32 Bathroom Corner Shelf Ideas to More Organized Bathroom

Corner shelves can be a lifesaver for small bathrooms that have little space for storage. Tucked into a corner, they stay out of your way in cramped spaces and are pretty convenient to use.

These shelves can extend all the way from the floor to the ceiling, or from the vanity to just a few feet above, depending on your preference. When using corner shelves as essential storage space, it’s best to go for a design that blends in with the background as much as possible.

However, corner storage shelves can be used to display decorative items as well, and the shelf itself can be used to make a style statement. In that case, go bold with it!

Choose a Bathroom Corner Storage Shelves Idea For Your Bathroom

A unique corner shelf design can create a lot of interest in an area without taking up a lot of space. Adorn the shelf with scented candles, some books, or an indoor plant.

1. A decorative piece

 A Decorative Piece

A pretty small corner standing shelf can itself act as a decorative piece in your bathroom. This dainty little corner shelf is simple in principle, made out of wood painted with a soft grey color. It’s the criss-cross panels that give it such a fancy appearance, along with the crown shaped headboard.

The shelf matches the rest of the bathroom in color, but its gorgeous design adds style to the entire bathroom.

2. Regal red accents

Regal Red Accents

Copper is very much in style right now, and we expect it’s going to be in trend for all of 2021. It is versatile and can be incorporated into any decor, like this stunning copper corner shelf in a warm beige bathroom.

The metal shelf has a high shine finish paired with a regal design, which really complements the textured beige tile wall behind it.

3. Clean and modern

Clean And Modern

This white toilet corner shelf is crisp, white, and fresh and we love it. The slim corner shelf matches the rest of the decor and has the clever addition of a toilet paper dispenser at the top.

This closet-style corner shelf practically takes up negligible space but looks absolutely adorable, perfect for storing extra toilet paper or cleaning supplies. We have gathered some over the toilet storage ideas, you can also take a look there.

4. Modern glass shelves

Modern Glass Shelves

This is a popular shelving design for bathrooms that eliminates the need for a shower caddy, which we know isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing item to have in a bathroom.

These shelves are compact and add valuable storage space for your toiletries. You can have as many or as few of these shelves as you need.

5. A grand shelf for a grand bathroom

A Grand Shelf For A Grand Bathroom

These shelves are the perfect accessory to this spacious modern empire-style bathroom. Decorated with books, a decorative lantern, a luxurious vase, and a beautiful art piece, this shelf greatly enhances the beauty and elegance of the space.

The shelf itself is simple in design, made up of glossy varnished beveled wood planks supported by plain white dowels.

6. Youthful industrial vibes

Youthful Industrial Vibes

This is an ideal corner shelf for a bathtub. While dark and moody industrial decor is highly popular, we dig this simplistic white industrial bathroom decor. The corner shelves are attached to a pole that looks like an exposed pipeline going through the bathroom, giving it that industrial vibe.

The shelves come with a railing that can either be used to prevent products from falling off or as a towel bar when inverted.

7. Invisible shelving

Invisible Shelving

Sometimes we want to display our aesthetically pleasing cosmetics and don’t want the shelves to distract from them. These invisible glass shelves are perfect for the job since they’re simple glass plates supported by tiny metal clamps that are hardly visible.

Shelves like these go well with many different styles and are easy to fit into any bathroom decor.

8. Trendy square shelves

Trendy Square Shelves

With the right combination of colors and textures, even a simplistic piece of furniture can look stunningly beautiful. This tall wood shelf with a square base is the perfect example. The warm tone of the wood looks brilliant in front of the subway-tiled wall.

The vanity beside is made of a similar quality of wood, pulling the look together. The shelves are large and useful for storing all your daily bathroom necessities. For built-in storage options take a look at this article.

If you have a medium size bathroom and looking for a shelf, we highly recommend this modern bathroom corner shelf.

9. Moody metallic monochromes

Moody Metallic Monochromes

For a dark grey shower with all black and white products, a silver corner shelf is an ideal choice for in-shower storage.  It blends right in with the decor, serving its function while also allowing the beautiful bottles to have their moment.

The shelves come with railings to stop products from falling over by accident. The hooks at the bottom are a handy feature, used for hanging brushes and sponges.

