38 Charming Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Inspiration

The rustic decor has been very much in trend lately and we believe it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So what can we do? Embrace it of course! The rustic style of decor is so versatile you can change it up or fuse it with any other style to come up with something totally unique. Or you can simply go with a traditional rustic theme and it will still be totally charming! In this article, we’re going to be showing you some of the best rustic bathroom vanity ideas for you to draw inspiration from.

Best Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas and Designs for 2021 – A Rustic Vanity Will Fit in Anywhere

The best thing about a rustic bathroom vanity is that it goes with any kind of decor, be it modern, empire, farmhouse, or any other. It adds texture, character, and depth to a bathroom and creates interest around the vanity area. In the meantime, you should also read our article on Bathroom Vanity Lighting IdeasDark Grey Vanity Bathroom Ideas, and Bathroom Makeup Vanity Ideas for different types of inspiration.

1. A neat, contemporary setup

A neat, contemporary setup

Charming contemporary bathroom has a beautiful rustic bathroom vanity featuring a barn-door style close. The door slides open to reveal shelves housing handwoven baskets for storage, intensifying the rustic vibe.

The sink is a porcelain one, featuring vintage gunmetal tapware that beautifully complements the dark tone of the wood vanity. The vanity area is accessorized with big and small plants, and a round mirror and towel rack to match the tapware.

2. Dainty white bathroom with a rustic touch

Dainty white bathroom with a rustic touch

This gorgeous bathroom design proves a rustic element can fit in with any aesthetic. The bathroom is a crisp, clean white with whitewashed wood-paneled walls, magnificent white tiles, a white toilet, and white accessories,

The minimalist wood vanity with an unfinished look breaks up the whiteness of the bathroom and gives this decor a rustic touch, helped by the handwoven basket being used as a towel bin.

3. Industrial rustic decor

Industrial rustic decor

Rustic themes go well with industrial styles. The combination of exposed plaster, cold metal fixtures  and rustic wood elements never fails to amaze us.

Is this design, gorgeous rustic wood vanity, and its matching mirror sit in the middle of a modern industrial style bathroom. The wood adds color and warmth to a space that is otherwise completely cool toned and monochromatic.

4. A bold style statement


A warm, rustic wooden vanity and its complementary mirror sit in the middle of a pure white bathroom. The vanity sits against a gorgeous white subway-tile backsplash, on a splendid white marble floor with subtle grey accents.

The bright rustic vanity with striking wood textures and the white decor of the bathroom are tied together by the white porcelain vanity sink with bold black tapware. Besides this, you can choose a double sink vanity idea from this post.

5. Muted grey simplicity

Muted grey simplicity

The modest grey bathroom has its style quotient up by a trendy rustic-farmhouse style vanity with a barn door. The vanity is painted a gorgeous olive-gray color and blends in beautifully with the rest of the decor.

The barn door revealing the hand-woven baskets for storage inside the vanity amplifies the rustic charm in this simple bathroom. Black accents are added through the tapware and door handle.

6. Regal in rustic

Regal in rustic

So you want a rustic bathroom but at the same time want it to have a regal vibe. The good news is, it’s not at all impossible to marry the two styles together and come up with something unique and charming.

This rustic vanity has intricate regal looking detailing on natural finish wood. The marble countertop and vintage tapware add to the grandeur of this regal-rustic vanity.

7. Rustic vintage dresser vanity

Rustic vintage dresser vanity

Not only will this lovely rustic dresser vanity give your bathroom an earthy feel but it will also introduce a charming pop of color through its beautifully weathered teal colored paint.

This vanity is perfect for adding a rustic touch to a shabby-chic or vintage bathroom decor. 

8. Trendy farmhouse-rustic city bathroom

Trendy farmhouse-rustic city bathroom

Subway tile bathrooms are highly trendy at the moment, and so are earthy, rustic bathroom vanities. Mix the two together and you have a charming, fashionable city bathroom just like something you’d see in a magazine.

This large rustic wood vanity is simple in design, with two large drawers and an open shelf. Stylish and bold black accents are added through the drawer handles, tapware and mirror framing.

