30+ Best Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Bathroom accessories are very important and choosing the right accessory from a variety of options can be exciting yet time-consuming. Most of the time people buy things that are absolutely not necessary. From sanitary ware to faucets and fixtures, every single item has its own use. That’s why it is very important to decide the products that you will incorporate in your bathroom.

Here is a list of a range of products from which a person can choose and save his time.

1. Ring Towel Holder

Having a towel ring holder can be beneficial in so many ways. With these rings, you do not have to worry about folding every time when you visit the bathroom.

Placing a basket and maintaining it can be quite tricky but with these towel rings you will not only keep your towels from being soggy and smelly but it will also save you a lot of room.

It is easy to mount on the wall with basic darts and adds modern charm to the décor of the bathroom.

Ring Towel Holder

2. Towel Holding Rail

Towel rails are one of the most convenient options while storing your towels in the bathroom. The nickel brushed chrome polished 30 inch towel rail not only stores one towel but three towels at a time.

The chrome polish gives the rail mirror a shine that goes well with every décor of the bathroom.

Towel Holding Rail

3. Toilet Paper Holder

The SUNTECH toilet paper holder is a dustproof and rustproof option. The nickel polish keeps it from getting rusty. The length of the toilet paper holder is 12 inch but it can bear the load of 10kgs at a time. The convenient design of toilet paper helps to change it and prevent it from falling on the floor. Just peel the protective layers on its back and attach it to the wall and it is ready to use.

Toilet Paper Holder

4. Bright Red soap set

Bright colored bathrooms often require bright accessories. To color contrast the décor items with bathroom tiles and wallpaper, you need to match it with a bright colored bathroom set.

The bright red bathroom set is made of stainless steel with a bronze coating. This set contains a glass, toothbrush holder, and soap holder with a soap dispenser. The glass can store items like Tweezers, makeup brushes, toothpaste, etc. This product is durable and long lasting.

Bright Red Soap Set

5. Flower Printed Shower Curtain

Give your bathroom an instant makeover with shower curtains. The shower curtains can add fashion and style to the bathroom. Different styles of shower curtains are available in the market to choose from. These curtains are made of polyester and can be attached with liner. The hems attached to the curtain can keep them in their place and dust free.

Flower Printed Shower Curtain

6. Wooden Bath Set

Redmon bamboo bathroom set is ecological and environment friendly. It is hygienic and water resistant. It is considered one of the most luxurious bathroom items. Being made of bamboo, it helps to retain moisture. If you have all wooden décor in your bathroom, it will be a good fit to your décor.  

Wooden Bath Set

7. Pink Glittery Bath Set

The LUANT bathroom accessory set is a perfect bath set for everyday use. It is made of resins, the quality makes it durable and long lasting. 

Pink Glittery bath sets can be used in a kid’s bathroom or guest bathroom to leave a visual impact on guests.

Pink Glittery Bath Set

8. Soap Dispenser Set

The bathroom combo set is a perfect gift for someone’s birthday, hotels, spa and deck. Set it on your vanity and countertop to give your bathroom a more exquisite look because of its sleek design.

The push of the soap dispenser is made of stainless steel to keep it safe from rust.

The soft sealing gasket layer will help it to retain any leakage and hence provide long lasting performance.

Soap Dispenser Set

9. Matte Black Bath Set

In a monochrome bathroom, the matte black bath set will fit effortlessly on your countertop. It comes with a lid and a tray. The whole set is made of durable plastic and it will keep the products clean from the dampness of the bathroom. The lid container will help you to store cotton pads and sticks in one place. The soap dispenser has the capacity to refill up to 355ml of soap. 

Matte Black Bath Set

10. Leyden Antique Toilet Paper Holder

Minor changes in the bathroom can make it more intimate and spacious. More so, it will be more useful for rustic upscale. Rustic décor includes different items. One of them is a Leyden antique toilet paper holder. This toilet paper holder not only holds a towel but also provides you with the space to put your cell phone. It has a rich light and dark hues of gold which makes this toilet paper holder more unique.