This is a bathroom corner wall shelf. If you have a small bathroom and looking for a small bathroom corner shelves ideas then this should work.

10. Minimalistic storage solution

Minimalistic Storage Solution

Skinny black shelves mounted on a black metal pole are the perfect storage solution for a minimalist bathroom. The setup looks bold against the plain white walls of the shower, while occupying a minimal amount of space.

You can keep or take off as many shelves as you want. The shelves serve multiple purposes, from storing toiletries to acting as towel hangers. 

11. Affordable but high quality

Affordable But High Quality

As a quick and affordable solution to bathroom storage, this white plastic bathroom corner rack is a great option. It comes in a modern design with clean lines, drainage holes, and hanger hooks.

Easy to fit into most styles of decor, these shelves are lightweight but just sturdy enough to carry all your basic necessities. Not to mention, they’re quite good-looking as well.

12. Steel vanity-top perfume display

Steel Vanity-Top Perfume Display

This angular perfume display fits right into the corner on top of this contemporary bathroom vanity. It has a shiny stainless steel frame with legs at the bottom supporting all of its weight.

There are three tiers of shelves, giving you corner shelving unit for the shower to display all your perfumes or daily-use cosmetics.

13. Modestly white

 Modestly White

If you’re looking for a quick storage solution, go for something that blends in with your bathroom corner shelf unit. That way it will serve its purpose without standing out awkwardly, disrupting the flow of your bathroom decor.

These shelves match the background walls perfectly and also the displayed products, which makes everything blend in together without looking cluttered. The cleverly designed shelf also has an integrated soap holder.

14. French style minimalism

French Style Minimalism

While French decor is largely known for its extravagance and affluence, minimalistic French decor is also popular among people who practice minimalism. This style of corner shelving is simple and boney, but looks lovely against this beautiful french tiled bathroom.

There’s plenty of room, so as many or as few shelves as you want can be used. These shelves have enough storage space for all your cosmetic needs.

15. Stylish in steel

Stylish In Steel

This wall mounted industrial themed bathroom shower uses stainless steel corner shelving to hold all its bath products. The shelf and its contents are all kept within the same monochromatic scheme, matching with the wall

16. Modern and sleek

Modern And Sleek

These plastic shelving units look sleek and stylish despite being lightweight and affordable. They’re made of a high quality plastic, in a modern design that perfectly complements the industrial looking textured concrete wall behind.

The shelves are sturdy enough to hold heavy objects, and they also come with hooks that you can hang things from. These are a great choice for upgrading your bathroom storage without breaking the bank.

17. Earthy wall-hanging art piece

Earthy Wall-Hanging Art Piece

Sometimes a single handcrafted piece can turn a simple bathroom into something spectacular, like this gorgeous hanging shelf has done. The rustic farmhouse bathroom had a modest decor, but the addition of this unique and creative item has created a lot of interest around this space.

The wood stool and earthy handwoven rug match the rustic vibe of the shelf, while the antique crystal chandelier has given the space a touch of regal glamour.

18. Interesting black shelf with a futuristic design

Interesting Black Shelf With A Futuristic Design

This unique and interesting corner shelf looks less like a shelf and more like some sort of a high-tech electronic gadget. It is, however, completely mechanical and highly functional, with parts and components that fold out to serve various functions.

It has a minimal and geometric design, with clean lines and beveled edges. The matte black color with a touch of white gives it a modern and trendy look.

19. High utility storage unit

High Utility Storage Unit

If you’re a person that values functionality over aesthetics, here’s a great bathroom corner shelf idea for you. This entire shelving system is one single unit, consisting of two shelves for standing tubes and bottles on, multiple hooks that fold out, a small pull-out drawer, and a towel hanger at the bottom.

A person living alone might be able to get by with just having one of these corner shelves for all their daily needs. Besides the shelves, the hooks are very useful for hanging small items like sponges, the small drawer can be used to store a personal grooming kit, and the integrated towel hanger eliminates the need for a separate towel bar in the bathroom.

20. Naked wood shelving

Naked Wood Shelving

Shelving can be a tricky thing to accomplish while designing a clean, minimalist bathroom. Corner bathtub shelves tend to draw attention and look cluttered, even when holding very few items.

