44 Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Are you wondering where you will get the most accessible toilet paper holders? Don’t worry! You have landed on the right spot. 

Getting things organized is the primary need in a bathroom, especially if you don’t have sufficient space in your toilet. 

Well, undoubtedly useful toilet paper holders will help you keep things in place and keep your bathroom looking incredibly attractive too. 

Here in this article, we have mentioned the most appropriate 44 toilet paper holder ideas to make your experience worthwhile.

1. Basket with a Knob Looks Unique

Here is a basket that comes with a knob to store your toilet paper. The basket is a perfect amalgam for putting your phone along with the roll of tissue paper.

Moreover, the breathtaking design is no more than a treat nowadays as you can store more than one essential in the same place. 

Basket With A Knob Looks Unique

2. Get A Fashionable and Modern Knob

Get a modern and fantastic holder for your toilet paper. It is an unusual and unique knob, which would enhance your decoration skills. 

 Furthermore, the sturdiness and durability of this knob make it last for a much extended period. Its style, aesthetics, and versatility make it a holder that is worth using. 

Get A Fashionable And Modern Knob

3. A Towel and a Tissue Holder; Perfect Combination

Our next package comes with a paper towel holder as well as a towel holder. You can hang your towel in the holder, and you can use the knob for tissues. What’s the catch, by the way?

It is an affordable package that comes with two things for ease. So, why not get something that will save a few dollars and also provide you with some reliable benefits. 

A Towel And A Tissue Holder

4. Go With a Black Classic Paper Towel Holder

Black is more than a color, trust me. You will find it a whole mood seriously. This classy black-colored holder is the right option for you because of its unique design and worth-looking features.

It is stylish and goes with any wall, either black or white or any other color. The point is that it is robust and long-lasting. 

A Black Classic Paper Towel Holder

5. Sleek yet Elegant Knob

If your old tissue paper holder is broken, get a new one for yourself. It is beautiful, and everyone will be pleased whenever visiting your bathroom. 

It is a silver tissue holder that is modern and is durable, and you will not regret spending your money on it. 

Sleek Yet Elegant Knob

6. Go With a Shelf Knob

You don’t want your expensive mobile to fall out of your pocket while using the bathroom, right. Then it is the best idea for you. 

This paper towel holder comes with a small cabinet where you can put your phone. Buying it will keep the entire essentials organized and in place.

A Shelf Knob

7. Smart Work is Profitable! 

With this design, you can effectively put the things whether it’s your mobile or creams on the glass shelf, and you can hang your roll of tissue in the knob. 

Well, this idea is worth considering allowing you to get the most accessible experience of using a knob holder.

Smart Work Is Profitable

8. Metal Holder Another Versatile Design

Believe it or not metal holders are worth considering, no doubt. This one is a metal holder that is brown on the back with silver borders, making it look attractive and long-lasting.

It looks beautiful, and wherever you attach it will provide you an elegant glimpse of the whole bathroom.  

Metal Holder Another Versatile Design

9. Simple and Decent Holder

Most people like to make simple choices, which also proved to be a source of sensation for them. 

Next on the list is a black tissue paper holder attached to the wall beside your toilet. It is a decent and straightforward designed tissue holder. 

Simple And Decent Holder

10. Pawn-Like Appearance Makes It Look Unique

Holders that attach conveniently to your wall are the best ones seriously. If you are fond of the game of chess, then this is meant for you. 

It is small, and both sides look like a black pawn as in chess. Its style makes it a true blend of the innovative and unique holders.  

Pawn-Like Appearance Makes It Look Unique

11. Get Something Creative Yet Reliable

It is a knob that looks attractive, and at the same time, it is reliable, making it best for your bathroom. You will find it a pleasing one.

There’s no regret when it comes to buying this holder as the robust and elegant design will not let you down. 

Get Something Creative Yet Reliable

12. Buy a Two In One Holder Pack

If you are looking for a two-in-one holder, you have landed on the right spot. This knob is reasonable because you will get two tissue paper holders.

It is your choice whether you use both of the holders for tissues or use one to hang the towel and the other for tissues. 

Buy A Two In One Holder Pack

13.In The Wall Looks Astonishing

The next idea is super unique as it provides a great attachment to the wall. It’s a new style that attracts lots of people and will undoubtedly not disappoint you.

Having so many upgraded ideas for holding the toilet papers is no more than an exception. You will get the most admired one with hanging rolls all over.

