40 Small and Simple Guest Bedroom Ideas – Decor Ideas for Guest Rooms

Let’s be honest, as much as we decorate our homes for ourselves, we try to keep them presentable for our guests as well. After all, when guests praise and admire our work, we get the validation we deserve for putting so much thought and effort into our home decor.

While the common areas of the home are very much important, there’s no better way to impress a guest than having a jaw-dropping guest bedroom. Treat your guests to a five-star experience by designing a space that speaks style, comfort, and convenience, all at once.

A Thematic Approach of Guest Bedrooms Ideas

Decide on a theme, style, and color palette before you start shopping for your room decor. Adhering to a specific mood is a foolproof way of making sure the end result looks carefully designed and put together. We assure you, these forty expert tips we’ve listed will help you sweep your guests off their feet!

1. Soft pastel bohemian theme

This lovely guest bedroom decor is super cozy and perfect for a small space. The delicate pastel pink walls and wood accents give this room a warm, rosy hue, while the art wall gives it character and makes it feel homier.

The daybed is the right choice for small spaces like this that aren’t big enough to accommodate a couch. Decorated with beautifully handcrafted cushions and a throw blanket, this daybed is ideal for both lounging on during the day or sleeping in during the night.

2. A warm welcome

What a charming bedroom decor that makes this tiny bedroom look so comfortable and welcoming. The palette is kept clean and neutral while the bed is made to be the focal point of the room.

Plump cushions, a heavenly white tufted blanket, and unfinished wood accents provide variation in texture. Sheer white curtains let the bright sunlight flood into the room, giving it an airy feel.

The shaded lamps give off soft warm light while the metallic sign sitting on the lone wood shelf gives your guests a warm greeting. Small plants add a much-needed living element to space.

3. Young and playful

Going with a clean, crisp, and youthful guest bedroom decor is always a smart choice. These styles are universally adored and are easier to accomplish.

This bedroom design features an exposed brick section that acts as the accent wall, accessorized by two simplistic yet stylish hanging lamps. This wall adds warmth against the cool grey walls and furniture that enclave the room.

A black, white, and grey decor is continued throughout the room, with subtle splashes of soft color from the pink cushions and beige wood floors. Woven blankets and pillows add variety in texture and feel.

The white dresser provides storage and also some really handy counter space.

4. Dainty in blue and white

This gorgeous dainty little guest bedroom has some classic crown molding around the edges of the ceiling. The window seating area and stools at the edge of the bed greatly add to the comfort of the room.

The sky blue walls, crown molding and royal blue accents in the room give it a regal quality, while the wood framed mirror, sand-colored rug, and bamboo blinds give it balance by introducing some earthy tones and textures.

5. Party in the attic

This bright and sunny attic, despite being a small space, has accommodations for four people. The white painted wood ceilings cascade halfway down the sides of the room and continue straight down onto the floor, giving the illusion of a larger ceiling.

The longitudinal wood panels of the ceilings, walls, and floors and the striped rug all work together in elongating the room. The beds are made nice and tall with cushy mattresses and brightly colored bedding.

6. Stunning wall mural

Stunning wall mural
Image: cb2.com

A piece of art like this ancient Indian wall mural will single-handedly transform the entire space. Paired with crown molding, luxurious bedding, faux fur throw blanket, and gold accents, the regal theme is carried throughout the room.

The grey pixel rug, deluxe bedroom bench, and marble top nightstands introduce some modern elements. This decor displays a bold fusion of regal and modern styles.

7. Lift the mood

Start with a clean canvas by whitewashing your walls, layer on a few neutral accents, and finally go in with some happy splashes of color.

This bedroom was plain white to begin with, on which a grey bed and muted blue rug were placed. These neutral tones perfectly complemented the white and created a good base for some colorful elements.

The artwork on the wall stands out against the neutral color palette of the room, and so do the brightly colored cushions on the bed.

8. Chic and fabulous

This chic guest bedroom decor is simple yet extremely glamorous. A silver-grey color scheme is used along with a few pops of color.

This decor speaks luxury on so many different levels – the candle chandelier, mirrored dresser, fancy chair, and deluxe white curtains that fall into a gorgeous puddle onto the floor.

Feminine patterns are incorporated throughout the room.

9. Neutral with a pop

Keeping your basic guest bedroom decor neutral comes with a huge advantage. You can change things up by adding colours and textures depending on who’s going to be staying.

This beautiful guest bedroom looks neatly put together and cozy at the same time. The headboard gives it a luxurious quality while the pillows add a pop of colour.

10. Tiny and adorable guest bedroom

If a tiny nook is all you’ve got for a guest bedroom, it’s best to keep the walls white so as not to close off the space any further. Ditch the side tables and opt for floating or hanging shelves instead.

Make the bed tall and cozy, and use some hanging ornate pendant lights to accessorize. Hang up simple wall art with a warm greeting for your guests.

