25+ Bathroom Window Curtain Ideas

Some people think that adding a window curtain in the bathroom is useless as the bathroom is a place with enough privacy already. On the other hand, it is also assumed that bathroom window curtains not only enhance the beauty of the bathroom but also provide a person with functionality or added privacy. Having the right-designed window curtain with maximum functionality is very important in a bathroom. They show how a person can be creative and incorporate their talent into it.

We have gathered some amazing ideas in which you can decorate your bathroom windows, let us have a look at them:

1. Waffle waterproof window curtain

Level up the decor of your bathroom with waffle waterproof window curtains. Being waterproof, the water splash will not be any issue in your bathroom. You can not only hang in near your windowpane but also around your bathroom tub, increasing the privacy while taking shower. 

Waffle Waterproof Window Curtain

2. Pattern window curtain

Window curtains are the best way to add style in your bathroom. Along with so many other things, decorating a window with very limited options can be tricky. You can use patterned window curtains in your bathroom to add more privacy in your bathroom.

Pattern Window Curtain

3. Window curtain with hoops

This window curtain comes with big hoops to fix it on the rod. Now, you do not have to hustle while adding a curtain to your window. This window curtain has great durability and filters natural light into the bathroom as well. The white color also compliments the frame of white window.

Window Curtain With Hoops

4. Striped window curtain

In your contemporary washroom, it is always considered best to have a window. The window in the bathroom not only brings in natural light but also makes the bathroom look bigger. You can use striped window curtains in plain white and grey shade to make the bathroom look clean.

Striped Window Curtain

5. Nautical window curtain

Bring nautical zen to your bathroom with this window curtain. You can decorate the whole bathroom with nautical items and this window curtain will complete the look of your bathroom. The rod also completes the look of the bathroom with fishes on both sides.

Nautical Window Curtain

6. Teal colored curtain

Adding color to the bathroom is always a great idea to show the artistic side of your personality. The teal-colored curtain not only looks amazing but also enhances the fixtures of your bathroom. You can pair it up with beige shade marble tiles. The copper shaded rod with teal-colored curtains are perfect for a modern feminine washroom.

Teal Colored Curtain

7. Half bird printed curtain

A full curtain means a lot of privacy, but you must be thinking, what can be the point of using a half curtain? A half curtain increases the beauty of your bathroom and you can enhance the visual appeal of your simple bathroom with this timeless decoration. Use any print for your curtain and hang it up around your window for both practicality and beauty.

Half Bird Printed Curtain

8. Plaid print curtain

Add the nostalgic feeling of the 80’s and 90’s era with a plaid themed curtain in your bathroom. Plaids are undoubtedly perfect for creating a fashion statement at any space whether it’s in your dress or as curtains in your bathroom. You can use different combinations of colors according to your taste and theme of your bathroom.

Plaid Print Curtain

9. Grey curtain flair

If you do not want to go for a full length curtain in your bathroom, you can most certainly decorate your bathroom with curtain flairs. The built-in bathtub is perfect for taking a long relaxing bath after a tiring day and the window curtain flair totally compliments the bathtub and the decoration around it.

Grey Curtain Flair

10. Window curtain with seashells

If you are a big fan of oceans and beaches, then this window curtain idea is for you. The seashells and starfishes are the perfect representation of a nautical washroom. If you can’t go to the beach this summer, this can be your way of bringing the beach to your bathroom. fill your bathtub with water and start enjoying your nautical bathroom. You can also search for matching layout ideas for a 5×8 bathroom.

Window Curtain With Seashells

11. Tea pink curtains

If you want to add a feminine effect to your bathroom, then add a tea pink color to your bathroom. You can add a similar colored tissue box, soap set, and curtain in tea pink colors and it will enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom.

Tea Pink Curtains

12. Grey shimmery curtains

Uplift the tone of your bathroom with shiny and shimmery drapery in your bathroom. While hanging curtains in your bathroom, the quality, and texture of the bathroom play an important role. You must select wisely to make it durable and last longer. A shimmery curtain will help you to enhance the taste of your bathroom and give a romantic look.

