35+ Best Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Decorating small bathrooms with the right size of furniture and lighting makes them look elegant. The elegance of the space can be achieved by adding or changing minor details of the bathroom. You can change the wallpaper, color palette, theme, fixtures, rustic vanity, and much more, just to enhance the look of the bathroom. Furthermore, the much simpler vanities can be decorated with ample ideas so that the space looks much bigger. 

Let’s have a look at some ideas to change and give some art and style to your bathroom. 

1. White Contemporary Vanity

Having a small vanity means a lot of clutter. For this very reason, people prefer double vanity in their bathroom whether big or small. The minimalist designed bathroom vanity has a lower shelf that can be used to place a variety of items on it. The sleek and smart design of contemporary bathrooms with bright lights and single shelved vanity can make great changes in your bathroom.

White Contemporary Vanity

2. Stylish Marble Rectangular Vanity

Opt for a more stylish style with this vintage classy rectangular marble vanity. The charcoal vanity has attached towel holding rails with it so you don’t have to go and shop for them separately. More so, the ideal big drawer can be used for different storage items like all bathroom necessities and to store towels in it as well. The aluminum touch to the counter makes it more exquisite.

Stylish Marble Rectangular Vanity

3. Double Crystal Vanity

The double crystal integrated washbasin gives a unique look to the dark grey metallic bathroom.

The color contrast of grey and silver theme look glamorous with dark brown closed vanity. This vanity has attached towel rails, the crystal washbasin, with crystal decorative items is the source of opulence in this luxurious bathroom.

Double Crystal Vanity

4. Matte Gold Vanity

The matte gold vanity with engraved design and attached warm lights give the tropical sunset theme. The long vases along both sides of the vanity give the bathroom a harmonious vision. Both sides of the vanity have the same brown towel setting with matte gold basins. The white soap dispenser makes the perfect set in this space. 

Matte Gold Vanity

5. Engraved Concrete Vanity

If you like a neutral theme in your bathroom then it won’t be a daunting task for you to decorate the bathroom. The concrete bathroom double vanity and the space underneath it is the perfect space to accumulate the clutter. The large mirror gives the whole look of the bathroom in one glance. This vanity with space underneath will keep your soap dispenser and towels in one place.

Engraved Concrete Vanity

6. White Rectangular Sinks with Wooden Storage

The wooden vanity is made of 100% solid wood and plywood. This simply designed vanity also acts as an enclosed storage unit. You can hide your visible clutter in this bathroom vanity to keep it free from all kinds of mess. The eco friendly wood finish vanity will be a statement in your bathroom. The white rectangular sink with reclaimed wood is one in its own kind. 

White Rectangular Sinks

7. Ultra-Luxury Bath Vanity

The diagonal designed ultra-luxury bath vanity paired with marble water vessels. The marble and glass vanity is accessorized with the same designed bathroom essentials. The black marble wall gives a crisp look to the grey bathroom. The shiplap mirror placement gives great cuts to the wall and bathroom vanity. 

Ultra-Luxury Bath Vanity

8. Wooden Vanity with Touch of White

The wooden vanity comes with a low level storage cubby and an attached makeup storage compartment. The white chair placement gives a cozy vibe to the bathroom with warm light tones. The geometrical representation of the bathroom gives a dramatic touch to the bathroom. Now you don’t need a separate space to get ready, you can do it all in one space.

Wooden Vanity With Touch Of White

9. All Round Silver Vanity

Give an upbeat touch to your bathroom with vanity behind the sink. Where the round standing silver sink makes the bathroom unique, at the same time, the white vanity behind the standing sink is a perfect spot in a small bathroom. The pastel touches in the form of bathroom accessories fit every space perfectly.

Round Silver Vanity

10. Marble Standing Vanity

Take your bathroom to the next level with no big vanity at all. Keep it simple with a free standing pedestal marble sink. The extra space on your bathroom sink will be enough to space your soap and shampoo on it. If one isn’t enough, get another same pedestal sink to beautifully transform your space. Add a glowing touch to your bathroom with warm round light which gives the effect of the moon.

Marble Standing Vanity

11. White Modern Vanity

Opt for a more modern bathroom with white bathroom mixed with wooden touches. The timeless effort put in this bathroom makes it one of its kind. The beautiful honey colored wooden vanity with white deep rectangular wash basin and stainless steel faucet makes an eye catching theme in your bathroom. Give a smooth look to this wooden vanity with some potted greenery. The large glass window will bring summer breeze in your bathroom.

