35 Stunning Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas You Must Try

If you love the delicate, sentimental, vintage-motivated enriching decor, you will adore this list of simply shabby chic stylish washroom ideas. Each one of these will change your bathroom from simple to pretty with almost not much effort. Do you want to add a little of the vintage vibe to your washroom space? Try these shabby chic bathroom ideas for a lovely bath experience. It will transform the room in the blink of an eye!

An ideal shabby chic style bathroom is a perfect mix of softness with roughness. The softness of the romantic touch of flowers and feminine colors, with the vintage, rough, antique old accessories, when blending, sense a great shabby chic bathroom.

Awesome Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor Ideas

1. Combine Simplicity with Aesthetics

Combine Simplicity With Aesthetics

Shabby- Chic look bathrooms are where you combine simplicity with reclaimed or used old yet vintage things. This look can transport you to a more comfortable and classier place.

A perfect vintage bathtub with a small-spacious old vanity can calm your mind. Amazing old false ceiling with emitting lights can give you the perfect bathroom goals. The old yet elegant shower is just amazing. Everything seems to be polished perfectly.

2. Gorgeous Pendant light brings classy Shabby Chic feel

Gorgeous Pendant Light Brings Classy Shabby Chic Feel

You don’t need to do much to get the shabby chic look for your bathroom. Closely watch if you have a great piece of central light. The classy pendant light has changed here in the whole bathroom.

A masterpiece of the old living room sofa makes it homier. And also, the rug in the center would change the whole ambiance. This look is just perfect to forget that you are inside the bathroom.

3. A Modest Shabby Chic Bathroom

A Modest Shabby Chic Bathroom

A neutral grey-coloured palette on the walls with white bathroom accessories gives a modest decor to your bathroom. These colors help in getting the illusion of the big bathroom instead of a small one.

A distressed vanity alongside the bathtub seems much functional. You can decorate it with a ceramic flower pot or with some beautiful glass decorative.

4. Salvaged Materials add the Rustic style to Shabby Chic bathroom

Salvaged Materials Add The Rustic Style To Shabby Chic Bathroom

The rustic chic bathroom, where you can show your creativity, by using an old stored thing as decoratives will provide a great sense of beauty. A bathtub made up of salvaged material, old classic photos, or paintings can transform the entire look of the bathroom.

Experience your memories through these pictures while bathing in a rough antique bathtub. A well-set bathroom can adore you with peace. You can shed all your worries in a cool shabby chic bathroom.

5. Vintage-styled showstopper bathtub in a soothing Shabby chic bathroom

Vintage-Styled Showstopper Bathtub In A Soothing Shabby Chic Bathroom

If space is not much of your concern and your bathroom is quite large, try getting a great piece of copper or metallic-colored bathtub and set it near the window. To enhance beauty, get a classy vintage vanity with an impressive mirror.

You can decorate it with indoor plants as well. Plants always keep you close to nature. They add glace to wherever they belong to.

6. A Shabby Chic Farmhouse bathroom decor

A Shabby Chic Farmhouse Bathroom

If you have a place that is very close to nature like having a raw ceiling or a farmhouse, this bathroom design is for you. Fixed besides the window, the bathtub with a slanting rough roof can take you to some dream place. Moreover, the outside view from the window would definitely increase your bathing time.

7. Lush Green Shabby Chic Bathroom

Lush Green Shabby Chic Bathroom

Are you the one who admires greenery? The delightful lush green ambiance in the bathroom can give you a perfect shabby chic style without much ado. Green Wallpaper on the walls of the bathroom when combines with white bathroom accessories leave you with plentiful nature around. White vintage bathtub and alongside storage rack with the huge glass windows will keep you in the lap of nature.

8. Add a Shabby Chic Vintage Style Sink and Tap

Add A Shabby Chic Vintage Style Sink And Tap

It is not so difficult to find out the classy sink-tap set. In old houses, there were aesthetic ceramic sinks used. If you find such one, add it to your bathroom and your bathroom will transform from simple to a pretty shabby one.

Olds are classy. By adding any such pieces will add luxury to your bathroom. This beautiful one-piece ceramic sink and brass tap will likely enhance the liveliness inside the bathroom.

9. Accumulate Rustic Fire Place

Accumulate Rustic Fire Place

Shabby Chic design is all about comfort. The best part of this decor is that it is informal and relaxing. With minimal expense, you can attract luxury and comfort to your bathroom.

