Best 40 Small Walk-in Shower Tile Ideas

Small walk-in bathrooms have limited space. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decorate your bathroom with congested space. In order to make the most of your small bathroom, you can change the flooring, walls, sinks and curtains around the windows. Bathroom tiles being glossy, made of marble, color contrasts play an important part in styling your bathroom.

Let’s explore some white, grey, and other tiles ideas by which you can change the tiles of your bathroom to give it an artistic look.  

1. Slate Grey Tiles

Slate grey tiles

Show your creative style with slate grey colored tiles in your bathroom. Grey color can be used with a combination of colors hence making it a neutral shade to go in your bathroom. The small walk-in shower has a glass enclosed shower area covered with white tiles giving a plain yet classy look to the bathroom.

2. Wall Covered Tiles

Wall covered tiles

This shower enclosure has an attic ceiling, and both the walls and floor are covered with grey colored tiles with hints of wooden borders. This walk-in shower has an open cabinet to store your bathroom necessities.

3. Matte Grey Tiles

Matte grey tiles

What a person craves from the idea of an outdoor bathtub is a view. You can go out for a summer vacation at a vineyard and get a cottage with an outdoor shower area. It’s like a dream come true. The timeless outdoor shower will give you a relaxing bath time. You can enjoy a cup of coffee with a view while sitting in this bathroom with an incredible view.

4. Mini Graphical Tiles

Mini graphical tiles

Most of the time we have to make do with our small bathroom and if you do not want to be creative with bathroom then you can incorporate your creative ideas into a walk in shower. It has a round glass enclosure with mini graphical tiles. This walk-in also serves the purpose of a steam room with a built in stool with the same tile combination.

5. Orange and Grey Combination

Orange and grey combination

From gold fixtures to silver sleek design and moving towards different themed vanities, grey themed bathrooms look radiant and dynamic if styled with the right accessories. Grey bathrooms look versatile and go with any color contrast. The walk in shower is covered with grey tiles but the countertop and basin has an orange wall backdrop.

6. Black Tiled Walk in Shower

Black Tiled walk in shower

Cramped up washrooms can mean those who rush in the morning to get out of the house in the morning but if you have a separate shower area then you can easily take a shower and get ready on time. This walk in shower has gold faucets beautifully complementing the black tiles of this area.

7. All White Walk in Shower

All white walk in shower

A white walk in shower can totally change your perception of small bathroom space. You can have an all white bathroom including tiles and counter as well as the wall of shower area. All covered in white theme. Add a hint of black color into the glass separator of your wall in shower. 

8. Blocked Tile Walk in Shower

Blocked tile walk in shower

Small walk in shower can add elegance and an endless amount of style to your ordinary bathroom. Add a stunning touch of glass door to this blocked grey colored shiny tiled bathroom. 

9. Blue Mosaic Tiles

Blue mosaic tiles

You must be very clever with walking in showers in a small bathroom. You have to bring style and practicality, both in one tiny bathroom. For enhancing the style of bathroom, use a featured wall with mosaic tiles in your bathroom. The blue mosaic tiles are perfect for a bathroom where you want to create a unique effect.

10. Beige Walk in Shower

Beige walk in shower

Get stylish with shower tiles in your bathroom. If you have got limited square footage yet tall ceilings, then take advantage of it using rectangular elongated tiles and stacking them upwards. It will draw the attention of your guest by making the bathroom look bigger. You can also get a tinted glass separator in your bathroom.

11. Silver Shiny Tiles

Silver shiny tiles

Tiles in shower area play a vital role in styling your bathroom. keep it simple yet classy with shiny silver tiles and add a dramatic touch with wooden vanity and glass separator. 

12. Teal Walk in Shower

Teal walk in shower

Installing gorgeous, teal-colored tiles in your bathroom can give a whole new look to it. Pair it up with different colors of white and make it unique. Teal colored or mint-colored tiles can give a soothing effect to eyes with minimum effort.

13. White Bricked Shower

White bricked shower

Never underestimate the style power of white themed bathroom when white comes in a multitude of different hues.  This walk in bathroom shower has a combination of shower and bathtub. The bath tub is enclosed in glass walls making the space look bigger. 

14. Black Marble Mixed Shower

Black marble mixed shower

Never go overboard with styling your bathroom interior. You can simply make a feature wall as a focal point. Black bathrooms are often considered luxurious and classy. Install winning hardware in your bathroom to add a unique touch.

15. Walk in Shower with Brown Touches

Walk in shower with brown touches

Be creative with storage solutions and hardware in your small walk in shower. This bathroom has brown touches all over the space, but the winning storage area makes the whole space look wonderful. Install two shows in your bathroom instead of one.

16. White Shiplap Tiles

White shiplap tiles

White tiles come in a variety of colors and textures. it matches perfectly well with other colors making a soothing color pallet. It makes the bathroom much airier and more open. This walk-in shower has unique tiled flooring and the walls and ceiling of the bathroom gives a shiplap effect.

17. Grey Marble Shower

Grey marble shower

Installing gorgeous concrete or ceramic tiles is a sure way of telling everyone that your bathroom is palatial just like you did with white color pallet. Marble touches being on the floor or countertop is a perfect way to enhance its visual aesthetics. 

18. Rustic Wooden Shower

Rustic wooden shower

Rustic décor can be the heart of any home décor. Whether it is made of reclaimed wooden furniture or old mid-century furniture, rustic décor gives a feeling of warmth and coziness. The rugged wooden ceiling  can create an interesting effect in your bathroom. It has the same wood board floor and a round bathtub with a wooden tray to keep all your pretty things.

