45 Amazing Bathroom Storage Cabinet Ideas

Life would be a little bit easier if things could just appear when needed and disappear when we don’t need them. Unfortunately, things just like to hang around once we’re done using them, creating clutter and an unsightly mess whenever given the chance.

Happily, for you, we’ve got some amazing tips that will make bathroom organization so much quicker and easier for you. Using these clever storage bathroom storage cabinet ideas, you will be able to put things away out of sight in a jiffy.

Creative Bathroom Storage Furniture Ideas

Go For Multi-purpose Furniture That Blends in With Your Bathroom Decor.

Usually, when it comes to bathroom storage we’re not trying to draw attention to it. By matching it to the rest of the decor, you can hide all your belongings in plain sight.

1. bathroom storage cabinet with shelves and drawers

bathroom storage cabinet with shelves and drawers

A small white dresser matches perfectly with the marble-textured wall behind it. The dresser has drawers on one side and shelves on the other, making it perfect for storing both toiletries and towels.

A dresser of this height can easily be used as a table as well, like this bathroom with nice-looking soap dispensers displayed on the dresser.

2. bathroom cabinet with toilet paper holder

bathroom cabinet with toilet paper holder

The skinny white storage cabinet follows a similar theme as the bathroom vanity. It is tall, slim, and has clean lines, and comes with an integrated tissue dispenser which can be extremely handy.

It is white and small and provides useful storage without creating any visual disruption in the bathroom.

3. Matching storage units

Matching storage units

A gorgeous floating cabinet is hung on the wall right above a matching floor cabinet, creating a beautiful duo of storage units, accommodating all your amenities and essentials.

The cabinets are painted a soft grey color to complement the raw concrete textured walls. Fresh towels placed on the cabinet await you as you step out of the bathtub.

4. Gorgeous white vanity dresser

Gorgeous White Vanity Dresser

A beautiful white dresser paired with a white medicine cabinet above creates a beautiful bathroom vanity, perfect for touch-ups as well as useful storage. The double-door vanity can store all of the bulkier items such as towels and toilet paper, while the medicine cabinet makes room for cosmetics or toiletries.

5. white bathroom cabinet

white bathroom cabinet

Contemporary white bathroom vanity comes with a matching, slightly taller, storage cabinet. Both cabinets feature one open shelf for easy access to daily essentials such as fresh towels.

The closed cabinets allow you to hide away non-decorative items such as toilet paper, extras, and refills.

6. bathroom overhead cabinets

bathroom overhead cabinets

Here’s an innovative way to add storage above the toilet while making the toilet area feel nice and cozy. The open shelf is neatly stacked with essential items while the cabinet above has lots of room to store away bits and bobs that create unnecessary clutter.

7. Matte grey storage cabinet

Matte Grey Storage Cabinet

This is the grey version of a white cabinet we’ve previously looked at, and this one is absolutely gorgeous in this aqua blue bathroom. It adds tons of storage space while looking stylish, with the grey nicely complementing the blue color of the walls.

The top of the cabinet is the perfect height to be used as a table or vanity. We see lots of toiletries being displayed on it in this bathroom.

8. Sleek contemporary cabinetry

Sleek contemporary cabinetry

A stunning white and grey contemporary bathroom has a beautiful storage cabinet matching with the bathroom vanity. The cabinet doors are notched, eliminating the need for doorknobs while also giving it a stylish touch.

The open shelf allows easy access to frequently used items.

9. Stylish cabinets with a frosted glass compartment

Stylish Cabinets With A Frosted Glass Compartment

Everything you need for a relaxing soak in the tub can be stored inside this perfectly sized storage cabinet. The top of the cabinet is used to keep a bath tray full of aromatherapy products.

The cabinet comes with a stunning compartment with frosted glass doors that gives a slight hint of what you may find inside.

10. Lovely white cabinets against artistic beehive wall

Lovely White Cabinets Against Artistic Beehive Wall

A beautiful wood vanity sits in between two storage cabinets that are similar in design. The tall, narrow closet on the left has an integrated medicine cabinet, a single drawer, and a large compartment at the bottom.

The cabinet on the right of the vanity is wider, providing even more storage space for all bathroom supplies to be tucked away neatly.

11. Modern stylish toilet paper cabinet

Modern Stylish Toilet Paper Cabinet

A small and narrow cabinet sits beside the toilet looking stylish and also serving an essential function. The drawer on the top acts as a toilet paper holder, discreetly tucking into the cabinet when not in use.

