30 Beautiful Farmhouse Style Bathroom Decor & Design Ideas

Farmhouse bathrooms are often considered cozy and relaxing. This style of bathroom is often warm, homey, and welcoming. You can make your guest amazed by decorating your bathroom in Farmhouse style.

From wooden touches to vanity, towel holders, adding greenery, or making a monochrome bathroom you can add all these details to your farmhouse style bathroom. Let us discuss some of them so you can make a better choice for yourself.

Beautiful Farmhouse Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas

1. Bathtub and tiles combination

If you ever decide to renovate your bathroom in a farmhouse style, you can always go a little overboard by installing a beautifully tiled bathtub and some mosaic tiles to it. 

Mosaic tiles are always considered a great fit for a farmhouse style bathroom and if you don’t like the idea of mosaic tiles you can create a separate shower place with mini checkered tiles.

A little potted greenery and some wooden touches will make the whole space airy.

2. Rustic bathroom décor

For a perfect and adorable look, you can place all the rustic décor. This will give the farmhouse and ancient look both at the same time.

You can use different rustic elements like cabinets or faucets to your bathroom to make it look exquisite and adorable. You can obviously get high-end elements but you can also go for thrift stores for your bathrooms.

3. Farmhouse bathroom with wooden touches

Wooden touches at any place add coziness to it. So many options are available in the market such as wooden floating shelves, wooden towel stands, and if you are not on a tight budget you can also use wooden floors that are moisture absorbent.

The wooden door separating the bathtub from the shower area looks super classy and charming. Another idea is to add a wooden ceiling to the bathroom.

4. Boho Chic Style bathroom

If you are a big fan of soft romantic love and vintage decorating ideas, then shabby chic bathroom ideas are just for you. You can decorate your bathroom with very little effort.

Just add white wooden cabinet adjacent to your bathtub to give it a more elegant look. also, place a small wooden ladder in your bathroom to make it look more aesthetically appealing. The antique bathroom tables are a great and excellent way to add sophistication to one’s bathroom.

5. Monochrome Farmhouse Bathroom

The next idea we have on the list is the monochrome bathroom idea. It is one of the most commonly used ideas when you decide to transform your bathroom into any look, whatever space you have, it totally depends on how creative you are.

Obviously, white cannot be ignored while recreating a breezy farmhouse style bathroom, so for a modern yet glamorous bathroom, you can use black checkered tiles with white bathtub and curtains.

Furthermore, you can use a white sink and marble countertop with wall mounted lights to brighten the vanity of the bathroom. These tiny details can cause a major impact on your bathroom.

6. Colorful rug addition into Farmhouse look

A little stone touch along with the addition of a wooden floor and white bathtub and white pedestal sink give perfect glamour to your simple bathroom.

A White framed window will give your bathroom a whole new fresh and breezy look with the hint of an attic-style bathroom. You can also place colorful rugs in your bathroom to make it look artistic.

7. Frilled cozy curtain decor

Frilled cozy curtain decor

Every bathroom can be transformed into any look by changing little details like adding curtains around your bathtub. Curtains do not cost much but leave a great impact on the overall décor and coziness of the bathroom.

Frilled curtains look super cute and go well with the white walls and white light of the bathroom. You can also place floating shelves to the back of the toilet and place some mini-potted plants on it.

8. Marble countertop and Twin lights décor

Marble countertop and Twin lights décor

This charming style of farmhouse bathroom includes a white sink and marble counter that will enhance the simplified lifestyle. Furthermore, you can use a white sink and marble countertop with wall-mounted lights to brighten the vanity of the bathroom.

These tiny details can cause a major impact on your bathroom. You can also install an industrial style towel holder and place a potted plant of tissue holder inside it.

9. Double wooden vanity

Double wooden vanity

Most of the time big bathrooms can be changed to farmhouse style by making a little effort. If you have a huge space for a bathroom, you can hang a double round mirror with a large vanity and place a jute towel basket under it so it will not cramp up your space. You can also hang different aesthetic artistic paintings on the walls of the bathroom.

