52 Sensational Outdoor Bathtub Ideas

One of the best ways to give your bathroom design a wow factor is by having an area of your bathroom outside. Placing the bathtub under the sun and in the open air will make your home instantly feel like a spa retreat.

In this article, we’ve brought you 52 of the best sensational outdoor bathtub ideas that 2022 has to offer. So finally set your bathroom remodeling plans, which you’ve been putting off for lack of ideas, in motion. There’s really no better way to show off your wild and adventurous home design ideas than having an outdoor bath area.

Outdoor Tub Ideas For An Invigorating Experience Choose a Desigh That Works For You

The first step to designing a bathroom is finalizing a layout. It’s important to know where the various components will go before you start on the aesthetic. Measure out your space and see whether everything fits. Choose a layout that highlights your bathtub and makes it the star of the show.

Make note of the direction your space faces, where the light hits, and where the plants you grow will thrive. Go with design elements that will be easy for you to maintain in the long run. We assure you, any of these 52 bathroom ideas will make a jaw-dropping impression on whoever sees it.

1. Have fun under the sun

Have Fun Under The Sun

Place your outdoor tub where the sun hits. This way you can bathe and sunbathe at the same time!

This can be a useful tip to remember when designing an outdoor bathtub for colder climates. Place the bathtub strategically so that the sun warms up your bath.

2. Lead up to it

Lead Up To It

A path leading up to your outdoor bathtub will give it the grandeur it truly deserves. Pave a simple path out of stone, wood planks, or baked clay tiles.

Create a paved walkway with bushes on both sides leading up to your bathtub for a grand entrance.

3. Mystical faerie bath

Mystical Faerie Bath

Release your inner faerie with a mystical, magical outdoor bathtub. The use of dark wood with lush greenery gives the area a calming quality.

Adorned with lanterns, candles and bottles of wine, this can be your perfect way to decompress from a long and tiring day, directly under the stars.

4. Fun and playful outdoor bathtub on a budget

Fun And Playful Outdoor Bathtub On A Budget

A bright pink freestanding tub, antique brass shower and faucet, and a white pebble pavement creates the perfect bohemian themed outdoor bath without breaking the bank.

A ladder is used as a towel rack while a small wooden stool serves as a side table. The bamboo screen provides privacy while the string lights and potted plants make the space feel magical.

5. Inspired by history

Inspired By History

Create an Indus Valley bathhouse-inspired outdoor bath area that will take you back in time to the wondrous city of Mohenjo-Daro. The textured stone walls, wood walkways, and baked clay accents give it an earthy feel. Besides the historic bathroom please check our romantic bathtub posts.

6. Balinese spa inspired outdoor bath

Balinese Spa Inspired Outdoor Bath

A bathtub made of natural stone placed on a bamboo roofed stone tiled platform, stone backsplash, plenty of well-groomed greenery and a statue of Buddha – the perfect combination that makes a bathroom feel like a balinese spa.

7. Luxurious and comfortable terrace bathtub

Luxurious And Comfortable Terrace Bathtub

Wood cladded deluxe porcelain tub with a cushioned headrest is the ultimate definition of style and comfort. Placed on a terrace with wood accents and a blue quartz backsplash, this is the perfect outdoor bathtub setup to relax and unwind.

8. Beautiful Japanese sunken bathtub

Beautiful Japanese Sunken Bathtub

Bathing in this baked clay sunken tub will make you feel like you’re sitting in a hot water spring. Surrounded by a lazily decorated stoney garden and some unkempt greenery, this tub creates a jungle-like illusion.

Wood framing gives this place an added element of wilderness, and the rainfall showerhead is the perfect accessory that allows you to virtually experience rain in a jungle.

9. Bring the tropics to your backyard

Bring The Tropics To Your Backyard

A gorgeous stained vintage porcelain tub on a beautifully aged wooden deck overlooking lush green palm trees is soothing to look at and is bound to be even more charming to bathe in. A penny tiled backsplash adds a little bit of luxury to this otherwise modest and earthy looking setup.

We wonder how gorgeous this could look at night with a few aromatic candles burning and perhaps a glass of wine in hand. The possibilities are endless with this one.

10. An indoor outdoor situation

An Indoor Outdoor Situation

This stunning white bathroom is the perfect marriage between an indoor and an outdoor space. The gigantic white stone tub sits beneath an open ribbed ceiling, receiving all of the sun’s glorious light and some of Mother Nature’s greenery as well.

Grey marble floors, black framed partitions and the cold silver faucet accentuate the monochromatic theme going on.

11. The humble brag of outdoor bathtubs

The Humble Brag Of Outdoor Bathtubs

Seemingly modest natural stone tub on a neatly stained wooden deck boasts its location atop a hill. Overlooking quite a large drop down below, bathing in this outdoor tub is sure to be quite stimulating.

