35+ Best Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

While living in a small apartment, storage can be a tricky issue. You may not find an appropriate place to store all your items like toilet paper, tissues, cleaning items, and many more. It would be weird to run out of toilet paper and call someone to bring you some. In order to keep this clean and at the right place, you need accessories and storage items. For that matter, we have prepared a list of toilet paper storage options that you can use according to your convenience. 

Let us look at some ideas to store your toilet paper:

1. Vertical storage rack

Vertical storage ideas are one of the most practical ones. You do not have to find an extra spot to place storage items and can fit any narrow space. This is a narrow vertical shelf which has a lot of shelves available, so you can add as many tissues as you want on it. It has a shelf on top of it to place some decorative mason jar on top of it.

For a more relaxing bath, you can light some candles on the top shelves. These fragranced candles will refresh your whole mood in one go. And for your kids, you can decorate the bathroom Elf on the shelf.

Vertical Storage Rack

2. Toilet Roll Holder

If you do not want to invest in heavy furniture and racks, then you can surely get this hook for you. You can get a stainless-steel hook as a tissue holder and can move it anywhere in the bathroom according to your convenience. 

Toilet Roll Holder

3. Toilet Paper Stand with Reserve

Toilet paper dispensing is very necessary in any bathroom. This nickel polished stand comes with an additional rod to keep reserve of the extra tissue paper, so just in case if you run out of tissues in the bathroom, you do not have to call someone to provide you with tissues. The nickel polished tissue rack is rust resistant and can hold up to 4 tissue paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Stand With Reserve

4. Wired Toilet Stand

Different decorative items make a great impact while decorating your bathroom. One of the great ideas is to get a wired basket and place it anywhere in the bathroom. It will give you some extra room to store your toilet papers and towels in it.

Wired Toilet Stand

5. Wooden minimalist rack

This wooden minimalist rack, without consuming too much floor space, laying in one corner of the bathroom holds all your tissue. This tissue rack is compact and polished with grey paint giving a luxurious look to the bathroom. It has a mini drawer at the bottom to keep your essentials in one place.

Wooden Minimalist Rack

6. Better Living Bathroom Product

Better living deals with a variety of bathroom products. One of them is their tissue paper holder in the bathroom. You need something that can fit in small spaces and can also look good in the bathroom. You can use this powder coated decorative tissue paper hold and it can store up to 4 tissue rolls.

Better Living Bathroom Product

7. Richard Homewares Toilet Paper

Elevate and decorate your bathroom with this beautiful tissue holding solution. This tissue is by Richard homewares, it is a compact vertical storage solution. A full-length opening makes it easy for you to remove extra rolls from this rack. You can store up to 4 rolls in this stylish and sophisticated tissue holder.

Richard Homewares Toilet Paper

8. Adjustable bathroom Stand

The adjustable tissue storage in the bathroom is made of stainless steel. This finished tissue rack can fit any bathroom perfectly. The tissue holding canister can provide you with hidden storage space and you can hold as many tissues as you want inside that canister.

Adjustable Bathroom Stand

9. Inter Design Metal Tissue Holder

It is always good to have some extra tissue rolls on hand when you have guests coming over or friends are staying at your place. You can get a zig zag designed inter design metal tissue holder in your bathroom. it will hold your tissues and you can move it according to the space available in your bathroom.

Inter Design Metal Tissue Holder

10. Tissue Holder with a Cabinet

For a space savvy idea, try using a tissue holder with a cabinet underneath it. Not fancy, nothing decorative, it will give your bathroom some extra space to store your things, towels and hair styling equipment and extra soaps in there.

This will store your tissues without covering any additional space.

Tissue Holder With A Cabinet

11. Tissue Holder Box

In your modern bathroom, if you want to go for a more practical solution to store your items then, this idea can truly be useful. You can place it at the back of your toilet seat. It can hold your tissues and some potted plants.

