25+ Best Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Aside from bathroom faucets and fixtures, there are so many things that play an important role in the décor of the bathroom. Ceiling décor needs to be fascinating in order to leave an impression on guests. Ceiling tiles, metal ceiling, paints, drywall, and cement board are the options that you can utilize while styling your bathroom.

Today, we will provide you with a list of stunning ceiling ideas so you can add creativity to your bathroom. Let’s explore some ideas to style your bathroom ceiling. 

1. Ceiling above Bathtub

The magnificent bathroom has blurry marble textured floor and a freestanding bathtub. Above the bathtub, the ceiling is a little curved and bent towards the inside. The chandelier above the bathtub gives an elegant look to the bathroom. Aside from that, it also illuminates a gloomy bathroom with its beautiful light.

Ceiling Above Bathtub

2. Wooden Ceiling

Stand out your traditional bathroom by upgrading it to the wooden ceiling. This vintage bathroom has a wooden ceiling and gives a rustic cozy cottage bathroom vibe. The bathroom has a separate shower area enclosed in glass. Furthermore, the wooden distressed mirror, the vanity and chandelier complete the look of this bathroom. 

Wooden Ceiling

3. Awesome Glass Ceiling

Glass ceilings are making a new trend in the industry. You can have so many options when it comes to glass ceilings like colored glass ceilings, printed ceilings, transparent as well as translucent glass ceilings. This bathroom ceiling is paired with white wooden frame work and built in LED lights. Perfect for a romantic evening bath!

Glass Ceiling

4. Bathroom Crystal Ceiling

This royal white bathroom has white painted plain ceiling but the touch of crystal chandeliers make it unique and artistic. The luxurious crystal chandelier is enough to leave an impression on anyone. The bathroom has a marble rectangular bathtub with vanities on both sides of the bathroom. The double vanities in the bathroom are also made of white wood complimenting the overall look of the bathroom.

Bathroom Crystal Ceiling

5. Dark Colored Ceiling

If you do not want to go for a single colored décor, you can always make a color contrast in your bathroom. You can mix and match the décor of the bathroom. The bathroom is covered with white tiles and it has black dark colored ceiling with built-in lights. It has a white sink and a wooden stool to place bathroom caddies.

Dark Colored Ceiling

6. Mosaic Bathroom Ceiling

Create an amazing aesthetic feeling in your bathroom with a mosaic bathroom ceiling. The bathroom ceilings and wall are both covered with mosaic grey metallic tiles. The bathroom features a double wash round marble washbasin with gold rods to hold your towels

Mosaic Bathroom Ceiling

7. Master Bathroom Ceiling

Ceiling décor is just as important as the rest of the bathroom fixtures. You can create an exquisite décor in your master bathroom with this ceiling. It has a teepee shaped wooden border on one side of the bathroom which enhances the overall white bathroom effect.

Master Bathroom Ceiling

8. Ceiling with Glowing Border

The minimalist bathroom has a ceiling with glowing borders. The same is the case with the floor of this bathroom. The bathroom floor has the same LED border and looks amazing. An all light wooden grey bathroom with a plain ceiling , white round washbasin, and frameless mirror will make your bathroom look gorgeous.

Ceiling With Glowing Border

9. Rough Rustic Ceiling

Rustic décor can be the heart of any home décor. Whether it is made of reclaimed wooden furniture or old mid-century furniture, rustic décor gives a feeling of warmth and coziness. The rugged wooden ceiling  can create an interesting effect in your bathroom. It has the same wood board floor and a round bathtub with a wooden tray to keep all your pretty things.

Rough Rustic Ceiling

10. Black painted ceiling:

In order to create a higher and wider ceiling effect, use a coat of black paint. The black paint will make your bathroom look bigger. It will give a sophisticated look to your bathroom. You can make any space cozier with a dark colored ceiling. 

Black Painted Ceiling

11. Black Bricked Tile Ceiling

This spa-like bathroom is covered from all four sides with windows. The ceiling of the bathroom is in bricked black tiles. The shiny luster tiles make a perfect color contrast with the marble bathroom. The bathroom vanity is in black colored wood so it matches well with the décor of the bathroom.

Black Bricked Tile Ceiling

12. Wooden Striped Ceiling

This is a narrow basement bathroom. Being congested, it is difficult to maintain every single item in the bathroom but the wooden ceiling brings in warmth in this bathroom. The bathroom has a glass door , perfect to touch up your makeup or for powdering your nose. The towel basket beneath the sink is a perfect spot to store your towels.

Wooden Striped Ceiling

13. Monochrome Bathroom Ceiling

This bathroom is perfect for class and elegance. The luxurious bathroom is monochrome with a perfect balance of black and white touches. The wooden bathroom is concealed with a glass shower area. The bathroom has a perfect black painted ceiling which makes the ceiling a focal point in this bathroom.

