31 Clever Bathtub Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Some of us need to soak our worries away at the end of the day, and we aren’t willing to let go of the luxury of having a bathtub, no matter how small a space we are working with. However, we do understand bathtubs take up a lot of functional space and it can be especially hard to accommodate one in a small bathroom.

In this article, we’ve listed thirty-one clever bathtub ideas that will help you fit a bathtub in your bathroom regardless of how tiny of a space it is.

Tiny Bathrooms With Tubs – Recognize the Nook in Your Small Bathroom Bathtub Ideas

The best place in a small bathroom to place the bathtub is often a nook or a corner that doesn’t block off any functional spaces. Take a good look at the space you’re working with and see if you have an empty corner or perhaps some closet space that you don’t need.

1. Your private corner to soak and relax

Your private corner to soak and relax

This tiny bathtub looks like it was made to fit in this small space that looks like it was probably sectioned off for a bathroom closet. The wall gives the bathtub some privacy and enclosure, turning this little area into a meditation zone.

The tub is a small soaking tub, illuminated from above by a gorgeous lantern hanging from the ceiling.

2. A tiny freestanding tub

A tiny freestanding tub

What this bathtub lacks in its size of the footprint, it makes up for with its added height. Due to not being able to stretch out completely in a small bathtub, the extra height can be crucially important in making sure you can get a proper soaking in.

The gorgeous porcelain tub sits in a highly modern monochromatic bathroom, with softness provided only by the curvy lines of the tub and the luxurious faux fur rug.

3. Tall, lithe and graceful


The tall narrow bathtub with an asymmetric design acts as the centerpiece in this elegant white bathroom. The sparkling porcelain bathtub sits on a gorgeous white and grey patterned tiled floor, surrounded by whitewashed brick walls.

Soak in your tall, cozy and compact bathtub as you gaze outside at the nature through the large open windows.

4. Petite, clean and pristine

Petite, clean and pristine

We all know by now that white is a great color for small spaces. By surrounding this tiny white bathtub with other white spaces and elements the designer has visually blurred out where the bathtub starts and where it ends, thus making it seem bigger than it actually is.

The small bathtub is accessorized with fresh flowers in a vase, a heap of soft towels and a little tray of bath essentials.

5. Clad in stone

Clad in stone

Enveloped in stone cladding, this small bathtub makes taking a bath feel like being at a spa. The tub sits against an enchanting green accent wall which promotes calmness and relaxation. 

The stone cladding on the tiny bathtub makes it look bigger than it is, and also provides some deck space for lounging on. The rest of the walls and the floors are covered in stone tiling, giving this bathroom an intense spa-like feel.

6. Old school vibes

Old school vibes

Standing freely beside a large open window, this pint-sized bathtub packs all the fun. Its weight is supported by four very 80s luxury style claw feet made of shiny metal, and the extravagant set of shiny silver tapware matches the claw feet.

Since freestanding tubs are in general space-wasting, getting a mini freestanding tub like this one instead can save a lot of space without sacrificing style. Our most recent post: outdoor bathtub ideas.

7. Antique bronze bathtub

Antique bronze bathtub

Carefully handcrafted out of bronze, this small bathtub will steal the show in any bathroom. Because of the small base area, this bathtub has a taller height than most normal bathtubs in order for it to facilitate a full body soak.

The tub is supported by intricately designed bronze claw feet. An essential feature in small bathtubs, the back of the tub has a taller height to make sitting upright comfortable.

8. Vintage white clawfoot bathtub

Vintage white clawfoot bathtub

Made of clean white porcelain, this adorable vintage bathtub will happily occupy a tiny space in any small bathroom. With its ornate shiny metal claw feet, it is sure to be an object of interest in any space.

The bathtub has a slanted end as an inclined back support, which is a thoughtful touch to add to any small bathtub.

9. Shabby chic freestanding tub

Shabby chic freestanding tub

This gorgeous small bathtub is painted a charming emerald green color. It comes with intricately carved antique wood claw feet supporting the weight. 

This bathtub too comes with an inclined back support which we love. The other end is completely upright, so it can sit nicely against a wall in a small bathroom.

