42 Small Loft Bedroom Ideas for Adults

Among all the styles of bedroom design that we love and adore, loft bedrooms take the cake every single time. They are inherently unique and stylish, and when carefully designed, they can be real showstoppers.

Lofts are open-concept spaces with high ceilings that leave it up to you to decide how individual areas are going to be sectioned. Loft bedrooms are often a seamless part of a loft space, without solid walls or partitions.

A popular choice is to have the bedroom on the upper floor of the loft, and sometimes the upper floor is built for that purpose alone. In this article, we’re going to be covering all kinds and all styles of lofts in order to help you decide the ideal loft bedroom design for you.

Stylish Loft Bedroom Ideas

Loft bedrooms have a lot of potentials, and we can hardly justify not giving it our best shot. Design a stylish space that reflects your own personality, while not forgetting comfort and functionality.

1. Stunning loft bedroom with an arched entrance

Stunning loft bedroom with an arched entrance
Image: houzz.com

A modern loft bedroom that has been designed to make the roof trusses look like an arched entryway is pure genius! The room decor displays an Art Deco theme, and the iconic roof truss archway is painted metallic gold to further enhance the regal vibe.

The plush carpeting, tufted ottoman, and fancy bedding go perfectly with the theme. Velvet seating cushions on the benches and the faux sheepskin rug add to the luxuriousness of the decor.

2. Mystical fairy garden

Lofts usually come with exposed beams that you can use as design elements. Fairy lights and air plants hanging from a wooden beam against the dark green textured accent wall of this bedroom create a magical combination.

Wood crates used as nightstands, plants on either side of the bed, and candles burning across the room give it a fairy garden atmosphere.

3. Modern upstairs loft bedroom

Dark blue, cool grey and raw wood texture together make a fail-proof color scheme that you just can’t go wrong with. The furniture used is ultra-modern, simple, and stylish.

A variety of textures are in play here, introduced by the embossed blue blanket, woven grey rug, marbled nightstands, and unpainted wood beams. Simple accessories such as modern flower vases and small grey reading lamps decorate the space.

4. Playful loft bedroom with a sky view

A slightly elevated loft can give you the feeling of being in an upstairs area without having to climb all those stairs. The area underneath the raised platform is used as some highly essential storage space, while the platform is kept clutter-free, housing only the bed and two nightstands.

The bed looks straight up at a gorgeous raised glass ceiling with a modern hanging light fixture. The accent wall has a striped pattern with colors adhering to the same theme used throughout the rest of the space.

5. Rustic meets modern

While weathered beams give this place a beautiful rustic charm, the bed chosen for space is a modern, upholstered one with two chic chessboard nightstands on each side.

This upstairs loft bedroom is perfect for a guest bedroom. The privacy provided by the design will be appreciated by your guests, as privacy isn’t something that is easily achieved in a loft space.

6. Elegant loft converted bedroom with skylights

Elegant loft converted bedroom with skylights

Lofts are incredibly trendy at the moment and some of us are remodeling our houses just to build one. This elegantly designed bedroom features a wood-paneled wall with tonnes of storage, a modern ceiling with skylights, and some simple but classy wall mounted furniture.

The room appears extra spacious due to the lack of clutter and removable furniture. The vanity is built into the closet wall, virtually taking up no extra space.

7. Urban sophistication

Here’s another loft conversion that we absolutely adore. Smaller and more realistic for most houses, this room too features skylights that flood the space with gorgeous sunlight during the daytime.

The room features very minimal furniture- an ultra-modern couch, a tiny coffee table, and a simplistic dresser for some storage. The bed, however, is luxuriously made with lavish bedding and a decorative headboard.

8. Simplicity in style

Gorgeous beige loft bedroom shows off a unique ceiling design with skylights. The decor is kept minimal, yet cozy and stylish. The space is symmetrically designed with identical lamps and chairs on each side.

9. Colorful kids’ shared loft

A tiny loft bedroom that is colorful, cute and super fun can be the perfect kids’ room. This plain white room has been completely transformed by some simple wall art and some playful decorations.

The walls and ceiling are kept white, giving the space a clean look, and colorful decor elements such as the rug are used to bring the decor to life.

10. Modern minimalist office cum bedroom

A slightly bigger loft can often be used as two spaces in one, such as this suave and sophisticated bedroom plus office space. This bedroom displays some very cleverly designed furniture integrated into the wood framing.

The colors are kept soft and neutral, and the decor is kept extremely minimal. A large grey rug connects the office and sleeping area, and a statement light fixture hangs above, breaking up the rigidity of the space.

11. Urban loft bedroom

Urban loft bedroom
Image: man-man.nl

Now here’s the kind of loft space that is super trendy and very much in demand in the cities right now. The different areas are sectioned off using glass walls, not compromising with the unity of the space.

Exposed brick, wood paneling and glass walls give this a gorgeous rustic charm. Statement wrought iron pendant lights act as the perfect accessory while flooding the space in a warm golden glow.

