50 Best Over The Toilet Storage Ideas that Make the Extra Space

Your bathroom is something that needs to accommodate top things, isn’t it? Well YES! That’s right. Your bathroom shows how creative and decorative the mind you can have. Desiring to read the best toilet storage ideas? Well, we have got your back with our most accessible guide ever.

Our best above toilet storage ideas will help you make the bathroom unique. There is no need to worry. If the bathroom is small, you can still add all the items in an organized way.

You can’t hold it all if you don’t compile things correctly. And what’s the catch, by the way? We are going to provide your bathroom with a homier feel. After having hours of research and detailed emphasis, we have compiled 50 over the toilet storage ideas to make your experience worth considering.

Amazing Over the Toilet Storage Ideas For Extra Space

Well, let us dig a little deeper! This detailed information about toilet storage ideas will provide you a premium experience of storing the basics and everything you desire.

1. Black brings it to life.

Black brings it to life.

Everyone desires this innovative over toilet shelf design.  A black cabinet is something that makes your toilet look much appealing than before. Moreover, check the spacious space it provides you arranges all your essentials correctly without the need for an extra cabinet. This design has amazed the people with an incredibly great look.

2. Get Yourself a Creative Hanging Rack

Get Yourself a Creative Hanging Rack

You must be tired of your toiletry things getting misplaced.  Then it is the best rack for you that you can adjust on any wall or any door. Well, there is something you need.  The thing you need is just a nail to hang it, and it would be very convenient for you to store your things.

3. Go and Get a over the toilet Standing Rack

go and get a over the toilet Standing rack

If you have a small bathroom and lack sufficient racks, then this is what you need to do. Get yourself a small rack that can stand and can be used to place your creams, small plants, or anything you like, making it look beautiful, lovely, and attractive while allowing you to store things conveniently.

4. Inn-Home 3 Shelf Bathroom Space Saver

Inn-Home 3 Shelf Bathroom Space Saver

This type of stand helps save – space units that might be placed over the toilet and consumes all free stowing areas. This type of rack is effective for bath towels, tissue paper rolls, shampoos, candles, or any item you require in the bathroom.

5. Double Shelves Toilet Idea

Double Shelves Toilet Idea

Combine fashion and function with simple double shelves balanced over the toilet to take some balminess and elegance to your toilet area. You can easily put your toilet’s necessary things on the shelves. By using this idea, we can save the area in any toilet.

6. Double-Door with Shelf Cabinet

Double-Door with Shelf Cabinet

There are two-door cabinets with one suitable shelf in this type of idea, as we are observing. It can save the toilet area and manage the necessary accessories of the toilet items placed in it.  In this type of design, we can easily manage the space and items in a good manner. All you need to do is install this over the toilet shelf and enjoy.

7. Over the toilet Freestanding Cabinet

over the toilet freestanding cabinet

We have a double-door cabinet, one shelf, and one drawer. There is more same space to place everything more manageable and sorted out. YES, you heard it right! We can place more things in the space.

8. Above the toilet freestanding shelf

Multi-Layer Classic Design Metal Frame

This multi-layer above the toilet shelves idea emerges from modern design, and this type of design saves the maximum space. This design will enhance your creative skills too. You can put your bath towel along with any necessary things on the shelves to clean and tidy.

9. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish open shelves above toilet

oil-rubbed bronze finish open shelves above toilet

Another idea we want to introduce is truly not going to disappoint you. This shelf looks beautiful behind a toilet, and the rack enhances the beauty. Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Steel over the toilet shelf design will complete your modern bathroom look effectively.

10. Sturdy and Durable Cabinet Bathroom Shelf

Sturdy and Durable Cabinet Bathroom Shelf

With good firmness, the bathroom seat provides a crossbeam in the edge, therefore offering a supporting role in the bathroom.  This is a high-quality MDF, and a very attractive wood Material design is incredibly long-lasting.