White Modern Vanity

12. Monochromatic Vanity

Bring class and elegance into your modern monochrome bathroom with this monochromatic vanity. The light and dark contrast of vanity and faucet will bring a refreshing feeling into your bathroom. The chrome side box style of vanity makes a perfect spot to store your towels in a decorative manner.

Monochromatic Vanity

13. Vanities in Separate Corners

If you want to go for double vanities in your bathroom but don’t have much space then this is the perfect idea for you. Place your vanity in two different corners of the bathroom, the two opposite corner styling will not only make it different but also make it unique in its own way. The simplicity that white vanity brings is beyond words. For once make your guest dwell on this vanity look with perfect styling.

Vanities In Separate Corners

14. Grey Vanity with Separate Faucets

Create your dream bathroom with matte grey vanity. The double vanity has just two main opening cabinets with attached towel holders. The freestanding lamp brings soft touches to the bathroom. Furthermore, add small details on your counter shelf to make it more appealing. The space beneath the mirror can also be used to place a soap holder.

Grey Vanity With Separate Faucets

15. Double Sink White Vanity

Spruce up your space with white vanity and wooden touches. The white bathroom is considered one of the most used themes while styling your bathroom. The extended wooden counter will hold your towel without installing an additional towel rail. You can also place a basket in one corner for a practical storage solution.

Double Sink White Vanity

16. White Vanity with hues of Beige:

Styling a relatively large bathroom can be quite a handful of tasks. Keeping a theme can make your task easy. For styling your bathroom with one theme, you can use white vanity partitioned in 4 sections. You can designate one section for one particular item. The round bathtub and glass separation in the bathroom make it whole.

White Vanity

17. Floating Double Sink Vanity

Use floating double sink vanity in your monochrome bathroom. One for you and one for your partner. The glass view look from the bathroom and bathtub placement near it can give you a breathtaking view. The black chrome vanity with matte finishing and built in modern wash basin set the mood and tone of the bathroom. 

Floating Double Sink Vanity

18. Free Standing White Vanity

A double sleek white free standing vanity can be durable and can act as both a storage area as well as a place to wash your hands after using the toilet. In a limited space, this sleek white vanity can fit in perfectly without consuming much space in your bathroom. Keep your décor minimalist with this style of vanity.

Free Standing White Vanity

19. Wall Mounted Double Sink

To decorate your bathroom in a dream style, use this wall mounted double sink vanity. It can be a great space savvy idea and perfect bathroom for a vocational house. The master bathroom looks luxurious and reflects your personality in one quick glimpse.

Wall Mounted Double Sink

20. Double Transparent Basin

Color contrasts your bathroom fixtures and brings a mood of tranquility to your bathroom by changing the color of your washbasin. You can change it to bright red and transparent depending upon the theme of your bathroom. The dusty marble vanity brings high gloss and matte finishing to the bathroom with a modern spa-inspired bath look.

Double Transparent Basin

21. Bright Yellow Vanity

If you are not a big fan of white bathrooms then use a different color pallet to style your bathroom. Use bright colored yellow vanity in the grey furnished bathroom. You can also replace the ordinary toilet seat with a yellow colored toilet commode. Make a color contrast with the shower as well by placing a yellow colored stool near it. 

Bright Yellow Vanity

22. Rose Gold Double Vanity

Bring prestige to your space with a rose gold bathroom vanity paired with marble shelf. You can always add some plants to your shelf to achieve aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the faucets and mirror hung in your washroom can also be rose gold colored so it will make a compelling piece in your washroom.

Rose Gold Double Vanity

23. Round Basin with Wooden Slab

Round basins are making a new trend in styling your bathroom. The separate free-standing faucets on a wooden slab with all wooden touches make it visually appealing.

A ladder can also be placed in your bathroom for placing towels and other decorative items. 

Round Basin With Wooden Slab

24. Spa Style Inspired Vanity

In this spa style bathroom, the wooden floor is extended to make a built-in vanity and bathtub area. It acts as two in one space for both the bathtub and vanity. All necessary items can be placed on this wooden block decorated with large green plant. The mirrors are also backed up with this wooden backdrop and dropped down decorative lamps. 