In The Wall Looks Astonishing

14. Get Stand Tissue Holder 

Make the choices that make your life easier and make everything simple for yourself.

It is a different knob from others as it is a stand that can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Moreover, you can easily carry it to the place where you want to put it.  

Get Stand Tissue Holder

15. Store This Unique Holder

 If you want to store toilet papers in your bathroom, you have landed on the right spot. It is a stand-in that you can keep the tissues and take advantage of it by putting them in the knob. What more one can desire isn’t it?

Store this unique holder

16. Go With Stands and Make It Perfect

A more refined and durable stand to make your bathroom look more amazing than before. Get this stand tissue holder for the tissues, but put it anywhere in your bathroom. 

Your heart will be rejoiced using it because it is worth considering. 

Go With Stands And Make It Perfect

17. Go With The One in Fashion

An enchanting mixture of durability and aesthetics brings a delighted feel to your bathroom. It is modern and fashionable and goes with any design of the room wall. 

Either it is your bathroom or any other place. It is made of pure metal and is long-lasting. You will not be disappointed using it. 

Go With The One In Fashion

18. Use at the Same Time Store

Regardless of storing tissues, other essentials also make you frustrated when it comes to storing them. Such types of deals are beneficial for you, especially if you are tired of storing your tissues here and there. 

Use At The Same Time Store

Put this standing tissue holder in the bathroom and store toilet papers along with the entire necessary essentials. 

19. Go With Something Classy 

Here comes the classy design that can be attached easily to the wall. This holder has a fantastic look that makes it look even nicer. 

But it is suitable for some walls such as ceramic tiles, solid wood, smooth marble, smooth glass, and soft metal, plastic plate walls. 

You won’t find it suitable for painted walls, painted wallpaper, and concrete walls. 

Go With Something Classy

20. Royal Tissue Stand looks creative

If you are the one who doesn’t want to put tons of work into figuring the color schemes of the toiler holders then we have made it easier for you. 

Consider this design! It features a royal holder and seems like it has come straight from the palace. 

Royal Tissue Stand Looks Creative

21. Elegant Cabinet Design

You will be amazed at the two halves it provides you with. The upper half works as a tissue paper holder, while the lower half is a cabinet. 

It’s a handy holder as you can keep your other essential things organized inside the cabinet, such as creams, lotions, and other things that you wish to put in it.

Elegant Cabinet Design

22. It Looks Like a Creative Box

We have got plenty of new ideas for tissue paper holders today. Coming up next is a type of box that is fixed on the wall. 

Keep the tissues you are using in the box close to it while using it. The box design is liked by lots of people as they occupy less space. 

It looks like a creative Box

23. Plastic and Wooden Holder 

The tissue holder is made up of wood and plastic. Both of the sides are wooden, and the rod for tissues is made of plastic. 

The color contrast of the holder is light brown with white. Both are decent and simple colors that make it look attractive and worth using. 

Plastic And Wooden Holder

24. A Hanging Holder looks attractive

If you have never seen tissue papers hanging in a rack, then this next one is a wooden holder in which the roll of tissues seems to be turning. 

This quality of the holder makes it look overwhelming. Believe it or not, this style is so appealing and user-friendly that it will make the entire bathroom worth looking at more than ever.

A Hanging Holder Looks Attractive

25. Triangle is Simple Yet Unique

The shape of this holder is the cutest thing about it. With a triangular shape, you can attach it to the wall. 

It is reliable enough to fits everyone’s needs. Moreover, it won’t allow your pocket to be deep down without compromising the quality and design. 

Triangle Is Simple Yet Unique

26. Decorated With Rope

If you are looking for a decorated holder and look overwhelmed, this is the right thing. 

This holder is decorated with ropes and the ropes enhance the appearance of the strings. It is a unique piece of art that looks superb on the wall while using it. 

Decorated With Rope

27. Three in One Efficient Holder

The coming up is a wooden holder that also has a drawer and is rectangular. You can use it as a three-in-one holder.

Because you can also put a decoration piece on it, use it as a tissue holder, and the drawer can be used to put towels and other purposes. 

Three In One Efficient Holder

28. Be Creative to Make Knob

Be creative to make toilet paper holders for yourself. Tie the rope from the middle with a ring. 

Next, put the roll of tissue on a stick and then tie both the rope’s ends onto the rod. 

Now you have a decent holder for your tissues that is very attractive and will enhance your decoration skills in front of others.