11. Tangkula Bathroom Space Saver

Tangkula Bathroom Space Saver

This design is really breathtaking. Let us dig a little deeper! This is a tangkula tier bathroom Organizer Metal Shelf design, What’s more? This design is a Multibar grid type except the full-body eradicates the water accumulation.

12. Three unique Shelf design

Three Unique Shelf Design

These three shelves tier shelves design provides you with good storage and stores all bathroom fundamentals.  It is very suitable for any user to categorize bathroom traders. I take 20 lbs for the whole space and save the place.

13. 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Rack

3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Rack

You can show all your decoration skills in this rack design that will undoubtedly not disappoint you. It features three open shelves design with raised edges and plenty of space.

14. Bathroom Storage Shelf design

Bathroom Storage Shelf Design

You must be confused about how this design looks. The design has versatile shelves for storing things like toilet paper, toiletries, magazines, shampoo, and any essentials. And guess what? It is undoubtedly a very effective design to carry all essentials at the same time in the bathroom.

15. 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer

3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer

The 3-tier design making full use of the vertical space is smart to create your beautiful oasis in the bathroom. And you know?

The above the toilet open shelf is a great storage space for bathroom supplies such as toothbrushes, shampoo, cups, bath towels. It also can serve as a storage unit over suitable furniture in your home.

16. Toilet Storage Rack along with Adjustable Shelves

Toilet Storage Rack along with Adjustable Shelves

The side cabinet keeps dual adjustable shelves and has three height levels to choose from. In this way, you could adjust the shelf to the height you need based on the size of the object you are putting, facilitating space arrangement.

17. Compact yet portable shelf storage

Compact yet portable shelf storage

Bathroom shelves derive with modern design, and this item hoards much space. Well, this toilet shelf design doesn’t take extra space. You can put your towel, bath products on it while keeping it and tidy. Sound impressive, right? If you are looking for corner shelf ideas then you can follow this article.

18. Multi-Layer Classic Design Metal Frame

Multi-Layer Classic Design Metal Frame

If you are searching for a modern-looking design, then this design is especially for you. You vessel put your towel, bath products on it, making the look stylish yet simple. Moreover, it allows you to place plants as well!

19. Storage Basket Designee in the Toilet

Storage Basket Designee in the Toilet

If you are looking for a budget-friendly idea, you have ultimately landed on the right spot. You can conveniently place the tissue papers in the basket, towels, and soap, or any essential in the toilet to save space.

20. stylish Behind the Toilet cabinets

Small yet stylish cabinets

It is one of the best storage space ideas you will find on our list of different ideas. By using this idea, you will get spacious space and maintain the essentials perfectly. You will be amazed at this design.

21. bathroom rack above toilet Out Of A Tub

bathroom rack above toilet out of a tub

If you have an oval tub that is lying around your house and is none of use. Then it would be best to utilize it for making a rack. This will look remarkable and there is no doubt about it.

Just get yourself a piece of wood and stack the wood in the tub using nails. Then hang it in your bathroom and place your things in it. YES! You heard it right!

22. Hang a towel rack shelf over toilet

hang a towel rack shelf over toilet

You must want a small elegant rack that does not occupy much space but can be used to store toilet paper, towels, miniature decorations, and another small thing. Get a small rack that can be hung up in your bathroom. This idea will give you a premium toilet storage experience.

23. Get A Simple Yet Elegant Stand

Get A Simple Yet Elegant Stand

You will find this idea durable if you want a rack that stands and stores toiletry things like paper towels, soaps, lotions, etc. At the same time, it can be decorated with plants or other decorative pieces. It is highly recommended to store your things as it is durable.

24. DIY Unique Racks

DIY Unique Racks

People are often tired of storing toiletry things inside cabinets. Well, make yourself a beautiful rack. The only things needed are pieces of wood and nails.

Attach the wood with the wall with the help of nails, and here you go with a DIY simple and decent rack on which you can place your important things.