10. Perfect bathtub for a monochromatic setup

Perfect bathtub for a monochromatic setup

The stunning black claw feet on the white porcelain tub make it the ideal choice for a black and white bathroom decor. The tub is small enough to fit in a corner, but stylish enough to stand front and center as the main focal point.

The ornate claw feet of the tub have been carefully crafted out of wood, and then stained and polished to give it a luxurious quality.

11. A towering soaking tub with ornate claw feet

A towering soaking tub with ornate claw feet

Here’s one of the tallest bathtubs we’ve seen so far and its height definitely makes up for the small base dimensions. You will be able to get a very good head to toe soaking in this one for sure!

The shiny metal claw feet on this tub are absolutely stunning and provide a stylish accent in this rustic themed small bathroom.

12. Modernity in clean straight lines

Modernity in clean straight lines

This small box bathtub fits nice and cozy into the little bathroom with some very useful deck space on both ends. The design is sleek, modern and minimalist and goes perfectly with the modern minimalist decor.

The clean straight lines of the white porcelain bathtub exaggerate its dimensions, making it look bigger than it actually is.

13. Stylish and moody

Stylish and moody

A highly glossy cool white ceramic tub sits in the middle of a stunningly designed modern bathroom. The freestanding tub has a small footprint but is quite tall in height, giving the bathroom quality of grandeur.

The pitch black wall really makes the white tub stand out in contrast, while the abstract wall art provides a pop of colour.

14. Industrial minimalism

Industrial minimalism

A gorgeous white freestanding tub stands against a textured charcoal accent wall. The floors are tiled with cool grey stone tiling, giving the space a cold hard industrial look.

The dazzling white tub stands out in stark contrast to the wall and floors. The matte metal tapware on the bathtub provides a stylish accent in this highly minimalistic and bold setup.

15. Tumbler inspired farmhouse bathtub

Tumbler inspired farmhouse bathtub

A unique small bathtub reminiscent of the shape of a tumbler takes the spotlight in this enchanting farmhouse bathroom. The curved lines of the bathtub perfectly complement the arched windows.

The shiny white bathtub stands out against the grim olive decor of the bathroom, and makes up for its small size with its innovative design.

16. Tall bathtub in a small penthouse bathroom

Tall bathtub in a small penthouse bathroom

Bathing in this gorgeous oval freestanding tub and looking out the window at the beautiful views outside is our idea of the perfect weekend of self pampering at home. Don’t be fooled, this soaking tub is quite tall and has a grand appearance despite actually being quite small in size. 

This small bathtub with sleek metal tapware is an ideal fit for any modern bathroom design.

17. A cozy nook

A cozy nook

Build a cozy drop-in bathtub setup that fits perfectly into a nook in your small bathroom. This bathtub comes with a small but stylish granite deck space, useful for keeping bath essentials during use. 

A beautifully placed window lets in the sun’s gorgeous light, illuminating the bath area. Keep books on the window sill so you can enjoy your favorite book while taking a relaxing bath. We have written down some sensational outdoor bathtub ideas in a recent article.

18. Adorable teacup bathtub

Adorable teacup bathtub

A cute, colorful and fun-sized bathtub like this one is perfect for a very small bathroom. This gorgeous mini blue bathtub sits on four gorgeous ornate claw feet intricately carved out of wood and polished for a lavish look.

The shiny metal vintage tapware and showerhead that resemble a handheld telephone set beautifully fit the chic aesthetic of this mini bathtub.

19. Ornate mini bathtub

Ornate mini bathtub

The angled mini bathtub with regal ornate claw feet was the perfect addition to this vintage empire style bathroom. The shiny metal claw feet match perfectly with the lavish silver tapware. 

The tiny white porcelain bathtub sits on a marble floor in front of a regal blue accent wall with gorgeous crown moulding, standing out as the focal point of the space.

20. Copper mini tub

A lovely copper mini bathtub sits in the middle of a minimalistic grey-toned bathroom. The bathtub sits on gorgeous copper claw feet and the tapware used is copper as well, matching perfectly with the tub.

The bathtub and its copper accessories bring in color to this otherwise colorless palette of light grey. Small amber jars placed on a floating shelf in the distance continue the reddish copper theme.