The bottom section is used to store extra toilet paper rolls but can be used to store other things as well.

12. Utilize the area above the toilet

Utilize The Area Above The Toilet

Building storage cabinets above the toilet seems to be a popular choice. While wall mounted storage cabinets floating over your head can feel a little unsafe, this style of cabinetry stands on legs and feels totally safe.

The simple white cabinet comes with a closed compartment, an open shelf for decorative items, and a pull out drawer.

13. Simplicity in clean lines

Simplicity In Clean Lines

A simple white storage cabinet against a crisp white wall provides storage without visually blocking off the space or making it look congested. This storage cabinet matches perfectly with the vanity, mirror, large bathtub, and the white walls.

Despite having so many items crammed into one space, the clean lines and bright white color of the furniture keep it from looking cluttered.

14. Small, modest dresser cabinet

Small, Modest Dresser Cabinet

For smaller storage needs, it’s best to go for something small and compact so as not to take up too much room and make the space appear busy. This simplistic dresser cabinet is used as a table and also as storage.

The cabinet is short and is painted a soft grey color to complement the grey floors and the white beehive wall behind it. It stands beside the vanity and is used to display soaps and other cosmetics on top of it.

15. Cold hard metal

Cold Hard Metal

A stunning industrial bathroom has a metal storage rack above the modern-looking toilet. The rack is made out of wrought iron and painted a gorgeous coat of shiny black enamel to match the industrial aesthetic of the bathroom and the black metal tapware.

Books, candles, towels, and soap have been displayed on the rack. A wrought iron basket sits nearby, enhancing the industrial vibe.

16. bathroom mirror cabinet ideas

bathroom mirror cabinet ideas

A gorgeous white vanity with an exquisite round vanity mirror has been set up to cater to all your daily cosmetic and skincare needs. It has an open shelf for easy access to frequently used items, while towels and other essentials are tucked away inside the closed cabinet.

17. tall narrow cabinet for bathroom

tall narrow cabinet for bathroom

Lovely tall storage cabinet stands on two legs with empty space underneath, where the toilet could easily fit. The cabinet has all open shelves except for two closed compartments to hold personal items.

The shelf itself and its accessories are all white, making the setup look stylish as well as blending it into the background. Indoor plants give the shelf some little pops of green color.

18. pull out shelves for bathroom cabinets

pull out shelves for bathroom cabinets

A dainty little cabinet can upgrade an empty space in your bathroom while providing some very useful storage. We love this adorable bathroom corner decorated with a lovely storage cabinet sitting on a plush rug accompanied by some books and some gorgeous flowers in a vase.

This cabinet includes a pull out drawer and also a large closet for storage of bigger items. The soft grey color goes perfectly with the rug and background wall.

19. Rustic step ladder rack

Rustic Step Ladder Rack

A great way to bring in a rustic feel into a bland interior is by using wood elements, such as this beautiful step ladder design storage rack. The rack is built to sit around the toilet creating a cozy setup while providing all the essentials at arm’s reach.

Adorn the open shelves with small vases and art, and stack them up with fresh towels for easy access.

20. open shelf bathroom storage

open shelf bathroom storage

Some strategically located exposed plumbing in a bathroom can bring in a lot of style and character into the space. This bathroom has storage racks built out of PVC pipes that look like plumbing going through the bathroom, giving it an industrial vibe.

The racks are used to hold all the daily necessities such as soap, towels, and toilet paper, as well as a few small decorative items such as indoor plants.

21. Floating cabinet in a small bathroom

Floating Cabinet In A Small Bathroom

A floating cabinet in a small bathroom can create a lot of storage space without taking up any floor space at all. This one occupies the empty space above the towel hanger, which makes it suitable for use as a medicine cabinet as well.

The soft grey color of the cabinet looks clean and simple and goes perfectly with the calm and cool decor of the bathroom.

22. bathroom storage boxes for small bathroom

bathroom storage boxes for small bathroom

A beautiful contemporary bathroom has a lovely custom medicine cabinet mounted on a subway tile backsplash. The storage cabinet has an open shelf as well as a closed compartment with mirrored doors.

23. A royal affair small bathroom cabinet organizer

royal affair small bathroom cabinet organizer

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A beautifully crafted storage cabinet floats above a regal looking pedestal vanity. The white cabinet matches the white vanity, together with standing out against the dark grey wall.