Plain wood shelving can be a great choice, such as these shelves made of L-shaped planks sitting on triangular clamps. The simplistic design provides essential storage without breaking the clean minimalistic flow of the bathroom.

21. Stunning chrome-silver two-tier rack

Stunning Chrome-Silver Two-Tier Rack

A shiny silver stainless-steel rack like this is both stylish and sturdy. It can hold all your heavy bath products while looking absolutely stunning.

This material is resistant to tarnish, which makes it perfect for use in showers. The chrome silver look goes well with most kinds of bathroom decor.

22. Youthful contemporary storage shelf

Youthful Contemporary Storage Shelf

Here’s a gorgeous bathroom corner standing shelf for a spacious bathroom with a small nook. The shelves are designed to partially occupy the nook so that the bathroom doesn’t look cluttered or cramped.

The shelves have a lovely curved design that looks beautiful and also prevents accidents.

23. Sparkling opulence

Sparkling Opulence

Glass shelves always look stunning, especially when paired with a metal structure. These glass shelves on the matte silver frame have been adorned with glass and acrylic decorations, giving the entire setup a luxurious look.

Items like cotton buds and cotton balls have been put in high-quality acrylic jars. Fresh soft towels further add to the luxuriousness.

24. Industrial minimalist look

Industrial Minimalist Look

We adore this industrial style of corner shelving unit for bathrooms that have become quite popular as of late. A pole runs from the ceiling through the floor, giving it an illusion of exposed plumbing.

The pole supports several small shelves, as many or as few as you prefer. This system is great for tiled bathrooms since it eliminates the need for multiple drillings into the walls.

25. L-shaped contemporary corner shelves

L-Shaped Contemporary Corner Shelves

A contemporary city bathroom with subway tile walls will enjoy the boney industrial look of these L-shaped matte-metal racks. The racks are supported by a large pole extending from the ceiling to the floor.

The racks come in different sizes and with railings, allowing you to store various sizes of items on them.

26. Matte silver shelf on a pedestal

Matte Silver Shelf On A Pedestal

A sturdy metal corner shelf on a pedestal is the perfect bathroom vanity-top storage idea. The matte metal finish gives a bold and masculine look, ideal for a bachelor’s bathroom.

27. Rustic wood blocks

Rustic Wood Blocks

This wooden corner shelf for the bathroom can make great shelves suitable for earthy, rustic bathroom decor. They are sturdy and long lasting, and look absolutely stunning.

28. Cubic corner shelf plus closet

Cubic Corner Shelf Plus Closet

This white small bathroom corner shelf unit packs a lot of storage space. It has a closeted compartment at the bottom and open shelves on the top.

The closed cabinet allows you to tuck away your cleaning supplies out of sight, while the open shelving lets you display your fancy bath products.

29. Earthy wood shelves for a zen bathroom

Earthy Wood Shelves For A Zen Bathroom

This gorgeous wooden shelving has a very spa-like quality to it, like something you’ve probably seen at a spa-retreat. The bathroom itself has a very zen decor and the shelves complement the decor.

These shelves are perfect for displaying aromatherapy products, fancy soaps, scented candles and fresh towels.

30. Clear glass shelves

Clear Glass Shelves

Another great example of invisible shelving, these bathroom shower corner shelves aren’t even visible until you put things on them. These are great for small bathrooms for storing or displaying small items.

31. Rosey wood tones

Rosey Wood Tones

These beautiful hanging shelves are perfect for some small ornaments or decorations for your bathroom. The amber wood shelves hold a rose gold candle holder, a potted plant, and an artistic china pelican sculpture.

A warm rosy color palette is maintained throughout the shelves, except for that fresh pop of green from the indoor plant.

32. Singular ceramic plate shelf

Singular Ceramic Plate Shelf

If you only need a little bit of shelf space perhaps go for a flat ceramic plate like this one. It has an exquisite design and looks charming against the sandy beige tile walls.

It is too small to hold bath products but is the perfect size for a scented candle or a small plant.

Final Note

We tried to cover all the amazing bathroom corner shelf ideas here. If we miss something interesting let us know in the comment section which bathroom corner shelves ideas we missed.

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