Monochrome Bathroom Ceiling

14. Shiplap Bathroom Ceiling

Upgrade your bathroom with a tepee shaped bathroom ceiling. The white shiplap ceiling makes the bathroom fresh and breezy. The marble walls give a bathroom a nice enclosure. This bathroom has a huge wooden vanity to store all your necessary items in this bathroom.

Shiplap Bathroom Ceiling

15. Grass Ceiling

If you want to enjoy nature and some greenery, but are not a fan of outdoor bathrooms, then these ideas can be for you. You can get grass as your ceiling with a built -in ventilation system. The artificial grass will look amazing and give a natural effect to your bathroom.

Grass Ceiling

16. Grey and White Bathroom Ceiling

Grey can be used with a combination of a variety of other colors. Grey and white are the ultimate classy option and often go together. This bathroom is a combination of a variety of options. The mirror wall is featuring a themed wallpaper, the ceiling is grey painted with white chalkboard border whereas the huge window brings in all the natural light in this phenomenal bathroom.

Grey And White Bathroom Ceiling

17. Grey Hexagonal Bathroom Ceiling

This bathroom has a different type of ceiling. It comprises a geometrical hexagonal design. It will quickly catch the attention of the person who will enter the bathroom. You can integrate light into the ceiling to illuminate the bathroom. You can also create different types of patterns with this ceiling design. 

Grey Hexagonal Bathroom Ceiling

18. LED Bathroom Ceiling

The light fixtures are very important in a bathroom. How about styling your bathroom with a ceiling vaulted with LED lights? A light fixture can make or break the décor of any bathroom. It will make the bathroom bright and airy and will also compliment the other design of the bathroom.

LED Bathroom Ceiling

19. Luxury Bathroom Ceiling

Bathrooms are often the most neglected and overlooked part of the house. If you have a luxury bathroom, then the master bathroom can be decorated with a 3D ceiling in a swirl design and you can also hang a chandelier in this bathroom. The crystal chandelier will enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom 100 times. 

Luxury Bathroom Ceiling

20. Natural Wooden Ceiling

Although you can invest a lot in bathroom fixtures and fitting, you can most definitely coordinate your bathroom with the rest of the house to make it stand out. Add an extravagant look to your bathroom with a natural wooden ceiling.

Natural Wooden Ceiling

21. Industrial Bathroom Ceiling

Industrial bathroom means exposed pipes and dark navy blue colored fixtures in the bathroom. Industrial bathroom ceilings are so in fashion and can be a trendsetter. The bathroom is a combination of wooden and industrial style bathroom. It has a copper bathtub and a drop down single light as a chandelier.

Industrial Bathroom Ceiling

22. Rustic Wooden Beam Ceiling

If you want to give a rustic appeal to the bathroom, then the most functional and practical option is to add a rustic wooden beam ceiling. You can still make your bathroom dreamy with all rustic décor, a boho chic rug and this will be the focal point of the bathroom.

Rustic Wooden Beam Ceiling

23. Ultra-Modern Bathroom Ceiling

If you have the luxury to shell out a little more on your bathroom, then invest in the ceiling of the bathroom. The decorator has kept the bathroom ceiling plain but it has a built in shower installed above the shower. The addition of shower directly on the ceiling makes it ultra-modern and luxurious.

Ultra-Modern Bathroom Ceiling

24. All white Bathroom Ceiling

This bathroom is the cleanest bathroom you have ever seen. It is a simple all-white bathroom. Bright lights are fixed on the top for a top-class look. The porcelain bathtub gives a clean and neat finishing to the bathroom.

All White Bathroom Ceiling

25. Geometric Bathroom Ceiling

Geometric ceilings are always in trend. The pop fall ceiling is covered from walls all the way up to the ceiling of the bathroom. It will instantly grab the attention with its grandiose design. Although it is a minimalist bathroom, you can still make the most of it with simple additions.

Geometric Bathroom Ceiling

26. White Painted Shiplap Ceiling

Take a look at this bathroom design for ceiling decoration options. While the walls are decorated with wood, it’s the ceiling which elevates the bathroom to the whole new level. The pop white shiplap ceiling is designed to neatly accentuate the toilet area and vanity. The vanity of the bathroom is the perfect place for the rest of the decorations.

White Painted Shiplap Ceiling

27. White Painted Wooden Beam Ceiling

The walls of this bathroom are smartly covered with white tiles and wooden beams all the way from one corner of the bathroom to another.  The walkway is designed with differently styled floor tiles. The light gives the illusion of a bright and spacious bathroom.

White Painted Wooden Beam Ceiling

Final Words

No doubt ceiling decorations are the best way to hide the flaws and uneven ceilings of the bathroom. The bathroom ceilings not only look stunning but are also functional in any space.

So why not style your bathroom in an aesthetic zen and leave your guest in awe.

Add beauty and practicality to your home with these ceiling ideas.

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