25. Utilize the Old to Create Breathtaking Modern Design

Utilize the Old to Create Breathtaking Modern Design

This next idea is going to make your bathroom wall or door breathtaking and attractive. If you have a broken wooden ladder, then take the stairs of the ladder, attach them with the help of rope and hang it on your bathroom’s wall or door and place all necessities in it.

26. Want Shelves For Bathroom Storage

Want Shelves For Bathroom Storage

If you have got out of space in your bathroom there is no need to worry, we got your back with this idea. Just attach three small shelves above your toilet and make it convenient to use by organizing your things on it. You have got the most demanding shelves to put your hair care products etc on it.

27. Get a Ladder Framework

Get a Ladder Framework

You want a unique rack, right. This ladder framework will be unique, worth considering, and will also give a sense of creativity to your bathroom.  

You can place it over your toilet and organize your stuff in it. Organize your things such as plants, shampoos, liquid hand wash, etc. Decorate it according to your convenience.

28. Get Yourself a Versatile Rack

Get Yourself a Versatile Rack

Sills can be used as the best source of racks and most people use these in their bathrooms for storage. Well, they look remarkable. These are durable, versatile, and don’t occupy much space.

Put your important things on the sills and place mini DIY decorations on them to make your bathroom more appealing.

29. Make It Easy For Yourself

Make It Easy For Yourself

You must be wear of putting your toiletry stuff in your closets or other cabinets.  We got the right thing for you. Get yourself to own a stand in your bathroom on which you can easily put the rolls of your paper towels, shampoos and hand wash, or any other bathroom accessories.

30. Desiring A Two In One Rack

Desiring A Two In One Rack

Is there an old rusty drawer, make it useful, and don’t let it get wasted.  Separate the door of the drawer’s cabinet and attach it with the wall of your bathroom, and now you have a two-in-one rack that has space to place your decorations and a drawer which is useful to put anything.

31. Create Diversified Ledges

Create Diversified Ledges

Ledges are the most common shelves used for bathroom storage. You have heard it right! Our next idea involves ledges. Attach the ledge on the wall over the toilet and make yourself free to put your things such as skin and hair care products; face wash choice is yours how you like to use it.

32. Useful over the toilet bathroom organizer

useful over the toilet bathroom organizer

Everyone wants to move along a design of organizers that gives you a sense of fashion and can store things. Yes, that is right. Our next idea is fashionable and can be hung on any wall of your bathroom. Despite being a storing rack, it also looks breathtaking.

33. Get Yourself a Perfect Stand

Get Yourself a Perfect Stand

Stands are also a great source to store things, especially when the stand has more than one compartment. Get yourself a stand that can store your bathroom things and accommodate your favorite decorations in it too. Place it in the bathroom, and now you don’t have to worry about finding things hither and thither.

34. Modern and Unique built in cabinet above toilet

modern and Unique built in cabinet above toilet

Here comes the decent and modern built-in cabinet above the toilet both in one. YES! That’s right. This idea is great for you if you want small racks and can be used as the best source of organizing toiletry stuff.

Get yourself wall racks that you can use for decorating the bathroom, like small plants, miniature decorations, or bathroom storage.

35. over the toilet storage for small bathrooms

Do Easy With Smart Work

If you feature a small bathroom with less space to store your essential toilet products, then what you have to do. Make yourself wall shelves where you can place your towels, decorations, baskets, etc.,

whatever you like, which will make your small bathroom look beautiful and lovely while storing your things without facing difficulties.

36. Sill Baskets

Sill Baskets

Your shelves are small and do not have much space to store your things, then it is not a problem at all. Our idea is only for you! Take a basket where you can put bathroom storage and tag the baskets with labels that will make it easy for you to remember which things are in which basket.

37. Hanging Baskets Yet Looks Perfect

Hanging Baskets Yet Looks Perfect

There are some rods in your bathroom that are of no use except for hanging towels.  No worries, make them useful for other things. You only need ribbons and baskets. Hang the baskets on the rod with ribbons’ help, and now you can use these to put the towels and other toiletry things.