10. Ornate mirror with gold curtain beam

Plain white bathrooms look decent but who told you that you can’t add colors to them? Golden touches can totally change the visual appeal of the bathroom making it look classy.

Rustic golden mirrors with golden beams for the curtains are minor changes that will spice up the whole bathroom look. You can also place a wooden stool near the shower curtain and place indoor plants on it.

11. Grey bathroom Vanity decor

Grey bathroom Vanity decor

For a classy farmhouse look, you can change your vanity into a grey shade with a large mirror on the wall.

You can take beautiful selfies with that mirror and you can also hang a funny “FLUSH” sign behind the toilet to remind your guest to flush afterward. On top of that, you can place two floating shelves to place plants.

12. Polka tiled floor and Black fixtures

The new modern updated bathroom is the long vertical bathroom with all matte black fixtures and polka dots tiled floor. A white porcelain bathtub is placed in one corner of the bathroom in front of a shuttered window.

For a relaxing bath, you can remove the shutter and enjoy natural sunlight as well as peace.

13. Light blue walls with “BEACH” sign

To take your bathroom to the next level, try changing the color of your walls. Beachy blue walls can bring cool vibes to your bathroom and you can also hang “BEACH ” signs on the wall above your bathtub.

You can also add silver vases with yellow blossoms in it because what can be more better than adding flowers in it?

14. Mint green Primary bathroom style

Mint green Primary bathroom style
Image: zillow.com

To instantly grab the attention of people, change the color of your bathroom. The contemporary style mixes well with farmhouse-style bathrooms and the blend of both can make your bathroom exquisite.

Shiplap wall painted in mint green color along with white touches is a perfect farmhouse style bathroom. A simple white vanity can hold all your necessary items and a round towel ring goes well with the whole décor.

15. Fancy chandelier Farmhouse bathroom

Fancy chandelier Farmhouse bathroom

Why settle for boring fixtures and décor when you can easily décor those with just hanging fancy chandeliers in the bathroom?

Along with the chandelier, you can place a wooden ladder in your bathroom to hang your towels and place flowers on the top stair of the ladder. Add a decorative tray on your bathtub and lit some candles for a relaxing bath.

16. Marble countertop with shiplap floor

Marble countertop with shiplap floor

To gain the charm of a farmhouse-style bathroom, you can use grey and blended colored marble countertops along with shiplap brownish-grey painted floors. These floors are moisture absorbent and easy to clean.

Furthermore, placement of the bathtub in one corner of the bathroom can add flair to it without much effort.

17. Classy white on white bathroom

Classy white on white bathroom

While discussing all those bathroom ideas, we cannot forget about all-white farmhouse-style bathrooms. If you are into brighter, fresh, and airier spaces, then you should definitely go for an all-white bathroom.

A white washbasin, white marble countertop, white polished towel hook, and also add fur faux rug to it. These will serve as tons of visual interest, without looking super crowded. If you need any other bathroom organizer ideas you can follow this article.

18. Country Farmhouse bathroom

Country Farmhouse bathroom

Moving towards the next style, we have a country-style modern yet simple bathroom. The fancy farmhouse sign behind the toilet makes you feel like you are standing in a farmhouse-style bathroom.

A crate or black basket can also be added to store your paper towels on the top of your flush. The placement of flower vases on the countertop is another simple yet charming idea. A cottage style bathroom might soothe your eyes.   

Farmhouse style bathroom and vintage style décor often go together. They are linked together while decorating farmhouse-style bathrooms. Wall-mounted frames with a wood-carved frame around mirror paired with a wooden stool and light-colored rug, what can be better than that.

For another style, you can add flowered artwork to the walls accompanied by a chandelier for classy illumination across the bathroom.

