15 Best Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Bathroom is a place where a person spends most of his time to get relaxed after a tiring day, for getting ready in the morning or for getting dressed for a function. Without perfect lighting, it is impossible to achieve the desired look. In a gloomy bathroom, so many changes can be done to make it airy and brighter. The use of chandeliers, tube lights, vanity lights and ceiling lights are options a person can opt to make the space elegant and luxurious.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of ideas by which you can totally change the look of your bathroom.

1. Round Ceiling Light

Ceiling lights have been making a new trend in the market. The round ceiling light used in this cottage bathroom is waterproof and durable. Don’t spend much on lights when you can get the job done with this minimal light option. This LED has soft edges, giving an overall soft breezy look to the bathroom.

Round Ceiling Light

2. NOWES Ceiling Light

In this master bathroom, NOWES ceiling light makes a statement. The modern square LED lights have a daylight white color, providing the bathroom with the best ambiance overall. The NOWES lights are perfect for any damp place, so you can easily fix them on the ceiling in the shower area.

NOWES Ceiling Light

3. Industrial Style Light

The extended industrial style bathroom has industrial style lighting. Rugged mirror frame, steel piping, Rough edgy countertop and industrial style light bulbs streamline every decorative theme in the bathroom. It has dimmable quality with the slight touch system in your phone. No hustle to install a dimmer with this ceiling light. You can use these lights for a long time and don’t have to replace the bulbs after every two days.

Industrial Style Light

4. Recessed Bluetooth LED Light

In a bathroom, where you do not want to go overboard with decoration and especially lighting, these HALO smart Recessed lights can give a flattering amount of light. Being functional with the touch of a finger, they are a compatible option in any bathroom setting.  The lighting uses Bluetooth technology for a smart and simplified lifestyle.

Recessed Bluetooth LED Light

5. LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

If you want to add sophistication to your bathroom, then these LED flush mount ceiling lights can serve as a great option. You only need 13 Inches LED light bulbs to make the space bright and bring plenty of vibrant light to the bathroom. It has nickel polishing for keeping it rust free and lasting for a long time. It has dimmer for smooth and flicker free flow of light.

LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light

6. Fancy Crystal Chandelier Light

If you want to make a grand decorative gesture in your bathroom, go for crystal fancy chandelier light. Chandeliers give a classy and luxurious vibe to the bathroom. The glossy chandelier has a compact design and is compatible in bathrooms which have a lower ceiling.

Fancy Crystal Chandelier Light

7. Airand LED Ceiling Light

One of the budget friendly options to get ceiling lights in the bathroom is getting an Airand LED ceiling. These lights have beautiful bright white lights that will get you ready in the morning. The one light cost almost 25$ and saved almost 85% of the electricity bill.

Airand LED Ceiling Light

8. Industrial Semi Flush Mount Light

Industrial décor also works well when you want to give a rustic theme to the bathroom. for the touch of modern vintage look, get an industrial semi flush mount light in your bathroom. These pendant lights are perfect for hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms and even living areas. The ceiling light features a black polished glass lamp shade and can be used in damp areas as well.

Industrial Semi Flush Mount Light

9. SYLVANIA Cage Light

Little changes in the living space can go a long way. To make an inspirational bathroom, try changing the fixture of the space. The SYLVANIA cage light has a clear glass lamp look with antique black polishing. It can be a great trendy addition to your bathroom. 


10. Vertically Downward Cage Light

The vertically downward cage light can be elegant and classic when placed in the hallway or even in the bathroom. It fulfills the need for extra light in the bathroom. The vintage classy caged light keeps the bulb safe from getting fused with absorption. The black caged light with warm light makes a trendy option in the bathroom.

Vertically Downward Cage Light

11. Twin Bulb Light

The twin bulb ceiling light is caged in a black polished case. The two bulbs give extra light to the bathroom and hallways. The elegant design of the ceiling light has a matte black polished frame and gives a retro elegant look. The retro designed light is easy to install and is compatible with LED and CFL bulbs.

Twin Bulb Light

12. Ruxue Semi Flush Light

For a properly and beautifully lit bathroom, use Ruxue Semi flush light in your bathroom. These semi flush vintage black lights are black polished and have a matte texture. It is easy to install and has all necessary fixtures. It comes in a variety of shades and colors.

Ruxue Semi Flush Light

13. Globe Electric Light

To create a balanced natural lighting and ambiance in the bathroom, Globe electric lights are inspirational. It has a contemporary design with 4 glass panels. The glass paneling helps the lamp shade to be safe and illuminates the bathroom. It looks good when turned on as well as when it’s off.

Globe Electric Light

14. LEPRO Bathroom Ceiling Light

Design your bathroom with LEPRO bathroom ceiling light. This light has a dimmable quality which will act as a mood setter and will look exceptionally well in a minimal style bathroom. It is simple yet stylish with detachable quality. You can easily mount and demount them from the wall.

LEPRO Bathroom Ceiling Light

15. Rustic Farmhouse Light

To add warmth to your rustic farmhouse bathroom, decorate it with a combination of wooden and rustic décor. Mix it up with different styles of fixtures. The ceiling light has a wooden, beautiful, and durable quality. The four sides are covered with wooden paneling and warm hues of light.

Rustic Farmhouse Light

Final Words

Where natural light plays an important role in getting ready, the ceiling lights can look adorable and save much more space and energy. The illuminating ceiling lights can bring a warm glow to the overall décor and can enhance the theme of the bathroom. You can also use LED lamps and hang them above your vanity so they can bring plenty of light while getting ready in the morning.

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