12. Not for the faint of heart

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Feed the adventurous spirit in you with a tub that gets the full, unobstructed view of the wilderness. Gaze at grazing animals while soaking in your gorgeous tub sipping on champagne.

13. Lush Green Garden Soaking Tub

Lush Green Garden Soaking Tub

Create an enchanting outdoor bathtub setting with a green oxidised copper Bateau-style bathtub sitting pretty on the bare grass under a low hanging tree. Have a solo afternoon tea party outside while soaking in your outdoor bathtub and admiring yourself in a full length wood framed mirror standing against a magical stone wall.

14. Lavish patio bathtub

Lavish Patio Bathtub

Clad your patio area in various styles and textures of tiles, add a few levels of elevation, and build a wooden deck to install a sunken bathtub. Ambient lighting, contemporary furniture and some plants will make you feel as though you are in a five star hotel.

15. Sleek and lustrous outdoor bathtub

Sleek And Lustrous Outdoor Bathtub

When working with a larger space, section off some small areas for greenery and pave the rest of the area with pavement tiles for a clean and sleek look. Choose sandy tones and textures throughout the space.

A glossy grey ceramic bowl bathtub will look incredibly stylish, especially when paired with a bold and simple gunmetal faucet. Palm trees and some ornamental shrubbery break up the rigidity of the space and give it some life.

16. Elegant semi-outdoor bath

Elegant Semi-Outdoor Bath

If you’re not too crazy about being engulfed in nature while you bathe but still want a little bit of that outside feel, this could be the right design for you. The bath area looks out at the grassy lawn through glass walls and offers the possibility of privacy blinds.

The design is kept clean and simple with white floors and a white porcelain tub, and wood cladding, wood stool and wood blinds.

17. Palm beach holiday vibes

Palm Beach Holiday Vibes

Palm beach lovers will get to have a piece of it right on their terrace with this beautiful rooftop bath area setup. A gorgeous textured stone tub sits against an aqua blue wall, reminiscent of foamy ocean waves.

The floor has been covered in pebbles entirely, with stone slab walkways and a sandy beige textured tiled shower area, giving off the ultimate beachy vibe.

18. Jungle oasis outdoor bathtub

Jungle Oasis Outdoor Bathtub

A nature lover would appreciate this lush green nature themed bathroom that gives off the true jungle oasis feel. The bathtub is made of mosaic stone and is surrounded by mossy stone walls and tropical greenery.

The stone tiles and bathroom fixtures are kept simple and modest, and the roof is made of natural materials like bamboo. This look can be achieved on a budget but the end result will be worth a million.

19. Serenity in simplicity

Serenity In Simplicity

Pebble covered floors and stone slab walkways leading up to the bathtub seem to be a popular choice when it comes to designing an outdoor bath. It creates an earthy feel, especially when paired with a dark green wall and green stone tub.

Apart from the green and sandy tones of colour, the only other tone used is that of dark mahogany in the roofing and the plant pot. This bathroom is stunning and bold, yet oh so simple.

20. Perfect outdoor bathtub for an earthy wood cabin

Perfect Outdoor Bathtub For An Earthy Wood Cabin

Stunning white porcelain clawfoot tub sits on stone footings on raw earth, with ferns and foliage forcing their way into the tub and a dark wood plank walkway leading up to it. Despite having been done in a small space this bath area is rich in greenery and woody textures.

We believe this setup will be gorgeous during the evening with some lanterns hidden among the hanging ferns.

21. Charming rustic farmhouse outdoor bathtub

Charming Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Bathtub

A bold Scandinavian wrought iron bathtub sits outside in the open, accompanied only by rust-covered faucets, a tree log side table, and a seating area close by. The aged wood of the farmhouse exterior together with the rusty wrought iron creates a charming rustic vibe that is totally in trend at the moment.

22. Spa themed outdoor bathroom

Spa Themed Outdoor Bathroom

Those lucky enough to own a house in the forest can definitely consider building this double fenced spa themed outdoor bathroom with a cast iron fire pit. The bathtubs overlook the enchanting fir trees towering above them, while the crackling fire pit makes the bathing experience truly unique.

The use of natural stone and ornamental plants accentuates the enchanted wood theme of the bathroom.

23. Clean and pristine Small outdoor bathtub

Clean and pristine Small outdoor bathtub

A small outdoor space adjoining the bathroom is perfect for this clean, white, peaceful outdoor soaking tub setting. Nestled among green grass and soft ferns, the pristine white bathtub is accessorized only by towering lilies, white pebbles and wood accents.