Grey Shimmery Curtain

13. Curtain on two rods

This bathroom is a collection of two set rods and silk curtains. The curtain provides thermal lining blacking out the harmful rays of the sun. They can easily be removed from the rod and washed. The quality of the drapes is so good that your guest will be on owe.

Curtain On Two Rods

14. Silver Sinatra window curtain

Silver Sinatra window curtains are the only item you need to complete the décor of your bathroom. Style your bathroom window with these striped curtains. The beaded illustration on the curtain looks beautifully assembled. You don’t want to miss out the chance to style your bathroom with this curtain. 

Silver Sinatra Window Curtain

15. Short, printed window curtain

Patterned, embroidered and with tassels. These are the options you can use while selecting the curtain you want. It also depends upon the length of your window that you want the half- or full-length window curtains. The blue and white printed curtains are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom as well.

Short, Printed Window Curtain

16. Yellow plaid window curtain

The tartan or plaid pattern is famous because of the geometrical representation of lines. You can use yellow colored plaid curtains in your white bathroom to make it homier and breezier. You can also adjust the length of your bathroom curtain according to the size of your window. The vibrant color transforms the bathroom look completely.

Yellow Plaid Window Curtain

17. Tie and dye curtains

For the symbolic representation of peace and fashion in your bathroom, use beautifully tie and dyed curtains. You can buy readymade curtains and dye according to your wish. Mix the color of choice for fun and start playing with colors. 

Tie And Dye Curtain

18. Stripped sand colored curtain

One of the great ways to set the light, bright, heritage dark and moody tones in your bathroom is to style your bathroom with striped sand color curtains. These curtains are perfect for rustic décor in your bathroom. 

Stripped Sand Colored Curtain

19. Silk window curtain

Silk curtains are famous for their drapery and make the perfect fall in your bathroom. They fit every space flawlessly. Design your bathroom with waterproof silk curtains. The smooth texture of the bathroom brings in little natural light.

Silk Window Curtain

20. Farmhouse style curtain

Accessorize your bathroom with farmhouse-style curtains. The curtains give the feeling of tiny aprons. They are perfect for both the kitchen and bathroom. The chunky look of the curtains can pair well with the farmhouse style décor of the bathroom. A plant will be a good option in corner of the sink.

Farmhouse Style Curtain

21. Vintage striped curtain

If you want to decorate your bathroom in vintage style, then you do not have to go big. To start on a smaller level, you can visit thrift stores to select different vintage items for your bathroom. You can also go for vintage striped curtains in your bathroom. These curtains will give a harmonious vision to your bathroom. A bathroom organizer idea will give your bathroom a more beautiful look.

Vintage Striped Curtain

22. Solid colored curtain

Solid colors in your bathroom give a crisp feeling in your bathroom or any living space. They give a feeling of cleanliness and are minimal. To spend a relaxing evening in your bathroom, these curtains are perfect for timeless décor. These curtains will generate a sophisticated look in your bathroom.

Solid Colored Curtain

23. Solid cotton linen window sheet

In your traditional bathroom, add a serene look with solid cotton linen window sheets. You can adjust the rod of the window curtain according to the size of your window. Evoke an aura of tranquility with these linen curtains.

Solid Cotton Linen Window Sheet

24. French stamp window curtain

Exude an ambiance in your bathroom with French stamp window curtains. Complete the bathing alfresco with this window curtain. The curtain style in your bathroom will last for a long time. The old-fashioned curtains will be perfect for a retro-style bathroom. Besides this, read more than 40 surprisingly easy french country bathroom ideas for your home.

French Stamp Window Curtain

25. Gardine shabby chic curtain

Boasts an open-air shower with a gradine shabby chic bathroom curtain. Consider building an outdoor bathroom as the shabby chic bathroom is the primary necessity of a person. But if you want to enjoy the versatile bathing experience then style your outdoor bathroom with gradine shabby chic curtains and enjoy your relaxing bath.

Gardine Shabby Chic Curtain

Final Words

Make the most of your limited style options with these window curtain ideas. These curtains will generate a timeless feeling of calmness, peace, and relaxation. There are so many reasons to style your bathroom with curtains and fixtures. 

Style your bathroom and your guest will find every inch of your bathroom admirable.

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