Tissue Holder Box

12. Enclosed tissue holder

Having privacy and keeping the bath neat can be done by using one single item. You can use a canister with a lid to keep your tissues. If your bathroom has white theme, then you can get this white coated stainless steel enclosed tissue holder to store your tissues.

Enclosed Tissue Holder

13. Floating tissue shelf

Refresh your bathroom with this wonderful idea of mounting over the toilet floating shelves. You can get them customized according to the size of the bathroom. Do not make it overcrowded so it will not fall.

Floating Tissue Shelf

14. Toilet Paper Holder with Tissue Box

This decorative tissue holder is sleek and can fit any corner of the bathroom. It is made of stainless-steel. It has an attached soap holder dish and comes with an additional rod attached to the tissue paper holder to hang your tissues appropriately.

Toilet Paper Holder With Tissue Box

15. Black wired toilet rack

Add a decent touch to your bathroom with this wired black toilet rack. You can dispense your tissue in this rack and access them easily. You can also move them away or drag them closer to you while using the toilet. It is chrome plated and has a discreet style. 

Black Wired Toilet Rack

16. Colored U-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

These are decent shaped and colored u-shaped toilet paper holders. You can use this paper holder to hold your towels. You can easily place them on decorative trays, stools and can also be placed on countertops. It comes in rose gold color and plain gold color.

U-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

17. Designed Toilet Paper Holder

This bathroom tissue holder can be used in your master bathroom, kid’s bathroom or even in your room as well. It has chrome polished leaf wired design and can fit any décor beautifully. It has a versatile design and is made of stainless steel.

Designed Toilet Paper Holder

18. Grey Polished Wooden Storage

This bathroom vanity can give you maximum space. Wooden furniture never goes out of fashion. The neatly polished vanity will not take up much floor space and enables you to safely place items such as toilet rolls, towels and other products that you need within easy reach.

Grey Polished Wooden Storage

19. Toilet Paper with Mobile Holder

This toilet paper hold has a very versatile design and shiny chrome plated textured. It not only has a unique design but is also multi-functional. It has a built-in tray that can be used to hold your plants, mobile and keys as well. It has a compact style and can be tucked into any smaller space.

Toilet Paper With Mobile Holder

20. Sheep Shaped Tissue Holder

This is a sheep shaped standing tissue paper holder. It is a chrome polished black sheep shaped holder and if the tissues as placed in a desired manner can represent the wool of sheep. This is perfect for your kid’s bathroom and can be managed neatly.

Sheep Shaped Tissue Holder

21. Caged Toilet Paper Holder

Instead of installing boring old cabinets in the bathroom, try using this idea. You can give your bathroom a more modern look with this silver polished rack. It can store two rolls of tissues at a time and the compact design makes the bathroom look neat.

Caged Toilet Paper Holder

22. 4 Tier Tissue Holder 

Minimalist 4 tier trolleys can be used for organizing your stuff and keeping tidiness. On each shelf, place your tissues, detergents or shampoo and flowers on top of it, to make it look classy and complete the farmhouse style décor. 

It will keep things clean and organized. You can take it in and out of the bathroom as per your convenience.

4 Tier Tissue Holder

23. Wooden Storage Cabinet

The wooden storage cabinets can be found anywhere and can be attached to any corner of the bathroom to avoid the hustle of finding things in the morning.

Try to find a wooden cabinet in which all your things will fit in. It can be used to sort oils, bath salts, shampoos and can also be used to place decorative items like a mason jar to hold your toothbrush and toothpaste. You can always tailor it according to the size of the stuff you have.

Wooden Storage Cabinet

24. Cute Tissue Holder

Here is another great idea for you and it is super simple and classy. You do not have to decorate your bathroom separately and find a separate corner for the tissue rack.

With this storage idea, you can get both jobs done in one go. You can place your tissues and it will act as a decorative item in your bathroom.

Cute Tissue Holder

25. Compact Tissue Holder

Many compact toiletry tables are available in the market. If you are standing in a bathroom accessory corner of the mall, then you should get one for yourself. 

Compact toiletry stands with lower shelfs get store a lot of stuff for you. Underneath it, you can place a lot of tissue and accessories.