The freestanding outdoor bathtub sits against a solid white wall, opened up by the humongous wood framed mirror. The area is accessed by crisp white french double doors.

24. Fairytale inspired magical outdoor bathtub

Fairytale Inspired Magical Outdoor Bathtub

Hanging babylon weeping willows create an archway into this mystical candlelit bath area that looks like it was built for none other than Cinderella. We can’t help but be enamored by the amber wood walls, rustic wood shelving and the fairy lights hidden among the hanging foliage.

25. Traditional Japanese Outdoor soaking tub

Traditional Japanese Outdoor soaking tub

When there’s not enough room for a pool on your rooftop but you would still like a good soaking once in a while, opt for a large Japanese soaking tub instead. Bushes around the fence provide some privacy, while the wooden steps create a nice and cozy recreational area around the outdoor bathtub.

26. Countryside outdoor bath

Countryside Outdoor Bath

This simple yet adorable outdoor bathtub design enjoys both the open outdoor air and the privacy provided by the fencing. The tone is kept light and playful, accentuated by the woven baskets and potted plants.

A round mirror is used as a design element, along with pendant string lights and a patterned rug, all continuing the youthful vibe. Simple antique brass faucet and shower are a perfect match to the round framed mirror.

27. Topsy turvy boulders cool bathtubs and showers

Topsy turvy boulders cool bathtubs and showers

The topsy turvy boulders randomly placed around this outdoor space covered in pebbles mesh perfectly with the irregularly shaped stone basin bathtub. With greenery popping out of a few random spots, this outdoor bath is truly unique.

28. One with nature rustic bath tubs

One with nature rustic bath tubs

Become one with nature with this mesmerizing outdoor bathtub. The stunning maroon vintage clawfoot tub sits on a raised wood platform, surrounded by ferns and moss.

The texture of the wood, the green plants, and the maroon tub come together to create a rustic vintage mood. A moss-covered chair is used as a decorative element.

29. Sandy beach atmosphere

Sandy Beach Atmosphere

An unfinished stone tub placed outdoors on a bed of coarse sand against a stone wall creates a beachy atmosphere. The sandy beach vibe is accentuated by the miniature palm trees.

30. Water lily bathtub

Water Lily Bathtub

This flower shaped porcelain tub sits on a flooded platform and looks like a water lily floating on a pond. With the living plant wall behind it, it is truly a sight to behold.

This spectacular outdoor bath appropriately comes with a seating area right beside it, allowing you to sit comfortably while you admire its beauty.

31. Uniquely shaped stunning bathtub

Uniquely Shaped Stunning Bathtub

This conch shaped stone bathtub is one we’ve never seen before. Its unique look demands that you make it the focal point of your outdoor bath.

The inside of the tub possesses a bluish tinge that turns an aquatic blue color when filled with water. The rest of the design is kept simple and minimal so as not to take away from the allure of this strange but extraordinary vessel.

32. Breathtaking natural rock outdoor bathtub

Breathtaking Natural Rock Outdoor Bathtub

This bathtub carved out of a humongous rock is a captivating centerpiece to this outdoor bathroom. The sculpted wood faucet shaped like a cougar’s head delivers a bold statement.

A variety of wood and clay accents give the space an earthy feel, in contrast to the majestic quality introduced by the bathtub and faucet.

33. Out of the box bathtub

Out Of The Box Bathtub

This alien vessel looking saucer shaped outdoor bathtub sits outside a futuristic box shaped home. The red barren earth and minimalistic chairs give off a post-apocalyptic vibe.

34. Oriental spa bathtub

Oriental Spa Bathtub

This luxurious spa bathroom is beautiful and zen, perfect for some meditation and self-pampering. Extensive use of stone gives off an aura of affluence.

35. Clean and bold modernity

Clean And Bold Modernity

This beautiful bold bathroom featuring clean straight lines shows off an outdoor bathtub and rainfall showerhead. Sleek black cabinets and floors provide a stylish accent against the minimalist white porcelain hardware and glass walls.

36. Japanese style minimalism

Japanese Style Minimalism

This outstanding Japanese soaking tub overlooking a beautiful mountainous landscape is a minimalist’s dream bathtub. The bath area features a single tone and texture of wood throughout the floors, walls, and the tub itself.

Let this serene and ultra simplistic outdoor bathtub be your portal to a zen state of mind.

37. Simple vintage outdoor bath

Simple Vintage Outdoor Bath

This vintage teal bathtub looks striking against the tall black wood fencing. It sits on a bed of rocks with a few tufts of greenery poking through.

The amalgamation of black wood accents and lush greenery is astonishingly beautiful to look at. If you face an issue with a shortage of spaces then check your small bathtub ideas.

