40 Stunning Bathroom Faucets Ideas for Your Next Makeover

From modern to cottage style bathroom, little details can make a great impact on the overall décor of the bathroom. To change the tone of the bathroom, you do not always have to hire an interior decorator, but by changing the faucet and fixture of the bathroom, adding rugs and curtains, changing the towel rack and magazines rack, can make any room, even more, brighter and enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom.

Faucets and fixtures play an important role in the remodeling of bathrooms. There are a variety of options available in the market from which you can explore the right choice. Let us have a look at some ideas and styles of faucets and shower mixer valves.

Modern Bathroom Faucet Ideas For Your Bathroom

1. Retro style Faucet

Retro Style Faucet

The retro style faucet looks amazing in a traditional bathroom. To add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, you can replace your taps with these retro style faucets. It has an attached tap that can be rotated in both directions. Furthermore, it has dull gold polish which makes it extra unique. Forgiving your bathroom a more retro inspired look you can surely add this petcock to your bathroom.

2. European Faucet

European Faucet

These retro inspired faucets come in a variety of sizes and designs. It has a sleek European inspired art design. It has a round glass basin set constructed with tempered glass and this faucet can be attached above the counter. The installation process does not take very much hardware as it is simple to install and does not require much of your effort. It is very easy to clean. You can simply clean it with mild soap for a lifetime to shine and sparkle.

3. Separate Hot and cold tap Faucet

Separate Hot And Cold Tap Faucet

If you do not want to go for an ancient design faucet, then you can add a simple stainless steel faucet with separate hot and cold water mixer taps. They often go with pedestal sinks. Whatever the design of the bathroom, with these faucets it will be easy to maintain hot and cold water in different seasons.

4. Matte Black Bathroom Faucet

Matte Black Faucet

Every single person wants his bathroom to look classy and perfect. As much time as you spend in your bathroom, you must want it according to your taste. If you have a monochrome bathroom, then this sleek Matte black fixture is the one you should go for.

Matte black faucet is made with high quality material and a 1.8 GPM flow rate it has a single hole and dual installation of hot and cold lines. This high quality faucet gives you a lifetime warranty, so at any time you come up with any problem like dripping water, you can call the helpline and claim your free lifetime warranty.

5. Ancient Design Engraved Faucet

Ancient Design Engraved Faucet

The ancient design engraved faucet gives the resemblance of old times. It has flowers engraved on its tap. It can be placed near a two toned glass basin. You can get it in gold or copper color according to the décor and theme of the bathroom.

6. Round glass Waterfall

Round Glass Waterfall

In your modern bathroom, when you have a glass shower and bathtub separation, then you must be looking for glass fixtures and faucets. For that matter, there is Kraus tall round glass waterfall faucet.

This amazing faucet has pop up drain quality as well as it has nickel polish which is easy to clean and rust resistant.

7. Stylish Minimalist Single Hole Faucet

Stylish Minimalist Single Hole Faucet

For a contemporary style bathroom, you can use a single hole matte black bathroom faucet. The material of this faucet is brass which is oil polished so can be cleaned easily. It has a single hole for the water flow and can be placed on a white and grey marble countertop.

People who demand black faucet bathroom ideas over white or other types of faucets will love this surely.

8. Suiswell industrial style bathroom faucet

Suiswell Bathroom Faucet

Suits well industrial style bathroom faucets are one of the most modern and functional bathroom taps. It has a stylish rectangular body with a single handle. You can use this faucet for a lifetime because it has Chrome plating which is rust-resistant. Other than that if you are living alone and do not have much hardware then Do not worry, we have got you covered.

Because it is easy to install and it has a warranty of three years. You can buy this design without any hesitation and if you do not like this product you can call customer service for a full refund. It has a texture of luxury bathroom fixtures.

9. Nickel Bathroom Faucet

Nickel Bathroom Faucet

While decorating your bathroom, one often looks for certified products that last for a long time. This new sleek design bathroom faucet is simple to install with basic tools. Furthermore, for a beautiful presentation of water flow, it has solid brass bathroom fixtures and pulls out the drain.

10. Black above hole faucet

Black Above Hole Faucet

This is a yodel single-handle waterfall faucet. The material of this faucet is brass which is basically oil rubbed. The height of this faucet is 7.3 inches. The supply hoses are early assembled so you do not have to worry about its installation. The special sleek designed faucet produces minimum noise so keeping the overall bathroom noise free.

11. Single handle one hole Faucet

Single Handle One Hole Faucet

This is a temperature control shower faucet. The faucet attached behind the faucet looks exquisite in any bathroom. You can use this steel faucet with a white porcelain basin.

A single handle helps you to maintain the temperature of the water as it has built-in dual functionality of hot and cold water. It can be rotated in any direction hence providing ease of use. If you’re looking for kitchen faucet ideas along with bathroom fixtures ideas I highly recommend this product.

12. Convertible Double handle Faucet

Convertible Double Handle Faucet

If you have a big bathroom and sink then this will suit you perfectly. The Smaterfresh water faucet comes with a convertible double handle so one handle is for hot water and the other one is for cold.