Be Creative To Make Knob

29. A Shelf Can Be a Holder too!

Having a shelf design holder will also not disappoint you especially if there is a lack of space. It merely is a shelf that can hold onto your tissues and other items that are in use. Most probably, you will put your hand wash or plants next to your tissues. 

A Shelf Can Be A Holder Too

30. Enhanced Creativity to Make a Hanger for Tissues

Who knows, manila ropes hanging hooks can be best for toilet papers. Next, we are giving you an idea to use your creativity. 

Use a manila rope that has the advantage of being hanged from both ends. Put the tissues onto the rope and turn both ends on the hook. 

Enhanced Creativity To Make A Hanger For Tissues

31. Holds a Tool

You will always observe the bathroom in different levels it creates. The holder is quite unusual because it is black from the back and allows wall attachments. 

The rod for holding the tissues looks more like a tool because of its style. It is red, but one end constitutes a silver design that makes it look like a tool. 

32. Classic and Simple Holder

It is a classic and straightforward tissue holder of black color, and it goes with any color of your bathroom. You are going to love it, and there is no doubt about it. 

Because black goes with every color and the point is that it is an effortless and classy design you can easily afford.

Classic And Simple Holder

33. Looks like Belts

Up next is of peach and brown color. Well, an overwhelming blend, isn’t it? It looks more like two belts are holding the brown rod. 

To enhance this holder’s look, two golden pins are present on the belts, one on each. It will look superb in your bathroom, making it a must to use option.

Looks Like Belts

34. Elephant Tissue Attractive Holder 

We have a unique holder for you that is like a cute baby elephant with a large trunk and wants to be effective for you. 

You can put the roll of tissue on the trunk. This style makes it look breathtaking and unique; also, the one who looks at it will be overwhelmed. 

Elephant Tissue Attractive Holder

35. Use Sea Anchors as Holders 

Anchors are used to refer to the sea and the oceans in many movies as well as in cartoons. People like to keep decorations of anchors in their rooms too. 

Today we are showing you an anchor tissue holder to put in your bathroom. If you want to make your bathroom look spectacular this is the right choice for you. 

Use Sea Anchors As Holders

36. Attractive Looking Octopus Holder 

Everyone loves things that are unique and rare isn’t it? Surely they do! You must desire a tissue holder that is entirely different from others. 

Its color gives it a look like a statue of an octopus that has been in the ocean for a long time, and now it is here to help you. 

Attractive-Looking Octopus Holder

37. Old Yet Durable Design 

The color and design make it look like it is from the old times. The wooden scroll looks like a real scroll attached beneath the little shelf. 

Old Yet Durable Design

38. White Ball and Manila Rope Looks Cool

The next one also involves a manila rope and a hook. But there are white plastic balls on the string which enhance its look. 

The ball looks like big white balls. Both the ends of the rope are attached to a hook. It looks pretty, attractive, and affordable. 

White Ball And Manila Rope Looks Cool

39. An Anchor Holder is a Budget-friendly choice 

This one is also an anchor tissue holder, but the tissue holder is on the side. It is also in blue, making it accessible for everyday use.  

It is the best for you and your family. It has a new style which makes it look attractive, and you will get a feel of the sea and oceans after seeing it. 

An Anchor Holder is a Budget-friendly choice

40. Thor Tissue Holder is Creative too! 

This tissue paper holder is a hammer. It is not a usual hammer, but it is the hammer of thor. 

All the fans can get this item for themselves and use it as their tissue paper holder. It looks like the actual Mjolnir (the hammer), and you will love it. 

Thor Tissue Holder Is Creative Too

41. A Twig Tissue Holder

Think about it if you want a twig-shaped holder. Well, it looks like a twig that is painted black, making it decent and fantastic. 

It features durability along with affordability. 

Getting this holder can enhance your experience while providing you with more space to organize your things

A Twig Tissue Holder

42. A Branch from Dark Forest

If you are a fan of dark colors and forests, then this is a holder for you. It looks like a branch of a tree from a dark forest. 

A Branch From Dark Forest

43. Pink Stand Tissue Holder

Use a combination of elegant colors to make your bathroom look more beautiful than others. It has an incredibly unique style and is very decent. 

Moreover, it features pink metallic color. Most probably girls love pink color so if you are the one it is the best for you.  

Pink Stand Tissue Holder

44. A Hanger Looking Tissue Holder

The last one on our list of tissue holders is also a black holder that looks like a hanger. It features plastic and is very simple and good-looking. You will love this idea because of its versatility and elegance providing you with a breathtaking feel.

A Hanger Looking Tissue Holder

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