40+ Best Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Transforming your bathroom with minimal effort can be tricky yet amusing. The look of the bathroom can be changed with experimental designs such as optical depth, glittery wallpapers, 3D designed wallpaper, and plaid wallpapers. So many options are available in the market to explore and choose from. Even an ordinary bathroom can be transformed into a stylish classy bathroom so you can enjoy your time over there. You can start with changing the boring painted walls to artistic wallpapers in an exquisite way. 

Let’s explore some ideas to decorate your bathroom.

1. Monochrome Smokey Wallpaper

The monochrome bathrooms are often considered classy and masculine. Black and white decor gives the sense of sophistication of the bathroom. To enhance the look of your bathroom, try changing the wallpaper of your bathroom that goes well with the theme of the bathroom. The white marble slab, footing step, and white dusty cloud wallpaper is the perfect attachment for your bathroom.

The wallpaper shows the depth of the sky and gives a dusty adorable look to any bathroom.

Monochrome Smokey Wallpaper

2. Glittery Upbeat Wallpaper

Most of the time, powder rooms do not have much room for big fancy furniture. You should look for something that does not look awkward but rather grab the attention of the guest in seconds. For that, try covering the walls of the bathroom with some glittery dark colored wallpaper. The glittery wallpaper will not only look charming but will also go with the gold faucets of the bathroom.

Glittery Upbeat Wallpaper

3. Plain White Wooden Textured Wallpaper

To lighten the look of the bathroom, go for an all white bathroom. All white bathrooms not only give a breezy feeling but also brighten up the space 3 times.  Instead of installing high quality brick walls, you can save a lot of money by just using these white washed bricked wallpapers. The fresh clean white wallpaper will surely make your bathroom airy and breezy.

Plain White Wooden Textured Wallpaper

4. Farmhouse Style Bathroom

Farmhouse bathrooms are often considered warm and cozy. To achieve the modern welcoming farmhouse style theme in the bathroom, use two toned brown and beige wallpaper. The rustic mirror frame along with counter top gold lamps will complete the look and go well with the theme of farmhouse inspired bathroom. Choosing the right wallpaper that matches your décor will bring the sense of relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom.

Farmhouse Style Bathroom

5. Dark Forestry Bathroom

Achieve a new elegant theme by using dark toned forestry bathroom wallpaper. The marble counter, gold faucet and long chandelier lights with dark toned featured wall will make you think as if you are sitting right in the middle of the forest. You can also change the color of your door to some darker tone so it matches well with the deep forestry look.

Dark Forestry Bathroom

6. Ocean Inspired Wallpaper

Achieve the serene and calming effect of the often while staying right inside your house. The ocean inspired bathroom wallpaper will make a great combination with white toilet and jute toilet bin. More so the pedestal sink and round wooden mirror are the way to go. The tropical leaf illustration on the wall changes the whole mood of the bathroom.

Ocean Inspired Wallpaper

7. Blue Waves Wallpaper

To style your bathroom in an out of ordinary way, try using some abstract art. Abstracting at work can be quite expensive but why spend a lot of money on just painting when you can transform your bathroom with budget friendly wallpaper placement. The cheerful splashed of painted wallpaper will grab the attention of guests in minutes.

Blue Waves Wallpaper

8. Butterfly Ceiling Wallpaper

Who says that the wallpapers can only be for walls? There are plentiful options available of different designs and categories while choosing the right wallpaper. Try incorporating some birds and insects in your bathroom. Cover the ceiling with some colorful and cheerful ceiling wallpaper. To top it up, bring the sculpture of an eagle underneath the counter. This will make your bathroom cool and classy.

Butterfly Ceiling Wallpaper

9. The Classical Geometric Wallpaper

While styling your bathroom, you can also change the interior of the bathroom by using geometrical wallpapers. From bold artistic wallpaper to plain geometrical inspired wallpaper, one’s bathroom can have it all. You will find different variants of geometrical art décor. Triangles, squares, playful artistic circles all can go in your bathroom.

The Classical Geometric Wallpaper

10. Green Breezy Wall

To have a relaxing and calming effect while entering your bathroom, change the color pallet of your bathroom. There are so many inspirational options from dark green to light green even mint color brings a relaxing breezy feeling to your bathroom. You can use various landscape wallpaper to achieve that specific look. To compliment the look, you can use green chair placement, a bath mat and a towel set.

