35+ Best Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas

Mirror, mirror on the wall… 

Mirrors placed anywhere in the house not only increase the beauty but also act as a focal point of the space. Mirror in bathrooms is particularly very important as it is the first thing that you see in the morning. As far as the size of the mirror is concerned, the bigger the better.

Let us explore some ideas by which you can enhance the look of your bathroom and expand the space. 

1. Slate Grey Frame

To add an architectural element in your gorgeous bathroom, try hanging a slate grey framed mirror. The tiled wall in this bathroom gives a depth and dimension to the bathroom, changing the whole vibe of it. The pedestal sinks and a round hook are perfect to hold your towel and totally compliments the mirror.

Slate Grey Frame

2. Dark Wooden Frame

Wooden frames and faucets are the one element that cannot go wrong in any space. The mirror creates a nice impression in a bathroom. Wooden elements often give a rustic vintage look. So, to transform your bathroom into rustic décor use a dark colored wooden framed mirror.  

Dark Wooden Frame

3. All White Frame

The all white bathroom gives a cozy vibe. In a cottage bathroom where all the décor is minimalist and white, you can use a white framed mirror. Although white bathroom is difficult to maintain, with the right patterns and décor, it can achieve the right illumination.

All White Frame

4. Stone & Beam Wooden Frame

While decorating your bathroom, add warmth to your bathroom using a stone & beam wooden frame. The wooden frame with perfect symmetrical carving can give a depth to your wall. The sharp edges of the bath mirror give a crisp look to the bathroom.

Stone & Beam Wooden Frame

5. Head West Wall Mirror

To give a spa like a décor to your bathroom, use this head west wall mirror with a chrome polished frame. The mirror gives a perfect shade and image. You can make this bathroom airy and aesthetic by using a thin framed bathroom mirror.

Head West Wall Mirror

6. Rustic Beveled Distressed Mirror

Who does not like pastel colors? Pastel colors are often calming and can be paired up with any other color. The rustic beveled distressed mirror polished in white colors gives a soft look to the bathroom. You can place a potted plant like a cactus in the bathroom as it is low maintenance. 

Rustic Beveled Distressed Mirror

7. Delicate Mirror Frame

The mirror in the bathroom acts as a huge contributing factor while styling any bathroom. The delicate bathroom mirror frame has a thin stainless-steel frame. The bathroom vanity is blue colored, add a subtle touch to your bathroom with this delicate bathroom frame. 

Delicate Mirror Frame

8. Leather Framed Mirror

Leather frame? Yes, you heard it right. 

Leather framed mirrors are unique and not only the mirror. You don’t have to get extra hardware to hang these mirrors. They come with a leather belt so it can be hung on the wall. The wall mirror is leaned against the grey textured walls and the shinny steel fixture makes the bathroom shinier.

Leather Framed Mirror

9. Shiplap Wall Mirror

In this bathroom, the walls are colored with teal paint and white fixtures. The neatly white polished vanity has cupboards underneath it to store all necessary items. The side lamps illuminate the gloomy bathroom and shed enough light on this shiplap framed wall mirror to help you get ready in the morning.

Shiplap Wall Mirror

10. Rustic Wooden Frame

You can make your bathroom spacious, intimate and cozy with rustic wooden décor. You can get rustic wooden beam ceilings, a copper bathtub with a decorative tray on top of it. You can add a fresh touch to the bathroom with a coat of paint on the wooden frame of the mirror.

Rustic Wooden Frame

11. Modern Plain Mirror

If you crave a visual balance in your bathroom, then a plain mirror can get the job done for you. You can get a versatile décor in your washroom with this plain mirror. This mirror has symmetrical appeal and can be hung vertically as well as horizontally.

Modern Plain Mirror

12. Silver Polished Frame

The bathroom has a featured patterned wall, and the beveled mirror is leaned toward this wall. The wall scones have white lamps around it shedding bright white light directly on the mirror. The frame of the mirror is made of textured wood grain pattern, making all other fixtures more prominent.

Silver Polished Frame

13. Glacier Bay, Framed Mirror

White bathrooms, however congested they are, are often considered bigger by the style that you decorate it in. This bathroom has half marble paneling on its wall. The sink has the same marble countertop with industrial style piping to hold your towel. The mirror with silver glacier framed look mesmerizing against that white painted wall.

Glacier Bay Framed Mirror

14. Galvanized Metal Frame

Add an unexpected touch to your bathroom by changing the walls of your bathroom. The featured wall will be noticeable and then you will be able to add a galvanized metal framed mirror to it. The bricked wall acts as a backdrop to this mirror. You can add plants to vanity for a more enhanced look.

Galvanized Metal Frame

15. Round Mirror

A round mirror is often added to a space to make it calmer and more sophisticated. Add both upbeat and soothing touches to your bathroom with a round mirror having a metal frame. This mirror is durable, and the frame can be cleaned with damp cloth. 

Round Mirror

16. White Rectangular Mirror

White and bright…

These are the two things that you want in your bathroom. Try to set moody white tones in your bathroom in the form of door, vanity, countertop and even mirror. A white framed mirror against a colored painted wall can steal the spotlight in any bathroom.

White Rectangular Mirror

17. Frameless Oval Mirror

For a soft look and modern feeling in your bathroom, use a frameless oval mirror. The clips will hold the mirror and the grip is long lasting. You can add a pop of color with a dark coat of paint. 

Frameless Oval Mirror

18. Plain Square Mirror

Create an alluring contrast & modern appeal in your bathroom with this plain square mirror. This frameless mirror is hung on a painted wall and surrounded by modern art. For a contemporary modern touch in your bathroom, use a marble countertop and gold polished basin.