19. 3 toned Black Tiled Shower

3 toned black tiled shower

This walk-in shower bathroom has a combination of tiles ranging from different hues of black. The flooring of the walk-in shower is totally different from the rest of the bathroom. dividers and screens will cut off the line of vision making the room look smaller. The glass shower wall divider is perfect for small bathrooms as it serves the purpose without limiting the view.

20. White Bathroom with Grey Floor

White bathroom with grey floor

Clean, elegant and efficient!

A perfect way to decorate your bathroom is without excessive fuss and décor. Its modern minimalist features include clean lines, neutral colors and bare walls. You can get the job done by adding a half glass wall around a shower with grey flooring.

21. Industrial Style Bathroom

Industrial style bathroom

Industrial bathroom means exposed pipes and dark brown colored fixtures in the bathroom. Industrial bathroom ceilings are so in fashion and can be a trendsetter. The bathroom is a combination of wooden and industrial style bathroom. It has a faux fur rug with an industrial style stool placed near the bathtub.

22. 3 Bronze Shower

3 bronze shower

Why adjust with one shower when you can add more to your bathroom?

Add 3 different shaped showers to your bathroom. The bronze fixtures in this beige tiled bathroom are perfect and complete in their true form.

23. Ceiling Attached Shower

Ceiling attached shower

The small narrow bathroom works thanks to its creative and strategic lighting. Textured hexagon tiles provide character and accent to the room without disrupting its all-beige theme. It has a shower directly attached to the ceiling and adjusts the water temperature automatically.

24. Stoned Wall Separator

Stoned wall separator

The spectacular interior design of this bathroom will make you forget about its small size. Bring in the drama with stones wall separator , beige colored floor and accents and the arresting wall features. This walk in shower can provide you with all the privacy that you need.

25. Narrow Walk in Shower

Narrow walk in shower

This bathroom is chic, beautiful and timeless. Although it has a limited flooring and is narrow , it brings a lot of nostalgia with its vintage theme and ambiance. It has light grey colored combination tiles.

26. Patterned Walk in Tiles

Patterned walk in tiles

Chic and delightful as well as modern and efficient!

This well appointed bathroom features patterned white walls and matching floor, glass enclosed shower, ample lighting and accent walls in a gorgeous navy blue shade.

27. Shiplap Tiles with Patterned Floor

Shiplap tiles with patterned floor

This completely efficient modern white bathroom doesn’t need much space. The huge light box in the shower provides ample lighting. The glass separator keeps the room open and the white interiors help make the room appear bigger than it really is.

28. Wavy Tiles

Wavy tiles

The walls of this bathroom are in minimal styling, subdued colors and minimal textures. The walls of this bathroom have tiles with waves texture and urge your guest to touch and feel it.

29. White Tiles with Wooden Flooring

White tiles with wooden flooring

This predominantly white bathroom makes use of every available floor space without crapping the room. The complete bathroom includes a shower, the vanity sink and counter, mirror with cabinetry and more space to move around.

30. Walk in Shower with Attic

Walk in shower with attic

Your modern minimalist bathroom doesn’t have to be boring and mediocre. This small modern bathroom takes on the modern look with a lot of aplomb coming from the striking metallic accents and monochromatic texture of walls and floor implants.

31. Mosaic Monochromatic Shower Floor

Mosaic monochromatic shower floor

This small bathroom is complete, efficient and gorgeous. A well-planned design includes a wall separator, a shower area right in front of a window to bring in all the natural light and fresh breeze into your bathroom. The bathroom features mosaic monochromatic patterned tiles with an attic.

32. Glass Enclosed Shower

Glass enclosed shower

Create an illusion of width by halving the walls and with creative tiling. This narrow bathroom is covered with glass walls and gets a boost from its white tiles on the lower half and patterned basil green tiles on the upper wall portion.

33. Minimalist Glass Shower

Minimalist glass shower

This small bathroom appears bigger because of the big skylight, the mirror across it, the white interiors and from its ample lighting. The subway tile accent wall draws in the eye while the warm wood themed flooring at a touch of bucolic charm. 

34. Attic Shower

Attic shower

Reinvent your small dreary bathroom into this bright attic shower room. A fresh beam of light from the attic will liven up your generic stoned wall bathroom. It will bring in all the sunlight in your small bathroom making it a whole lot brighter than it is.

35. Modern Walk in Shower

Modern walk in shower

This modern compact bathroom is big in style, small in size and efficient in its space. The glassed-in shower is located at the end of the room, next to an accent in the toilet area. The multipurpose room also acts as a steam room.

36. Cottage Walk in Shower

Cottage walk in shower

The small bathroom gets a surprise element with its wonderful built-in shower area. The sleek white interiors get disrupted by mosaic tiles with monochromatic borders around it.

37. Small Shower Unit

Small shower unit

Create the right ambiance and look for your bathroom by adding the right lighting implements. This small bathroom gets a dramatic vibe from the unique and stunning light placement and wash basin right next to the shower.

38. Contemporary Shower Area

Contemporary shower area

The modern sophistication of grey slate and beige tiles give this small bathroom a luxurious air despite its size. The unfussy and elegant beige walls are matched by the grey slate floor and minimalist interiors.

39. Modern Round Walk in Shower

Modern round walk in shower

This huge bathroom has a walk -in shower right in the middle of it. The bathroom is equipped with modern charms and the walk-in shower is just cherry on the top.

40. Outdoor Shower Area

Outdoor shower area

Adding a glass wall to your shower will give a view of the outside. It will also open up the room and visually extend its walls. This smallish bathroom appears larger than actually is thanks to the strategic glass placement around the shower area. The outside walk in shower helps you to relax with a beautiful view.

Final Words

You can enjoy an amazing experience of a walk-in shower with these styled and dramatically themed tiles. Tiles can be the most noticeable feature of any bathroom. Choose the best suited tiles that match well with the theme of your bathroom and enjoy your shower.

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