30+ Dark Grey Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Whether you are looking for dark color contrast or a light grey color pallet, there are so many options from which a person can choose while styling your bathroom. From gold fixtures to the silver sleek design and moving towards different themed vanities, grey-themed bathrooms look radiant and dynamic if styled with the right accessories. Grey bathrooms look versatile and go with any color contrast. Different hues of grey are also available to give your bathroom a classy luxurious look.

So let’s quickly jump on the idea of styling your grey bathroom.

1. GreyBathroom with Wooden Vanity

Use an extended wooden slab in your bathroom as a vanity. The decorative shelf can also be installed on this wooden shelf that will hold some potted plants, books, and towels as well. A table mirror can also be placed on the shelf to make it look more compelling.  You can use a darker shade of grey color as a backsplash in your bathroom.

Grey Bathroom With Wooden Vanity

2. Grey Decor and Wooden Vanity

This bathroom idea is featuring a wall and makes it look completely adorable. The grey bathroom tiles with a hint of white work in perfect harmony. The rectangular sink is sleek and stylish. The wooden cabinetry will perfectly blend in this traditional bathroom. You can install some lights to get perfect lighting while getting ready. 

Grey Decor And Wooden Vanity

3. Minimalist White Vanity

One minimalist budget friendly idea to decorate your bathroom is to have contrasted tiles. The white walls and black floor make the perfect monochromatic washroom. The white vanity with side storage area can perfectly fit all your towels in it. The square big mirror with black matte frame seamlessly makes the bathroom exquisite.

Minimalist White Vanity

4. Extended Double Vanity

Opt for a more modern bathroom with a white bathroom mixed with wooden touches. The timeless effort put in this bathroom makes it one of its kind. The beautiful honey-colored wooden vanity with white deep rectangular wash basin and stainless steel faucet makes an eye catching theme in your bathroom. Give a smooth look to this wooden vanity with some potted greenery. The large glass window will bring a summer breeze to your bathroom.

Extended Double Vanity

5. Grey and Black Vanity

Although the compact style bathroom does not have much space, the toilet is fitting in all the essentials required in a modern bathroom. Grey and black obviously make a statement when used together. The marble polished shiny floor and wall tiles gives a sparkly look to the bathroom and the decent black compact vanity is the heart of this washroom.

Grey And Black Vanity

6. White Vanity with The Hint of Wood

Wooden décor never goes out of style. Whether it is handles, vanity or flooring, wooden decoration can be quite urban, modern and minimalist at the space time. A rail can be inserted beneath the vanity to hang towels. The white grey vanity brightens up the bathroom keeping the décor minimal at this time.

White Vanity With The Hint Of Wood

7. Vanity Beneath Counter

The space beneath the counter often goes unnoticed. So why waste a space when it can be used for a practical storage area. The bathroom featuring a plain grey vanity with space underneath it is the center of attention in this bathroom. For keeping the messiness of the bathroom away, you can use a simple glass separator and get all the steam you can while taking a relaxing bath.

Vanity Beneath Counter

8. White and Grey Contrast Vanity:

For a perfect blend of colors, white can be your go-to option while styling your modern grey bathroom. Grey can be quite boring and give a masculine effect but with the perfect hint of white, it will convert into an elegant space. The round mirror with wooden vanity and wooden wall-mounted space will be a great idea to place decorative items in your bathroom. You can also hang a towel rail on one wall for towel placement in your bathroom.

White And Grey Contrast Vanity

9. Cornered Vanity Idea

Opt for a modern bathroom with a corner vanity idea. The vanity placed in one corner of the bathroom with traditional grey walls with give a dramatic effect if paired with shower area separated by a glass wall. The shower area looks unique because of the tiled patterned walls whereas the space beneath the counter will give easy access to towels and other bathroom caddies.

