31 Best Bathroom Sign Ideas and Designs

So you’ve gone all out designing your perfect bathroom, but still, feel like it lacks a little bit of something. We can all agree that sometimes in the process of making a space look instagrammable, we neglect an important aspect of design-personality. After all, when we’ve put so much effort into designing a space, we want it to be a reflection of us in some small way. A bathroom sign is a perfect accessory that allows your personality to shine through your decor.

We’ve brought you thirty-one fun, quirky and welcoming ideas for incorporating bath signs into your bathroom decor that will lift your mood every time you visit the loo.

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Let’s face it, we’ve all had at least one guest who left our bathroom an absolute nightmare to clean up. However angry it may have made us, we couldn’t tell them because we were scared we would come off as being rude.

Or maybe we just want to jazz up our bathroom and give it some character. Either way, bathroom signs are the way to go. The great thing is, you can get away with saying just about anything as long as it sounds like you’re joking!

1. Bathroom Rules

Bathroom Rules

Here’s a great way to fill up an empty space on the wall. This wood-framed sign fits in perfectly with the contemporary farmhouse decor of the bathroom while giving the user a friendly reminder of good bathroom etiquettes.

The play on fonts and font-sizes lightens the tone of the sign and at the same time highlights the key points. A longer sign means your guests will never get bored in the bathroom.

2. Nice butt

Nice Butt

Give your guests a cheeky compliment to instantly put a smile on their face! This is a simple sign on a painted block of wood with two small and impactful words printed on it.

The white letters on a black background make the message really stand out. The sign is small enough to perfectly fit on top of the toilet but big enough to be noticed.

3. Toilet Rules

Toilet Rules

This moody toilet sign is sure to catch the user’s attention. Only when they actually start to read it will they understand it’s just a light-hearted joke. While the sign is funny, it also gets the message across effectively and makes sure your guests adhere to good bathroom manners.

The message covers everything from washing hands to staying seated while doing the deed and also cleaning up after yourself. Having a sign like this will surely make cleaning up later much easier.

4. Collage of signs

Collage Of Signs

Put individual quotes on wood placards and create a collage or gallery wall in your bathroom. This delivers the message and serves an aesthetic purpose as well.

Positive phrases such as “so fresh and so clean” will instill positive thoughts in the user’s mind and they will naturally incline toward maintaining that freshness and cleanliness.

5. Positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Sometimes a few words of positive affirmation can make all the difference, such as this lovely quote “Today is a good day for a good day.” Greeting your guests with a positive and motivational quote like this will lift their spirits and make their day.

This short and simple quote is printed in a beautiful mix of informal fonts and illustrated with some green vines. The quote is framed in a gorgeous rustic wood frame, giving it a fresh and inspirational vibe.

6. A touch of humor

A touch of humor

Give your toilet a well-deserved title like this one that says “Best seat in the house”, along with an adorable line art illustration of a toilet. This serves as a piece of art while also showing off your humorous side.

A few simple words printed on a stained and weathered piece of wood can serve as an eye-catching accessory and upgrade your bathroom decor.

7. Quirky yet wholesome

Quirky yet wholesome

If your guests don’t know what Jesus and germs have in common, they sure will after using this bathroom! This good hearted reminder will nudge your guests to remember The Lord as well as maintain proper hygiene.

The quote is printed on a dark wood surface in off-white letters that stand out. Some playful fonts and a mixture of font-sizes are used, making it look like a handicraft item. This piece of art beautifully occupies a void space on the wall beside the towel rack.

8. Let the sign have its moment

Let the sign have its moment

Put up a bathroom sign that acts as a centerpiece in the entire space. A simplistic sign with a few simple words printed on has created so much interest in this otherwise plain and dull setup.   

The striking black and white bathroom sign really stand out among the monochromatic grey tones of the bathroom decor.

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9. A warm welcome

A warm welcome

A pretty bathroom sign outside your bathroom will not only avoid confusion among the first time visiting guests but also give them a warm invitation to use the facility. Get the word “Bathroom” printed on a vintage oval ceramic flat plate along with some simple french vine designs framing the word.

