20+ Best Bathroom Wall Paneling Ideas

One of the best ways to transform your bathroom is the use of wall panels. Wall panels come in a variety of designs and textures and are made of PVC, it is easy to clean them and make the most use of them. Choose a panel that can be eye-catching and makes your guest stare at them for a while. 

Wall panels are budget friendly and you don’t have to go through the hustle of painting the walls and choosing the tiles. They are super low maintenance and give a unique effect to the wall.

Let’s take a look at different bathroom paneling ideas. 

1. 3D LED Infused Bathroom Paneling

To implement the 3D effect in your bathroom, use an LED infused wall panel. This will not only help you to make your gloomy bathroom bright but will most certainly look classy and give a relaxing vibe to the bathroom.

You can highlight the warm light tones with a beige themed bathroom. The color pallet is very important for drawing all the attention to a specific wall.

3D LED Infused Bathroom Paneling

2. Matte Grey Paneling

No doubt grey colored walls create a gloriously indulgent look in the bathroom. You can use a wall paneling with grey tile effect. The tile effect with matte grey light tones will enhance the softer look in the bathroom. Absolutely versatile matte paneling is easy to attach with adhesives and silicone sealants.

These wall paneling is 100% waterproof and you can clean them anytime with a damp cloth and some soap.

Matte Grey Paneling

3. Marble Bathroom Panel

Bathrooms are a primary focus of attention. If it is designed right, then you can boast it in front of your guests, friends and relatives. All marble themed bathrooms where the tiles are of marble design and so is the floor of the bathroom, can cost you a thousand dollars. So, for decorating your wall without spending much, you can go for a marble bathroom panel. These are available in a variety of colors. You can go for one single colored paneling or can select a wall in the bathroom. it is totally up to you how you style your bathroom. 

Marble Bathroom Panel

4. Striped Wall Panel

Give one of a kind effect to your bathroom with striped wall paneling. The stripped wall panels give a vintage effect to the bathroom. They are unique and the subtle chrome effect makes them versatile. You can use them in your living area, dining room and even in kitchens. The wall panels have high class gloss PVC finishing.

Striped Wall Panel

5. Galaxy Themed Panel

Get the job done with galaxy themed paneling. These panels give a unique twinkling star effect to the wall. You can use this wall panel for creating a beautiful effect of star gazing in your bathroom. Perfect for a kid’s bathroom and romantic partner’s bathroom. 

Galaxy Themed Panel

6.Blue Theme Panel

Add a touch of class with this blue print wall paneling. This wall panel has a vibrant blue and white color with a subtle design. These are available in different colors and provide a luxurious touch to walls and even ceilings. The wall panel gives an effect of tiles but is much hygienic and adaptable than tiles and has high finishing and shine.

Blue Theme Panel

7. Mosaic Panel

Mosaic tiles and accessories are perfect to create an inspirational look in your bathroom. Whether you are looking for walls, tiles, frames, or general décor items, mosaic decor can be your go-to option. This mosaic bathroom panel is a combination of brown and dark grey tones. Perfect for adding glamor to your boring space. It is simple yet unique and can be used in the bathroom as well as your study room.

Mosaic Panel

8. Bricked Wall Panel

In your farmhouse style bathroom, rustic décor can be achieved with a bricked wall panel effect. The wall panel is red-bricked in color, looks so real and natural that can easily convince any person that it is a real brick wall. The high-quality shine and polishing are easier to maintain than normal bricked walls. It can give a timeless effect to your bathroom.

Bricked Wall Panel

9. Sparkling Bathroom Panel

To give a luxurious look to your bathroom, you can most certainly use this bathroom panel. It gives a sparkling effect to the bathroom wall, the mini sparkling dots give the diamond effect to the bathroom wall. You can make a color combination with this wall panel, different colored towels and some plants in your bathroom can go a long way.