11. A calming retreat

Create a calm and peaceful setting that will make your guests feel truly happy to be away from home for a few days. A soothing blue and white decor with luxurious heavy curtains extending from the ceiling to the floor, a soft plush carpet covering most of the floor area, and soft comfy bedding with lots and lots of pillows will allow your guests to experience a more relaxing and refreshing home away from home.

A spacious bench at the foot of the bed provides some much-needed space for bags and other items your guests might be carrying. Lovely blue couches in the corner of the room create a separate seating area for lounging in during the day.

12. Stylish hallway bedroom

This long narrow bedroom is cleverly designed to make its short side look wider. The emerald green bedding matches the tabletop and a painted segment of the wall, making it the accent color for the room.

Wood tones used on the walls and wood furniture provide a secondary accent. The furnishings in this guest bedroom are simple yet highly modern and deliver a bold statement.

13. Unlock your full capacity

Two sets of bunk beds with queen size beds at the lower level and double beds at the upper level add up to a total occupancy of six people! The great thing about bunk beds is that they take up half the space and leave double the room for other things.

Curtains, bedding and a large area rug all in the same color scheme bring this room together as a cohesive space.

14. Hotel glam

Treat your guests to this gorgeously decorated hotel-like guest bedroom that will truly enhance their holiday experience. Carpeted floors, luxe velvet curtains and an upholstered bench give this bedroom a luxurious feel.

Elegant wood bedside tables and two large mirrors above double as vanities. Ornate lamps framed wall art and spotlight complete the look.

15. Backed up against the wall

This little guest bedroom has little space for furniture, but a lot of space for style. An intricately designed mural covers an entire wall, leaving no need for much other decoration.

When you’re working with a very small space it can often save some space to have the bed backed up against the wall on one or more sides. This ensures you don’t have to walk the narrow spaces around your bed to reach other parts of the room. Besides small bedroom ideas check our aesthetic small bedroom ideas as well.

16. Tranquil in white

All white decor paired with white bedding and sheer white drapes creates a tranquil atmosphere. Black accents are used throughout the room, and a little bit of red is used as a pop of colour.

High, arched ceilings make a small space appear much larger, and the draped canopies help draw the eye upwards.

17. Small but clever

Small but clever
Image: houzz.com

With a clever design, even a tiny bedroom can be made extremely stylish and functional at the same time. Wall mounted cabinets are capable of adding massive amounts of storage without taking up any floor space whatsoever.

Another space saving tip for tiny rooms is to use sliding doors instead of regular swinging doors. This way you don’t have to worry about clearing up space for the door to swing open.

18. Bright and airy

When the space is small, it’s important to have a window that lets in some natural light in order to open up the space. Bright white decor creates the illusion of spaciousness and also helps in keeping things from looking too dark or congested.

19. Adorable little couch that pulls out into a bed

Adorable little couch that pulls out into a bed

A small square couch that is perfect for lounging on during the day pulls out into a semi-double bed that can sleep two people at night. It takes up very little space when tucked away and is ideal for a small guest bedroom. 

The space is furnished with some other stylish yet functional elements, such as a storage basket that also acts as a coffee table.

20. Modest and lovely

Modest and lovely
Image: houzz.com

This tiny space is decorated so simply and yet manages to look so cozy and inviting. The whitewashed walls and ceilings give it brightness, while the floral bedding gives it a quality of innocence.

This decor is charming and requires neither a lot of space nor a large budget. By the way, if you want to know more details ablout loft bedroom ideas then my suggestion is to check our article on loft bedroom ideas here.

21. Office cum guest bedroom

Office cum guest bedroom
Image: modsy.com

Design your guest bedroom in a way that it can also be used as a workspace when there are no guests staying. Place a work desk beside the window, and get a twin size bed or a daybed to put in another corner of the room.

A color block theme and geometric patterns are used throughout this room. Playful colours are used in the shelves and rug, giving the tiny guest bedroom a happy mood.

22. Beautiful attic bedroom

This gorgeous attic houses an office space and also a full size bed. The sleeping area and workspace are separated by curtains.

This bedroom decor is very young and very cool, with black accent walls full of colourful pictures, posters and art. Hanging lamps illuminate the large wood work desk.

23. Dainty and petite

An adorable tiny white bedroom features a small desk conveniently placed in front of a window. Despite being tiny, this room gets a lot of light and the white decor further helps with the airiness.

Pops of color are added at various points throughout the room in order to break up the monotony and give it a youthful and vibrant appearance.

24. Cute little reading nook

Cute little reading nook

This small reading nook features a daybed that can also act as a guest bed. The bed comes with built-in storage drawers which your guests will find extremely useful.

Even though this room can only accommodate one guest at a time, your guests are sure to adore their stay in this room.

25. Quadruple the fun

Here’s another cleverly designed bunk-bed situation that comfortably accommodates four people in one bedroom. Space is stylishly decorated and leaves no room for complaints on functionality.

A very comfortable set of stairs leads up to the higher bunk, and there’s storage built into both the stairs and the beds.

