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Bathroom storage can be quite difficult when you have a small bathroom. You have to store all your necessary items in specific areas like vanities, rails, and storage stools.

You can always free up some space by using different storage ideas. If you have a small space, then we have some budget-friendly ideas for you that will not cramp up your small space, making the whole bathroom look neat and clean.

Clever Storage Hacks for Your Tiny Bathroom Bigger and Organizer – Small Space Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Steel Mini holder

Steel Mini holder

You can use a mini steel holder that you can mount on one of the walls in your bathroom near any socket. It will hold your hairbrushes, curlers, and dryers.

You don’t have to rush to your room every time you take a bath and have to get ready for some event. These are budget-friendly and rustproof rails so they won’t get all rusty from the moisture of the bathroom.

2. Transparent Floating shelves

Transparent Floating shelves

Different transparent floating shelves are available in the market. If you do not have great counter space, then you can always use wall mounted floating shelves.

Make sure to use transparent shelves so they will match with the overall décor of the bathroom. A quick mix and match bathroom are ready. Place a couple of skincare items and shampoos on this shelf and it will look super cute as well.

3. Brown jute basket

Brown jute basket

Decorative baskets look adorable in the bathroom and they can be used for different purposes. Being double, it can be used to store your towels as well as your lotions and shampoos.

You can also hang your hair clips on it. It does not require much space and looks adorable on the wall.

4. Inside cabinet tray

Inside cabinet tray

A tray is basically a thing that is always available in your house. Explore your old store to check if there is any spare tray hanging around.

Place it inside the cabinet and decorate it with all your necessary items. In this way, it will not leave any mark on the marble countertop and is placed inside the cabinet, it will be easy to maintain.

5. Decorative Sign and Towel holder

Decorative Sign and Towel holder

Who likes to invest in two different things when you can use your decorative items as a towel stand and it looks visually appealing as well?

Décor can also be done using various sign tags like “Soap and Water”. It will add humor to your décor and in the lower portion of the sign, you can use an industrial rack to store towels. Along with that, you can also place potted plants on top of it.

6. White rack along the wall

White rack along the wall

If you do not want to invest in heavy furniture and racks then you can surely build one for yourself. You can use a white wooden rack with 4 shelves and each place designated for its proper usage.

You can use it in more than one way. Place neatly folded bathrobes on one shelf and similarly use another rack for placing towels and decorative pots.

7. Plain wooden square box

Plain wooden square box

The handy wooden boxes can be found anywhere and placed in any corner of the bathroom even on the countertop to avoid the hustle of finding things in the morning.

Try to find a wooden crate in which all your things will fit. It can be used to sort oils, bath salts, shampoos and can also be used to place decorative items like a mason jar to hold your toothbrush and toothpaste. You can always tailor it according to the size of the stuff you have.

8. Furnished grey stand with hooks

Furnished grey stand with hooks

If you do not like the idea of using a medicine cabinet to store your items then this idea will go perfectly well with the rest of the décor of the bathroom.

These blue shelves of different sizes can be used to place towels in a neat way. More so you can use potted plants on this stand to give your bathroom a greener and fresh look.

9. 2 in 1 plastic container

2 in 1 plastic container

Mini storage solutions are easy to adjust and give you some extra room. Plastic containers can be used to place makeup items and other skincare products if it is portioned into two.

What a bonus! These containers can be placed under the sink as well as on the back of your toilet seat so it won’t come in your way.

10. Over the counter wooden stool

Over the counter wooden stool

Instead of installing boring old cabinets in the bathroom, try using this idea. You can give your bathroom a more rustic look with the counter wooden stool.

If you have wooden décor in your bathroom, then a rustic wooden stool or Fiona Stools will make the perfect choice for your bath. Then what are you waiting for?

11. Hand knitted woven basket

Hand knitted woven basket

Many baskets are available in the market such as wicker and fabric. Hand knitted woven baskets are cozy and easy to move from one place to another if there is limited space in the bathroom.

Storage baskets do not have to be simple and plain, they can be stylish and decorative too.

12. Cabinet bolted steel stand

Cabinet bolted steel stand

Designate a cabinet for arranging all your toiletries and items in your bathroom.  A pull-out cabinet bolted steel stand can be the best choice to keep them from eyesores and keep clutter-free.

Just open the cabinet and access all the supplies easily from it whether it’s towels or tissue papers.  We have collected some cool toilet paper storage ideas, you can follow this too. 

13. Stand with clip binders

Stand with clip binders

To keep your hair straightening products or curlers clutter free and keep the space clean use clip binders so your wires don’t get twisted at all.

You can mount it with adhesives on the wall or inside the cabinet for easy access while styling and getting ready for the office. Easy Storage idea! 

14. Matte Rotating Stand

Matte rotating Stand

If you do not want to install different cabinets in your bathroom but still want to remodel it, then matte rotating stands are the best choice. Move it inside shower or near the toilet or bathtub according to your convenience.

15. Trolley as an organizer

Trolley as organizer

Minimalist 3 tier trolleys can be used for organizing your stuff and keeping tidiness. On each shelf, place your towels, detergents or shampoo and flowers on top of it, to make it look classy and complete the farmhouse style dĂ©cor. 