It will take some time to adjust but once you get used to the product, it is hands down one of the best products. It can be converted into a drinking fountain with just one adapter, making it easy to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.

13. Cloakroom bathroom mixer tap

Cloakroom Bathroom Mixer Tap

For smooth long lasting water flow in your bathroom, this is one of the most convenient options. This water mixer has a long neck and round body. The water flow can be managed according to your desire and the same is the case with the temperature of the water.

The optimum faucet has a warranty of 3 years so if your faucet stops working during these 3 years you can easily replace it.

14. Kraus tall round Bathroom mixer

Kraus Tall Round Bathroom Mixer

While moving into a new place, you should choose all your appliances and fixtures very carefully. In your bathroom, you can use a different faucet. One of the great options available in the market is the Kraus tall round bathroom water mixer.

It has one single hole for water flow along with a single tap. One of the advantages is it does not splash water everywhere hence keeping your counter neat and dry.

15. 360 Rotate Swivel Faucet

360 Rotate Swivel Faucet

For a durable long-lasting option, you can use a swivel 360 degree rotatable faucet. It is a premium quality faucet which can last for a long time. It has two streams of water “the bubbles trim and the smooth flow”. With that option, you can change it according to your convenience. The filters used in this rotatable adaptor are environment friendly. It is suitable for both bathroom and kitchen faucets.

16. Antique Flower engraved Faucet

Antique Flower Engraved Faucet

The vintage antique flower engraved faucets are from the 1990s. It can be used as garden faucets because of its beautiful carved design. It has a tap attached to it for balancing the flow of water. If your bathroom has rustic décor then it will be the perfect addition to your bathroom.

17. Long neck two handle faucet

Long Neck Two Handle Faucet

For a pedestal sink, when the space is quite congested then you must be looking for something that will not look odd. The long neck two handle traditional faucet is the one you should go for. The two separate taps help you to maintain hot and cold temperature of water. The water drainage supply is hidden behind the pedestal sink for a neat and clean display.

18. Gold Faucet and Fixture

Gold Faucet And Fixture

If you have two separate sinks, one for you and another one for your partner then to make it aesthetically appealing you can use this gold bathroom faucet and fixture.

The decent and unique bathroom faucet has its own charm in the bathroom and can be attached to any size of the basin. For the other basin, you should go for a silver faucet. The perfect combination of gold and silver do exist!

19. Black two taped Faucet on pedestal sink

Black Two Taped Faucet On Pedestal Sink

You can pair your pedestal white sink with black faucet. As the pedestal sink has maximum counter space, then you should utilize it by placing a soap holder and getting a two tapped faucet. This faucet design is sleek and unique and can match any décor easily.

20. Farmhouse style brass Faucet

 Farmhouse Style Brass Faucet

The farmhouse-style bathroom often requires all the furniture and fixtures that represent the antique yet classy theme. For your bathroom sink vessel, you can use this antique retro-style brass faucet. It is small in height so won’t cause much splash of water. Furthermore, it has a mini handle attached to it for changing the water pressure. 

This faucet can be used as a farmhouse kitchen faucet.

21. Rustic Brass Engraved Faucet

Rustic Brass Engraved Faucet

The antique rustic brass engraved faucet has flowers engraved on its handle. Along with that, it has a blue and red round button attached to it. It will help you to remember which side is hot and cold. On a brown and rustic marble countertop, if you have a beige theme in your bathroom, it will be a perfect addition.

22. Dual Purpose multi-functional Faucet

Dual Purpose Multi-Functional Faucet

Modern bathroom should have all modern accessories and fixtures. If you agree with that, then this dual purpose multi-functional faucet is the one you should use in your bathroom. It has a luxury style rotation. With 2 faucet openings, it can be rotated in any direction. You can convert it into spray style or smooth flow of water depending upon your desire.

23. Two toned deck mounted hand shower

Two Toned Faucet Design

The next design we have for you is a two toned deck mounted hand shower. It has a lever style handle with a single hole for water flow. The outline of the faucet is oil rubbed bronze colored. The BWE faucet is often considered a farmhouse style faucet because of its unique design.

24. Dow tap hole bathroom faucet

Dow Tap Hole Bathroom Faucet

The Nickel brushed faucet is 4 inches long with two handles. One is for hot water supply and the other one is for cold water. It has an updated water drainage system installed in it. You can easily use the pop-up drain with a traditional lift method. The sleek round body of the faucet is made for daily use.

25. Antique Gold solid brass shower fixtures

Antique Gold Faucet

The antique gold faucet is easy to install. It is built with brass which has anti clogging properties so your hair doesn’t get clogged in the drain. It comes with all necessary items for installation so if you do not need a plumber to get it fixed on your sink. It also provides you with maximum durability because of its stainless steel material.

26. Luxury Bathroom Faucet

Luxury Bathroom Faucet

The luxury style bathroom faucet has cross designed faucet taps. The faucet is easy to install and constructed with brass for corrosion resistance. It is easy to clean with mild soap and provide maximum durability and reliability.