9. Rustic through and through

Rustic through and through

Here’s a bathroom vanity area that’s rustic from head to toe. The rustic wood vanity itself has a lot of storage, but also comes with a matching bathroom closet on the side.

The vanity design incorporates corrugated metal sheets into a weathered wood structure, intensifying the rustic feel of the entire bathroom. Above the vanity hangs a lovely light fixture that is actually an upside down water trough suspended by rope.

10. A stunning piece of art

A stunning piece of art

Dark grout paired with white tiles seems to be a recurring theme when it comes to rustic or farmhouse styles of decor. Black, white, and textured wood seems to be an irresistible combination while designing bathrooms.

Here’s a strikingly beautiful rustic bathroom vanity coming out of a weathered wood paneled wall. The vanity sits against a tiled backsplash with a wood framed mirror hanging above.

11. Bold rustic elements in a clean, contemporary bathroom

Bold rustic elements in a clean, contemporary bathroom

This vanity setup includes an expansive rustic wood vanity with bold metal mechanisms, a large matching wood framed mirror with metal detailings, and a gorgeous light fixture with hanging edison bulbs. The bathroom door matches with the vanity setup as well.

The rustic features stand out in this otherwise simple and modern bathroom with white walls, white stoneware and hardwood floors.

12. Teal accents on wood

Teal accents on wood

Another recurring theme we keep coming across is teal painted rustic vanities. This particular vanity has been strategically painted to make the paint look worn off, exposing the gorgeous texture of the wood underneath.

The vanity sink is a small handmade textured clay bowl, paired with some gorgeous black vintage tapware. The setup sits against a roughly whitewashed wood paneled wall.

13. Shabby-chic and rustic

Shabby-chic and rustic

A shabby-chic bathroom decorated all nice and pretty with powder blue walls has a rustic wood vanity sanded and polished to match the aesthetic. A wooden ladder is used as a towel rack to match the dark wood tones of the vanity.

Handwoven storage baskets are used in this decor as a continuation of the rustic theme, while the chic white framed mirror, aqua blue flower vase and ornate light sconces give the space a dainty appearance.

14. A merge of tones and textures

A merge of tones and textures

A lovely combination of earthy and natural tones and textures are used in this bathroom decor with the rustic vanity being the focal point. The wood vanity is a dark ash in color with an unfinished texture.

A woven basket is placed on the toilet and another one sits on the shelf under the sink, creating a variation in texture. The mahogany wood framed mirror further enriches the rustic vibe of the vanity.

15. Rustic meets Moroccan

Rustic meets Moroccan

Here’s a stunning double rustic vanity made of a gorgeous dark-toned textured wood, paired with black metal towel bars. The vanity mirrors match the rustic vanity in terms of material, but give off a Moroccan vibe through their exquisite shape.

Gold tapware, vanity accessories and light sconces provide a stylish accent against the Moroccan patterned tile backsplash. Plush towels and a woven basket add some visual and sensory textures to the decor.

16. Deluxe rustic vanity in a farmhouse chic setup

Deluxe rustic vanity in a farmhouse chic setup

Stunning black lacquered wood paneled walls and black and white patterned tiles create a unique setup for this deluxe rustic vanity. The large vanity is made of a charming textured wood and has lots of storage built in.

The Art Deco style mirror adds an element of luxury to the bathroom, enhanced by the sleek black walls and the deer sculpture. Small pops of teal are incorporated throughout the bathroom.

17. Simple cheerful country bathroom

Simple cheerful country bathroom

We love country style decor because it involves so many different materials such as wood, metal, ceramic and clay. This lovely bathroom has a charming clay tile floor and wood paneled walls painted a soft grey, against which the large rustic vanity stands.

The vanity itself is made of a warm varnished wood with lots of storage built in. The vanity mirror is a gorgeous wood framed piece of art.

18. Classy and elegant rustic decor

Classy and elegant rustic decor

A marble slab is used as a countertop on this gorgeous rustic bathroom vanity. The vanity is made of a dark wood, and the vanity mirrors are framed with the same dark wood as well.

Wrought iron light fixtures, handwoven baskets and the upside down barrel being used as a table amplify the rustic quality of the bathroom.

