38 Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Who doesn’t like to store all their stuff in the proper place? Being scattered everywhere, it will be difficult for a person to find things in the morning, especially towels which is a basic necessity for a person.

Keeping your towels dry and fresh can be quite frustrating, so here we are, with some great ideas to store your towels in one place without disrupting the overall décor of the bathroom. Let us get started with some of those ideas.

1. Basic round towel shelf

Basic Round Towel Shelf

It is always good to have some extra towels on hand when you have guests coming over or friends are staying at your place. You can fold them in different manners or hang them with hooks or make different shapes of the towel to make them look attractive.

One way is to buy a ring round tiered shelves and make rolls of towels to hold every single one of them on a separate stand. You can also sort them according to their size and grab the one you like the most.

2. Wall mounted decorative shelf

Wall Mounted Decorative Shelf

Here is another great idea for you and is super simple and classy. You do not have to decorate your bathroom separately and find a separate corner for the towel rack.

With this storage idea, you can get both of the jobs done in one go. Go for decorative shelves that have a rail underneath them. It will save you the cost of a rack. You can hang your towels on them and let them dry.

3. Decorative mini ladder

Decorative Mini Ladder

This decorative mini ladder is a multipurpose item that can be used for holding at least 3 towels. If you are single or have separate bathrooms, then it has enough space for you to hold a towel. Being beige in color, it gives the whole bathroom, the most exquisite look.

4. Cornered Recessed tower

Cornered Recessed Tower

Whether you are looking for an option to remodel your own personal bathroom or guest bathroom or even powder room, you can use this most convenient option.

Place a recessed tower behind the counter for easy access to towels. You can stockpile your towels or make rolls of them in one of the sections. Furthermore, place a decoration piece on it for a more traditional bathroom look.

5. Matte steel rack

Matte Steel Rack

Matte steel racks are the most readily and budget friendly choice available in the market. This is a narrow vertical shelf that has a lot of shelves available, so you can add as many towels as you want to it.

It has a shelf on top of it to place some decorative mason jar on top of it. For a more relaxing bath, you can light some candles on the top shelves. These fragranced candles will refresh your whole mood in one go.

6. Behind the vanity stand

Behind The Vanity Stand

For a space savvy idea, try mounting a simple basic shelf behind your vanity. Not fancy, nothing decorative, it will give your bathroom some extra space to hang your things, towels and bathrobes on the lower hook attached to that rack. This will store your towels without covering any additional space.

7. Compact toiletry table

Compact Toiletry Table

Many compact toiletry tables are available in the market. If you are standing in a bathroom accessory corner of the mall, then you should get one for yourself.

Compact toiletry stands with lower shelves get to store a lot of stuff for you. Underneath it, you can place a basket for towels or hair straightening accessories.

8. Horizontally placed the basket

Horizontally Placed Basket

A horizontally darted basket in one wall of the house gives a fresh look. Believe it or not, you can decorate your house beautifully by just making small arrangements. This basket will hold a mini potted plant and some neatly folded towels on it.

9. U shaped towel hook

U Shaped Towel Hook

For an inexpensive storage idea, try using a u-shaped look. In between this U shape you can make rolls of towels and place them in a vertical arrangement. This storage idea will not occupy much space. If the floor is limited, then you should move to the wall for a more practical solution.

10. Open towel display

Open Towel Display

Pinch this idea and try sorting your towel in this storage unit. It will be an open display of towels but being replaced regularly, it will always be fresh and cozy. Take them out for laundry when they get dirty but this is the most functional storage idea.

11. Twin towel rail

Twin Towel Rail

We know that one towel is never enough in a big washroom and sorting more than one can be quite tough. It will be an easy idea to store your towel on a rail, and what better than having two rails at the same time and at the price of one.

Shelf above the rail will be used to store folded towels and place a hair brush on it to get ready in no time.

12. Symmetrical towel display

Symmetrical Towel Display

For a clutter free towel arrangement, try placing them in a symmetrical order. This will show your guests how organized you are and you do not have to hustle to find new fresh towels every morning.

