30 Best Basement Bathroom Ideas

The basement area of the house often goes unnoticed. While moving into a new place, people often take basements for granted and make them their storage area. While there are so many options in which you can make your basement area more functional. For example, adding a new room, a playroom for kids, a guest bedroom or even a bathroom, a basement can be your private and personal space. If remodeled, a basement can provide you with plenty of extra space.

Take a look at these basement bathroom ideas to make your downstairs functional.

1. Beige Basement Bathroom

Having a bathroom in your basement is like having a secret space of your own. This beige basement bathroom has a cornered shower area that is enclosed with a glass separator. The bathroom looks ravishing with dark beige vanity and marble countertop and dark framed mirror.

Beige Basement Bathroom

2. Contemporary Basement Bathroom

Style up your contemporary bathroom with white tiles and wooden floor. The wooden floor gives the bathroom an extra glance whereas the minimalist vanity provides you with enough storage space. 

Contemporary Basement Bathroom

3. White All Shiny Bathroom

All white shiny bathrooms can be everyone’s dream. If you have a large basement then you can surely go for this style of bathroom. Glass shower area, pedestal sinks, and toilet.  Some potted plants on the back of the toilet to give some breezy look to the white bathroom.

White All Shiny Bathroom

4. Industrial Style Bathroom

Industrial style bathrooms often look rough and artistic on their own. This bathroom is styled with some dark colored tiles, i.e. navy blue and wooden framed mirror for rustic look. The metal pipe illustration in the bathroom gives the perfect industrial look to this basement bathroom.

Industrial Style Bathroom

5. Monochromatic Bathroom DĂ©cor

Black and white are always considered the best color pallet to choose from while decorating any space. The monochrome bathroom is paired up with a combination of white and black tiles. The simple vanity with a round side basin gives the bathroom a sense of sophistication.

Monochromatic Bathroom DĂ©cor

6. Fancy Chandelier DĂ©cor

No one likes a gloomy bathroom. Being in the basement and gloomy will make you scared to go there. You can create your very own bright bathroom with some fancy chandelier décor. The large full width mirror makes the space even bigger and airy.

Fancy Chandelier DĂ©cor

7. Narrow Basement Bathroom

If you don’t want to spend much on the basement bathroom, then this bathroom décor can be your go to option. You can use a simple marble floor and a floating bathroom sink. The floating sinks give you space underneath it to place some extra towel baskets. The white color scheme removes all the feelings of cramped up space.

Narrow Basement Bathroom

8. Nautical Basement Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, then minor changes can give your bathroom a beachy look. You can place a distressed mirror on the wall along with some beach rocks in the shower area. You can incorporate different ideas like adding a white faux fur rug to your bathroom for achieving nautical zen.

Nautical Basement Bathroom

9. Rustic Wooden Bathroom

For a perfect and adorable look, you can place all the rustic décor. This will give the farmhouse and ancient look both at the same time.

You can use different rustic elements like cabinets or faucets to your bathroom to make it look exquisite and adorable. You can obviously get high end elements but you can also go for thrift stores for your bathrooms.

Rustic Wooden Bathroom

10. Relaxing Two Toned Bathroom

Infuse your bathroom with this two toned dĂ©cor idea. You can use different color combinations for vanity, mirror frames and toilets. The separate shower area gives a calm environment to the bathroom. 

Relaxing Two Toned Bathroom

11. Bathroom with Barble Finishes

This charming style of farmhouse bathroom includes a white sink and marble counter that will enhance the simplified lifestyle.

Furthermore, you can use a white sink and marble countertop with wall mounted lights to brighten the vanity of the bathroom. These tiny details can cause a major impact on your bathroom.

You can also install an industrial style towel holder and place a potted plant inside it.

Bathroom With Marble Finishes

12. Mosaic Bathroom DĂ©cor

Generate a sophisticated look with mosaic bathroom décor. Light grey mosaic tiles with a plain bathroom floor and glass covered shower area gives a serene look to the basement bathroom. The mud colored décor with old traditional vanity looks captivating in this bathroom.

Mosaic Bathroom DĂ©cor

13. Country Style White Bathroom

This country style bathroom is the perfect place for taking a relaxing bubble bath after a tiring day. You can place a decorative tray in the bathroom. The rustic wooden vanity adds a visual appeal to this simple bathroom.

Country Style White Bathroom

14. White and Grey Bathroom

There are so many ways in which you can style your grey traditional bathroom. The contemporary master bathroom has a freestanding tub and the tub area is highlighted with dark floor tiles. To make a contrasting statement in the bathroom, combine it with dark colored vanity. Add some joy and flair to the bathroom with some colored decoration pieces.

White And Grey Bathroom

15. Enclosed Bathroom Shower Idea

Bored of traditional glass walls, Go for frosted glass separators in your bathroom. The granite floor adds a traditional flair to the bathroom. The cabinetry gives you all the space you need to store your bathroom products and necessary items.

You can also add some art décor to the wall by hanging some printed frames.