The clawfoot bathtub itself is a signature of being rustic. Furthermore, adding a fireplace near the bathtub get immense leisure.

10. Sophisticated French Country Shabby Chic Bathroom

Sophisticated French Country Shabby Chic Bathroom

A sophisticated bathroom can be highly pleasant. It contains a kind of peace everyone craves for. Here, in such an example, neutral soft pink shade bathroom walls are combined with dark brown tall rustic storage units. A classy bathtub adds delight to it.

Moreover, a beautiful shabby chic tap and shower panel keeps the warmth of the decor. In addition to it, a classy chandelier complements the design perfectly.

11. Huge Pinkish-White luxurious Shabby Chic Marble Bathroom

Huge Pinkish-White Luxurious Shabby Chic Marble Bathroom

The wide-open restroom can be changed into a sumptuous Shabby Chic stylish washroom. To emphasize the richness, pick a bath with golden claw feet. The feet will scream luxury along with pinkish-white marble floor tiles. The brilliant coloring itself will add extravagance.

Go with the bath with an exemplary vintage easy chair or couch whose paint has been flaky and chipped. Place a vintage basket for storage purposes.

12. Naturally Textured Wooden Shabby Chic Bathroom

Naturally Textured Wooden Shabby Chic Bathroom

Blending effortlessness and the unassuming magnificence of recovered wooden surfaces with vintage class and comfort, these stylish bathrooms transport you into a more settled and additionally soothing world. Indeed, a vintage classy mirror conveys a trace of solitary which further adds to the quality.

The hooked hanger is just looking like a classy piece providing you comfort for storage. A simple yet elegant wooden vanity with a marble countertop implying that with a little investment classic look can be found.

13. Touch of Metallic Golden with the purity of White Marble

Touch Of Metallic Golden With The Purity Of White Marble

Where there is marble, luxury is. Here is how you can do yourself to add more bliss to the luxury of white marble. You can get a golden carved panel or whole frame for your bathroom full-length mirror, which in turn add sparkle to your white marble walls.

Additionally, you can also get some metallic soap dishes, dispensers. and also a small golden metallic storage. Consequently, result in a lavish shabby chic vintage style bathroom.

14. Sumptuous White Shabby Chic bathroom

Sumptuous White Shabby Chic Bathroom

White is the color of all kinds of decor. White is inviting and comfortable. A grand clean white bathroom is the candy of an eye. To add more delight to your extreme white bathroom walls, blend white-colored accessories into them. A simple white ceramic sink, white faucets, white-framed windows will perk up the beauty.

Rather, in contrast, you can use wooden storage shelves and checkered floor tiles to get an awesome shabby chic bathroom. A reused old white stool and the white plant pot also enhance the storage as well as beautify your bathroom.

15. Amazing Indoor Plants in the Golden luxurious bathroom

Amazing Indoor Plants In The Golden Luxurious Bathroom

Plants- always intensify the beauty of the place they belong to. Let us explain how you can magnify your bathroom by placing one or two indoor plants. Nature goes with all colors. Hence, you don’t need to decide much for your lavish golden bathroom.

Here, you can see how beautifully plants are placed over the bathtub and near to it. Rose gold color framed window and painting are just welcoming. Furthermore, a beautiful masterpiece of a vintage luxurious golden rack just intensifies the lavishness.

16. Beautiful Golden Vanity and Vintage Cabinet

Beautiful Golden Vanity And Vintage Cabinet

Want to buy a stylish Shabby Chic Vanity for your bathroom? Well, then amplify the bliss by choosing a metallic gold or rose gold colored vanity.

This would beautify your bathroom a thousand times more than it used to be. Place a vintage old yet elegant mirror and a Shabby Chic classy storage cabinet to accompany the vanity.

17. A Majestic classy Shabby Chic Bathroom

A Majestic Classy Shabby Chic Bathroom

Shabby Chic stylish washrooms and upcycled stylistic theme go inseparably, and when you can’t really get a genuinely vintage piece, simply give your old kitchen cupboard a troubled makeover and use it as a bathroom cupboard or towel extra room.

Farmhouse-and rural style vanities and sinks are likewise beautiful famous in the chic styled bathroom. Furthermore, you can add broken wooden paint to the walls of the bathtub. Traditional scones lampshades go well in such bathrooms.

