30 Best Outdoor Bathtub Ideas

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The three words that can come to your mind when you hear, “Outdoor Bathtub”.

Being a fan of outdoor activities, nature, and breathtaking views, you must have a sensational outdoor bathing area to enjoy the marvels of nature and some greenery and sunset. You can reserve an area in your house for a bath setting and start enjoying the most of it. An open-air retreat!

We have gathered some fabulous bathtub ideas that will take your outdoor bathing experience to another level.

1. Outdoor Bathtub a Deck

Let’s talk about the perfect idea for distressing! The outdoor bathtub gives a perfect space to dive in after a hot day. The bathtub is coupled with lounge chairs to give a beach look to the deck. Soak yourself in the sun with this adorable setting. Being enclosed with walls, it makes a perfect place for taking an outdoor bath while staying in privacy.

Outdoor Bathtub

2. Cornered Bathtub Placement

Create magic in your backyard with this amazing round cornered bathtub. The modern bathtub is made of stainless steel and the grey brick wall gives a unique visual effect. It comes with an installed water hose for setting water temperature. This master bathtub is perfect for enjoying hot summers with a splash of cold water and vice versa.  

Cornered Bathtub

3. Bathtub in-between Palm Trees

One of the gloriously indulgent ideas to incorporate indoor-outdoor bathrooms is to separate them with a glass wall. In this way you can enjoy your long bath outdoors on weekends and take a quick shower inside. For a greener look, there are palm trees to unwind nature’s blessings.

Bathtub In-Between Palm Trees

4. Outdoor Spa Style Bathtub

Let’s take a look at the perfect blend of spa style bathroom and outdoor bathtub. The warm lights make the bath illuminating and the open air retreat brings in the natural light as well. After a relaxing massage in this spa inspired bathroom, one can quickly jump into this outdoor bathtub to enjoy a bubble bath. A perfect bathing area during summer vacations.

Outdoor Spa Style Bathtub

5. Concrete Bathtub

To spend a relaxing evening with your partner, this concrete bathtub is your go to option. The designer has kept it pretty minimal. Some fresh plants, unique flooring and concrete freestanding bathtub – can set the mood for every evening. A romantic date well spent !

Concrete Bathtub

6. Ordinary Outdoor Tub

Keep things minimal with this ordinary outdoor bathtub. You don’t have to get overboard with fancy items just to enjoy some outdoor bath. Place a simple rectangular bath in the most available and private area of your house and start enjoying it. The minimalist traditional décor includes a wall featuring some plants and a wooden log behind the bathtub to add some flair to the overall look.

Ordinary Outdoor Tub

7. Bathtub Covered in Plants

Have you ever heard of a shower garden? Yeah, that’s right. It is exactly what it sounds like. A bathtub in your garden. A time to kick off some heels and enjoy in peace. The natural environment to blend in , this bathtub is everyone’s fantasy. Complete the rare décor of the house with this modern shower garden idea.

Bathtub Covered In Plants

8. The Royal Bathtub

The royal bathtub idea gives a perfect idea how environment, architect and design can blend in a harmonious way. This outdoor bathtub is set up on the rooftop and gives maximum natural vibe with all plants keeping the rest of the décor minimal.  The golden rustic bathtub is placed on a stone floor with a wooden stool to stand by.

Royal Bathtub

9. Country Style Bathtub

A dramatic bathtub with a thrilling view! This country style bathroom has a porcelain freestanding bathtub with a vintage water hose. The bathtub is placed inside but you can still enjoy the outside view as it opens up to a green plant terrace. It is considered healthy to incorporate greenery for a more serene look.

Country Style Bathtub

10. Bathtub in a Rusty Gazebo

Simple, spacious and breathtaking – three words that truly describe this outdoor bathtub idea. This colorful vintage bathtub is placed in a rusty gazebo and gives a romantic vibe. No doubt greenery and plants makes a person healthy and happy. There are ways in which you can enjoy both greenery and a hot relaxing bath after a tiring day i.e. outdoor bathtub. The wooden log acts as a stool where you can sit on and also place a cup of tea.

Bathtub In A Rusty Gazebo

11. Outdoor Bath Shower

Make most of your limited space by installing a bathtub. Combine all colors, style and class into this outdoor bathroom idea. Sitting outside generates a timeless feeling of calmness, peace and relaxation. There are so many reasons to love this outdoor bath setting. 

Outdoor Bath Shower

12. Modern Outdoor Bath

Modern patio area can be converted into a luxurious outdoor bath. You can use a dark colored bathtub with some chairs to create harmony and a more elegant look. 

Complete your outdoor bathing alfresco with this splendid outdoor bath idea.

Modern Outdoor Bath

13. Ocean Inspired Bathtub

The ocean inspired bathroom idea consists of a mini bathtub with some nautical wall hanging and plants. Combat the stretches of the day with a dip in this bathtub. All your worries will be gone when you step into water and sunlight will hit your skin.

The ocean-inspired bathtub is one of the best ideas for the ones who love the smell of sand and crisp air of the ocean.

Ocean Inspired Bathtub

14. Stoned Bathtub

Bathtubs come in a variety of designs, especially outdoor bathtubs. This stoned bathtub has a unique design and is covered with all types of plants. Warm ambiance intertwined with nature can quite be an inspiration while styling your outdoor bathroom. This outdoor bathtub reflects the true energy of nature.

Stoned Bathtub

15. Bathtub in a Backyard

The unique outdoor bathroom has a wall as a backdrop. The freestanding bathtub has a sitting stool which seems like it is made of crystals and gemstones. It gives an aesthetic look to the open air shower. The color combination makes the whole area more bright and beautiful. The bathtub is covered with some candles and gives a more relaxing vibe.

