40 Exotic & Aesthetic Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms are mostly taken for granted and not cared enough when it comes to decorating parts. We often are excited about decorating other parts of the home like the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc but may not give much importance to the bathroom. An average person spends 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom.

And for some, the best ideas come while taking shower, funny but true. But getting the Right Idea at the right time is important. Simple things can make a great difference and change the overall look of your bathroom.

Today we will see the 40 best exotic bathroom ideas that will not only give it a unique and gorgeous feel but also budget-friendly.

Minimalism Bathroom Aesthetic Ideas Decor and Design

1. Bath Tub with Barn Wood Relaxation Tray

BathTub with Barn Wood Relaxation Tray

This unique idea gives a spa-like feel in the comfort of your own home. Keep your favorite candles and book on this barn wood tray and go in relaxation mode after the rough day. It takes small space but gives a major impact. Unique yet relaxing.

2. All White Bathrooms

All White Bathrooms
Image: ikea

All white is always in style. It gives a clean and rich look to the bathrooms. It makes it look more spacious and stylish. Perfect lighting and white cabinets make it more lucrative. Having a blanket ladder to hang towels and a mirror of your choice results in simple and amazing bathroom decor.

3. Bathe on a Bed of Pebbles

Having a bath on a bed of pebbles gives such a natural and exotic look to your bathroom. The natural stone works amazing with a botanical theme and wooden elements. This gives a unique touch to the bathroom with beautiful faucets and fixtures.

4. LED Lighting To Glow Up Your Bathroom

LED adds a different level of luxury to the bathrooms. Even a bathroom with the most simple design can become lit if made proper use of lighting. Using correct LED lights can give a luxurious yet a clean and subtle effect.

5. Terrace Bathroom

Creating a terrace bathroom is a unique but exciting idea. Enjoy nature with natural light and outdoor beauty. Adding few plants will not only purify the air but also enhance the overall look. It is relaxing and fun.

6. Textured Wall For a Rich Look

Using textured feature walls transforms the overall look of your bathroom. Adding focused lighting and a few decorative elements with a perfect large mirror can add a romantic feel to your bathroom. You can also make use of the wallpapers and window curtains which give such a look.

7. Twinkling Lights beneath Your Tub

Adding twinkling lights below your tub gives a starry and dreamy look to your bathroom. Creates a magical look with a combination of white and blue surroundings.
Select the lights that match the theme of your bathroom.

8. Metallic Effect Bathrooms

Metallic Effect Bathrooms

Giving a metallic touch creates a luxe modern effect. It adds up a luxurious and modern look with a combination of white, brown, and golden touches. A big golden mirror with the shape of your choice will look amazing.

9. Old World Look To The Bathrooms

Bead boards, brass picture frames, classic mirrors, and vintage light fixtures can give an old and serious look to the bathrooms. This is perfect for people who want to add an old yet classic feel to their bathroom.

10. Warm Pink Colored Bathroom

Pink color gives flattering results whether used in the bedroom, dressing room, or bathroom. It adds a soft and subtle look to the bathroom. And pink is a most liked color of girls but it gives a beautiful and cute look.

11. Smart Organizer For Your Bathroom

Smart Organizer For Your Bathroom

Above all, a bathroom should be clean and tidy. Using a few baskets and trays to organize supplies and toiletries can give study and clean look. Installing small cabinets of wood or other can serve the purpose better.

12. High Hanging Shelves

High Hanging Shelves

Making use of all available space is a smart way if you have a small bathroom.
Using high hanging shelves at the wall or corners helps in a great way. This free the space on the floor and makes it look more spacious.

13. Stylish Toilet Paper Holder

Stylish Toilet Paper Holder.

A stylish toilet paper holder is a small but attractive change you can make in your bathroom for a lush and lucrative look. A decorative holder that matches well with the other decor in the bathroom. It is a small but attractive thing  to  try.

14. Vintage Botanicals

A dark accent with a vintage botanical wallpaper or accessories gives a chick look to your bathroom. Having a vintage theme with a blend of white always is attention-grabbing. If vintage is your style, then do not miss trying this amazing idea out for your bathroom.

15. Kaleidoscope Wallpaper In Your Bathroom

Kaleidoscope is fun without any doubt, but about having it in your bathroom. Having a kaleidoscope wallpaper to your bathroom not only adds a fun element but also makes it look bigger and spacious. There are many such wallpapers woodwork but you can  also try other ones if you like.

16. DIY For Your Bathroom

DIY For Your Bathroom

If you enjoy doing creativity, making DIY stuff for your bathroom is a great idea. Hanging buckets, wall frames and a lot many things can give it a fun edge. The fact that it is a reuse of your waste material and also pocket friendly is worth giving a try and also can make use of your free time for creative purposes. To make your work easier, we collect some awesome bathroom accessories ideas separately.  

17. Vintage Vase And Bright flowers

Bright flowers places with a cool vintage vase give a lively look to your bathroom. Have your favorite flowers as the sweet aroma of flowers level ups your mood. And gives a classy look with a perfect set of other accessories and decor. Try to find antique vases for a better look.

18. Ultimate Spa Vibes

Organizing the bathrooms with towels rolled instead of folding and coordinating the rest of your bathroom with just two or three selected colors, and having relaxing candles elevates your bathroom into a spa. Small things can make a big difference in your bathroom.