38. Bold and Black

Bold and Black

Black is bold and is always in trend. It is great for sills as well as rods when it comes to your bathroom storage. At this point, this idea is best for you. Attach a sill on the wall along with a rod under so that you can easily access your towel without any unrolling as for the sill, place your other needs on it.

39. Make Space for What You Want

Make Space for What You Want

Not much space in your bathroom to place some pictures or decorations. It’s alright finding a wooden shelf rack that will help to enhance the attractiveness of your washroom. Now what? Place a picture of your loved ones, bathroom storage, or decorate it with your other favorite things.

40. wood shelves over the toilet

Desiring Decorations Too

The difference always makes things unique and breathtaking. Decoration will make the storage rack look remarkable. It would look even nicer if you get a rack that looks like a frame but has small compartments where you can place decorated bottles or plants that will make the rack even lovelier.

41. Unique yet stylish Storage Space

Unique yet stylish Storage Space

Take a look at the elegant white shelve for placing all your essentials in an organized way. Moreover, this design is no more than a treat nowadays. If you want a decent-looking storage area this design is truly for you.

42. Create a Ladder Hanger

Create a Ladder Hanger

If you are lacking a place for a towel, it’s ok! Do not brood. We got you covered. Our next idea is perfect for hanging towels. This idea involves an old wooden ladder. If the ladder has two or more stairs, make it useful, polish it, and now you have a stand to hang the towel.

43. All Brown gives a great feel

All Brown gives a great feel

If you want to contrast the shelves’ colors with the bathroom color, you are in the right spot. You can get a pair of these sills, which are brown and with all shades of brown, whether it is beige, beaver, puff chocolate brown, cocoa brown, or dark brown many more.

44. Get A reliable Box Shaped Rack

Get A reliable Box Shaped Rack

Racks are best to store things than shelves while things fall from the shelves due to the unprotected sides. But wait! Wait! Racks do not disappoint you in this case because of the ultra-protection they provide to your essentials.

The four sides of these racks feature nets, and the box shape makes them a distinctive piece of art and valuable to store your things.

45. White towel rack above toilet

White towel rack above toilet

Many people in society nowadays prefer white as their ideal color, am I right?  In the next idea, you can get thick white shelves with ropes that can be hung anywhere in your bathroom and goes perfectly with your favorite color, and can be used to place the things you like.

46. Get a Rack with a Knob

Get a Rack with a Knob

Take a look at this rack having a knob for paper towels.  You are going to love our next idea because it is a rack featuring a knob.  But even if you do not have a knob in your bathroom, there is no need to worry. Place other things in the rack and use the knob for the tissue.

47. Get Yourself A metal rack for bathroom

get yourself a metal rack for bathroom

Stands with 3-4 shelves are ideal for bathroom storage or bathroom decorations. This concept of racks for the bathroom is a metal stand with wooden shelves. You can place baskets with your toilet storage or other things you like, such as frames, lotions, baskets, etc.

48. Go with the most accessible size

Go with the most accessible size.

Our ideas are no doubt a treat for people searching for the best idea for the bathroom. Take a look at the picture. It comes with only one compartment.

Whether you use it for placing important things like air fresheners or either decorating with the things you like, the choice is yours. The point is that it is small and can be fit in your bathroom.

49. metal over the toilet towel storage

metal over the toilet towel storage

Small bathrooms are not a problem because if you place a tough metal stand with spacious space to put your things. You can place your towels, shampoos, hand wash, air fresheners, skincare, plants, decorations, and the thing you like and want to put. It is a worthy piece for your bathroom.

50. Simple and Decent

Simple and Decent, Isn't It.

Everyone loves simple, modern, and decent things that are according to today’s fashion. The rack in this category is a black stand that is not only valuable but also lovely. You love to have this rack in your bathroom. It offers a top place for bathroom storage and decorations. This over the toilet open-shelf storage is easy to install.

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