Best 28 White Bathroom Tile Ideas

White is a color that every person needs in their washroom. There are plenty of options like eggshell, smoke white, pearl, and macaroon cream. You can work with any shade you want, and your room will still have plenty of light, it will be breezy and cozy. You can change the tiles, go for a chandelier, bring in plants and add a pop of color to your white bathroom according to your taste.

We have a list of options that you can choose from while selecting white tiles for your bathroom.

1. White Barble Bathroom

White marble bathroom

Simple white bathroom tiles if paired with the right designed tile can make your bathroom stand out against the rest of your house. The marble tiles in any bathroom accent the fixtures and make the space bright and lavish.

2. Subway Tiles

Subway tiles

If you want to remodel your bathroom with a decent neutral shade, then you should go for an all white bathroom with minimalist wooden touches. You can use a storage unit and cabinetry with hints of wood. This bathroom has an attic, and you can enjoy taking shower in this bathroom with bright light every morning.

3. Square Box Tiles

Square box tiles

Inspire your guests with this minimalist chic tile design. These tiles are a perfect fit for your cottage style bathroom. You can use floating shelves to hold your decoration items and some potted plants above the shelves can give the perfect oasis touch.

4. White & Bottle Green Bathroom

White & bottle green bathroom

Installing gorgeous, teal-colored tiles in your bathroom can give a whole new look to it. Pair it up with different colors of white and make it unique. Teal-colored or mint-colored tiles can give a soothing effect to the eyes with minimum effort.

5. Marble Shower Tiles

Marble shower tiles

You can enrich the style of bathroom with white marble tiles for your shower area. Monochrome touches can fulfil the purpose of a theme where you can replace your ordinary vanity with dark black shaded vanity and use vanity light to make the bathroom bright.

6. Diagonal Floor Tiles

Diagonal floor tiles

Chevron tiles are made from water resistant ceramics. The v shape or zigzag design gives a unique and versatile design to your bathroom floor. The gold faucet pops up the pedestal sink of white bathroom with vanity beneath it. You can also add color to your bathroom by adding a nautical wallpaper on the walls.

7. Floor with Polka Dots

Floor with polka dots

Polka dot tiles often act as a timeless beauty. You can use a lacquer polished bathtub and place it right in front of the window. The window will bring in natural light making the whole space cozy. Add greenery to your bathroom by placing a plant in one corner of the bathroom.

8. Monochrome Bathroom Tiles

Monochrome bathroom tiles

When it comes to decorating your bathroom with two contrasts, your mind often goes for a monochromatic look. The two colors work well with each other. You can go for an all white bathroom and add a visual touch with grouts of black tiles.

9. Wavy Walk in Shower Area:

Wavy walk in shower area

Add a dimension to your bathroom with these insanely chic and pretty cozy tiles. The tiles have a wavy 3D effect. The walk-in shower area is enclosed within a glass door providing you with enough space and privacy to enjoy a relaxing but quick shower.

10. White Master Bathroom

White master bathroom

Create your own inspiring and magical bathroom with this master bathroom décor. The perfect spa-like bathroom has a huge bathtub right in front of white wooden framed window. The marble floor gives a luxury touch where the vanity adds a creative feature into your bathroom.

11. Black & White Patterned Floor

Black & white patterned floor

This bathroom has a perfect balance of black and white color contrast. You do not have to add black hues and bring in dark tones to your bathroom, rather you can keep it natural by adding a modern patterned floor with porcelain bathtub and white tiles for the wall.

12. White Painted Bathroom

White painted bathroom

If you do not want to go for white tiles, then the best budget friendly alternative option is adding white painted walls with light colored furniture made from reclaimed wood. The bathroom has white marble countertop with a wooden vanity beneath it.

13. White Basic Bathroom

White basic bathroom

Shiplap bathrooms are perfect for limited spaces. The shiplap bathroom complements rustic touches to ordinary bathrooms by adding wooden shelves and mirror décor.

14. White Smokey Tiles

White smokey tiles

Keep your bathroom from feeling stark with smokey white tiles. This bathroom has a separate walk-in shower area and the glass door acts as a practical solution. The white minimalist bathroom looks more captivating with the accumulation of blossoms.

