25+ Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

Wall lights play a very artistic role despite being in any corner of the house. Vanity lights, ceiling lights, even chandeliers can enhance the ambiance of a bathroom. Don’t leave any corner of your bathroom in the dark, just turn on some lights and enjoy the illuminating bathroom.

Let’s explore some ideas in which you can totally transform the bathroom by just adding some lights.

1. Vertical Wall Sconces

The vertical wall scones act as a minimal décor option in your bathroom and they will look extremely stunning in your bathroom, dining room, and halls. This ideal bathroom vanity will give a sense of opulence in any bathroom. Depending on the vanity size, you can change the orientation of the bulb into horizontal and vertical positions. These vanity lights can use LED bulbs, CFL and Edison. More so, you can also use a dimmable bulb to adjust the lighting in the bathroom.

Vertical Wall Sconces

2. Farmhouse Vanity Light

To complete the farmhouse décor of the bathroom, where a lot of decoration items play an important role like wall color, wallpapers, vanity shelves. At the same time, vanity lights play a major role in illuminating the bathroom. You can replace the bulb with warm bulbs and mount them on a wooden board. It will also highlight the mirror area and make the whole bathroom cozy.

Farmhouse Vanity Light

3. Horizontal Wall Sconces

The horizontal wall sconces are mounted on a wall in this modern minimalist bathroom. They comprise of cylindrical socket cover and come in variety of shades i.e. Brass, black nickel polished, and stainless steel. You can use different sized bulbs compatible with this vanity light. You can make a perfect combination of vanity lights with bathroom wallpaper. 

Horizontal Wall Sconces

4. Trendy Bathroom Lights

In your luxurious bathroom, you can use these trendy bathroom lights. It has a stainless steel cylindrical socket covered with crystal light. The crystal lights are further covered with transparent covering. This bathroom has marble tiling with a little gold décor and the silver lighting décor in the white washroom will look completely stunning. Our recent double vanity sink ideas might inspire you for your upcoming project.

Trendy Bathroom Lights

5. Traditional Bath Bulb

You can flex your designing skills by using simple traditional bulbs. You can use right vanity lights depending on the size of vanity, fixtures and decoration. In your traditional bathroom, you can use a simple bulb for daily activities like putting on makeup and shaving. Having the right light with a wooden backdrop is surely suitable for damp bathrooms.

Traditional Bath Bulb

6. Solfart Led bathroom light:

For a casual eclectic bathroom, use a well-lit SOLFART Led bathroom light. They are easy to maintain. These are acrylic bath lights with 3 LED bulbs. Every bathroom, whether narrow or big, needs the right amount of light. These LED lights come with dustproof and waterproof capacity. These lights are perfect to highlight your taste and skills.

 SOLFART Led Bathroom Light

7. Salon Led Strip Lights

Take your bathroom to the next level with Salon LED strip lights. These led lights come with a range of functions and are easy to style any vanity mirror. It consists of a high quality chip module that will protect your eyes from harmful vanity lights. The LED strip comes in a variety of lengths that you will be able to change according to the size of your mirror.

Salon Led Strip Lights

8. Stainless Steel Illuminating Lights

A well-lit bathroom looks way better and more elegant with the right amount of light. As the stainless steel illuminating lights can be both functional and change the layout of the entire bathroom. The Halogen bathroom light has to be enclosed with lamp fixtures for giving the bathroom a more versatile and diverse look.

Stainless Steel Illuminating Lights

9. Glass Vanity Light

In your dream bathroom, you can use glass vanity lights. It can be in the form of pendant lights, lamps and chandeliers, but a simple glass vanity gives a sleek and clean look to your bathroom. Pair it up with some glass lamp and silver framed mirror. Right amount of light is very important to light up your face in the morning.

Glass Vanity Light

10. Simple Linear athroom Vanity Light

If you do not want to invest much in your ordinary bathroom, simple linear bathroom vanity lights can be your go to option. They are easy to clean and the long-lasting LED array will be more functional and can go with any bathroom design.

Linear Bathroom Vanity Light

11. Salon Light Bulbs

Beautifully transform your bathroom with these LED Hollywood style salon bulbs. You don’t have to hire a handyman to install these lights. You can easily stick them to any mirror as they are easy to install without drilling any hole in the wall. The best quality is that they are dimmable bulbs so you can adjust the lighting according to your need.  Durability, comfort, and efficiency, all in one package.

Salon Light Bulbs

12. Crystal Bulb Light

No doubt bathrooms have become an important part of the house. As the trend is changing everyday, every house has at least 2-3 washrooms. Upgrading the bathroom fixtures can be time consuming but you can always integrate minimal changes to make them bright and spacious. You can use crystal bulb lights on your vanity mirror to spur some light on yourself while getting ready.

Crystal Bulb Light

13. Farmhouse Drop Down Vanity Lights

Beautifully transform your bathroom with these drop down vanity lights. In your farmhouse bathroom, these vanity lights will be a great combination of color and design. These are rotatable lights with bulbs covered with glass lamps. The bathroom can further be decorated with some blossoms and scented candles.

