34 Cleverly Designed Best Bathroom Organization Ideas

Clutter and mess just love bathrooms! With so many bath and hygiene products, it’s super easy for things to go out of hand during a busy morning getting ready, or in the evening after a long day of work when you’re too tired to put things away.

What you need is a clever bathroom organization solution to make putting things away super quick and easy, while making your bathroom look neat. We’ve got thirty-four awesome bathroom organization ideas that’ll help make your bathroom always look put together.

Creative Bathroom Organizing Ideas Cater to Your Own Specific Needs

Your bathroom organization should fit your lifestyle like a glove. Some of us have more stuff than others, and some of us have a very low tolerance for a chaotic bathroom.

Pick and choose among these handy organization ideas to find the ones that suit you best.

1. Earthy and simple bathroom organization hacks

Earthy and simple

There’s no better way to organize your bathroom vanity than to allocate all your small bits and bobs out of the way into bathroom organizers. This earthy pastel ceramic set has two large cups for taller items like brushes and combs, and 3 smaller holders for tiny items like cotton swabs and tweezers.

Using a bathroom organizer like this will ensure that everything has its own space and you don’t keep losing things.

2. Rustic floating shelves toiletries organization ideas

Rustic Floating Shelves

A set of distressed rustic wood shelves mounted on the wall will create a lot of storage space without occupying any of the important surfaces, such as the vanity. This kind of set can also give your bathroom a stylish touch.

The shelves can be used for decoration as well as handy items such as towels and toilet paper.

3. Show your creativity organizing a small bathroom

Show your creativity organizing a small bathroom

A do-it-yourself (DIY) project can be the best way for you to show off your creativity. Create a bathroom organizer out of unused canisters and a small wood plank by fixing the containers securely to the plank using steel rings and pegs.

The great thing about this design is that it takes up no space on the bathroom counter, yet creates so much space for storage. Make this organizer as long as you want and with as many jars as you need.

4. A gentleman’s bathroom product organizer

A gentleman’s bathroom product organizer

Draw inspiration from this beautiful shaving kit organizer design that you can DIY from a block of wood with a few good carpenter skills. A man who likes to stay well-groomed will definitely appreciate this organizer that helps both himself and his bathroom stay looking sharp.

Engrave some letters onto the piece to give it some extra bit of character.

5. gunmetal bathroom sink top organization ideas

gunmetal bathroom sink top organization ideas

Wrought iron shelves with railings look so bold and stylish when used in a contemporary bathroom. The design makes it perfect for storage, with the railings stopping the bottles from falling over, and the bottom which allows the bottles to drip and dry.

The hooks on the bottom shelf add an extra bit of functionality by allowing you to hang some items on them. This is really a space saving bathroom storage idea.

6. Rustic wooden crate for tiny bathroom

Rustic Wooden Crate

Add a rustic touch to your space by using a roughly whitewashed wooden crate to store your skincare essentials. A crate like this is able to store a lot of products at once.

DIY this organizer using any old crate, some white enamel paint and a paintbrush. Sand it down after the paint dries to give it a more rustic look.

7. A clever wall mounted holder

A Clever Wall Mounted Holder

A wall-hung holder for all your hair styling tools can make getting ready in the morning so much quicker and easier. You will no longer run the risk of dropping your hot tools, burning yourself or your bathroom counter, or getting the cables all tangled up.

A simple design like this can also be used to hold brushes and a cup. This mount holder, always been a cute bathroom organizer for me.

8. Gorgeous wood basket with iron handle

Gorgeous Wood Basket With Iron Handle

Custom made pieces always up the style quotient of space, and this beautiful two-tier wood basket style organizer is no exception. This uniquely crafted piece can hold all your daily makeup essentials and keep your bathroom vanity clutter-free.

The organizer has a tissue box on the bottom and a storage bin on the top. The entire thing is held together by a beautifully wrought iron handle. This is a simple way of storing feminine products in bathroom.

9. Modest wood shelving

Modest Wood Shelving

Shelves made of a fine quality wood will last you years, keeping your bathroom nice and organized. Dark walnut wood always looks classy and elegant, and when paired with a modern design like this one, it can look pretty stylish as well.