15. Half Wall Décor

Half wall décor

The bathroom has hexagonal tile design which extends to the walls of the space. Having half the wall covered with tiles can give a unique touch to the bathroom making it look a lot bigger than it is.

16. White Bathroom with Attic

White bathroom with attic

Exude an ambiance in your bathroom with a boho chic attic. The serenity of the bathroom can be maintained with these subway tiles. The retro faucet for the bathtub and shower gives a crisper look to the bathroom.

17. Smokey Tiles with Cloud Texture

Smokey tiles with cloud texture

Evoke an aura of tranquility in your bathroom with smokey tiles with cloud textured. This is a master bathroom which has marble tiles extended all the way up to the walls of the bathroom. The bathroom has black framed mirror that matches well with the tiles of the bathroom and a monochromatic vanity.

18. White 3D Tiles

White 3D tiles

While there are a handful of options available in the market to choose from, we most certainly cannot forget about 3D tile design.3D tiles are twisted and with wooden paneling is your go to option while decorating your bathroom. The tiles give the illusion of added depth and act as magic. Nice and clever way to confuse your guests!

19. Different Tiles Combination

Different tiles Combination

Add a slice of class and drama to your bathroom with a different tile design. This bathroom has a separate shower area enclosed with glass panels. The countertop has black accents and a porcelain bathtub. The brass mirror has been hung on a pink painted wall.

20. Shiplap Bathroom Tiles

Shiplap bathroom tiles

Beautifully transform your space with shiplap bathroom tiles. The black mirrors on the wall and the black vanity lights have a neutral and whimsical look in this bathroom. It makes the bathroom airy and fresh. 

21. White Ceramic Tiles

White ceramic tiles

Installing gorgeous concrete or ceramic tiles is a sure way of telling everyone that your bathroom is palatial just like you did with white color pallet. Marble touches being on the floor or countertop is a perfect way to enhance its visual aesthetics. 

22. White and Grey Bathroom

White and grey bathroom

Go for a more modern and fresher look with white and grey bathroom tiles. The bathtub has an attached shower. The large wooden cabinetry can hold all the decorative items in the bathroom. The floor of the bathroom has a grammatical pattern and a mix of grey and white color. If you are a grey lover and looking for grey bathroom tile ideas, you can read our other article.

23. Monochrome Bathroom with Blue Walls

Monochrome bathroom with blue walls

Reinvent your space with classical black and white tiles. Black bathrooms are considered luxurious and classy but with the right hues of white, it can become neutral and whimsical. The black and white striped tiles are simple yet elegant in their own way. The mosaic tiles and jute magazine holder with white pedestal sink is your way to go. You can also add a pop of color with blue painted walls.

24. Small White Bathroom

Small white bathroom

The cramped-up bathroom has a lot of decoration and with the range of variety you can choose the right tiles for your bathroom. You can add a rug, bathtub, some wall frames and the wired floating shelves can hold plants and other decorative frames.

25. White and Pink Bathroom Idea

White and pink bathroom idea

For a perfect blend of class and style, use the elegant white tiles with pink colored wash basin. This bathroom has antique rose gold faucets and fixtures. The bathroom mirror has built-in cabinetry which will set moody tones in the bathroom

26. Bathroom with an Attic

 Bathroom with an attic

Reinvent your small dreary bathroom into this bright attic shower room. A fresh beam of light from the attic will liven up your generic white bathroom. It will bring in all the sunlight in your small bathroom making it a whole lot brighter than it is.

27. Modern White Bathroom

Modern white bathroom

The elegant and on-trend bathroom decoration can be maintained by using modern white tiles in the bathroom. Take the plunge with large vanity and achieve a new elegant theme in a modern white bathroom. This bathroom will be your own spa at home.

28. Victorian White Bathroom

Victorian white bathroom

Vintage décor does not go out of style. Vintage designing and decoration can be achieved with just making small changes like changing the wall décor, making an art gallery, and bright bold colored wallpaper. Vintage Victorian tiles can be expensive, so they are ideal for a small bathroom with limited space. Cover one wall with these Victorian style tiles and another with some flowery bold wallpaper to give an in-depth feeling.

Final Words

Choosing the right layout in your white bathroom can be quite tricky and challenging. But with the right choice of items, you can drastically change the look of your bathroom. 

Implement the above-stated ideas in your bathroom to make it airy and breezy.

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