Farmhouse Drop Down Vanity Light

14. 3 colored Mirror Bulbs

If you do not want to go for traditional big lamps then you can use these LED sticks on light bulbs. The perfect bulb assembly helps you get ready in your bathroom with ease. You can adjust the light with a USB button and simple touch to get your desired brightness of the light. 

Colored Mirror Bulb

15. Solfart Vanity Lights

The SOLFART vanity lights have a vintage appeal. It is made of matte black metal. The transparent lampshade looks luxurious and brings class to your bathroom. The versatile design of this bathroom vanity includes black finishing with a bronze fixture and also comes with a warranty. A long lasting durable option for your bathroom.

SOLFART Vanity Light

16. Automatic Vanity Lights

In your masculine washroom where you do not need much light, you can always get this OOWOLF cool white light vanity mirror. It is made of stainless steel with exquisite workmanship. The vanity lights are power driven, compact and look very gentle and bright.

Automatic Vanity Light

17. Black Caged Bulbs 

Spruce up your vanity with vintage style farmhouse caged scones. These vanity lights give a rustic appeal to the washroom. It comes in both plastic and metal material. So, you can choose from the material you want. The antique style vanity lights are heat resistant, easy to install, durable and stable. It comes with all the hardware necessary to install the light. 

Black Caged Bulb

18. Industrial Style Vanity Light

The industrial style vanity lights are oil rubbed with bronze finishing. Perfect for any dinning room, TV lounge, bedroom and bathroom. It has easy installation with all mounting hardware. This vanity light gives a more rustic appeal to the bathroom because of the finishing and color contrast. Here read our rustic bathroom vanity ideas for getting awesome ideas.

Industrial Style Vanity Light

19. Ecobrt Glass Light Fixture

The bathroom is a perfect place to relax after a hard, energy-draining day. We relax and pamper ourselves in the bathroom so, with all other fixtures and designing, a bathroom should have perfect lighting. If you do not have space for a big chandelier then you can use minimal vanity lights to upgrade your bathroom. White vanity, light-colored mirror frame, and dark shaded countertop call for ECOBRT light bulbs to complete this understated bathroom.

ECOBRT Glass Light Fixture

20. LED Chrome Vanity Light

From modern to cottage-style bathrooms, little details can make a great impact on the overall décor of the bathroom. To change the tone of the bathroom, you do not always have to hire an interior decorator, but by changing the fixture and lighting of the bathroom, you can make your space a lot brighter. You can use modern chrome vanity lights for your bathroom.

LED Chrome Vanity Light

21. Rotatable Beam Lights

The retro style lighting looks amazing in a traditional bathroom. To add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, you can replace your ordinary lights with these retro style lightings. It has a matte black finish and bronze gold scones. Furthermore, it has dull gold polish which makes it extra unique. For giving your bathroom a more retro-inspired look you can surely add this lighting to your bathroom.

Rotatable Beam Light

22. KingSo Bathroom Lights

For an overall white washed bathroom, use a textured vanity. To add flair to that vanity, use some vanity lights. KingSo bathroom lights are for industrial style bathrooms. It comes with 3 bulbs and scone fixtures. These vanity lights give a retro vintage style look as the design is inspired by the mid-20th century.

KingSo Bathroom Light

23. Portable LED Vanity Light

You can also use portable led vanity lights. They come in a pair of three to four bulbs and can be placed on your countertop. No drilling or wire installation. You can recharge these vanity makeup lights and take them up with you on a trip as well. The battery is standard USB charging and it has 3 cool temperature modes from where you can set the brightness of the bulbs. 

Portable LED Vanity Light

24. Westinghouse Chrome lights:

Add a natural wow factor to your bathroom and take it to the next level with Westinghouse chrome lights. The chrome lights give the scene of shining stars. The dull yellow lights have a timeless design and perfect for both compact bathroom and powder rooms.

Westinghouse Chrome Light

25. Double Vanity Light

Embrace the beauty of your bathroom with these silver romantic vanity lights. The double vanity lights are seamless and toned down elegant design. You can also use a glass vase to beautify your countertop. This bathroom lighting fixture will complete your bathroom look. Read our makeup vanity ideas for your next remodeling project.

Double Vanity Light

26. Ksana Gold Vanity Light

The beautiful and elegant KSANA gold vanity light brings all the gold accents together. From the frame of the mirror to the faucet and fixture, where all items in a washroom are in gold hues then you should also use some gold vanity light with glass scones. Add a hint of luxury to your wooden vanity by blending it up with gold vanity lights.

KSANA Gold Vanity Light

Final Words 

For illuminating the bathroom, you can use different vanity lights. They can be facing downward, chandelier, upward-facing scones, covered lamps in one, and many more. You can choose from a variety of options available in the market to dramatically enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom.

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