21. Dainty oval soaking tub

Dainty oval soaking tub
Image: zyhomy.com

This pretty bathroom decor is enhanced with the addition of a small oval soaking tub gracefully occupying an empty, unused space. The chandelier above the bathtub draws the eye and creates interest around the bath area.

The gorgeous white porcelain bathtub blends in beautifully with the dainty white walls and textured marble floors. Despite being in a corner of the room the bath area receives lots of light, from the small windows and the chandelier as well.

22. Two tinies in one

Two tinies in one
Image: zyhomy.com

Here’s an adorable bath-shower combo that can save so much space while being highly functional in a small bathroom. This little bit of space may have looked too small even for a shower, but now it conveniently accommodates both a shower and a bath.

The bathtub is a mini porcelain alcove bathtub with a fixed glass wall and a glass door for access. The walls in the shower cum bath area are clad in gorgeous marble tiling which makes the small space look bright and airy.

23. Your own little sanctuary

Your own little sanctuary

A small saintly white freestanding tub occupies a small space in this calm and peaceful sanctuary-like bathroom.  The oval soaking tub sits against a white textured stone tile wall, accompanied by black metal fixtures and accessories.

A plush bathrobe and lots of soft white towels sit nearby, providing softness against the cold harshness of the Stoney interior. A touch of greenery gives the decor life.

24. Freestanding tub in a hallway bathroom

The pretty shabby chic bathroom has a tiny white four-legged freestanding tub sitting against a cream subway tile wall. Dainty floral shower curtains hang from a halo curtain rod above the bathtub, providing privacy from the large open window.

The tub sits on a charming tiled floor with a black and white chic vintage pattern. Since the tub has no real deck space, a wooden bath tray is used to hold the essentials.

25. Tiny japanese style soaking tub

Tiny japanese style soaking tub

This tiny walk-in soaking tub acts as both a bathtub and a shower in this old-school classic style bathroom. The tub has a door that opens and lets you walk into it while remaining on the ground level, perfect for those who are unable to climb into a normal bathtub.

A halo curtain rod above is used to hang shower curtains to stop water splashing outside the shower.

26. Sleek and stylish square bathtub

Sleek and stylish square bathtub

The stunning white square bathtub is small enough to fit snugly into the small shower cubicle in this ultra-modern and stylish bathroom. The bath and shower area are sectioned off using glass walls and a glass door. 

The square tub is shallow and perfect for a relaxing dip at the end of the day, and when you don’t have time, simply use it as a stand-in shower. Related Romantic Bathtub Ideas.

27. Black and white minimalist bathroom

Black and white minimalist bathroom

A bold theme of pitch-black against white has been used in this small bathroom, with a tiny white bathtub sitting against a dark black wall. The texture is added to this decor by using white grout in the black tiling, and black grout in the white tiling.

The shower area is right beside the narrow bathtub, overlapping into one another. The tapware is kept sleek and minimalistic.

28. Unique peanut shell mini bathtub

A spa-like bathroom has a uniquely shaped small bathtub that looks like a half peanut shell. The beautiful white mini bathtub is surrounded by calm and peaceful mint green walls and lush indoor plants.

A rainfall showerhead has been placed directly above the bathtub, allowing you to experience rain-like phenomena while soaking in the bathtub. A skylight on the ceiling floods the space with gorgeous sunlight.

29. A modest arrangement

A shallow rectangular tub acts as both a bathtub and a shower area in this simple and modest bathroom. Space is partially closed off using a glass wall which helps prevent splashes of water without visually blocking off the shower. 

The shower has simple beige tile walls, and a punch in the wall has been made to store bath essentials or decorations.

30. A subtle futuristic vibe

This tiny bathroom is simple and modern with a slightly futuristic vibe, given off by the floating vanity sink that looks a little ahead of its time. The small bathtub occupies one entire tiny wall and acts as a bath-shower combo.

Since this space is so small, shower curtains are used to prevent splashes and keep the bathroom dry.

31. A hint of Moroccan

This elegant and stylish bathroom features a small built-in bathtub as its centerpiece. The space around the bathtub is luxuriously designed with lots of deck space.

The bathtub is built against a gorgeous sparkling penny-tile accent wall in a teal-grey palette. The rest of the tiling in the bathroom is a sandy beige color, complemented by the decorative vases placed in the corner.

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