18. Simple and Elegant Shabby Chic Style

Simple And Elegant Shabby Chic Style

The shabby chic decor is a pocket-friendly one. You don’t need to spend a huge amount on such decor. Even, you can add your ideas on how to use the old furniture and accessories in getting the perfect shabby style.

To explain our point, here in the picture you can see the addition of a contrast shower curtain has just upscaled the beauty of a simple bathroom. A descent pedestal sink is completing the look of the bathroom with not much effort and money.

19. Phenomenal Classic Vintage Mirror

Phenomenal Classic Vintage Mirror

A mirror in the bathroom is the most essential thing. If everything in your bathroom is simply perfect but you have not chosen the right mirror, your all efforts seem to be wasted.

Go effortless and buy a classic Golden carved framed mirror for your plush shabby chic bathroom. Incorporating a beautiful vanity mirror would transform your bathroom to the next level.

20. High-Level Cistern and a Classic Claw-foot Bathtub

High-Level Cistern And A Classic Claw-Foot Bathtub

A high-level Cistern in the claw-footed bathtub goes perfectly together creating an impeccable Shabby Chic bathroom. The old, printed wallpaper can look wonderful when accompanying the golden claw foot bathtub. It adds a little feminine touch to your bathroom.

21. Sound Combination of Color Palette

Sound Combination Of Color Palette

Color-scheme is the most important part of any decor. A shabby chic design is usually known for light neutral colors or feminine color schemes. Contrastly, there are some examples of colored shabby bathrooms.

Here, white ceramic accessories are blended perfectly with the green-colored plain walls. This scheme is adding life to the whole bathroom.

22. Vintage Tub with Lacy Chiffon Curtains

Vintage Tub With Lacy Chiffon Curtains

Curtains play a crucial role in any decor and for any room. Shabby Chic design uses lacy or sophisticated curtains. White perfect claw-footed bathtub on the wooden floor can be the most inviting part of your bathroom.

You can get the perfect shower curtain with almost effort. Try using the sophisticated or lacy old fabric as a bathroom curtain to feel calm shabby chic bathroom design.

23. Classy Round Mirror on a Bricked Bathroom Wall

Classy Round Mirror On A Bricked Bathroom Wall

What else would you need to design than choosing a perfect twin round mirror for the bricked wall? A rectangular creme ceramic vanity with open shelves for your storage help.

If you want to cover these open shelves, you can cover them with pleated creme curtains. Place a small plant over the countertop and yes, you are done.

24. Classic Gorgeous Shabby Chic Bathroom

Classic Gorgeous Shabby Chic Bathroom

White is magic color. It blends with any other color so well and makes it just perfect. Shabby chic doesn’t always mean to be neutral. But with another color scheme, this design goes so well.

Here, a beautiful light mauve colored bathroom is occupied with grand white bathroom essentials making it exceptionally beautiful. Furthermore, A central blue rug, classic golden paintings, and rectangular mirror are simply encouraging the beauty of the bathroom.

25. Glossy Glamorous Bathroom with a huge Storage Option

Glossy Glamorous Bathroom With A Huge Storage Option

Glamour with usefulness resolves the issues. A beautiful glassy-glossy bathroom is itself inviting while adding the useful items makes it complete.

You can transform your old kitchen shelves into the huge dressing area of the bathroom. Wooden storage is reused in the glossy bathroom and sorting all the storage solutions.

26. Bluestone Redwood Chinese Style Vintage Vanity for Shabby Chic Bathroom

Bluestone Redwood Chinese Style Vintage Vanity For Shabby Chic Bathroom

Everyone loves vintage Shabby Chic design as they provide very modest design solutions. A small vanity made up of bluestone and redwood is simply amazing to use. A bluestone counter increases the lush of the bathroom, while the small cabinet is too helps you with the storage.

27. Vintage Checkered Curtain in a Classic Shabby Chic Bathroom

Vintage Checkered Curtain In A Classic Shabby Chic Bathroom

Checkered curtains usually a sign of the earlier and mid-19th-century decor. Nowadays, as people are showing their love for old designs, this print has again become the talk of the town. However, checkers are never out of fashion. Still, we can see it on the floor, and other things.

An arranged bathroom with a white-colored ceramic sink that is attached to a shabby chic old cabinet has turned the plain bathroom into a pretty one. Again, the checkered curtain on the small window is making it awesome.