27. Cornet Gold Faucet

Cornet Gold Faucet

The stylish three toned copper tap is handcrafted and custom made according to the size of your bathroom and sink. It has 3 shades i.e. copper, gold and bronze. It is easy to install but the taps require alteration after it is installed and the water pressure is applied.

The industrial style faucet does not provide you with any warranty as they are custom made according to the size of your space.

28. Black Sleek Standing Faucet

Black Sleek Standing Faucet

The black steel standing faucet is constructed by European style modern art design. It comes with a round glass sink vessel. The drainage system is chrome plated. It is one of the most luxurious designed bathroom sink vessels and can be mounted directly on the counter.

29. Flower Design Green Glass Faucet

Flower Design Green Glass Faucet

While decorating your bathroom, do not be afraid of adding colors to it. Colors can be in the form of rugs, curtains as well as sink and faucet. The New glass waterfall faucet comes with a glass vessel sink and has flowers engraved in it. It is made up of tempered glass which is scratch resistant. One of the qualities which make it different from others is, it is hand painted. The beauty of your bathroom can be depicted through this glass vessel and faucet.

30. Black Faucet with black and blue sink

Black Faucet With Black And Blue Sink

You most certainly cannot forget about the type of sink and bathroom vessel while getting a faucet. Get the combination of both bathroom vessel and faucet. The new glass vessel looks like it has the whole ocean inside it because of its unusual unique bathroom faucets design and construction. The matte black rectangular faucet with a single handle is attached to the counter for a smooth flow of water.

31. Side Mounted Steel Faucet

Side Mounted Steel Faucet

The new sleek designed stainless steel faucet is just like suits with good faucets with rectangular bodies. It is mounted on one side of the basin rather than in front of it. The aesthetic decorative sense of the designer has made it possible to place the minimal faucet on one side along with flower and decorative items. You can also place candles on the side of this sink as it has added space because of its unique design.

32. Dual handle gold faucet

Dual Handle Gold Faucet

When the interior of your bathroom is decorated with all luxurious gold items from chandelier to towel holders then you should go for dual handle gold faucets too without giving it a second thought.

This luxurious gold faucet is in matte gold color and the taps of the faucet is a combination of cross and circle design. The finishes of the faucet give an antique look and enhance the visual appeal of your sink.

33. Latest Bathroom Faucet

Latest Bathroom Faucet

The antique high profile faucet is a single handle single hole faucet. The brass material of the faucet maintains the durability of the faucet and long necks help the smooth water flow. The classic design of this faucet can act as a statement maker in your bathroom.

34. Single moving steel faucet

Single Moving Steel Faucet

The grey metallic finish of the faucet provides a comfortable experience. It has a single tap but with a built-in the capability of maintaining water temperature. The VONTON brand specifically deals with such a type of faucet and available in stainless steel and dull black color.

35. Frog Shaped matte gold faucet

Frog Shaped Matte Gold Faucet

The old style faucet is a frog shaped matte gold faucet. It can be used as a garden hose and in bathrooms as well. In ancient times people used to place those in their gardens with their fountains and the water used to come directly from the mouth of the frog. But here the tap of the faucet is frog shaped but has a single hole for the water flow.

36. Gold Faucet combined with antique basin

Gold Faucet Combined With Antique Basin

On a wooden vanity, you can integrate this faucet along with blue and white basin vessels. The combination of the faucet and sink displays distinctiveness. It has drain assembly finishes. The minimal arrangement of the faucet and sink on the side of the flower vase completes the style of the bathroom.

37. Unique bending Design Faucet

Unique Bending Design Faucet

This unique bending designed faucet is offered by Wovier. Because of its design it takes a little more space than usual traditional faucets. You can install it in your guest bathroom. One drawback of this product is that it does not come with a pop up drain. The aerated water stream helps the water flow without causing water splash.

38. Delta Ashlyn Faucet

Delta Ashlyn Faucet

The substantial delta faucet is a two handle faucet. It comes with a drainage assembly. The supply lines are also included in this faucet set so you do not have to spend extra money on this faucet plumbing. The ceramic disc installed in it helps to reduce the risk of leakage at any point in life. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

39. Bath lavish Bathroom Faucet

Bath Lavish Bathroom Faucet

Bath lavish offers a variety of faucet designs. One of those designs is compact silver polished stainless steel faucets. It has a rectangular body with a deck to mount directly on the sink. It has a drip free ceramic disc for water drainage and maintains the reliability of the product. The unique assembly of this faucet will give you lifetime performance.

40. Valisy lead free polished Bathroom Faucet

Valisy Lead Free Polished Bathroom Faucet

Valise lead-free polished faucet is a two-handled four-inch center set. The red and blue lining on the handle of the faucet represents the hot and cold water handle. The pop-up drain and water supply hoses are also included in this package. Valise brand provides you with 12 month 100% money-back guarantee in case of any problem.

Final Words

The incredible bathroom faucet will increase the visual appeal of the bathroom. You can choose from a variety of brands while keeping all the qualities and performances of the faucets in mind. Any faucet will get the job done. You just have to choose the one that will match the theme of your bathroom.

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