Leyden Antique Toilet Paper Holder

11. Light Pink 5 in 1 Bath Set

The classic light pink 5 in 1 bath set include vanity light fixtures, towel holder, soap dispenser, toilet paper holder. The classic minimalist design will help you to décor any bathroom. It includes all mounting hardware for quick and easy installation. You can use these items individually or collectively in one bathroom. Give your bathroom a soft glow with this bath set.

Light Pink 5 In 1 Bath Set

12. Toothbrush Holder

The functional and versatile design of tooth brush help you to place your dental hygiene items in tight spaces. You can attach it with two nails and the plastic toothbrush holder have 4 compartments. The bigger one is to hold your tooth paste. All other compartments are used to hold toothbrushes without occupying much space. It can be mounted to the wall with little effort. It can be cleaned with mild soap and damp cloth.

Toothbrush Holder

13. Eggshell Polished Bathroom Set

To add style to your bathroom, you can use an egg polished bathroom set. The 3 piece bathroom set includes a soap dispenser, soap dish and toothbrush holder. Furthermore, you can add extra touch of elegance to your bathroom with this durable and rust free bathroom set. It can be placed on any vanity for cleanliness and convenience.

Eggshell Polished Bathroom Set

14. Bathroom Accessories Set with Dust Bin

Having a dustbin in your bathroom is very important. Color contrast can also be done to enhance the look of the bathroom. The grey décor with grey toilet and white tiles make a perfect fit with baby pink colored dustbin set. The plastic dustbin can be placed under the sink or near the toilet to dump the waste in it.

Bathroom Accessories Set With Dust Bin

15. NLAAHCE Grab Bar for Bathroom

Bathroom grabs are very important as they provide additional support to enter or exit the bathroom or while standing the bathtub or get out of it. This PLACE grab bar can be mounted directly on 4*4 inch tiles. The tile has to be smooth or flat to properly stick in the bathroom.

It is required just to provide additional support but it can not carry full body weight.

NLAAHCE Grab Bar For Bathroom

16. Vertical Storage Cabinet

Vertical storage rack is one of the most easy access storage units. Be it white or black, according to the style of washroom. 

Newspaper, towels and decorative items all in one place, what else does a person want?

It can easily be painted in the color you want! We have more storage cabinet ideas, you can read them.

Vertical Storage Cabinet

17. Bathroom Rails Set

We know that one towel is never enough in a big washroom and sorting more than one can be quite tough. It will be an easy idea to store your towel on a rail, and what better than having two rails at the same time and at the price of one.

Shelf above the rail will be used to store folded towels and place a hair brush on it to get ready in no time.

Bathroom Rails Set

18. Globe Electric Jayden 4 in 1 Set

Globe electric Jayden contains 4 in 1 set. It has vanity lights with towels bars, tissue holder, robe hook, and towel ring. It is one time investment and can be most durable and long-lasting. You can get it in black color and white too.

Globe Electric Jayden

19. IMAVO Bathroom Accessories Set

The IMAVO bathroom set comes in multiple ranges of color. The different colors help you to achieve any look you want in your bathroom. The material of this set is stainless steel with metal plating, it is easy to clean. It can be assembled and disassembled in a minute.

IMAVO Bathroom Accessories Set

20. Wooden Two in 1 Floating Shelves

Wooden floating shelves can be customized in different sizes. Floating shelves in the bathroom come in handy when you want to accessorize your space and need a place to hold your towels, potted plants, and daily use moisturizer. 

Wooden Two In 1 Floating Shelves

21. Transparent Design Bath Set

The transparent bath set goes with any kind of décor. Be it contemporary or farmhouse style bathroom. The minimal décor keeps your bathroom neat and easy to clean. If anytime in life you get bored with a type of bath set, you can switch it to the kitchen for dish soap.

Transparent Design Bath Set

22. Bronze Bath Set

The meticulous bath antique bronze bath set is created by LAUNT ceramics. The company produces limited items for traditional use. The fine craftsmen have made every piece with detailing and beautify every bathroom. The bath set is made of ceramics for daily usage.

Bronze Bath Set

23. Black Matte Bathroom Set with Details

For sturdy and impactful farmhouse style décor, the black matte bathroom set is a good choice. This bathroom set comes with detailing on it. The smart design of this set helps you to access the objects easily. The bottles are updated with “Brush” and “ Wash” labels with an added metallic look. It complements the interior of the bathroom. 