It will keep things clean and organized. You can take it in and out of the bathroom as per your convenience. Besides you can also look at our built-in bathroom storage ideas.

16. Steel stand rack

Steel stand rack

Metallic towel racks can be a great option to give your contemporary bathrooms an impeccable look. Modern bathrooms can use these metallic towel racks and hooks to give a great finish to the overall look of the bathroom.

Steel stand racks are the most readily choice available while designing your bathroom.

17. Over the toilet floating shelf

Over the toilet floating shelf

Refresh your bathroom with this wonderful idea of mounting over the toilet floating shelves. You can get them customized according to the size of the bathroom. Don’t make it overcrowded so it won’t fall down.

18. Sliding two spaced rack

Sliding two spaced rack

For an inexpensive storage idea, use a plastic 2 tiered sliding racked storage unit. One for towels and other one for grooming items like moisturizers, hair wax and hair spray.

Try making rolls of towels so it will fit in the small storage space.

19. Toilet hut

Toilet hut

Space above the toilet often gets wasted. Try placing a rack above the toilet because why waste space if you have a small space. For easy to reach, try placing toilet paper in it or tissue or folded towels in it.

All these things make the bathroom super cozy and give you a perfect assembled bathroom.

20. Bathroom Accessory basket

Bathroom Accessory basket

If you live in an apartment then you find that storage space becomes a major issue. There are many products that you want to keep in your bathroom ranging from accessories, towels, and other cleaning products.

However, you can purchase a basic bathroom accessory basket to store all sorts of things.

21. White storage cupboard Bunning

White storage cupboard Bunning

Install a white storage cupboard in one corner of the washroom. If floor space is limited, it is important to turn to your wall for a practical solution. Being closed it will be easy to store all the items and go well with all the décor of the bathroom.

22. Disassembled wood shelves

Disassembled wood shelves

If you struggle to find somewhere to keep your towels, you can solve this problem by simply investing in a wooden basket that can be fixed into the wall. You can keep all your things in a more organized way.

23. Near the tub portioned Rack

Near the tub portioned Rack:

Portioned racks are extremely versatile and can be used to sort all types of items. It is an ideal way to place all your items in one place.

Being near the tub, you can easily move it while taking a hot bath or shower. Grab a towel from it when you want to get out of the washroom.

24. Ikea Storage unit

Ikea Storage unit

Narrow Ikea shelves are available in different sizes and they provide a great storage solution that also enables you to keep everything properly organized. Invest in a few of these units to keep everything in place.

25. Mason jar storage idea

Mason jar storage idea

Another way in which you can make use of the wall space in order to save using the floor space is the use of clasp for affixing jars on the wall. This could include hair accessories, makeup and cotton wool and much more.

26. Rail behind the Flush

Rail behind the Flush

Behind the flush is one of the great spaces. Fixing any rail above it will be so functional, affordable and easy to install. It is a practical method to increase your space.

27. Captivating Shelf display

Captivating Shelf display

Install a shelf over the toilet. This won’t take up floor space and enables you to safely place items such as toilet rolls, air fresheners, and other products that you need within reach.

28. Standing Vanity Storage

Standing vanity Storage

One thing you can do in order to store your grooming products and makeup items is getting a vanity. Vintage vanities with mirrors will help you get ready in the morning. They can be used for all sorts of items.

29. Ladder storage rack

Ladder storage rack

Placing a ladder in the bathroom is a hustle-free job. For a flattering and timeless décor in a small bathroom, you can lean a ladder in one corner of the bathroom. It will not cover so much space but will provide you with extra storage in no time.

30. Basic plain rack

Basic plain rack

Bathrooms are one of the most used places in the house. You should not hire an interior designer to decorate your bathroom. You should use every inch of your bathroom to store your items. A basic plain rack can come in handy while storing your items.

31. High contrast shelf

High contrast shelf

A monochrome bathroom is often considered luxurious. High contrast shelf will go well with the décor of the bathroom. White tiles and black shelf look perfect and addition of minimalist all black trolley will look exquisite. In holiday season you can decorate your bathroom with the Elf on the shelf bathroom ideas.

32. Transparent storage compartment

Transparent storage compartment

All glass partitioned storage compartments can be used to modernize the bathroom. Use this storage space for the effective use of space. It is made of acrylic for easy cleaning and fit with any décor.

33. Antique Accessory Holder

Antique Accessory Holder

This antique box acts as both jewelry holder as well as storage unit. It has lots of compartments and drawers, drawers can be used for rings and bracelets.

While the back compartments can be used for perfumes, makeup brushes, and lip gloss. All these things placed in one area can be used easily for getting ready in the morning.

34. Hanging Wooden bars

Hanging Wooden bars

Use vertical space to hold all your items in one place. For added space, hang two vertical shelves and attach a rail under it to hang your towels. Don’t be afraid of using costly items in your bath. It is very easy to get a modern bathroom on a budget by adding some careful planning.

You can add stainless steel racks in your bathroom without covering much space. You can mount them on the wall, and these stainless steel racks will give a stylish look to your bathroom with minimal effort.