Sparkling Bathroom Panel

10. Rustic Wall Paneling

Achieve a new elegant rustic theme in your bathroom with rustic wall paneling. The rustic wall paneling has a brown backdrop and can be a perfect blend of elegance and style. You can use freestanding shelves on these walls for placing decorative items. You can also place a vase to hold some plants beside your tub for giving a neutral rustic vibe.

Rustic Wall Paneling

11. Bright Red wall Panels

Take a plunge, go for a more modern and vibrant option by adding rainbow color to your bathroom. Bright red, shocking pink color, orange, and yellow color are the options that you can play within your bathroom. Make a color contrast of red and brown color as your wall panel. As you can easily detach them, you can change the color of your panels whenever you want.

Bright Red Wall Panel

12. Nautical Bathroom Panel

It is possible to create a fresh nautical bathroom look by changing the boring bathroom wall into nautical inspired paneling. The little change behind your bathtub with paneling of fishes swimming around can cause a great impact. The free standing tub will act as a centerpiece. You can also hang an egg shell colored towel on that featured wall to give a more breezy and fresh feel to the bathroom.

Nautical Bathroom Panel

13. Green Striped Panels

Invite the sense of opulence with a green striped panel. This wall panel is not too bold, yet creates a classic, eclectic style in your bathroom. You can use a soft trending green color for the vanity of your bathroom. The light color will give a soft touch to your bathroom. You can use a striped green colored towel in your bathroom and place some potted plants on the countertop.

Green Striped Panel

14. Bold Retro Panels

Bring drama to your powder room bathroom with a bold color retro panel. You can also use a flower shaped chandelier to your bathroom to compliment the panels of your bathroom. This is the perfect wall panel for a powder room bathroom. Use the same themed vanity with a round brown basin as a water vessel.

Bold Retro Panel

15. Flower Paneling

For a quick change in your bathroom, use a wallpaper with sealed up petals and yellow flowers. The modern breezy wallpaper can bring fresh air and light in your bathroom. You can use a vase to add some flowers in your bathroom. Place a stool near your toilet seat to add fresh towels to your bathroom. The floral change in your bathroom will fit every space perfectly.

Flower Paneling

16. Baroque Designed Paneling

Baroque designed paneling looks completely timeless in a modern bathroom. The tropical life illustration provides the bathroom with photographic wildness. It will bring in the natural light in the bathroom but for a more enhanced fixture in your bathroom, you can combine the wall paneling with modern tube light fixtures.

Baroque Designed Paneling

Splash style into theme with light colored featured wall paneling. The marble wall floor makes a perfect combination of color with a vanity backdrop. The featured paneled wall is paired with a wall mirror and crystal frame. The wooden vanity with a perfect integrated basin makes a perfect spot in the modern bathroom.

Featured Wall Paneling

18. Metallic Paneling

The glamorous wall paneling has a chrome metal finishing. The rustic gold wall panel is easy to clean and gives a solid gold colored texture. The graphite slate colored basin is perfect for a dramatic pairing.

Metallic Paneling

19. Rough Stone Paneling

For a perfect harmonious vision in your bathroom, use beige rough stone paneling. This gives a chunky crisp look to the wall. The bathroom has a glass shower wall separator. The brown traditional wooden vanity is perfect for clutter to accumulate. You can accessorize it with some artificial flowers and a wooden window to bring in fresh air and light.

Rough Stone Paneling

20. 3D Wall Paneling

This bathroom is covered with 3D wall paneling. The wall paneling has an innovative, natural round effect. It feels like you are in a submarine while staying in your bathroom. You can wall paneling with circular, graphical and waves effects in the bathroom. It will create the urge to touch the walls. The bathroom wall has a round wall mirror and a round-shaped bathtub. You can spend your relaxing bubble bath in this bathroom.

3D Wall Paneling

Final Words

Wall paneling brings different artistic hues in the bathroom that ordinary paint cannot complete. Decorating your bathroom, or powder rooms with extraordinarily designed wall paneling can be exciting and can produce a wonderful effect on the bathroom.

So what are you waiting for?

Choose from the above-mentioned design that best fits your style and start renovating your bathroom today!

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