Make sure to use a font that fits your theme. Hang up your sign on the bathroom door using a piece of rope.

Stunning gallery wall of signs

The gorgeous grey bathroom didn’t need much accessorization other than these fun bathroom signs on the vacant wall. Create a collage using a good mix of flirty compliments, endearing messages, bathroom jokes, and some friendly reminders on bathroom manners.

Choose a perky font and play with font sizes. Print out your signs in black ink on plain white paper and put them in simple black frames.

11. A compelling reminder

A compelling reminder

An audacious bathroom sign like this one can be quite effective, that is unless you’re inviting your boss home for dinner! 

Although this sign is just a light-hearted joke, it is impactful but also quite easy to make. All you need is a small chalkboard, some white chalk paint, and a small piece of rope to hang it up with.

12. Clever eye-chart bathroom sign

Clever eye-chart bathroom sign

Whether or not you’ve visited the eye doctor recently you will be spellbound into reading this chart as soon as you see it. We couldn’t tell you a more clever way to get the message across to your guests.

This stunning piece will only take you five minutes to make but will look so classy while also packing a punch.

13. A vintage handwritten sign

A Vintage Handwritten Sign

Here’s a gorgeous bathroom sign that is a simple “Restroom” hand painted onto a plain oval wood placard, and hung on a metal wall mounted bracket. This classic vintage sign is perfect to place outside the restroom in order to guide guests in the right direction. If want to know about cottage-style bathrooms you can see this article.  

14. Customized toilet sign illustration

Customized toilet sign illustration

Put your own twist on a classic male and female toilet sign and create a new and fresh personalized art piece. This one is a humorous rendition of the age-old toilet signs that we’re all way too familiar with.

Print your digital art, put it in a small frame and place it on a shelf above the toilet. Presence of a funny bathroom sign like this will instantly lighten the mood in a dull and dreary bathroom.

15. Get creative

Get creative

We love this wall hanging art display consisting of three square shelves, some indoor plants, and a couple of small bathroom signs. Accompanied by art, this is a great way to offer your guest bathroom amenities without making it look too functional or boring.

16. Stunning laser cut bathroom sign

Stunning laser cut bathroom sign

A flirty laser cut greeting is the perfect bathroom sign to put up on a plain empty wall. The raised letters really stand out against the solid color of the wall, giving it a 3D effect and making the sign pop.           

The sign is made of laser-cut wood with a few coats of gorgeous white paint. You could also hand carve wood to make a sign with your own personal touch.

17. Same old toilet signs, fresh new presentation

Same old toilet signs, fresh new presentation

This easy bathroom idea uses the classic toilet signs we all know but presents them in gorgeous rustic wood frames that go perfectly with the holiday theme of the door.

This is a great idea to demarcate the bathroom for the guests who visit during the holidays. Hang the framed signs on the bathroom door along with a wreath to complete the holiday makeover.

18. Risque laundry humor

Risqué laundry humor

Sometimes a few words on a framed piece of paper can entirely transform an empty and uninspired space. Choose an inspirational quote, a funny joke or just a word that evokes positivity in you.

This elegantly displayed laundry room sign turns out to be totally naughty and suggestive on closer inspection. If this is your kind of humor, it will make a great reminder for you to do your laundry.

19. A word of caution

A Word Of Caution

Now here’s a cautionary message we’d be grateful to receive before deciding on using a kids’ bathroom. The hilarious warning sign sits in an adorable chunky wood frame on the bathroom counter accompanied by an indoor plant.

Type out your sign using a mix of different styles and put it in a rustic photo frame as the perfect decoration for a modern farmhouse themed bathroom.

20. A saintly aura

A saintly aura

There’s no wrong place to put a bible verse and remind people of the Lord’s greatness and mercy. This gorgeous sign displays a quote from Psalms, written in an ethereal font and encased in an elegant black frame.