19. Vintage chic rustic bathroom

Vintage chic rustic bathroom

A stained wood rustic vanity takes up the length of an entire wall in this vintage chic bathroom. The vanity is simple in design, with one large shelf for storage.

The vanity mirror is a rare vintage find which looks like it was salvaged from an abandoned castle. The antique gold tapware ties the mirror and the rustic vanity together.

20. Rustic wood cabin

Rustic wood cabin

Ideal for a wood cabin, this bathroom decor features a large rustic bathroom vanity with a ceramic countertop. The entire bathroom is enfolded in textured wood paneling, matching the vanity.

Black metal handles, tapware and light fixtures are used, complementing the rustic wood textures. Warm light creates a cozy ambience.

21. Spa retreat inspired

Spa retreat inspired

The expansive double vanity with lots of storage fits in perfectly with this spa retreat-inspired bathroom. The texture of the stone exists in perfect harmony with the texture of the rustic wood of the vanity.

Dark metal fixtures such as tapware and lampshades are used, in tune with the granite countertop on the vanity. Ambient lighting creates a spa-like atmosphere.

22. Colourful vintage bathroom

Colourful Vintage Bathroom

An antique piece can sometimes single-handedly upgrade your entire bathroom decor, like this stunning bottle green antique dresser that has been converted into a bathroom vanity. The four-legged baroque dressers have aged beautifully, with its bright green paint softly peeling away to expose the beautiful wooden core of the artifact.

The bathroom interior features crown moulding, an Art Deco style mirror, and an orange accent wall which beautifully complement the rustic green vanity.

23. Classic beige bathroom with wood accents

Classic beige bathroom with wood accents

The use of wood can make any space look extra sophisticated. This Jack and Jill bathroom displays a heavy usage of wood in its doors, mirror frames, and double vanity.

The enormous rustic double vanity is made of warm, polished wood and expands from one end of the room to the other. A luxurious marble countertop is used, with some modern accessories on top for decoration.

24. Cool grey rustic vibes

Cool grey rustic vibes

While rustic decors commonly use warm wood textures, you can also come up with a unique rustic bathroom decor that is completely cool toned. This rustic bathroom vanity has been given a wash of grey paint with only the slightest bit of wood peeking through, creating an interesting texture.

The grey vanity with its porcelain countertop matches the exquisite marble floors. Natural textures are added through elements like woven baskets to enhance the rustic feel of the bathroom.

25. Rustic accents in a contemporary city bathroom

Rustic accents in a contemporary city bathroom

A large rustic double vanity and matching rustic bathroom closet give this city bathroom a charming country vibe. The vanity has a slightly vintage feel, with its four legs, marble countertop and matte silver tapware.

The vanity is made of distressed wood and left in a textured, unfinished state. It sits in front of a sky blue accent wall, with two matching wood framed mirrors hanging above.

26. Bold and sleek modernity

Bold and sleek modernity

With a showstopper vanity like this one, you’d want to keep all other accessories to a minimum. This stunning rustic vanity is made from textured natural wood, with added black detailing and black drawer handles.

The vanity countertop is a gorgeous slab of shiny black quartz, paired with some ultra modern matte black tapware. The mirror is wood framed with matching black detailing as the vanity.

27. Middle Eastern royal

Middle Eastern royal

The regal studded wood vanity is the perfect centerpiece in this Middle East inspired bathroom. Its rich wood texture, metal studding and detailing, and unique bowl sink make it into something we’ve never seen before.

The orange accent wall goes perfectly with the warm rustic wood texture and Moroccan patterned rug.

28. Modern artistic bathroom

Modern artistic bathroom

This rustic bathroom features a light double vanity made up of a marble slab countertop supported on stainless steel legs. The bathroom is a gorgeous mix of contemporary artistic styles with a hint of rustic.

The exposed brick wall, fireplace, handwoven rug, and basket give this space a rustic feel. The pink potted flowers provide a lovely pop of color.

29. Rustic in monochromatic beige

Rustic in monochromatic beige

Now here’s a color palette we’ve never seen before in a rustic bathroom. This space is entirely beige from head to toe, and variation is added by using different shades and textures of the same color.