The detailing on the storage cabinet makes it a good pair for the intricately designed pedestal vanity, making a style statement while providing some much-needed storage.

24. Stocky square bathroom wall cabinet organizer

Stocky square bathroom wall cabinet organizer

Perfect for storing a lot of items in a small space, this square cabinet maximizes the amount of storage while occupying the minimum amount of wall space.

This compact storage is being used to store doubles and extras of amenities for future use.

25. A beautiful cabinet above the toilet

A Beautiful Cabinet Above The Toilet

What a great way to utilize the free space above a toilet. The storage cabinet comes with an open shelf and also a closed compartment with doors.

The open shelf is occupied by an indoor plant acting as a decorative element, and other frequently used cosmetics. The closed storage holds other personal items that are less frequently needed.

26. Contemporary farmhouse style

We love this chest of adorable storage drawers that stands beside the bathtub, ready to provide all your bath essentials. While soaking in the bathtub towels, robes and other necessities can be easily reached by hand.

Contemporary farmhouse style

Additionally, stock up a drawer with scented candles, aromatherapy bath oils, and a silk robe for a relaxing night of self-pampering.

27. tall skinny cabinet for bathroom

tall skinny cabinet for bathroom

Turning your toilet into a system of storage racks can create interest around the toilet area which is normally left quite boring in most bathrooms. The racks can be used to set pretty decorations on such as small houseplants, scented candles, and vases.

These bathroom shelves have a small closed chamber for personal items, while the open shelves house decorations and handy essentials such as cotton balls, toilet fragrance, and a tissue box.

28. Lovely wall hung cabinets with a towel hanger

Lovely Wall Hung Cabinets With A Towel Hanger

Wall-mounted storage systems are so convenient for storage in small bathrooms because they virtually take up no floor space at all. Placed at eye level, they are easy to reach without stooping down, and therefore can be used for a multitude of purposes.

A storage set like this one has a few different types of storage for maximum utility. Put your personal items that you don’t want to display inside the closed chamber, and put frequently used essentials on the open shelf.

29. small bathroom counter cabinet

small bathroom counter cabinet

Pedestal vanities can look charming but are often not very functional due to the lack of counter space. This gorgeous little storage closet is just the perfect height to be used as additional counter space or a table.

Aside from its function as a table, it has a spacious storage cabinet that is big enough to hold all your bathroom products. 

30. Slim slide-in storage on wheels

Slim Slide-In Storage On Wheels

Slide-in storage sections in cabinets can be pulled out completely and wheeled away when required, such as this clever set of shelves that have been placed beside the vanity as some additional counter space and storage.

After use, the section can be neatly tucked back into its designated housing in the cabinet system and no one can even tell from the outside.

31. Rustic charm and elegance

Rustic Charm And Elegance

Give your bathroom an elegant, graceful, and slightly rustic vibe with this beautiful storage cabinet that will help you neatly put away all your clutter. The design of the cabinet has a subtle farmhouse vintage feel, while the fresh coat of smooth grey paint makes it suitable for use in any contemporary bathroom.

With its angled surfaces the shape of the cabinet makes it suitable for small bathrooms as it doesn’t visually block off spaces and also prevents accidental bumpings into it.

32. Grey bathroom organizer shelves

bathroom organizer shelves

A pretty grey storage cabinet such as this one is all you need to give your bathroom a dainty look. The cabinet comes with two ornate glass doors with some lovely wood details, giving you a sneak peek as to what’s inside.

The drawers are conveniently placed at the top for quickly putting away small nick-knacks. The surface of the cabinet can be used as a table for displaying small decorations.

33. Stunning black cabinet For bathroom Storage

Stunning black cabinet For bathroom Storage

A black cabinet in a white setup can be a bold statement and look incredibly stylish. This cabinet looms above the toilet, creating interest around the space and also making room for storage.

Most of the storage space is hidden behind doors so as to not make the shelves look too busy and cluttered. The open shelf is used for nice containers holding important necessities such as cotton swabs and such.

34. white bathroom cabinets with white countertops

white bathroom cabinets with white countertops

When it comes to interior design, the color white is often synonymous with peace and innocence. This bathroom is given a saintly look through the white cabinet standing over the toilet, against the calm grey wall.