19. Makeup Shelves

A simple makeup organizer shelves help in a great way to keep your makeup organized and in one place. This gives your bathroom a clean and tidy look.  This is helpful to avoid messy countertops and the frustration that comes with them.

20. Towel Racks On Door

Towel Racks On Door

Keeping towels behind the door to free up extra space which otherwise would have been used to place them. This gives an elegant look and can be a great idea for small bathrooms. It also makes perfect use of the back of the door.

21. Unique Shapes For Your Bathroom Decor

Unique shapes make your bathroom look unique. Adding an antique cabinet, a frame, and even a differently styled mirror can be amazing. It is perfect for people who like things in a different and unique style. Try hunting out unique items to play them In the bathroom.

22. Dark Walls For Intense Look

Dark Walls For Intense Look

Dark color to the walls can give a deep intense look to your bathroom. The sink and other things in contrast to the wall will give it an outstanding look. Dark themes are always attention-grabbing and give it a bold and intense feel.

23. Oversized Art On Wall

Keep an Oversized painting on the wall. It creates an artistic look and a focal point in the bathroom. A great idea for all the art lovers out there. And if you are good at painting, you can make it on your own. You can add up a good picture or a quote of your like.

24. Optical Illusion Bathroom Wallpaper

The word optical illusion sounds amazing on its own. It helps in creating a more spacious look. A combination of white and a couple of well designed mirrors along with a few lights will make it look wow.

25. Hanging Pants For A Floral Bathroom

Hanging Pants For A Floral Bathroom

For all those plant lovers out there, what about having a hanging plant rack in your bathroom? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Having a hanging rack or placing a few of them on the wall adds a different level to your bathroom.

26. Laundry Bin Under Sink

Laundry Bin Under Sink

Placing the bin under the sink is a smart idea if your bathroom is small and you are looking to free up your space a bit. Keep a small bin under your sink and be careful about its size and look. It shouldn’t make it a messy look after all.

27. Shower Curtains for the Bathrooms

Shower Curtains for the Bathrooms

Another small but attractive change you can make is by adding a curtain around your shower. It enhances the overall look and adds an artistic yet cozy look to your bathroom. It also adds an element of privacy too.

28. Tall Hanging Curtain For Shower

Tall Hanging Curtain For Shower

Hanging a long curtain on the windows if you have a big window is an amazing idea. It will help in controlling the light emerging from outside and gives a rich and larger window look. Matching curtains with your wall  color  or decor  will look amazing.

29. Adding A Fireplace In Your Bathroom

Adding a fireplace next to the bathtub provides warmth and style to your bathroom. It gives a romantic and cozy vibe in the bathroom. Make sure you place it at the right palace for better results.

30. Modern Letters Wall Art For Your Bathroom

Modern Letters Wall Art For Your Bathroom

Adding letters to your bathroom is such a different and fun thing to do. If you can’t find some right sayings for the frames, try making up some letters on your own. This gives extra detail and grabs attention.

31. Wooden floating bathroom shelves

Wooden floating bathroom shelves

Wood adds texture and design to your bathroom. A combination of white and brown in the bathroom looks adorable. Wood looks amazing but also needs care and space. And need to be guarded against water.

32. Letter Bath Hanging Design

Letter Bath Hanging Design

Hanging an oversized letter sign in your decor is always amazing. You can have any other word instead of bath. There’s even a cool distressed look about it. You can always create your own with simple DIY tricks.

33. Distressed Mirror And Light Fixtures for Your Bathroom

Distressed Mirror And Light Fixtures for Your Bathroom

Wooden and mason jar gives it a farmhouse-like feel. Mirror with distressed wooden frames and jar lights add up to your decor. If you want to decorate your farmhouse bathroom, this idea is perfect.

34. Keeping a Funny Toilet Wall Sign

keeping a Funny Toilet Wall Sign.

Adding humor to your bathroom  is appreciated by many. See the correct size of funny wall sign and hang it so that it is directly visible and not missed out. After all, humor always grabs attention.

35. Rope Wrapped Waste Basket

If you like recycling things then try making a rope wastebasket for your bathroom. It is pocket-friendly and gives a cool look. Make use of unwanted materials and use your own creativity to build up such things if you have time and like doing them.

36. Bathtub Surrounding Wall

Building a simple small stone wall around the tub gives it a natural rustic texture to the bathroom. It is a simple and tiny thing but can change the overall look of your bathtub area. It adds a rustic feel and texture to your bathroom.

37. River Rock Shower Floor

This will create a natural, outdoor, and rustic-look to the floor of the shower. If you like an outdoor and natural touch, try this out. Colorful pebbles give a total amazing look and texture to your bathroom.

38. Wooden Wall Behind Tub

If you are a fan of wood texture, then this is for you. Make use of a weathered barn wood as a focal point behind the tub. This rustic look adds a wow factor to your bathroom.

39. Sink Top Toiletry Tray

Keeping a tray above the sink gives it an organized look. It helps in keeping all the bottles and small accessories at one place. You can make a DIY holder yourself or reuse a tray with a bit of modification for a pocket friendly approach.

40. Create Your Own Bottles For Your Bathroom

Use a simple bottle and add a cool label to it for the bottles used for shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, etc. it gives a personal touch. Making your own customized bottle is a cool idea for those who like to keep a simple and elegant touch.

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