28. Pleasurable Octagon-Stone Marble Bathtub with Central Shower

Pleasurable Octagon-Stone Marble Bathtub With Central Shower

Shabby Chic design with sumptuous luxury gives unmeasurable pleasure.  This bathroom is a perfect example of the vivacious classy-vintage shabby chic bathroom. Wooden walls decorated with antique bells and ceramic plant pots add style to this bathroom.

What to say about this octagon-shaped marble bathtub decorated with blue ceramic pots. The beauty of this bathroom is simply mesmerizing. Moreover, the floor pattern is an art masterpiece. Various designs on the floor make this bathroom an impeccable one.

29. Recreate Your Bathroom in your Budget

Recreate Your Bathroom In Your Budget

Remodeling your bathroom can be very expensive. But, you can minimize it by managing everything smartly. Shabby chic bathrooms are trending because you can use them in your style.

Simple distressed and imperfect open stone shelves can make your simple mirror corner a remarkable one. The black marble vessel sink and faucets seem to be inseparably charming.

30. Find Perfection in Imperfection

Find Perfection In Imperfection

The beauty of the shabby chic theme is, it finds perfection in imperfection. No matter how your bathroom looks now, you can turn it into a classy shabby chic bathroom by just placing the right things in the right place.

As in this bathroom, the imperfectly finished walls look classy by adding a grand claw-footed bathtub and a pair of rustic curtains. A vintage-styled towel stand is complementing the rustic design.

31. Gigantic Vintage Styled Luxurious White-Gold Shabby Chic Bathroom

Gigantic Vintage Styled Luxurious White-Gold Shabby Chic Bathroom

Golden touch miraculously redefines everything. Golden framed huge mirrors, golden faucets, and golden door-handles invite lavishness to the bathroom they belong to.

The white and golden combination is a classy one. If used in the bathroom, it increases its value. An antique candle stand defines a luxurious lifestyle. You can get vintage rustic cabinets and the grand white dresser for your lush shabby chic bathroom.

32. Revitalize your Old Kitchen Cabinets as Shabby Chic Bathroom Storage

Revitalize Your Old Kitchen Cabinets As Shabby Chic Bathroom Storage

As we know that shabby chic design never demands much. Just a little effort and little money are enough to makeover your bathroom into a shabby chic style. You can use your kitchen crockery storage in the bathroom by painting it to the same color.

Place it wherever needed. Again, you can also use the cabinets as vanity shelves to store towels, tissue papers, toilet paper, extra soaps, etc. A bathroom with such remodeled storage and a floral bathtub shower curtain can revitalize the bathroom with little or no expense.

33. Try Beige and White combination

Try Beige And White Combination

Beige color is mostly used for rustic designs. Try using it with your white bathroom. Using eclectic ideas and furniture in such a combination bathroom makes it more inviting, warm, and comfortable. Use a metal soap dispenser instead of a conventional one.

Add a center anti-slippery rug to redefine leisure. Beige and white give a positive rustic vibe to your bathroom. It is a lethal combination for a flawless shabby chic look.

34. Append an Iron-Framed Floor-touching Multipurpose Rack

Append An Iron-Framed Floor-Touching Multipurpose Rack

Increase the beauty as well as its usefulness by adding an exclusively graceful metallic rack by the side of the mirror wall.  Even, it can be placed anywhere according to your comfort. Keep some exquisite decorative on it or use it as an extra space or in, either way, it will enhance the grace.

35. Accumulate White Open Utility Shelves with a Classic Wall Clock

Accumulate White Open Utility Shelves With A Classic Wall Clock

The idea of adding a wall clock is always great. It helps you to be on time. Managing time is a crucial part of your life and must be followed. Henceforth, with the classic wall clock, you can add the open old shelves to increase utility or a hooked hanger to hand your extra clothes as well. You can also use these racks for placing planters to beautify your bathroom.

If you need to make a washroom that feels both gritty and exquisite, restless, and timeless, we have a single word and one pattern for you: Shabby Chic. It is associated with nature with an emphasis on craw, distressed materials. This design scheme is eternal, timeless, significant, and, pocket-friendly.

If you read the whole article then I hope you decided which shabby chich bathroom ideas you’re going to use on your next project. Please do let us know which shabby bathroom decor ideas you like most and why.

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