size of the bathroom and greatly enhance its rustic aesthetic. It can be left sitting on the vanity, on top of the toilet, or on a bathroom shelf.

33. Layers of texture

Layers Of Texture

Rustic decor is all about variance in texture, and this bathroom decor has accomplished that while being quite minimalistic and without adding a ton of elements.

The rustic mirror, with its beautifully weathered white paint, looks stunning against the textured raw concrete wall.

34. A touch of warmth

 A Touch Of Warmth

The reddish tone wood mirror adds a lot of warmth to this cool, calm, and serene bathroom decor. Several rustic elements have been used, including the mirror, the antique tapware, the wreath, and the wrought iron light sconces.

35. Add character to your space

Add Character To Your Space

A rustic element can instantly upgrade a plain and boring bathroom. The rustic decor takes thought, which is why having a rustic-looking item as a focal point in your bathroom will make it look like the design was well thought out.

This bulky square mirror does just that. It adds interest in a space that was otherwise quite dull and adds variety to a palette that was lacking in tone and texture.

36. A mirror in a mirror

A Mirror In A Mirror

What we see here are two exquisite rustic vintage mirrors, one left in its glorious natural wood tone and the other painted white. Both mirrors come with intricate wood detailing and carvings.

37. A carnival of natural textures and tones

A Carnival Of Natural Textures And Tones

Handwoven earthy materials and natural textured wood are the very essences of the rustic style of decor. This bathroom is brimming with various styles of woven baskets and wood textures, giving it a strong rustic aesthetic.

The vanity mirror is a beautiful and unique piece of art handcrafted out of wood. The warm reddish tone of the wood stands out, making the mirror the focal point in the space.

38. An exquisite work of art

An Exquisite Work Of Art

Here’s a piece of art that is impossible to replicate exactly, since this rustic mirror frame is made up of old, broken pieces of wood in all different shapes and sizes. Various tones and textures are introduced, making this piece truly a sight to behold.

The mirror itself is a small circular one, acting as the crown jewel to the masterpiece of a unique bathroom mirror frame ideas.

39. Gorgeous matching mirror and light fixture

Gorgeous Matching Mirror And Light Fixture

This vanity area with a stunning duo of wood light fixtures and matching bathroom mirrors looks as though it’s been put together by a designer. The light fixture itself is a piece of art, with some unique wrought iron cage light sconces.

The mirror frame has been made out of the same distressed wood, as a continuation of the light fixture.

Final Note on Rustic Mirror Ideas for Bathroom

If you like any of our rustic bathroom mirror ideas from these 39 lists, let us know which bathroom mirror ideas you are going to use in your next project.

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