A dark brown bouquet of twigs on the open shelf adds a stylish contrast to the white. The closed chamber at the top and pull-out drawer at the bottom are used for essential storage.

35. Boho medicine cabinet Shelving

Boho medicine cabinet Shelving

A medicine cabinet shelving always comes in handy when placed above a vanity sink. This cabinet has two spacious shelves for all your immediate vanity needs, and some smaller compartments for tiny items.

The cabinet door has a mirror on its outer surface at eye level to make getting ready in front of the vanity easier.

36. Tiny bathroom cabinet organizer

Tiny bathroom cabinet organizer

This storage cabinet may look tiny but its square-shaped compartments allow it to store a ton of stuff. The open shelf carries cosmetic items that are used all the time, and the pull-out drawers are used to keep things that don’t look aesthetically pleasing.

A nice flower vase or a potted hanging houseplant will look great placed on top of the cabinet.

37. Bright and airy Open shelving for bathroom

Bright and airy Open shelving for bathroom

While closets are great for storing large amounts of stuff, open shelves store smaller and lesser items but without blocking off space as closets do. Also, open shelves allow you to display your beautiful bath products.

38. Grey dresser in a classic-elegant setup

Grey Dresser In A Classic-Elegant Setup

A sturdy grey dresser with minimal but gorgeous wood detailing such as this one can be made to fit into any aesthetic. It is topped with a marble slab, used for placing pretty decorations on.

The cubical drawers are large and tall enough to store a variety of items, and they pull out to make storage even more convenient.

39. Highly functional vanity shelving

Highly Functional Vanity Shelving

This storage cabinet may be small but it is packed with functional features. The open shelf at the top is jam packed with daily essentials, while the two open chambers at the bottom are used for larger and heavier items.

The closed chamber accommodates personal hygiene products. Some hooks can be noticed at the bottom of the cabinet to hang towels.

40. shallow cabinet for bathroom

shallow cabinet for bathroom

Here’s a great wall cabinet for any small bathroom that needs storage but doesn’t offer too much space for it. The cabinet is shallow, with three open shelves for keeping cosmetic tubes, bottles, and small items.

The closed chamber can be used for storing fresh towels and extras. For small bathroom this shallow bathroom shelf is ideal option.

41. Elegant large grey dresser

Elegant Large Grey Dresser

If you’re someone that hates a mess, you would do well to have a large dresser like this one in your bathroom to put everything away when not in use. It has both pull-out drawers and shelves in order to accommodate all sorts of  items.

The bigger compartments can be used for cleaning supplies and larger bath products. The smaller drawers are great for storing cosmetics and towels.

42. Simple black medicine cabinet

Simple Black Medicine Cabinet

This black medicine cabinet looks stunning against the green background and provides a beautiful contrast against the white pedestal bathroom sink. It’s mirrored doors eliminate the need for a vanity mirror.

The open shelves are used to display some luxury bath products and towels, and the inside cabinet is used to store the daily-use products that are perhaps less pleasing to look at.

43. Gorgeous white medicine cabinet in a marbled bathroom

Gorgeous White Medicine Cabinet In A Marbled Bathroom

This small white medicine cabinet blends right into the white marbled background of the bathroom. It is small and compact and matching in design to the modern bathroom vanity and sink.

The mirrored doors of the cabinet reflect the marble walls opposite, creating the illusion of marbled cabinets. Gold accents are added as a style statement.

44. Bohemian medicine cabinet

Bohemian Medicine Cabinet

We adore the bohemian style of decor because it’s so unique and unexpected. This small medicine cabinet has flowers cut out on the sides, and some lovely cut out designs on the front as well.

The top shelf is an open basket-style storage space for small items. The open chambers at the bottom hold cosmetics and hygiene products. The closed compartment can be used to hide away personal items.

45. rustic bathroom cabinet ideas

rustic bathroom cabinet ideas

This small rustic bathroom cabinet is made of beautifully textured wood that has been whitewashed, with a little bit of texture peeking through. Use this cabinet to introduce a rustic touch to your bathroom decor.

The double door closet chamber is highly useful for storage, while the open shelf at the bottom is great for keeping small frequently used items.

Final Words

In this article, we tried to gather the 45 coolest ideas for bathroom shelves. 

We understand how much important a shelf organizer for the bathroom is. That’s why we bring a lot of bathroom cabinet options for you. Let us know which bathroom storage cabinet ideas you like most.

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