38. A piece of heaven in your bathroom

A Piece Of Heaven In Your Bathroom

Most of the designs on our list take the bathtub outside, but this standout design brings the outdoors inside of your bathroom. This simple white soaking tub is surrounded by a sanctuary of green plants and bushes, separated only by an invisible glass wall.

39. Fabulous outdoor bathtub setup on the rooftop

Fabulous Outdoor Bathtub Setup On The Rooftop

Wonderful faux stone clad walls house a beautiful white bathtub and a separate shower area. The main wall features two large frosted glass windows which let in an iridescent light without breaching the privacy of the bathroom.

40. Crisp white beach resort feel

Crisp White Beach Resort Feel

Ideal bathroom setup for a holiday beach villa. Simple white tub comes with a punch in the wall right above it, giving you a view of the ocean while you soak away in your tub.

41. Contemporary style patio bathroom

Contemporary Style Patio Bathroom

This spacious bathroom has the best of both indoor and outdoor styles. It gets the amazing unobstructed views of a true outdoor bath, but has all the comfort and facilities of an indoor one.

42. Inspired by Bali Outdoor Bath

Balinese Spa Inspired Outdoor Bath

Gorgeous outdoor bathroom featuring various colors and textures of stone and wood will transport you to a Balinese spa retreat. The use of traditional sculptures gives it an artistic quality.

43. Breathtaking outdoor bed and bath

Breathtaking Outdoor Bed And Bath

This captivating setup features an outdoor bath separated from the bedroom by sliding glass doors. The bath area shows off some exquisite artwork on a raw concrete wall, while a tree towers over the bathtub as if to provide shade from the sun while you bathe.

The floor on this space is itself a work of art, partly made out of teak wooden slats and stone.

44. Vivid bright greens outdoor baths and showers

Vivid bright greens outdoor baths and showers

A magnificent vintage green bathtub with ornate clawfoot pedestals sits front and center in this outdoor bathroom. Underneath it is a raised wood platform, beautifully complementing the wild greenery around it.

The bamboo fencing provides privacy and warmth to the decor, while a side table with an orange plant pot introduces a vivid pop of color.

45. Stylish grey outdoor bathtub

Stylish Grey Outdoor Bathtub

A gigantic ceramic bathtub sits right below an atrium-like open roof. The splashback has a popcorn texture on raw plaster, adjacent to stone tiled walls in a lighter grey color.

A towel rack and side table introduce some stylish wood accents, while a beautiful plant makes the space come to live.

46. Go all out natural outdoor bathtubs

Go all out natural outdoor bathtubs

Create the ultimate outdoor bath experience with this enormous round stone soaking tub perched under a wooden canopy. The tub is situated in shallow standing water making you feel as though you’re floating in a boat.

The plants and trees around the boundaries create a magical tropical atmosphere, and the rainfall showerhead directly above the bathtub simulates rain in a tropical forest.

47. Dainty white open air bathroom

Dainty White Open Air Bathroom

This pretty white bathroom setup is bright, airy and youthful. Decorated with playful elements such as a ladder towel rack, white pebbles and small plants.

48. Turkish inspired outdoor bathtub

Turkish Inspired Outdoor Bathtub

White ceramic outdoor tub sits at a striking contrast against an unfinished concrete wall. Three mirrors on the wall open it up like windows, and the hanging shrubbery adds a touch of green to the otherwise monochromatic bathroom.

49. Bright and sunny patio bathtub

Bright And Sunny Patio Bathtub

This hinoki wood rectangular soaking tub is a marvel to look at. It stands out in contrast to the soft bohemian patio furniture, white stone flooring and soft beige stone walls.

Beige curtains provide the option of privacy, while a laughing Buddha statue looks down at you as you bathe.

50. For the shy ones at the back

For The Shy Ones At The Back

If you’re someone that’s not totally comfortable bathing in an outdoor tub but you still crave the look and feel of one, we may have a few ideas for you. A sun roof over your bathroom will bring the outside to you without breaching your privacy.

In addition to sunlight, incorporating greenery into your bathroom decor will give it an outdoorsy feel without it being outside. Use natural stone and moss to accentuate the outside feel.

51. Soak in the moonlight

Soak In The Moonlight

Enjoy the open skies and moonlit desert at night while soaking in your regal ovular outdoor bathtub. This setup is so innately charming that it needs no other decoration.

If you need a little bit more light, burn a scented candle for a lovely ambiance.

52. The perfect weekend getaway, backyard outdoor bathtub

backyard outdoor bathtub

This jacuzzi style outdoor bathtub in your backyard will make you never want to leave your home again. The raised wooden step up platform makes you feel as though you are ascending toward something grand.

The surrounding nature and greenery turn this backyard outdoor bath into a tropical oasis.

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