30 Modern & Country Wonderful Cottage Style Bathroom Ideas

Cottage-style bathrooms are often considered fashionably informal bathrooms. They are beautifully decorated with ornate mirrors, round sinks, contemporary sinks with farmhouse curtains that will provide a relaxing oasis away from all the hustle of daily life.

Do you want to redecorate your bathroom within the budget? These single additions will give your bathroom a gracious style and hint of country cottage bathroom. Dress up your bathroom and it will be as fresh as a new sheet.

Here is a list of inspirations, which will completely transform your bathroom. These ideas will make you fall in love with your bathroom all over again.

Country-Cottage Bathroom Decor Ideas Designs (2022 Guide)

1. Stone cottage bathroom

Stone cottage bathrooms add texture, style, and pattern to the old traditional bathroom. The modern rustic appeal will give a luxurious yet natural and eco-friendly look to your bathroom.

The master bathroom integrates different features ranging from stoned walls to wooden Cottage style paneling along with a classic bathtub to fit the simplified style giving the bathroom a classic appeal.

2. Dressed up wall with ornate mirrors

Dressed up wall with ornate mirrors

Certain architectural elements will just make the whole room airy and change the style of the bathroom. Cottage style-inspired bathroom with flowery wallpaper and paneling added to it and a simple white vanity with an ornate mirror will add gentle touches to the bathroom.

3. White framed bathroom with lavender touch

White framed bathroom with lavender touch

Simple touches to the old bathroom will make it a classic cottage bathroom. A vase on lavender plants or lavender wallpaper will soften the walls around the vanity with whitewashed wood paneling that will make the whole bathroom refreshed.

You can also add purple lavender color curtains around your bathtub for having a romantic texture.

4. Copper sink with wood paneling

A white tub placed in the hallway will mark the theme of the cottage-style bathroom. It will look beautiful placed on hardwood flooring. This charming style of cottage bathroom with a white sink and marble counter will enhance the simplified lifestyle.

5. Country style distressed mirror

Country style distressed mirror

Bored of those modern grey bathrooms? You can use distressed mirrors as mirrors and white touches because they represent the classic cottage-style bathroom.

These distressed mirrors will complete the charm of a farmhouse cottage style bathroom. If those wooden mirrors do not go with the theme of the bathroom, you can use white mirrors with white paneling that breaks the old-fashioned bathroom.

6. Round sink with white ornate mirror

Round sink with white ornate mirror

The simple round sink with white marble will give a homey look to your bathroom. This white vanity with toilet and glass-enclosed shower and white ornate mirror and some white beautiful roses will increase the visual appeal of the bathroom.

7. Teal vanity with rectangular sink

Teal vanity with rectangular sink

Cottage style bathrooms are often inspired with a vintage influence. Teal vanity with rectangular white sink topped with some beautiful skylights will add a counter shelf to space. In this beachy bathroom, all these additions will make the bathroom airy and bright.

8. Farmhouse curtains decorated window

Farmhouse curtains decorated window

A cottage style remodel can make a huge impact on the overall look and comfort level of the home, the addition of farmhouse curtains will decorate the windows bringing in the natural light and some fresh breeze in the bathroom.

9. Simple black and white look

The cottage-style bathroom black and white bathroom will add a dose of style to every bathroom. Obviously, white cannot be ignored while recreating a cottage-style bathroom, so for a modern yet glamorous bathroom, you can use black checkered tiles with a white bathtub and curtains.

Furthermore, you can use a white sink and marble countertop with wall-mounted lights to brighten the vanity of the bathroom. These tiny details can cause a major impact on your bathroom.

10. Freestanding bathtub with shuttered windows

Most bathrooms have small windows but replacing them with large windows can completely change the look of your space. These windows covered with plantation shutters, an oval freestanding tub sitting on a beautiful marble floor will make your bathroom totally exquisite.

It will cause you a little effort but it will all be worth it when you will have guests coming over and they will compliment it.

11. Porcelain bathtub with chandelier

Porcelain bathtub with chandelier

Some bathrooms look so striking with chandeliers in them. You can never think that a chandelier can be placed in a bathroom but you can always make a room for a casual chandelier to make your bathroom luxurious.

A spacious primary bathroom with a white porcelain bathtub lighted by a simple yet classy chandelier accompanied by a white table and matching mirror is a perfect cottage style bathroom.