Cornered Vanity Idea

10. Vanity with Rectangular Basin

No doubt that round basins are getting out of fashion. The new statement making rectangular basin inserted on a wooden polished plank which also serves as vanity is a new setting styling trend. The large mirror placed behind the counter makes the bathroom upbeat while the glass separator gives a unique modern touch to this ordinary bathroom. Our article on makeup vanity ideas might inspire you.

Vanity With Rectangular Basin

11. Indoor Plant Décor

Styling your bathroom without being much creative can be a daunting task. If you do not want to put much thought into the decoration of your bathroom, then this idea will suit you perfectly well. Style up your bathroom with some indoor plants. The indoor plants are very low maintenance and look pretty attractive in any bathroom. Reserve a corner in your bathroom for some fresh plant.

Indoor Plant Décor

12. The Freestanding Tub Décor

Combining a stone grey-colored marble finish tile with a white freestanding tub can make a captivating theme in your bathroom. The placement of a wooden log in a standing manner serves as a stool. The bathroom look timeless and gives a relaxing vibe. The transparent sliding window will bring in a lot of fresh light into your bathroom.

Freestanding Tub Décor

13. Grey and Yellow Geometric Art Décor

Drastically change the look of your bathroom with colorful wallpaper placed behind the mirror and vanity. The long freestanding cabinets will attract the attention of the guest keeping all the mess and necessities at one place. To enlighten the space, use mini lamps hanging from the ceiling. For adding a more relaxing touch, place some neatly folded towels on the counter.

Grey And Yellow Geometric Art Décor

14. Sputnik Chandelier Décor

Decorate your bathroom with ornaments and chandeliers to give a unique look. If you don’t have much space in your bathroom, but still want to make the most of it, then chandeliers are your go to option. This will change the whole mood of the bathroom. people don’t give much attention to small details but the chandelier can change the appeal of your bathroom in an instant. 

Sputnik Chandelier Décor

15. Gold Faucet and Fixtures Bathroom

Bring prestige and royalty to your bathroom by placing matte gold faucets and fixtures in it. A gold faucet combined with a huge chandelier gives a luxurious effect to your bathroom. You can use a double sink and a bathtub made up of marble as a centerpiece in this master bathroom.

Gold Faucet And Fixtures Bathroom

16. Grey Marble Master Bathroom

Choosing the right tile for your bathroom can be quite a task. The size of the tile matters a lot while styling your bathroom. Covering all the walls with some marble shaded tiles can be quite appealing and make the whole space look bigger. Add global pendant lights to your bathroom to make it bright.

Grey Marble Master Bathroom

17. Dark Mirrored Bathroom

No doubt grey is the color of luxury, class, and sophistication. All grey dark-toned bathrooms with a subtle hint of white flush can be easy to clean and maintain. This will give an illusion to your bathroom. Use some light behind the mirror in order to make it brighten and aesthetically and visually pleasing.

Dark Mirrored Bathroom

18. Grey Bathroom with All Modern Touches

This airy modern bathroom has a lot of marble items at one place. Grey can be a really soothing shade combined with marble decorative items and flooring. The double vanity bathroom is a perfect fit for a couple’s bathroom. The bathroom can bring sophistication and versatility to the whole space.

Grey Bathroom With Modern Touches

19. The sleek Vanity Style

Bring prestige to your bathroom with this sleek vanity. This modern black vanity has much space for all the decorations. This bathroom with a round edged mirror is a perfect blend of elegant and on trend design. The upbeat design of the bathroom with designed wallpaper invites the sense of opulence in your bathroom. The countertop is combined with black cabinet giving you maximum space to utilize and keeping all the products within your reach.

Sleek Vanity Style

20. Printed Tiled Bathroom

Create your dream bathroom with printed tiled bathroom wallpaper. The light wallpaper with geometrical pattern gives a unique white wash effect. This will add depth and detail to your simple powder room. The wall featuring a mirror with a steel border looks radiant in this grey bathroom. If you do not want to go all grey then you can choose a wooden polished floor in this bathroom.