26. Charming gothic guest bedroom

Charming gothic guest bedroom
Image: HGTV

This small attic has been transformed into the most gorgeous gothic inspired bedroom. Darks wood tones play against white, creating the perfect rustic amalgamation. 

The draped canopy bed accentuates the gothic theme. The chandelier sits right above a wood bench, both of them statement pieces in their own right.

27. Minimalist guest bedroom

Minimalist guest bedroom
Image: degrets.ro

The raw, unfinishedness of this room gives it an earthy and sanctuary like quality. The grey plaster walls, textured clay floors, soft white and mint green decor and the greenery will soothe your senses and put you in a zen state of mind.

Not lacking in style, however, this bedroom features some stylish elements such as the hanging lamp, full-length mirror, and adorable bedside table.

28. Modern meets classic

Have the best of both worlds with this dainty little space that’s a mix of modern accessories with classic furnishings. Deep blue accents against the fresh white decor promote calmness, the grey and green tones introduce earthiness, and the gold elements provide a stylish accent.

29. Fancy farmhouse chic decor

This adorable little guest bedroom features a playful combination of colours and decor elements. A soft, cozy bed covered in layers of blankets and pillows, faux plants and flowers, a plush carpet and a warm greeting on the wall give your guests a friendly welcome.

30. Cozy nook guest bedroom

Smaller houses often don’t come with a guest bedroom. Instead we get a small sort of room that really isn’t big enough to be called a bedroom, but it’s not too small to be used as one either, on occasion. 

This charming reading nook features a comfy daybed that can easily accommodate your guest when need be.

31. Jungle oasis retreat

Give your guests a unique experience of being in a tropical rainforest retreat, without actually taking a trip halfway across the world. This gorgeous design is smart, space saving, highly innovative and will not require you to break the bank. 

The room is tiny, almost just big enough to accommodate a queen size mattress. The mattress sits on a raised wood platform, and the walls are wood paneled as well. 

There’s lush greenery cascading down from simple ceramic pots placed all around. Sliding doors close off the sleeping area providing privacy.

32. Tiny slanted roof guest bedroom

A narrow space with a slanted roof can be tricky to decorate in terms of functionality, but we truly love what’s been done to this tiny little space. A comfy couch, a daybed and a shelf full of books is everything you need in a cozy home library. 

Blessed with gorgeous sunlight pouring in through the tall window, this room doubles as the perfect small guest bedroom.

33. Glam boutique hotel inspired decor

Glam boutique hotel inspired decor

This cozy yet glamorous small guest bedroom design has been done on a budget, yet it looks so neat and fashionable just like one of those rooms in a boutique hotel. The addition of an extra mattress has greatly increased its luxury factor, further enhanced by the multilayered bedding and many many pillows in fashionable prints. 

The DIY wall ornament sitting above the bed looks like an antique piece, and the lamp on the side of the bed gives the place a luxurious golden glow. 

The plush carpet, antique armchair and faux fur clad bench perfectly round up this glamorous room decor.

34. Hawaiian vibes

This bright and cheerful bedroom features the airy white elements of a Hawaiian beach house such as sheer lace curtains, lace bed skirts, and freshly painted walls. Bright orange and blue accents are used throughout the room, reminiscent of the sun and the sea. 

A straw hat, a woven tote and a reed basket complete the Hawaiian theme.

35. An interesting wallpaper

With the necessities in place, small bedrooms often don’t leave room for any decorative elements. For these cases a smart way to upgrade the decor is to opt for a fancy wallpaper or wall mural. 

Walls have the ability to completely transform a space without taking up any additional space at all. Choose a striking wallpaper, such as this black and white floral one, and accessorize with a fancy throw blanket on top of the bed.

36. French Chantilly decor

This lovely little space has an innocent white french style decor with a touch of pastel pink. It has been designed to function as a home office, but also features a bed, enabling it to act as a guest bedroom when needed.

Decorated with pretty accessories such as wall art, flowers, and a shaded lamp, this space has an air of purity about it and we love it. Check our most recent post about animal crossing bedroom ideas.

37. Contemporary beige palette

Here’s another hotel-like glamorous bedroom with luxurious beige curtains, grey velvet headboard, gold light fixtures, and dark wood accents. Your guests will not want to leave.

38. Inspired by Scandinavia

Inspired by Scandinavia

This guest bedroom features a scandinavian style decor that is massively popular at the moment. The large hanging geometric pendant light stands out as a bold and stylish accent against the monochromatic decor.

The round wood framed mirror is another typical Scandinavian decor element that we love and recommend.

39. Pleasant dreams and twinkly lights

An ideal space to work and let your creativity shine, and occasionally accommodate your guests when someone sleeps over. The hanging cloud lamp, fairy lights and stars, and light white decor creates a dreamy atmosphere.

40. A warm and cozy corner

This tiny space fits a nice and comfy daybed that gets even cozier as the sun warms it up. The area doubles as a storage space and also lounge space when there are no guests staying.

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