Enclosed Bathroom Shower Idea

16. Master Bathroom with Sputnik Chandelier 

The master basement bathroom has all the luxurious items one can think of while decorating your bathroom. From the freestanding bathtub to the sputnik chandelier, this bathroom is a complete picture of ambiance and class, all at one place. The full width mirror makes the bathroom look bigger.

Master Bathroom With Sputnik Chandelier

17. Vanity and Glass Separator Bathroom

Evoke the aura of tranquility with this bathroom. It has a glass separator for shower and double vanity. A large vanity space with mirrored cabinetry and one single pedestal sink in one corner of the bathroom. The bathroom has a wooden modern floor which can totally grab the attention of the guest.

Vanity And Glass Separator Bathroom

18. Textured Basement Bathroom

This textured bathroom is a combination of mosaic tiles and dark colored marble vanity. The drop down vanity lights make the bathroom bright. The addition of flowers in a vase makes the bathroom cozy and welcoming.

Textured Basement Bathroom

19. Rustic Mid-Century Bathroom

For a perfect balance of touch and texture, rustic décor represents itself as cozy, comfy and often welcoming.

Rustic touches along with porcelain tiles looking like wood will be eye catching along with mid-century sink. You can also add stainless steel towel bars to the bathroom and place simple plain white towel on it.

It is so easy when it comes to decorate your basement bathroom with mid-century rustic décor.

Rustic Mid-Century Bathroom

20. White Bricked Bathroom

No doubt white and grey make a perfect combination while decorating your bathroom but you do not have to go for boring grey bathroom. 

For this, you can add white marble touches with a hint of grey. 

You can also add matte grey stainless steel wall mounted lights on all sides of the mirror. The white sink with marble countertop will be the focal point while entering the bathroom. 

For more added variety and interest, you can add grey vanity contrast against an eggshell white wall and your new basement bathroom is ready with lots of light and enough storage space. 

These light touches will provide a balance between light and dark.

White Bricked Bathroom

21. Fancy Vanity Bathroom

Minor changes in the bathroom décor can go a long way. For instance, replacing the traditional vanity with some new stylish vanity. Being closed, it will store all necessary bathroom caddies. You can add different flowers in a vase and place them on the back of toilet of countertop to make them look aesthetically appealing.

Fancy Vanity Bathroom

22. Basement Bathroom with Laundry Area

This basement bathroom can be any lady’s bathroom dream. A laundry area within a bathroom space so you can cover all the mess in one place. You can even wash your clothes and get ready after doing all the chores, all at this the basement bathroom.

Basement Bathroom With Laundry Area

23. Colorful Basement Bathroom

Never be hesitant to add a different colors to your living space. The same is the case with the bathroom. Add a pop of color to your bathroom featuring a color wall or adding a colored countertop. You can add some colored art to your shower area space. 

Colorful Basement Bathroom

24. Traditional Basement Bathroom

This is a traditional basement bathroom. It has a separate shower area with dark-toned, high contrast tiles and the rest of the bathroom is covered with light brown wall paint for a touch of color contrast. The wall has a mirror framed with distressed wood and the toilet seat has a red backdrop.

Traditional Basement Bathroom

25. Beach Themed Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, then minor changes can give your bathroom a beachy look. You can place a distressed mirror on the wall along with some starfish accessories on top of it. You can also hang a beach sign above your mirror to achieve ocean aesthetics.

Beach Themed Bathroom

26. Wooden Ceiling Bathroom

This is an open bedroom/bathroom. The walk in bathroom has a freestanding tub in one corner of the bedroom and a separate shower area. The wooden ceiling gives an aesthetic appeal to the bedroom and bathroom. The wooden countertop with a white sink completes the look of the bathroom.

Wooden Ceiling Bathroom

27. Townhouse Bathroom

This townhouse bathroom is made of shiplap tiles and a glass door. You can place a wooden stool in the bathroom to place decorative plants on it or also for storing towels. The bathtub in one corner of the bathroom provides extra space for the bathroom.

Townhouse Bathroom

28. Remodeled Guest Bathroom

This guest bathroom is a contrast of different colors. The teal colored walls and vanity lights infuse the bathroom with fresh light. The mosaic border in the shower area of the bathroom creates a clever yet elegant look.

Remodeled Guest Bathroom

29. Industrial Minimal Bathroom

The lovely industrial bathroom has minimal industrial décor. It comprises different styles of towel holding hooks and a shower area with unique bold flooring. Creamy natural walls and lighting make the bathroom elegant and unique.

Industrial Minimal Bathroom

30. Bright Colored Tile Bathroom

The basement bathroom is the area that can be designed with any bold colors. The bold colorful graphite walls make the snug boring bathroom inspiring. The graphite grey vanity gives maximum space to store some towels. This basement bathroom is a budget-friendly idea to decorate your simple bathroom. For more tiles ideas follow our tiles category.

Bright Colored Tile Bathroom

Final Words

Evoke the aura of tranquility with these eye-catching basement bathroom options. You will be austoned by the ways you can make the old gloomy basement into practical basement bathrooms.

Apply any of these ideas to your basement according to your style and taste and consume the wealth of unnoticed living space.

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