Printed Tiled Bathroom

21. Slate Grey Bathroom Décor

The light bright slate grey bathroom walls paired with heritage dark counter can act as a modern take on traditional bathroom. The cornered bath tub provides a nice focal point with all black matte faucets. The frameless mirror gives a depth to your bathroom keeping the décor pretty minimal.

Slate Grey Bathroom Décor

22. All Grey Contemporary Bathroom

If you do not like too much colors in your bathroom then all grey contemporary bathroom can be your go to option. Cornered vanity and washbasin can fit every space effectively. You can use a two in one mirrored cabinet to store all your stuff in your bathroom. It will bring little natural light from the ceiling. You can add greenery to your bathroom by placing a mini plant on the back of your toilet seat.

All Grey Contemporary Bathroom

23. Light Grey Farmhouse Bathroom

Being a fan of grey colored décor, one can most certainly transform his bathroom in hues of grey with mosaic grey tiles and glass separator between the vanity and shower area. The slate grey countertop with silver faucets compliments and contrasts the bathroom without much effort. The space underneath the vanity can be consumed for practical storage. 

Light Grey Farmhouse Bathroom

24. Grey Subway Tile

Light grey subway tiles can create a classic, eclectic style in your bathroom. Pair it up with white porcelain bathtub and some grey rug on the floor to complete the look of your cottage style bathroom. A rustic clock behind the mirror can help in achieving a more compact look. Although grey is considered boring, with these touches any tone of grey will pop up.

Grey Subway Tile

25. Sweet Grey Apartment Bathroom

Indeed the apartment bathroom is smaller but still a small space can be decorated in a variety of ways. One way is to add bathtub in one corner so it will not come in your way while getting dressed up for a perfect evening. The light grey tone and window at the back of the bathtub will bring in natural light to your bathroom and make the whole space breezy.

Sweet Grey Apartment Bathroom

26. Pearl Grey Bathroom Style

The pearl grey limestone tiles in your bathroom will bring a modern take on the traditional bathroom. The much needed shine will make your bathroom sparkle leaving the guest amazed. The matte black compact vanity will accumulate the clutter in your bathroom and a frameless mirror will give a whimsical touch to your bathroom. 

Pearl Grey Bathroom Style

27. Grey Bath with Modern Wall Print

Add a dramatic touch to your bathroom with some wall art. The wall art adds a perfect gender neutral touch to your bathroom. The marble tiles floor with dark toned wall will brighten up the bathroom with light grey vanity. It is just a matter of color game, how you play with colors in order to give a harmonious vision to your bathroom. 

Grey Bath With Modern Wall Print

28. Grey and White Contemporary Bathroom

There are so many ways in which you can style your grey traditional bathroom. The contemporary master bathroom has a freestanding tub and the tub area is highlighted with dark floor tiles. To make a contrasting statement in the bathroom, combine it with dark colored vanity. Add some joy and flair to the bathroom with some colored decoration pieces.

Grey And White Contemporary Bathroom

29. Bricked Grey Finished Tile Bathroom

The brick style walls never go out of fashion. They give a rustic old look but keep the modernism of the space alive. The matte bricked wall can be combined with nickel brushed faucets. Being in one corner of the washroom, it does not take up much space but the wallpaper incorporating a mirror gives a visual effect to the bathroom. 

Bricked grey finished tile bathroom

30. Grey Vanity With Double Sink

Spruce up your bathroom with simple grey shade vanity. The double vanity with cabinets will give you enough space to store all your stuff. The vanity is topped with marble countertop and rectangular sink. More so, you can decorate your shelf with some mini potted plants. You can make a pretty combination by changing the wallpaper of one wall. 

Grey Vanity With Double Sink

All this décor will give a pretty look to your bathroom.

Final Words

Whether you are living in a space apartment or have a big bathroom in your house, grey can be your ultimate option for decorating your bathroom. Any color pallet can be used to style your bathroom in a unique manner. You can go for mosaic tiles or Moroccan-style bathrooms and do color contrast while decorating your bathroom in a grey tone.

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