Bathtub In A Backyard

16. Farmhouse Inspired Bathtub

The farmhouse inspired bathtub is covered with brick pillars. The warm honey colored bricks combined with white colored towels give a feeling of calmness. To add a spa inspired look and make the most of limited space, use a basket to hold all your towels so they won’t get dirty being in the open air. 

Farmhouse Inspired Bathtub

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17. Outdoor Shower and Bathtub

This bath idea is a combination of both bathtubs and separate shower areas. The incredible bathtub is covered with different plants but has an open-air shower area. A ladder can also be placed in this area as a decoration item but it will also hold your towels. You can also attach towel holding hooks to the wall. The dream outdoor washroom has everything a person wants.

Outdoor Shower And Bathtub

18. Bathtub with a View

What a person craves from the idea of an outdoor bathtub is a view. You can go out for a summer vacation at a vineyard and get a cottage with an outdoor bathtub. It’s like a dream come true. The timeless outdoor bathtub will give you a relaxing bath time. You can enjoy a cup of coffee with a view while sitting in this bathtub.

Bathtub With A View

19. Bathtub Between Stone Walls

The traditional shower area is separated by a glass wall. It has a bathtub standing outside the original bath space. One of the most compelling features of this bathtub is the stoned wall backdrop. It is covered with all kinds of plants and looks truly mesmerizing.

Bathtub Between Stone Walls

20. Outdoor Tub Built on a Floor

This outdoor bathtub is built in, extended outside the bathroom, and is separated with a glass wall and window. The shower is separate and the bathtub is like a pool in which you can dive in whenever you want. These two-in-one bathrooms will not only look good but will also make you feel good.

Outdoor Tub

21. Open Air Pavilion Style Bathtub

The romantic outdoor bath style is perfect for a date night or if you want to enjoy a breakfast date as well. Enjoy an open air pavilion bathtub with some rose petals and candles. This décor will surely set your mood into soothing tones and peaceful vibes. 

Open Air Pavilion Style Bathtub

22. Blooming Outdoor Bathtub

An outdoor bath where you can take shower and do yoga as well. This bathroom has all the necessities. An outdoor shower with a spa inside a washroom, a bathtub with some decorative candles and an area to hang your towels and bathrobes. Some spaces truly give you a peaceful vibe and a gorgeous sun tan and this outdoor bathroom has all these qualities.

Blooming Outdoor Bathtub

23. Rusty Outside Bath Shower

Everyone loves a shower and a sauna all at one place. The rustic vintage outdoor bathtub will take your back in time. The natural dusty environment with rustic bathtub and floor give a depth and harmony to this backyard. The wooden finish completes all the rustic fashion aesthetics.

Rusty Outside Bath Shower

24. Huge Rock Bathtub

Sometimes you have to go overboard to achieve a certain look. This huge stoned bathtub is one of the best outdoor bathtub ideas. It is unique, modern and visually appealing. Being attached to the bedroom, it is a perfect place to enjoy your free time whilst reading a book. You can enjoy a breathtaking view with this outdoor bathtub idea.

Huge Rock Bathtub

25. Relaxing Bathtub

This relaxing bathtub idea is perfect to soak yourself in after meditation. The outdoor bath space is covered with sculptures and paintings and gives a mouse my vibe to the space. Every single outdoor bathtub requires some plants to complete the aesthetic and you can get some indoor plants as they are not very high maintenance.

Relaxing Bathtub

26. Bathtub with Stone Flooring

The outdoor bathtub has a light, bright heritage look. The indoor plants fit effectively in every space. The bathtub is placed at a location which will give a tropical leaf illustration. The bathtub is coupled with warm hues in the form of huge vases for plants. It brings in natural bright light and gives a chunky look.

Bathtub With Stone Flooring

27. Bathtub Covered in Scenery

With a bath on the terrace of your cottage, you can truly capture the beauty of a spring evening, sunlight in winters and the breezy air during autumns. This stylish luxury bath terrace has a huge bathtub to soak yourself in, all that with a view of a beautiful scenery. You can see mountains and hear the birds chirping whilst taking a bath. 

Bathtub Covered In Scenery

28. Pool Style Bathtub in Garden

There are so many ways in which you can create a shower garden. One of them is to place a mini pool style bath tub in the center of space. It can be a great relaxing space for kids and elders as well. The beautiful garden has a lot of plants and with this upbeat design, you can always impress your guests.

Pool Style Bathtub

29. Luxurious Bathtub in Glass walls

It isn’t always necessary to place a bathtub in the courtyard to enjoy an outdoor bathing experience. You can have a luxurious bath with glass windows and doors so that you  can enjoy the outdoor bath experience while staying inside. The outer space can be decorated with some indoor plants as they don’t require much care and direct sunlight. Your outdoor bath will be ready in no time.

Luxurious Bathtub In Glass Walls

30. Bathtub on a Patio

This outdoor bathtub looks like a part of a bed and breakfast or an inn. You can spend your vocational trip by staying here and can enjoy the view of the whole area by just diving into this bathtub placed on a patio. It can be an early morning experience. Furthermore, you can also get it at home if you have a patio. It will be a great addition to the house.

Bathtub On A Patio

Final Words 

What is the fun in fitting in when you can always stand out? Get out of your comfort zone and try these wonderful outdoor bathtub ideas and incorporate them into your house. This is an addition to your living space that you will enjoy for quite a long time. 

Happy diving and sun bathing!

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