12. Glass separation within bath and vanity

Glass separation within bath and vanity

Decorating a home can be tough but designing a bathroom with cottage style design can be sometimes overwhelming. You have to keep it creative yet feasible.

For a glassy and classy bathroom, place a frameless mirror and design vanity with marble countertop and glass door walk-in shower which will add a sense of modern minimalism to every bathroom.

13. Textured white décor with Rustic touch

Textured white décor with Rustic touch

For a perfect balance of touch and texture, rustic décor represents itself as cozy, comfy, and often welcoming. Rustic touches along with porcelain tiles looking like wood will be eye-catching along with white pedestal sinks. Pedestal sinks are the main component of cottage-style bathrooms.

You can also add stainless steel towel bars to the bathroom and place a simple plain white towel on it. It is so easy when it comes to decorating your bathroom in cottage style.

14. Light grey décor with stainless steel fixtures

Light grey décor with stainless steel fixtures

For a luxurious retreat, fine details turn up the sophistication of a cottage-style bathroom. When paired with the right color hues, the grey bathroom can be super soothing to the eyes. You can add grey brick styling to the overall washroom leaving the floor matte grey tiles and decorate it with pale and interesting accessories. 

Also, add subtle shades of pattern like polka dot lampshade teaming it with white gloss decorative pieces. This will enhance the warmth of the countryside cottage bathroom. Also, check our french country bedroom ideas posts.

15. All wooden bathroom

All wooden bathroom

While discussing all the other bathroom ideas we can’t forget about all wooden Cottage style bathrooms. You can add white shiplap walls along with wood vaulted ceilings. You can also place a beige-colored bath cabinet or oak bath cabinet for both modern and Cottage style décor.

For a perfect balance add a white wash basin with dark colored theme of bathroom. To make your bathroom more cottage style, add bulb lights on both sides of the mirror and behind the bathtub for displaying a modern look.

16. White marble bathroom with streaks of grey

No doubt white and grey make a perfect combination while decorating your bathroom but you do not have to go for a boring grey bathroom. For this, you can add white marble touches with a hint of grey. 

You can also add matte grey stainless steel wall mounted lights on all sides of the mirror. The white sink with a marble countertop will be the focal point while entering the bathroom. 

For more added variety and interest, you can add grey vanity contrast against an eggshell white wall and your new Cottage style bathroom is ready with lots of light and enough storage space. These light touches will provide a balance between light and dark. Read our bathroom accessory ideas for more.

17. Black modern bathroom with mosaic tiles

The Black and white theme is one of the most classic color schemes while decorating your bathroom. If you want sleek modern space, this color combination is always full of style. It is often considered one of the best two-tone designs.

A black and white color skin will add a dose of style to every bathroom. A Black mirror frame with dropdown lighting and a dropdown faucet on the rectangular sink or a white vanity cabinet presents a great Cottage style bathroom idea without making it too dark.

18. Beige décor with shiplap paneling

Beige décor with shiplap paneling:

Who said that you can’t add shiplap paneling to the washroom? Shiplap is all the rage in a cottage-style bathroom and is super easy to install. Your bathroom is a place where you spend most of your time.

You can most certainly add shiplap paneling to bathroom walls to make it look roomier, brighter, and fresh. The lovely cottage bathroom can be complemented by white quartz vanity topped with light beige-colored décor and a golden mirror.

19. Large window with rustic painted vanity

Large window with rustic painted vanity

Rustic design is one of the famous and most commonly known for its coziness and its link to the past and uniqueness. They are often considered old-fashioned but what will be a cottage-style bathroom without some old touches? The modern charm is everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes looks cold and sterile.

To maintain the cottage influence of the bathroom, a rustic but neatly polished bathtub along with a wooden stool placed near it can give the perfect rustic cottage-style bathroom. Furthermore, you can add two vessel sinks topped with a wood stained countertop. You just need to explain to your designer how you want your things.

20. Beam as a shower curtain rod

Beam as a shower curtain rod

One of the charming components of a cottage-style bathroom is just simply how you can decorate it with minimal changes. A simple enameled wash basin set in metal stands which can also be used as a vanity sink and a simple shelf can save counter space.