Black Matte Bathroom Set

24. Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel Rack

One is not enough, so get as many as you want. The one stand has double and triple bars but the lower one is more protruding than the upper one so that they won’t touch each other. You can also use this towel bar to add toilet paper on the lower one. Double Bar behind the door or near shower will grab the attention to itself.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel Rack

25. Stainless Steel Towel Rack

Metallic towel racks can be a great option to give your contemporary bathrooms an impeccable look. 

Modern bathrooms can use these metallic towel racks and hooks to give a great finish to the overall look of the bathroom.

You can always opt for a cooler metallic finish in Your Grey bathroom, then those ordinary Towel racks.

Stainless Steel Towel Rack

26. Marble Green Bathroom Set

KLEO is a hand crafted luxury design for your bathroom. The green marble design of the KLEO collection comes with refined design. The new fixture helps a person to use hand wash with ease and without wasting soap. Other than that, it has a tray for soap and artisans work really hard to design them with stainless stain so the soap hardens over time.

More specifically, they are imported from the USA.

Marble Green Bathroom Set

27. Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

The Mason jar foaming soap dispenser comes with a lid to all the items to keep the items safe. It comes with additional labeling to the bathroom set. It has cute quotes written on it. It is made of plastic not glass so it won’t break after unintentionally falling on the ground.

Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser

28. DAMASK Soap Set

The ornate design and mirror décor helps you beautify your bathroom. The compact design of the bathroom saves much space on the counter of your bathroom. The grey metallic finish of the bathroom has been made with High grade resin for long term use. This design also helps to rinse off the soap dish easily without causing any damage to the bathroom.


29. Regin Bath Set

For a purposeful storage solution, these products are designed specifically to save space in the bathroom. The timeless appeal of the bathroom can be made unique with these designs. The Reign bath set is constructed with metal and is polished in black and silver grey color. The neutral design of the bath set goes well with contemporary, modern and farmhouse style bathrooms.

Regin Bath Set

30. Gold Towel Holder Set

The simple and practical items are constructed with stainless steel but with a gold polish. People like to decorate their indoors with hues of gold. The gold towel holder set will help you assemble the décor of the bathroom. It comes with a towel holder as well as a tissue holder. More sparkle can be added to the bathroom by adding gold faucets and fixtures.

Gold Towel Holder Set

31. Vintage Blue Bathroom Set

The LUANT creative bathroom set comes in a variety of colors. From grey to pink, this bathroom set is combined with gold contrast. The resin quality helps you to decorate your bathroom with long lasting accessories. The resin finishing helps you to stop the residue from sticking to the surface of your shelf and soap dish and can be cleaned easily. It guarantees you to add luxury to your bathroom.

Vintage Blue Bathroom Set

32. Brown Designed Set

Brown colored bath sets often go well with the wooden décor of the bathroom. Be it walls or floor. Such accessories should be used while decorating the bathroom who will add charm to your bathroom with extra effort. This soap set is different from all ordinary bathroom sets because of the design and glass decoration in royal color. It is made of polyresin so it won’t rust easily.

Brown Designed Set

33. Luxury Bathroom Set

The first thing that will impress you about this bath set is the packaging of the bath set. It is 4 in the bath set. The eye-catching rich color of the bathroom set goes with the rustic décor of the bathroom. The rustic décor made the bathroom unique and shows your taste. The heavy resin helps you save the bath set from corrosion. You can add extra items to it like a tissue holder and an extra box with a lid but with added cost.

Luxury Bathroom Set

34. Toothbrush Holder Set

The IKEAR toothbrush set comes with a mini towel holder bar attached to it. Without any drilling effort, it can be mounted to the wall. The multifunctional toiletries holder helps you place all items clutter free in one place. The automatic toothpaste dispenser helps your kids to give limited toothpaste without spilling it all over the basin. The vacuum technology helps to pump the last drop of toothpaste without wasting it.

The towel bar attached to it will free you from the tension of getting a separate towel bar. You can hang your toothbrush and towels in it.

Toothbrush Holder Set

Final Thought

Matching the perfect accessories with the décor of your bathroom can be tricky. Once you get your hand on the right one, it will last you a lifetime. You can choose from the variety of options available in the market or decide from the above list which item goes with your style.

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