35. DIY basket Shelf

DIY basket Shelf

As the name suggests, DIY basket racks are one convenient option for storage. You can use your old basket and decorate them with DIY crafts or you can use the flower basket of your old bicycle which you don’t use anymore.

These Basket shelves can be hung anywhere in the bathroom and you can make rolls of your towel to fit in them. It will give ample space to other essential items in your bath. Furthermore, you can also place flowers on it for decoration.

36. Vintage railway style décor

Vintage railway style décor

Every person has a vanity in their washroom along with a built in mirror which they see first thing in the morning.

If you don’t want to invest extra in any separate towel stand, table, or rack, you can use your already available vanity and attach a simple rail to its side to hang your vintage towels.

37. Towel holding hooks

Towel holding hooks

If you are a big fan of minimal décor and want to make most of it, then this is a perfect idea for you. This will give you the most exquisite décor to your bathroom and will add more shelf space. a 5 to 6 minimal holder stand can be used to store ample amounts of towels in your bathroom.

38. Below the shelf hanger

Below the shelf hanger

While storing your items, one should have the opportunity to use all space available to him. Below the shelf is a great place to hide and even store your toiletries.

Hangers attached to the shelf act as a multipurpose storage option as you can hang your keys, towels and also hang your luffa on it.

39. Different sized jars

Different sized jars

When you go shopping you visit the bowl and box section and suddenly these different sized jars caught your attention. You should buy those jars at once.

These different sized jars can be used to store your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors in it. This is one budget-friendly and easy storage idea for you.

40. Labelled storage baskets

Labelled storage baskets

Remembering where you put different things can be difficult. You don’t have to make a list of all the stuff you have. Just get some jars and label them according to your need.

This way it will be easy to store your hair bands, q tips and clips in designated places.

41. Jute bags for Storage

Jute bags for Storage

If you have a jute tote bag laying around in a house that you don’t use anymore, then dart some nails on the wall of your bathroom and hang a jute tote bag on it to place your things in it.

In that way you can keep all your messy stuff in those bags and carry it just in case you want to travel.

42. Metallic Towel basket

Metallic Towel basket

Different decorative items make a great impact while decorating your bathroom. One of the great ideas is to get a wired basket and place it anywhere in the bathroom. It will give you some extra room to store your toilet paper and towels in it.

43. Behind the tub ladder

Behind the tub ladder

While discussing all other wonderful ideas, we most certainly cannot forget about traditional ladder style décor. This is a multipurpose ladder as it acts as both a storage unit and a towel holder.

On a different level of ladder you can add a variety of stuff and drag it near the tub for easy access to things.

44. Easy access storage unit

Easy access storage unit

A vertical storage rack is one of the most easy-access storage units. Be it white or black, according to the style of washroom.  Newspaper, towels, and decorative items all in one place, what else does a person want? It can easily be painted in the color you want!

45. Basket case near mirror

Basket case near mirror

Attach a space basket case near the mirror and hang your straightener in it. For hanging your towels, attach a round hook to your wall, place your towel on the hook, it will keep your towel dry and fresh, providing more counter space.

46. Behind the door rails

Behind the door rails

Behind the bathroom door is always a great idea which people do not use very often. Use this area to install a towel rack behind the door.

It will give some extra space in the small bathroom. A slim set of shelves or simple racks will give enough space to hang your towels. This is one great way to utilize the extra space.

47. Colored floating shelf

Colored floating shelf

Do you think black and white is boring? Do you also love bright colored displays and if your bathroom has bright colored decor and tiles you can that simply add different colors in your bathroom in the form of shelves.

Yellow shelves make the space brighter, add some photo frames on the top shelf and a colored BATH sign to go with the décor.

48. Over the shelf Basket organizer

Over the shelf Basket organizer

If your bathroom has a tight space, then you can go for pantry style shelving. Over the shelf basket organizer can hold all your items in one place without getting in your way.

Bath rugs, towels, bathrobes, and curtains are some small details to organize things in your bathroom. So what are you waiting for? Let’s decorate your bathroom and save some space.

49. Neutral colored shelf brackets

Neutral colored shelf brackets

Here is another way of utilizing your bathroom space. Install some shelf brackets to hang wooden shelves in the bathroom.

Two shelves are more than enough for a couple living in a small apartment. Small bathrooms can be decorated in such a way that they can be cozy and functional at the same time.

50. Simple shelving technique

Simple shelving technique

One of the great ways to add extra storage and space in a small bathroom is to lean a simple racked shelf in one corner of the bathroom. It will add charm to your bathroom and match well with the white décor of the bathroom.

On the lower shelf, you can add a basket, you can also add some tissues, some toiletries, and other essential items into the basket. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, theme, and layout, this style will suit it perfectly.

51. Space-saving toiletry stand

Space saving toiletry stand

For a functional space-saving idea, you can use a simple toiletry stand such as a stool with a shelf underneath it. Different racks under it can be used to make stacks of towels place nicely folded towels, and above all, you can place a cute basket on it to make it more beautiful and unique.

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