The system has one long shelf for storing essentials like towels, and two smaller shelves for some decorations or extra storage. Organizing bathroom shelves with important tools such as towels, tissue, spray, etc. becomes easy now.

10. Minimalist iron shower racks

Minimalist Iron Shower Racks

Racks like these are great as shower organizers as they allow water to drain out through the bottom. These racks are large and sturdy, and capable of holding a large amount of heavy bath products.

The black iron racks are a bold accent against the soft marble tiles, perfect for making a statement in a minimalist bathroom interior.

11. Industrial style bath organizer

Industrial Style Bath Organizer

A sleek gunmetal shower organizer looks stylish against the grey concrete textured wall in this monochromatic grey bathroom. The lack of color and the straightforward boldness of the storage rack makes it a statement piece in the shower.

The rack has two levels of storage for tubes and bottles, hooks at the bottom for loofahs and brushes, and an integrated towel rack.

12. Skincare addict’s staple

Skincare Addict’s Staple

For anybody who loves using a lot of different products, a steel bathroom organizer like this one is an absolute necessity. It effectively packs a lot of items into a small space, perfect for putting things out of the way but still within reach.

It hangs on the wall, so it doesn’t occupy any floor or vanity space. It has hangers on all sides useful for hanging loofahs and sponges.

13. Small bathroom vanity organizer

We all know how toothbrushes, razors, and tubes of toothpaste love toppling over and rolling about on top of the bathroom counter. A perfect solution to this problem is a bathroom vanity organizer that has allocated spaces for each of these items.

A small metal organizer like this one is perfect for holding these in place and not allowing them to move around, making the bathroom look messy.

14. Beautiful and functional

Beautiful And Functional

Acrylic jars for storage on a bathroom vanity can look beautiful. They look like high quality glass but are lightweight and easy to use.

For storing bathroom essentials that are sensitive to moisture, such as cotton swabs and cotton balls, acrylic jars are the perfect solution.

15. bathroom counter storage on wheels

bathroom counter storage on wheels

Sometimes when designing a bathroom we are tempted to preserve all the large open spaces, and we don’t anticipate a shortage of storage space. This cool bathroom organizer is a clever solution for such spaces.

At the end of a messy getting ready session, wheel this little guy in and put everything away in the four large baskets. Or place it in the corner of your bathroom and use it to store towels and bath supplies.

16. Light two-tier metal rack bathroom countertop organizer

Light Two-Tier Metal Rack

Two-tier racks are a popular choice as they provide more storage space while occupying less space on your countertop. This black metal rack looks stunning in this serene, all-white bathroom.

Racks like this can be used to store miscellaneous items such as cosmetics, perfumes, bath accessories, and towels. Having a rack like this on the bathroom vanity can be a great storage solution for cosmetics.

17. Adorable white trolley for organizing toiletries

Adorable White Trolley

Here’s a plastic trolley that can be assembled and put to use whenever you need some extra storage space, perhaps when guests are staying. This organizer has three layers of storage and is lightweight and therefore easy to move around.

The different racks can be used for different products as needed. Like this one that has cosmetics and fragrances on the top rack, towels on the middle rack, and cleaning supplies on the bottom rack.

18. under bathroom sink storage ideas

under bathroom sink storage ideas

The space under the sink is ideal for hiding away things that you don’t want to display. This is why having shelves or racks built into the space under the sink is usually a smart thing to do.

Easily put away all your towels and vanity essentials into the cabinet, along with cleaning supplies and other items that aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

19. Stainless steel shower caddy

Stainless Steel Shower Caddy

When you have a lot of bath products a shower caddy is an absolute must. Get a stainless steel one so that it never tarnishes, even in humid conditions.

This stainless steel shower caddy has a great design, with railings that prevent tubes and bottles from toppling over. The hooks on all sides allow you to hang towels and loofahs.

20. Tiny matching vanity organizer

Tiny Matching Vanity Organizer

A vanity organizer that matches perfectly with the vanity will blend in and look like part of the vanity itself while serving the important function of organizing small items. This plastic organizer is white and has the same curved lines as the vanity, making it look as though they come in a set.

The organizer has several different compartments so that even small items have a place of their own.

21. Rustic bathroom shelving

Rustic Bathroom Shelving

Bathroom shelving fitted onto the walls is one of the best ways to add storage space without sacrificing any floor space or counter space. They are perfect for putting away and also displaying cosmetics and toiletries.