12. A lofty loft inside a loft

A lofty loft inside a loft

Perfect shared kids’ space that gives each of your kids the feeling of having their own space while sharing a single bedroom. The high walls make for the ideal bunk bed setting.

13. The true essence of loft living

One large space with no walls accommodating all of the separate areas of the house is the textbook definition of a loft space. This multipurpose room stylishly features a sleeping area, a lounging area, a work area and a dressing area as well.

A black and white theme is followed, broken up only by the lush green houseplants and wood accents.

14. Holiday home loft bedroom

A large bedroom with accommodations for several people is the perfect loft bedroom design for your holiday home. Create a fun space for all the kids to hang out and have fun in each other’s company.

This space features cozy beds, a seating area and lots of storage space to put all your things away out of sight for a relaxing weekend.

15. Dedicated to the kids

Dedicated to the kids

How about an entire loft space dedicated to your kid’s bedroom and play area? This loft features multiple open connected spaces that will allow your child to have their own space to blossom.

Hang a simple swing from one of the exposed beams, your kids will love it. Have a separate area of the loft just as your child’s the sleeping area.

16. Ultra modern glam

Give your loft a modern villa inspired look and feel with this luxurious wood-paneled two-storey bedroom and living room. Gorgeous spiraling steps lead up to the glamorous wood-paneled bedroom.

Ambient lighting gives the space a warm glow making it feel even more lavish. Glossy tiled floors make the entire space sparkle.

17. Soothing pastel gradients

A pastel gradient wall against an all-white decor can look stunningly beautiful and so soothing at the same time. The comfy pastel bedding and soft pillows complement the wall beautifully.

The wooden headboard and round area rug introduce some mustard yellow accents in contrast to the pastels.

18. Hotel luxury loft bedroom

Hotel luxury loft bedroom

Shiny laminated wood floors, a whitewashed exposed brick accent wall and wood paneling create a luxury boutique hotel vibe. Elegant shaded lamps, spot lights and rich dark wood furniture further enhance the opulence of the space.

Skylights just above the bed allow you to gaze at the stars while you doze off at night.

19. Geometric loft design

This stunning loft design features various geometric shapes in the form of square skylights, a tiny circular window and rectangular nightstands. The room is itself perfectly triangular, and is decorated in a calming soft blue color.

The slanted walls are a crisp white color, with skylights letting in gorgeous golden sunlight.

20. Country style farmhouse loft

Country style farmhouse loft

Vintage furniture gives this earthy loft bedroom an old school country style vibe. The decor in this room plays with a variety of wood tones and textures.

Crisp white walls and gorgeous sunlight beaming in through the skylight windows make the room look warm and inviting.

21. Contemporary loft apartment bedroom

This contemporary loft apartment is a popular design nowadays, especially in the cities where buying or renting a house is a little bit too much pressure for most. The addition of an upper storey gives this small apartment a grand feel.

The bedroom is comfortably tucked away at the upstairs level, giving you some much needed privacy.

22. Industrial loft design

Industrial home decor themes are all the rage right now. Industrial loft designs feature exposed beams, exposed plumbing and wiring, bold and simple fixtures and lots and lots of wood and metal.

This industrial loft bedroom looks stunning despite being minimally decorated. The exposed wood framing of the loft looks magnificent.

23. Modern farmhouse fusion design

The wood beams running through the heart of the room give it a farmhouse vibe, accentuated by the faux sheepskin rugs on the hardwood floors. The rest of this gorgeous bedroom is kept quite modern, and also has an area set apart for the TV.

Some stylish elements are used, such as a hanging cocoon swing chair and the large statement hanging nightlights. Check our 55 Stunning Bedroom Flooring Ideas post.

24. Black obsidian glass loft

Stunning open loft features a raised obsidian platform on a gorgeous wood floor. A part of the open space has been set aside for the sleeping area, surrounded by glass walls looking right out into the wilderness.

This jaw dropping loft bedroom features a fireplace, a gorgeous open bathtub, and a whole living tree entering the room through one side.

25. Pretty in pink

Bathed in a fresh white paint with soft pink accents all over, this bedroom is very pretty and extremely feminine. Despite being a tiny bedroom, this space packs all the necessary functional elements – a bookshelf, a reading desk, a full length mirror and a very comfortable bed.

We couldn’t tell you a better or more adorable way to maximize the space in a small bedroom.

26. Modest farmhouse loft

Modest farmhouse loft

Cozy and simple farmhouse themed loft that’s charming but realistic. The high ceilings have been whitewashed to match the walls, and the bedroom area has been built on top of a wooden platform.

The place features lots of cozy elements such as houseplants, bookshelves and comfortable seating. We love the fact that this place looks very much homey and lived in.

27. A clever take on loft privacy

If you’ve been lucky enough to snatch a loft off the market, your next step will be carefully planning out the design according to your specific needs. While lofts are inherently open concept designs, you’re not wrong to ask for a little bit of privacy in the bedroom area.