20. Gold mirror and textured wallpaper

For a perfect combination of touch and texture, try replacing your old mirror with a new gold framed mirror. You can also change the paint of the wall or simply change it to decorative wallpaper in the bathroom.

For making the bathroom bright try using warm lights above the counter and your perfect farmhouse style bathroom is ready to use.

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21. Glass shower separator

Are you a big fan of black and white décor? All black framed glass shower separators look splendid and different white decorating your bathroom.

You can use a wooden vanity and place a jute basket on the lower shelf along with towels. The rectangular copper framed mirrors are increasingly popular while decorating farmhouse-style bathrooms.

22. Barn door entrance farmhouse bathroom

Barn door entrance farmhouse bathroom

The barn door can be used as the entrance door of your bathroom. This representation of farmhouse style bathrooms take you back to old country days and link to past ages.

It does not disrupt the overall décor of the house but makes it look extra epic and different from all other decorating ideas.

23. Industrial BATH sign decor

Industrial BATH sign decor

For outrageous farmhouse style bathroom décor, go to a thrift store and try finding different decorative and hanging items that you can place in your bathroom. It will save you a lot of money and change the boring atmosphere of the bathroom.

Similarly, you can add a BATH sign in the bathroom, which will make people realize that they are standing in a bathroom. You can also add a cute decorative jar with it to complete the look of the bathroom.

24. Funny Bathroom signs

Funny Bathroom signs

Who doesn’t like a little humor? You can add different humorous signs in the bathroom and also place flowers near it.

This way it won’t look much awkward and make anyone uncomfortable and you will also be able to design your bathroom in a new way.

25. Vintage vanity and countertop

This vintage vanity and countertop are not like the rest of the vanities. It is a mix and match of retro style bathroom with farmhouse appearances.

You do not need to modernize each and everything but you can simply change the countertop and replace the modern towel rack with a wooden ladder towel storage unit.

26. Old age rustic bathroom

Old age rustic bathroom

This bathroom is the perfect blend of the old and rustic farmhouse-style bathroom. It has natural lighting because of the window, or you can also place a curtain around your window. The simplified beige color and necklace lights make space illuminating with a toilet in one corner of the bathroom.

More so you can also hang an old clock on the wall so you won’t spend much in the bathroom reading novels and newspapers in the bathroom. Isn’t it a great idea?

27. Bricked wall shower area

Bricked wall shower area

If you do not like simple painted walls, you can change them with white painted brick walls. You can also place a glass door near the shower area which will act as a separator to your toilet.

This will also give you the warmth of a hot steam shower making the bathroom a lot roomier and the addition of wall décor will be a nice touch.

28. Luxurious floating tub décor

Luxurious floating tub décor

Different types of clawfoot tub are available in the market that you can choose from. It will make your traditional bathroom unique with a round mirror on the wall. A huge plant placed in the corner will look beautiful in the bathroom.

29. Copper tub with green planters

One of the charming components of a farmhouse-style bathroom is, it goes well with every type of decor. You can use a copper tub placed in the center of the bathroom, different types of plants are available which you can place in planters and pots.

Golden fixtures look so beautiful with copper shades so you can use gold faucets and chandeliers if you have that much space.

30. Attic style farmhouse bathroom

You can always make the most of a shower even in a small bathroom that has an attic in it. Of course, the style of the whole house will be the same but if you still want your bathroom and your personal space to look a little different then this idea is for you. Obviously, an attic will be the perfect place for an extra bath.

Skylight always serves the space with a cool and relaxing effect. There are several attic styles ranging from contemporary to nomadic and laconic bathroom styles. A farmhouse bathroom with an attic, white tiles, a tub, and some skylights are just the ones you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Modern farmhouse bathrooms are increasingly popular. You may prefer cleanliness and simplicity but why not adding touches of rustic décor to make them more homey and welcoming. You can intercept different designs to create your own modern farmhouse-style bathroom.

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