These shelves come as a set, with the larger one at the bottom having a towel rod for hanging some fancy hand towels. I organize my bathroom with this rustic shelving.

22.  The perfect solution for a perfectionist

The Perfect Solution For A Perfectionist

A compulsive cleaner needs to have everything in place and squeaky clean, and some large storage racks can definitely help with that. This shelving system allows you to organize everything neatly into different shelves while keeping the rest of the bathroom free of clutter.

More shelves can be added here if needed. There’s enough room for cleaning supplies, bath toiletries, and toilet essentials. We have reviewed 50 Best Over The Toilet Storage Ideas that Make the Extra Space.

23. Fun-sized vanity organizer

Fun-Sized Vanity Organizer

A small metal two-tier rack is the perfect organizer for a small vanity. It occupies very little space on the vanity countertop but still makes room for all your cosmetics.

It is an open rack, which makes reaching for the products easily accessible from all sides. The small shelf on the top adds additional storage for fresh towels or small amenities.

24. Sleek and stylish vanity organizer

Sleek And Stylish Vanity Organizer

Here’s a vanity organizer with three shelves and lots of storage. It takes up very little space on the bathroom counter but provides tons of usable storage for all your vanity needs.

Store a variety of aesthetically pleasing items in it, from luxury soap and shampoo to cute hand towels and aromatherapy products.

25. Boney metal corner racks

Boney Metal Corner Racks

Corner shelves in the shower are a smart choice in terms of functionality and saving space. These simple metal racks are perfect for keeping all of your bath essentials in.

Simple racks like these are ideal for a minimalist bathroom.

26. Steel shower hung caddy

Steel Shower Hung Caddy

Another great option for small showers is a stainless steel caddy that hangs from the shower itself. It comes with individual compartments for your bath amenities such as soap, shampoo and body wash.

27. Compact vintage shower caddy

Compact Vintage Shower Caddy

Perfect for your small vintage bathroom, this shower caddy is small and dainty but provides a good amount of storage.

28. Light cabinet hanger organizer

Light Cabinet Hanger Organizer

A metal basket that hangs from the cabinet door on the inside is ideal for storing hot hair styling tools. This utilizes a space that normally remains unused.

This is a smart solution for storing bathroom electronics that hides away all the ugly cables inside the cabinet. 

29. Wall mounted metal rack

Wall Mounted Metal Rack

Great for setting down hair styling tools while busy getting ready in the morning. This provides safety against burns, and prevents your hot tools from melting or damaging other products by coming into contact with them/

30. Acrylic basket organizers

Acrylic Basket Organizers

Using acrylic baskets, boxes and trays are a great way to compartmentalize your bathroom storage. They are lightweight and completely transparent, which allows you to quickly find out what you’re looking for while getting ready.

31. Wire towel rack bathroom Organizer

Wire towel rack bathroom organizer

Towels often get damp and start to smell weird when stored in a bathroom closet. Wire towel racks are a clever solution for storing towels that keeps them dry and smelling fresh.

This set of racks is integrated and hung from the wall. The towels are neatly rolled up and placed on the racks.

32. Large shelf of wire racks

Large Shelf Of Wire Racks

A large white open shelf of wire racks can be a good substitute for a bathroom closet. It is airy and bright, and does not block off the space like a bathroom closet would.

This particular set of racks is quite large and has tons of space to store all kinds of bathroom amenities. This allows you to neatly sort out all your bathroom necessities into different shelves.

33. Towel hangers on a stand

Towel Hangers On A Stand

Rental apartments often lack certain utilities such as towel rods, and you don’t have the option to drill a peg into the wall to mount a towel hanger either. These towel hangers are stylish and eliminate the need for drilling the wall, and are therefore a great option for a rental apartment.

The T-rods are fixed to a stand which can also be used as a jewelry tray or a perfume display.

34. Fancy neon corner shelves

Fancy Neon Corner Shelves

Here’s a fun looking corner shelf for bathroom vanities that has a cool and unique design. It’s angular back makes it fit snugly into a corner and out of the way, while its neon orange color makes it stand out as a statement piece.

The three tier shelves provide lots of storage for the dainty little bathroom amenities that you want to display and show off.

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