This design features a clever transformation of the loft railing into a long seating bench. With some soft decorative pillows in place, this seating arrangement completely blocks out the view of the room below. If you are interested in aesthetic bedroom ideas along with loft bedroom ideas, don’t miss our extensive article about 45 Creative Aesthetic Small Bedroom Decor Ideas.

28. Whimsical forest themed loft

Whimsical forest themed loft

If you’re looking for a loft design that takes your breath away but is also easy to achieve, take a look at this beautiful loft bedroom featuring earthy tones and lots of houseplants. The bed sits against a brick tile wall, on top of a raised wood platform which adds dimension to the space.

The walls feature a skylight, a unique raised world map art, and a beautiful poster. The fairy lights, dreamcatcher, and faux sheepskin rug act as the perfect whimsical accessories.

29. Signature NYC style

Signature NYC style

An elegant and sophisticated loft bedroom featuring a whitewashed brick wall, exposed plumbing, and a glass wall is the perfect example of an NYC style loft design. The bedroom design incorporates stylish black accents into the celestial white tones of the walls, bedding, and rug.

The nightstands are bold and edgy like the rest of the decor, while the curved lines of the shaded lamps and round footstools help soften the mood of the bedroom.

30. An artist’s retreat

Design your loft bedroom into a space that inspires creativity. This breathtaking bedroom has textured concrete walls, unfinished hardwood floors, a raised wood platform and some wrought iron elements.

The wall boasts some stunning paintings, and a workspace sits atop a platform above the bed. The luxurious tufted headboard, printed blanket and colorful paintings provide splashes of color in the otherwise monotonous palette.

31. Cozy holiday cabin

This warm and cozy cabin bedroom has two sleeping areas, one of which sits on a raised platform, accessed by a ladder. This can be the perfect setup for a holiday cabin for a nice vacation with friends and family.

32. Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

A luxurious modern bedroom looks out the gorgeous full length windows at a classical old city. The ceilings are so high they almost seem to touch heaven, and the skylights look like heavenly portals flooding the space with the sun’s gorgeous gloriousness.

A white and grey theme is followed throughout the room, perfectly contrasting the wood floors and furniture. The swing adds a young and playful element.

33. A stunning fusion of styles

Industrial meets Moroccan style loft design features the best of both worlds. The textured concrete walls, clay floors and metal-framed windows give the room an industrial vibe, while the bed, cushions, and plant stand to introduce a Moroccan theme.

The industrial-looking Edison bulb light fixtures and skinny ladder clothes hanger are a beautiful contrast against the Moroccan-looking woven baskets, layers of patterned and woven rugs, and colorful pottery vases. We adore this fusion of two completely different styles.

34. A fashionista’s fantasy

A fashionista’s fantasy

Someone who loves fashion and likes to have their clothes displayed up front will surely love this loft bedroom design. The downstairs area has a full walk-in closet, a work desk and a stylish seating area.

The upstairs area is exclusively designed for the bedroom only. A gorgeous set of stairs and stylish wrought iron railings lead up to the elegant bedroom.

35. A mood lifting decor

This bright and airy loft bedroom will definitely make waking up in the morning a million times more exciting. The decor is fresh and minimal, and we notice an entire wall has been lined with closet space, so we know where they’re hiding the clutter!

36. Urban glamor

This fancy and glamorous bedroom has some highly luxurious elements such as full-length curtains, ambient lighting and seamless closets. The closet also acts as a privacy wall between the bedroom and the living area.

The deluxe bedding matches the cool grey art on the wall, while the brick wall, pallet bed frame and hardwood floors introduce warmth into the decor.

37. A life size dollhouse

This dainty little space has been innovatively designed to really maximize style and comfort while downsizing the space. A tiny house lover would adore this tiny loft bedroom design idea.

38. Unique asymmetrical loft

Unique asymmetrical loft
Image: houzz.com

This luxurious loft bedroom is set apart by the unique shape that makes it even more special. The decor is fancy but tasteful and elegant. The window really sells this one, as it has a stunning view outside.

39. Classic vintage feel

Classic vintage feel

A spacious loft bedroom with an unfinished plaster accent wall brags gorgeous slanted skylights that light up the entire space. Vintage furniture is used across the room, but what we love the most is that tiny candle chandelier!

40. Urban compact apartment

This lovely urban loft apartment exhibits all the space saving home decor tactics out there. A very comfortable set of stairs leads upstairs right onto the bed! The design features simple wood tones, clean lines and black accents.

41. Nautical style bedroom

This super simplistic bedroom has zero clutter and no additional furniture after the bed and storage trunk. The decor channels its nautical theme through the bedding and the tiny submarine window.

42. Classy industrial loft

Classy industrial loft
Image: houzz.com

This sleek loft space is bold, stylish and edgy. Dark wood floors give it the look of opulence. The bedroom has a small balcony at one corner, letting in some beautiful natural daylight.

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