You can also use a beam or wooden polished log which will serve as a curtain rod to hang your beautiful neat curtains. If you have a window in your bathroom, hang a metal-framed mirror into the washroom.

21. Brick wall cottage bathroom

Brick wall cottage bathroom
Image: zillow.com

Brick floors are often used to add a twist to the cottage-style bathroom flare. You can give a rustic, rugged appearance to the bathroom with the use of brick floored tiles.

A wall-mounted sink, a brown striped rug, and some warm lights will give your bath great cottage décor. It looks more refined than the old traditional bathroom.

22. Round mirror with old pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks? So old school. Actually, they are not old but pedestal sinks are used to fit the character of vintage and cottage style bathrooms. They often fit in small spaces making the bathroom look bigger. You can place a vintage storage box to make smart use of space.

An addition of a towel rack around the sink will be a plus so you will have some extra space to put your towel on it. Round mirrors look super pretty and you can add a touch of softness to the bathroom without disrupting its existing décor.

23. Sea blue vanity bathroom

Who uses a color palette while styling your bathroom? You can use a different light color palette for a freshly polished décor. From crisp cool white, with the hint of sea blue vanity evokes the look of the bathroom.

You can place a teal-colored stool near a white polished porcelain bathtub. Sea and white truly make a lovely color scheme. For a real fresh appeal, you can add beautiful flowers to your vanity. Here, we discuss some cool 5×8 bathroom layout ideas that might interest you.

24. Marble shelf bathroom with wide steel mirror

Marble shelf bathroom with wide steel mirror
Image: houzz.com

A stunning white polished marble shelf looks very charming in any bath. A satin nickel faucet kit complementing this bathroom, roses placed on a marble shelf near the white sink, and a marble shelf below look completely spectacular in the bathroom. For a hint of a fresh look, you can place neatly folded towels in the bathroom too.

Cottage-style bathrooms and vintage-style décor often go together. They are linked together while decorating the cottage-style bathroom.

Wall mounted frames with wood carved frame around mirror paired with wooden stool and light colored rug, what can be better than that?

For another style, you can add flowered artwork to the walls accompanied by a chandelier for classy illumination across the bathroom.

26. Shiplap vaulted ceiling

Shiplap vaulted ceiling
Image: hgtv.com

The most popular choice for cottage-style décor is including shiplap in its interior. The Shiplap board will probably be white, super easy to match, and install in the bathroom without much effort.

White shiplap paneling allows you the rustic yet modern appeal. This décor will definitely help the other features of the bathroom to shine. You can keep it simple yet subtle.

27. Mint green bathroom with wooden table

Mint green bathroom with wooden touches looks visually appealing when styling cottage-style bathrooms. This bathroom with a furnished wooden table for a decorative tray and white pedestal sink looks so luxurious.

Cottage style is often associated with a beachy oasis look, so what’s better than a tiny fresh breezy bathroom? If you have a calm personality, then this style is surely for you.

28. Dual sink with marble countertop

Dual sink with marble countertop

Dual sinks can be a great choice if you have a large bathroom space. A marble countertop with two sinks adds a charming texture to the cottage-style bathroom.

You can also top it up with a white bathtub along with decorative fixtures and lamps. A free-standing bathtub placed below a shuttered window complemented by a brown marble floor.

29. Laced Shower curtain panel

Laced Shower curtain panel

In most bathrooms, people often forget to separate their bathtub and shower area. If you don’t have the space to separate them with doors then you can surely use a shower curtain between them to make your room larger.

They are versatile and you can easily change them anytime to match with décor. The white lace shower curtain looks fresh and breezy when placed around your bathtub. For a sleek cottage style bathroom, Use a ruffled fabric with white lace to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

30. Delicate white on white bathroom

Delicate white on white bathroom
Image: houzz.com

Cottage style decoration often calls for a lot of white incorporated into the bathroom. If you are into brighter, fresh, and airier spaces, then you should definitely go for an all-white bathroom.

A white washbasin, white marble countertop, white polished ladder towel rack, and also add fur faux rug to it. These will serve as tons of visual interest, without looking super crowded.

Final words

Bath décor, shower enclosure, sink, toilet, wall décor, and color are small things to change if you want to opt for a cottage style bathroom. There are so many options available for you to choose from.

Choose the perfect combination depending on the size of the bathroom and your relaxing, fresh bathroom is ready without much effort.

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