13. Towel and toilet paper organizer

Towel And Toilet Paper Organizer

Place this rack near your flush to grab your towel and toilet paper at the same time. This space-savvy product will help you maximize your bathroom’s storage potential. This will help you style the bathroom with minimal storage ideas.

14. Simple metallic stand

Simple Metallic Stand

Different decorative items make a great impact while decorating your bathroom. One of the great ideas is to get a single rod metallic stand and place it anywhere in the bathroom. It will give you some extra room to store your toilet papers and towels in it. Try placing them in color symmetry like pink, white and grey.

15. Over the toilet towel basket

Over The Toilet Towel Basket

While discussing all other ideas, we cannot forget about the toilet basket space. People often forget about this space. But it can be used in an effective way. You can store as many towels as you want without adding additional hooks.

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16. Floating shelves

Floating Shelves

This type of storage idea is more noticeable and every person should have this basic necessity in their bathroom. This multipurpose shelf will be used as a garment shelf as well as a bathroom storage rack. Both folded garments and towels can be placed on this shelf.

17. Industrial style rod

Industrial Style Rod

Place an industrial rod for holding your towels. If you do not want to invest in costly items, then this is the perfect style for you. For both traditional and cottage style bathrooms.

it can be used to store towels and will match well with the décor of the bathroom. They can even be attached at the back of the door if you have no other place.

18. Bookshelf style towel rack

Bookshelf Style Towel Rack

This bookshelf-style towel rack is white paint-coated so it will look well with the overall monochrome theme of the bathroom. You can place it near the shower or bathtub.

Portioned racks are extremely versatile and can be used to sort all types of items. It is an ideal way to place all your towels in one place.

19. Antique miniature shelves

Antique Miniature Shelves

With a traditional or farmhouse style bathroom, antique miniature shelves are a great option. Obviously, you want something to place your toilet caddies and towels on.

So why not go with that option? This way you will keep your smelly and soggy towels away and swap them with fresh ones at the same time.

20. Darted hook panel

Darted Hook Panel

Transform the look of the bathroom by using an old wooden panel and attaching hooks to it. This will give your bathroom a more rustic appeal. To dry the moisture of the towels, you can use this dart holder, and hang your towels on it.

21. Classic towel storage idea

Classic Towel Storage Idea

To make your space more trendy and spacious, use this towel rail to store your towels. This open cabinet design gives a perfect display of towels and a rail attached to it can help you hang your towels after washing your hands or face.

Now having a small bathroom and keeping all the stuff in it is not an issue. It can be placed in between mirrors and the open cabinets give a perfect farmhouse-style décor.

22. Old wooden crates as shelving

Old Wooden Crates As Shelving

You can most certainly save a lot of money by just using old wooden crates to hold your towels. They can be found anywhere even in your garage, you just have to explore the ways in which you can use them.

These crates being big enough in size can hold a lot of towels, toiletries, toilet caddies, and other hosiery items as well. Old wooden crates create a charm of rustic-style bathrooms and look aesthetically pleasing.

23. Giant laundry clips

Giant Laundry Clips

This DIY hack shows your creativity. How can you simply transform your bathroom and give it a more natural and pleasant vibe without spending much money? Using big sized laundry clips is one great idea to hold your towels.

Do not worry about them falling on the floor. Being darted to the wall, they will hold your towels without falling down on the ground. The grip of the clip will most certainly hold your bathrobe too.

24.  Furnished wooden log

Furnished Wooden Log

This furnished wooden log, without consuming too much floor space, laying in one corner of the bathroom holds all your towels. It has two shelves and the lower shelf holds a basket of the same color and you can make rolls of towels and put them in the basket for a relaxed spa look.

25. Brown barn wood crate

Brown Barn Wood Crate

The brown barn wood is attached horizontally on the wall. The roll towel display gives the perfect contrast of color and mood.

In beige colored country style bathrooms, this crate gives the rustic appeal to the bathroom and adds warmth to it as well.

26. Over the counter decorative tray

Over The Counter Decorative Tray

A tray is basically a thing which is always available in your house. Explore your old store to check if there is any spare tray hanging around.