The sign makes for a stunning decor element and occupies a beautiful empty space on a whitewashed wall, accompanied by some stylish flower vases.

21. Gorgeous pallet board sign

Gorgeous pallet board sign

Laser-cut letters and words look strikingly beautiful because of their three-dimensional appearance. This lovely bathroom sign has a gorgeous laser-cut message glued to a painted pallet board.

The black wording stands out against the creamy white pallet board background. Changes in font style, size, and capitalization are used to create emphasis, conveying the message in a friendly yet effective manner.

22. Choose a sign to set the tone of the space

Choose a sign to set the tone of the space

A positive affirmation such as this message that says “so fresh and so clean” induces feelings of cleanliness in the reader. Whoever uses the bathroom after reading this sign will be led to believe that it is clean and that it should be kept clean during and after use.

Such a simple and impactful bathroom sign can be made easily by framing the printed message and putting it up above the toilet, where people are sure to see it.

23. A humble reminder

A humble reminder

Here’s a beautiful sign that grabs people’s attention and reminds them to pay for the services they enjoy, while also looking so elegant and charming as part of the decor. Such a sign is ideal to use in a public bathroom where people have to pay to use the facility.

The words are written on a black writing slate with white liquid chalk. The sign is accompanied by some gorgeous pieces of art and decorative vines placed on a shelf.

24. Compliments for him and her

Compliments for him and her

Ideal for his and her bathroom, these greeting signs pay a compliment to both him and her, depending on who’s using the bathroom. The bathroom signs have been cleverly placed on a contrasting dark black wall, taking attention away from the not so pretty switchboards. The wood-framed signs go beautifully with the contemporary style decor of the bathroom.

25. A dainty little reminder

A Dainty Little Reminder

A cute little sign like this placed beside the handwashing amenities will surely give your guests a warm invitation to wash their hands before exiting the bathroom.

The words are painted in chalk paint on a chalkboard surface and put in an unfinished wood frame to match the surrounding decor. The sign is perfectly accompanied by hand washing supplies and fresh towels.

26. Wash your worries away

Wash your worries away

So the shelf above the bathroom sink looks a little bit empty and impersonal, and you’re wondering what to put on it that will beautify it without making it look cluttered.

Here’s a great little quote to put in an adorable little frame to remind your guests to wash their hands and at the same time remind them to take life a little less seriously.

27. How to make sure the toilet paper always gets replenished

How To Make Sure The Toilet Paper Always Gets Replenished

A hilarious bathroom sign such as this one will ensure whoever reads it will check on the toilet paper situation and change it if required. The sign is just simple words painted on a chalkboard in white ink, perfectly complementing the farmhouse chic decor of the bathroom. 

This is a beautiful way to add interest to an empty space while also getting across an important message.

28. Words to replace art

Words to replace art

If you’re not a huge fan of visual art but still feel like a certain space in your bathroom lacks creativity, go for a simple bathroom sign that reminds you to wash your hands. This piece has added so much style and personality to a space that used to be dull and unimaginative. 

Handwrite or paint the words onto a small canvas or paper to add your own creative touch to it. Frame it to protect it from splashes and match it with the decor.

29. Climbing ladder of good habits

Climbing ladder of good habits

We love this super fun and creative way to remind people of some basic hygiene protocols, while also serving as a lovely decorative element. These bathroom signs are words hand painted on wooden planks and placed one above another like the steps of a ladder.

30. Get naked

Get naked

Here’s one of the very few situations where it’s mildly appropriate to ask someone to get naked. This bathroom sign is fun, quirky, and a little bit risqué, and we dig it. The words are laser cut and painted a deep black color, making them stand out against the crisp white wall.

31. The entire rulebook

The Entire Rulebook

Here’s a bathroom sign that will keep your guests occupied for a while. It goes over all the rules and etiquettes to follow, with some minor light hearted jabs at your guests as well.

A sign like this will show off your sense of humor and definitely brighten up the day for anyone who reads it.

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