The expansive rustic vanity has been lacquered a soft beige color, with a beige stone slab countertop and a vanity mirror with handwoven beige framing. The exposed beams above add to the rustic quality of the decor.

30. Rustic Jack and Jill bathroom

Rustic Jack and Jill bathroom

A gorgeous large double vanity with tons of storage is completely symmetrical and sits in a perfectly symmetrical bathroom setup. The vanity is made of distressed wood left in its natural state which gives the bathroom a rustic charm.

A stunning marble countertop sits on top of the vanity, accessorized by some rustic clay plant pots and a handwoven basket.

31. A rare treasure

A rare treasure

A rare antique find, this rustic bathroom vanity is a beauty to behold. It’s a vintage dresser converted into a bathroom vanity, with a stone countertop and simple antique tapware.

The vanity is made of a high quality wood that has stood the test of time; its paint is peeling off in places, beautifully exposing its wooden heart. The shiny red knobs look like rubies against the gorgeous emerald paint of the dresser.

32. Tiny rustic bathroom

Tiny rustic bathroom

Small spaces don’t necessarily have to be difficult to work with, and this bathroom design definitely proves it. The designer has managed to give this bathroom a homey, earthy, rustic makeover with no added clutter.

The vanity is a porcelain pedestal vanity with antique brass tapware and a matching white vanity mirror. While not strictly rustic in and of itself, the vanity is made rustic by its surrounding decor.

Wood paneling till halfway up the walls gives this bathroom major rustic vibes, accentuated by the tumbler hung on the wall, the reed basket and the wrought iron bath caddy. A wreath seals the rustic deal.

33. Clean and crisp contemporary rustic

Clean and crisp contemporary rustic

This bathroom design features everything that is trending right now in the world of rustic decor. The wood paneled walls are painted a crisp white color, the vanity is lacquered a rich deep blue, and the countertop is a plain white porcelain one.

The black wrought iron fixtures give off a rustic aesthetic, enhanced by the wood accents and the woven basket planter.

34. Gorgeous handcrafted rustic vanity

Gorgeous handcrafted rustic vanity

Crafted out of thick natural slabs of wood, this bathroom vanity is a true work of art. Having a piece like this in your space instantly ups the rustic style quotient by a million percent.

The vanity mirror is a charming vintage artifact, upcycled by a shimmering coat of regal gold paint. The sink is a clean white porcelain bowl, kept simple so as not to take away from the allure of the rustic vanity.

35. A subtle hint toward rustic

A subtle hint toward rustic

A small contemporary bathroom with textured white tiled walls has been given a rustic makeover by simply using a thick wood slab as the bathroom vanity. The wood has been stained and varnished to give it a rich luxurious look and feel.

The vanity sink is a plain white bowl matching perfectly with the rest of the bathroom. The mirror is a round wood framed mirror continuing the rustic theme of the vanity.

36. The allure of unfinished wood

The allure of unfinished wood

Graced by the gorgeous rustic vanity and linen rack duo, this bathroom enjoys the rustic charm of unfinished wood textures. The vanity, mirror and linen rack are all made out of the same material, giving the bathroom a total rustic extravaganza.

A variety in texture is introduced through the marble countertop and antique brass tapware. A soft plush vanity rug breaks up the harshness of the stone and wood, while also introducing yet another type of texture into the space.

37. Small in size, big in character

Small in size, big in character

What this tiny bathroom lacks in space it makes up for with a strong character. The simple wood vanity adds so much color and texture to this space with plain chantilly white walls and grey stone tile floors.

The handwoven baskets bring in a natural earthy vibe and accentuate the bathroom’s rustic feel, while serving as functional elements for storage.

38. Magical floating rustic vanity

Magical floating rustic vanity

This magnificent floating wood vanity is the main attraction in this farmhouse rustic bathroom with a subtle Moroccan vibe.A thick block of wood is used as the countertop, with a thinner slab used as a storage rack below.

Handwoven storage baskets are used to intensify the rustic feel, while the black-framed arched vanity mirror gives this space a slight hint of Moroccan design.

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