Spa Style Vanity

25. White Thin Vanity

While discussing different vanity ideas, we most certainly cannot forget about white thin vanity hovering above the ground. Although the vanity is quite them you can place all your essentials in a decorative tray and place it above the shelf. Furthermore, you can also insert another white shelf underneath your vanity to store your items in a unique manner. Here in our recent article, we discuss some awesome white bathroom tile ideas for our readers.

White Thin Vanity

26. Whole Grey Marble Vanity

The traditional whole grey marble vanity can never go out of style. One decorating tip is making a contrast with black matte fixtures. It will add charm to your bathroom by enhancing its visual appearance of the bathroom. Install some round lamps over the vanity so you can get enough light while getting ready.

Whole Grey Marble Vanity

27. Modern Serene Bathroom

Renovate your bathroom with this serene modern bathroom vanity. The marble ceramic countertops are making a new fashion statement while styling your bathroom. The countertop is combined with white cabinet giving your maximum space to utilize and keeping all the products within your reach.

Modern Serene Bathroom

28. Cottage Style Vanity

The Ikea style bathroom vanity is made from furnished wood. The soft edges with the beige theme and wooden ceiling give a great contrast in smooth shades. The space underneath the counter is perfect for sorting towels. The attached rail will provide a space to hang your towels and keep them fresh. The warm light attached to the mirror will make your bathroom so bright. For more cottage-style bathroom ideas read this article.

Cottage Style Vanity

29. Horizontal Double Vanity

Splash style into contemporary bathroom with this all white porcelain vanity. This double vanity will provide you with maximum space to store your towels, decorative plants, lamps and stainless steel tissue holder. Integrate all bathroom accessories at one place and create color harmony among them for a nice visual appeal.

Horizontal Double Vanity

30. Built in Double Vanity Units

Create a complete striking bathroom look with wooden compact vanity. It is an enclosed vanity with almost five cabinets. The chain attached to it will help you to open the cabinet with ease. The wooden touches bring warmth with grey finished bathroom walls. The porcelain white tub fulfil the styling needs of your bathroom contrasted with nut brown colored vanity.

Built In Double Vanity

31. Beautiful Rail Vanity

The bathroom rail vanity will bring the illusion of your desired black and white washroom. Keeping the bathroom modern with a beautiful railed freestanding vanity. It can be polished with nickel or oil-rubbed for making it last longer. The right-sized vanity will bring twist and convenience to your bathroom. You can also place a matching stool to get all styled up in the morning.

Beautiful Rail Vanity

32. Farmhouse Style Double Sink

The next idea we have on the list is farmhouse style double sink vanity. The cozy and peaceful bathroom looks magnificent with wooden vanity. The sleek vanity is made of wood which can be durable if maintained properly. It combines the plain and classic look with limited color and effects. The white slab underneath the countertop will detract all the clutter from your bathroom.

Farmhouse Style Double Sink

33. Rustic Bathroom Vanity

Rustic bathrooms never go out of style. Rustic bathroom faucets and fixtures accessorized with rustic vanity will bring a feeling of warmth and depth to your bathroom. The space beneath the vanity will accumulate the basket for storage of towels and hair caddies as well. The placement of the Laundry basket also gives a decent touch to your bathroom. You can also use a ladder for decoration purposes.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

34. Industrial Style Double Vanity

Go for a more industrial style bathroom with trunk shaped vanity and high-quality bricked wall behind it. This large bathroom incorporates two styles with half a modern look with designed mosaic tiles and half bricked walls. The combination and contrast with trunk shaped vanity and concrete slab will give you enough space to store all your items in one place.

Industrial Style Double Vanity

35. Space-Savvy Bathroom Vanity

The homogenous compact vanity will be a simple yet elegant statement in your bathroom. The space savvy bathroom vanity is made of wood with light and dark contrast of geometrical wallpaper behind it. The oval vertical mirror combined with gold faucets and grey washbasin complete the look of any bathroom. The perfect vanity is suitable for both residential and commercial bathrooms. 

Space-Savvy Bathroom Vanity

Final Words

The choice of the right size of cabinetry is very important while decorating your bathroom. You can choose from a variety of options and given ideas mentioned below so your bathroom doesn’t give a cramped-up image and catch the attention of the guest in one glance.

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