Compact Tissue Holder

26. Bathroom Storage Cabinet

Just by changing some nitty-gritty details, you can totally change the look of your bathroom. 

From cabinets to shelves and then hangers, little changes can be made to store all your tissues in one compact place. You can use a compact cabinet in your bathroom. The lower compartment of the cabinet can be used to store bathroom necessities. 

Use these ideas and get neat tissues at your convenience.

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

27. Twin Tissue Holder

We know that one tissue is never enough in a big washroom and sorting more than one can be quite tough. It will be an easy idea to store your tissues on a rail, and what better than having two rails at the same time and at the price of one.

Shelf above the rail will be used to hold your phone and place a scent diffuser to keep the bathroom fresh all the time.

Twin Tissue Holder

28. Floating Tissue Shelf

Different wooden floating shelves are available in the market. If you do not have great counter space, then you can always use wall mounted floating shelves.

Make sure to use wooden shelves so they will match with the overall décor of the bathroom.

Quick mix and match bathroom is ready.

Place a couple of skincare items and tissues on this shelf and it will look super cute as well.

Floating Tissue Shelf

29. Stainless Steel Rack

You can add stainless steel racks in your bathroom without covering much space. You can mount them on the wall, and these stainless-steel racks will give a stylish look to your bathroom with minimal effort. The stainless-steel rack comes with an extra top panel to hold your loofah and soaps.

Stainless Steel Rack

30. Traditional tissue rack

For both traditional and cottage style bathrooms, this tissue stand can be used to store tissues and will match well with the décor of the bathroom. This tissue hold can also be used to keep stock of extra tissues in the bathroom.

They can even be attached at the back of the door if you have no other place.

Traditional Tissue Rack

31. Shiny metal rack

Who does not like shine and bling in their bathroom?

You can use a free-standing silver polished rack in your bathroom that is a little raised from the ground keeping the tissues from falling on the floor. It comes with extra space to hold your phone and soap. It is easy to assemble and is lightweight so can be moved easily anywhere.

Shiny Metal Rack

32. Wooden tissue box

The handy wooden boxes can be found anywhere and placed in any corner of the bathroom even on the countertop to avoid the hustle of finding things in the morning. Try to find a wooden crate in which all your things will fit in. It can be used to sort oils, bath salts, shampoos and can also be used to place decorative items like a mason jar to hold your toothbrush and toothpaste. You can always tailor it according to the size of the stuff you have.

Wooden Tissue Box

33. Tissue Holding Handle

Transform the look of the bathroom by using an old tissue holding hook in your bathroom.

This will give your bathroom a more rustic appeal. To keep the tissue in one place, you can use this dart holder, and hang your tissues on it.

Tissue Holding Handle

34. Wooden Wicker Lid Box

If you struggle to find somewhere to keep your extra tissues, you can solve this problem by simply investing in a wooden wicker lid box that can be placed anywhere on the counter, beneath the vanity or any storage cupboard.

You can keep all your tissues in a more organized way. You can get a box that you can cover with the help of a lid.

Wooden Wicker Lid Box

35. Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

Keeping tissues from getting wet can be quite difficult. If you do not want to create a mess in your bathroom then this adhesive toilet paper holder can be an option. You can stick it to the wall near your toilet seat for easy reach.

Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

36. Plastic Colorful Tissue Holder

Mini storage solutions are easy to adjust and give you some extra room. Plastic containers can be used to place tissues, towels, and other skincare products if it is portioned into two. 

What a bonus!

These containers can be placed under the sink as well as on the back of your toilet seat, so it will not come in your way. They also come in a variety of colors so you can manage to get one according to the theme of the bathroom.

Plastic Colorful Tissue Holder

Final Words

Holding tissues in your bathroom is your necessity. You can make your bathroom more stylish with these nitty-gritty details. You can use cabinets, racks, floating shelves, and other storage solutions that can be beautiful as well as practical. 

Steal these ideas and make the best functional space in your bathroom. 

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