Plain Square Mirror

19. Black Old School Mirror

Generate a vintage look in your bathroom with this old school black framed oval mirror. The dropdown vanity lights shed light directly on the mirror so you can get ready in the morning easily.

Black Old School Mirror

20. Wooden Frame with Beads

Bring in plenty of richness in your bathroom with a wooden framed mirror. The wooden frame has beads on both corners of the mirror making it unique and different. Wooden mirror brings grit to the bathroom and has striking white paint as a backdrop.

Wooden Frame With Beads

21. Cottage Timber Mirror

If you do not want to go for a single colored framed mirror then you can use a dual painted cottage timber mirror in your bathroom. You can also get a customized mirror according to the size of your wall in your bathroom. Decorate your bathroom with plants to bring in some greenery.

Cottage Timber Mirror

22. Double Vanity Mirror

Decorating small bathrooms with the right size of furniture and lighting make it look elegant. The elegance of the space can be achieved by adding or changing minor details of the bathroom. The sleek and smart design of contemporary bathrooms with bright lights and single shelved vanity can make great changes in your bathroom.

Double Vanity Mirror

23. Mirror With LED Bulbs

From modern to cottage style bathrooms, little details can make a great impact on the overall décor of the bathroom. To change the tone of the bathroom, you do not always have to hire an interior decorator, but by changing the fixture and lighting of the bathroom, you can make your space a lot brighter. You can use modern chrome vanity lights and attach them to your mirror in your bathroom.

Mirror With LED Bulbs

24. Mirror with Round Edges

You can use a round edged mirror in your bathroom. A simple designed vanity also acts as enclosed storage unit. You can hide your visible clutter in this bathroom vanity to keep it free from all kinds of mess. The eco-friendly wood finish vanity will be a statement in your bathroom. The white rectangular sink with reclaimed wood is one in its own kind. The color contrast of vanity compliments the mirror of bathroom as well.

Mirror With Round Edges

25. Aluminum Framed Built in Cabinet Mirror

In your masculine bathroom, you can use a high contrast wall paint. A mirror with built-in cabinetry is very useful in masculine bathrooms. You can store bathroom necessities as well as perfumes in this cabinet and access them whenever you want.

Aluminum Framed Built In Cabinet Mirror

26. Mirror on Brick Wall

In your farmhouse style bathroom, rustic mirror décor can be achieved with a bricked wall panel effect. The wall panel is white bricked color, looks so real and natural that can easily convince any person that it is a real brick wall. The wall is paired with black mirror and black vanity.

Mirror On Brick Wall

27. Gold Ornate Mirror

If you have two separate sinks, one for you and another one for your partner then to make it aesthetically appealing you can use this gold bathroom faucet and fixture. The decent and unique bathroom mirror has its own charm in the bathroom and can be attached to any theme. For the other basin, you should go for a silver faucet. 

The perfect combination of gold and white do exist!

Gold Ornate Mirror

28. Wide Bathroom Mirror

Although the compact style bathroom does not have much space, the toilet is fitting in all the essentials required in a modern bathroom. Grey and white obviously make a statement when used together. The white grey vanity brightens up the bathroom keeping the décor minimal at the same time. You can use a wide length mirror in your bathroom.

Wide Bathroom Mirror

29. Gold Round Mirror

Gold faucets and décor not only look luxurious but also make any bathroom spacious and elegant. It will bring in welcoming air and the round mirror is perfect for any type of space. You can decorate the space with gold miniatures and paintings as well.

Gold Round Mirror

30. Mirror with Thin Black Frame

Add a soft color and warm accents to your bathroom with brown bathroom paints and walls. You can use a minimalist vanity table with a white sink for water splash.  You can also decorate the vanity with white decoration items. Add a thin black framed mirror in your bathroom.

Mirror With Thin Black Frame

31. Kate and Laurel Cates Mirror

Create your dream bathroom with matte grey vanity. The double vanity has just two main opening cabinets with an attached towel holder. The freestanding lamp brings soft touches to the bathroom. Furthermore, add small details on your counter shelf to make it more appealing. The space beneath the mirror can also be used to place a soap holder.

Kate And Laurel Cates Mirror

32. Half Wooden Frame

A bathroom without a mirror is incomplete. You can complete the look of the bathroom with a half wooden frame. Asymmetrical frames look trendy and add a quirky touch to your bathroom. 

Half Wooden Frame

33. Howard Elliot Mirror Collection

This beautiful eye-catching mirror is from the Howard Elliot collection. It has a unique craving and can set it anywhere in your house. The bathroom, bedroom, or even your TV lounge.

The edges of these mirrors are beveled beautifully. D-rings are attached at the back of the mirror to hang the mirror instantly.

Howard Elliot Mirror Collection

34. Rotate Able Bathroom Mirror 

You can use a rotatable mirror in your bathroom. You can move it to any room according to your convenience. In your masculine washroom, you can adjust the length of the mirror accordingly. 

Rotate Able Bathroom Mirror

35. Hanging Round Mirror

The cottage style bathroom has a wooden framed round mirror. It has a round dart for hanging the mirror with a leather belt. You can adjust a white basin in your bathroom and wooden vanity will mix well with the rest of the décor.

Hanging Round Mirror

36. Round Thin Framed Mirror

In your contemporary bathroom, use a beautiful and simple farmhouse style mirror. It is 30 diameters in size. For wall décor and bathroom mirrors, you can use vanity light around your mirror. The black frame of the mirror provides beauty to your bathroom, and it has a protective bumper to keep the mirror from breaking.

Round Thin Framed Mirror

Final Words

When it comes to mirrors, you can choose from plenty of options available in the market. Greek wooden frame, frameless widthwise mirror, the vertical full-size mirror, and so many more ideas are here to explore.

Choose the best one that suits the interior of your bathroom and create a timeless piece of decoration.

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