Place it above the counter and decorate it with all your necessary items and towels. In this way, it will not leave any mark on the marble countertop and is placed inside the cabinet, it will be easy to maintain.

27. Beautiful jute basket

Beautiful Jute Basket

A pretty towel basket placed below the sink or between toilets can be a great option for towel storage. Placing them under the sink will not cover any extra space in the bathroom if you have a small bathroom.

Choose that material for baskets that will not exhaust the towels in them. You can also use mini jute baskets for towels.

28. Pantry style shelving

Pantry Style Shelving

Pantry-style opening shelving can store a lot of items in one place. And it will give you ample space for other items. A basket placed on the lower shelf will help you store towels and other items that can be stored on the above shelves.

It can be mounted on the wall above the bathtub. You do not have to splurge upon more time-consuming ideas of a makeover. You can store more than one towel in your bathroom with this method.

29. Disassembled wooden toiletry stand

Disassembled Wooden Toiletry Stand

For enhancing the overall look of the bathroom, try replacing traditional décor items with country-style décor. You can use a disassembled wooden toiletry stand in your bathroom and stack towels in it and create endless storage opportunities.

30. Rectangular shelving

Rectangular Shelving

The wooden rectangular shelving idea is a compact solution to store your towels. You can place different accessories, toiletry items and some house plants along with it. It comes in different light and dark options, to decorate it with the whole theme of the bathroom.

31. Standing two ring stand

Standing Two Ring Stand

You may think that having a lot of items on your sink is ridiculous, but why not using the only counter space available? One of the great tricks when sorting your things like towels is getting a standing two-ringed stand and putting it on the counter to easily grab it after washing hands.

32. Large basket case

Large Basket Case

When you do not have a lot of money, but you still want to decorate your bathroom and store all your stuff in it, you can get creative by using this storage solution.

A large basket above the toilet will store all your towels in it and to make it more decorative, you can place a bow on the basket.

33. Behind the door rope ladder

Behind The Door Rope Ladder

Did you also have a treehouse in childhood? Do you remember the wooden rope ladder that you used to climb to get into that treehouse?

This is what you need. You can get a treehouse ladder and assemble it at the back of the door. On each wooden bar, you can hang your multiple towels and increase floor space.

34. Wicker basket rack

Wicker Basket Rack

When you are trying to fit everything in one bathroom then storing towels can be a big deal. You can place a revolving rack in the bathroom and take it in and out according to your convenience. This will be a little expensive but will give you a lot of storage room.

35. Jute rope and shelf holder

Jute Rope And Shelf Holder

Let us think out of the box for a great storage solution option, you can use 3 tiered floating shelves painted in white. White polished shelves hanging with the help of jute rope will look beautiful in your modern bathroom. A decorative tray can also be placed on it along with some towels and houseplants.

36. Captivating Colored Display

Captivating Colored Display

Do you think black and white is boring? Do you also love bright-colored displays and if your bathroom has bright-colored decor and tiles you can that simply add different colors of the towel in your bathroom and place them in a symmetrical way. You can also arrange them in different shapes or just make some type of swan or accordion with your towel.

37. Built in a vertical tower

Built In Vertical Tower

It is very easy to find a storage solution when you are building a new house. Your bathroom is a place where you spend most of your time, so you can advise your architect to design a built-in vertical tower solution to place your towels.

Being congested, it won’t take up much space but you will be able to store as many towels as you want in the form of rolls. During the holiday season, you can decorate your bathroom with the most hilarious elf on the shelf bathroom ideas.

38. Ladder Towel Rack

Ladder Towel Rack

If by any chance you have a ladder lying around in the house, then you don’t need a towel rack. In this case, you can simply give it a coat of paint to make it look antique. You can also place a number of towels on it. Just add some potted plants on the top of it to give it a greener look. This will be beneficial for both damp and dry towels.

They are compact, portable and flexible so you can easily move them anywhere. This will give a splendid look to the bathroom.

Final words

Just by changing some nitty gritty details, you can totally change the look of your bathroom. From cabinets to shelves and then hanger, little changes can be made to store all your towels in one compact place. Use these ideas and get fresh towels at your convenience.

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