Green Breezy Wall

11. Ombre Powder Room:

One way to revitalize your bathroom is the use of Ombre shade wallpaper in your bathroom. These wallpaper give a more serene look to the powder room while bringing aesthetics into the place. If you are looking for something more prominent, try using darker tones which will be ideal for any bathroom with hints of rose or gold fixtures.

Ombre Powder Room

12. Bright Springtime Wallpaper

Beautifully transform your kid’s bathroom with this springtime wallpaper. This wallpaper not only brings sophistication to your bathroom but also makes it bright and airy. The peachy pink color is perfect to give your bathroom a feminine touch. Get some prints from Pinterest and get them framed in your bathroom. Create magic in your little girl’s bathroom by using these joyful wallpapers.  

Bright Springtime Wallpaper

13. Beige Walls with a Hint of Gold

The luxurious bathroom featuring fresh tones and elite beige wallpaper will be the hint of gold can be anyone’s dream bathroom. The minimalist yet rich and classy look can be achieved from this wallpaper. The chandelier along with wall mounted lights brings the mood of tranquility to the bathroom. Furthermore, the marble flooring and rustic furniture make it more royal.

Beige Walls With A Hint Of Gold

14. Vibrant and Botanical Wallpaper

Using wallpapers is one way to reflect your personality in an eye-catching way. Adding unique vibrant botanical wallpaper is one way to imitate your personality. The quirky wallpaper of your bathroom will have moody tones that can fit right in while decorating your bathroom. It can add uniqueness to your small bathroom with some dark fixtures and faucets.

Vibrant And Botanical Wallpaper

15. Grey Walled Powder Room

Grey wallpapers are the key element to bring complexity and class to your space. You can add different pastel colors to make the whole space more vibrant. It will help the bathroom standout as well without compromising the actual look of the bathroom. The delicate design of the wallpaper adds a soothing effect to the bathroom.

Grey Walled Powder Room

16. 3D Wallpaper

While there are a handful of options available in the market to choose from, we most certainly cannot forget about 3D wallpapers.3D wallpapers are twisted and with wooden paneling is your go to option while decorating your bathroom. The wallpaper gives the illusion of added depth and acts as magic. Nice and clever way to confuse your guest!

3D Wallpaper

17. Vintage Art Wallpaper

Vintage décor does not go out of style. Vintage designing and decoration can be achieved with just making small changes like changing the wall décor, making an art gallery and bright bold colored wallpaper. Vintage Wallpaper can be expensive so they are ideal for a small bathroom with limited space. Cover one wall with a stick on wallpaper and another with some flowery bold wallpaper to give an in depth feeling.

Vintage Art Wallpaper

18. Floral Twisted Wallpaper

The delicate flower theme can be a great way to style your bathroom. If your bathroom blooms then your apartment has a different vibe. The window display will bring in a lot of light and brighten up the bathroom. The round basin invites the sense of opulence in your bathroom with some freshly hanged towels on a ring towel holder.

Floral Twisted Wallpaper

19. Artistic Wallpaper Behind the Vanity

Covering all four walls with wallpaper can be expensive but featuring a wall can be an ideal alternative while styling your bathroom. Consult an interior decorator and add an artistic wallpaper behind your vanity. People spend most of their time getting dressed while sitting in front of vanity. It is the most used fixture in your bathroom so add a wallpaper behind your mirror and take artistic selfies that portray your personality.

Artistic Wallpaper Behind The Vanity

20. Classical Black and White Wallpaper

Reinvent your space with classical black and white wallpaper. Black bathrooms are considered luxurious and classy but with the right hues of white, it can become neutral and whimsical. The black and white striped wallpaper is simple yet elegant in its own way. The mosaic tiles and wired magazine holder with white pedestal sink is your way to go.

Classical Black And White Wallpaper

21. Blue Blooming Wallpaper

For a neutral and whimsical bathroom décor, use blue blooming wallpaper. It somehow shows blue tree leaf’s with blue pottery and white sink. You can pair it up with a half tiled wall. The storage basket with a lid in the bathroom can store all toilet caddies and necessary items. You can also get the color of wallpaper changed according to the theme of the bathroom and your liking.

Blue Blooming Wallpaper

22. Twisted Peachy Wallpaper

Go for a more modern and fresh look by replacing the paint of your bathroom with twisted peachy wallpaper. The simple minimalist style of bathroom wallpaper with gold hues and white cabinets brighten up the space. The round rectangular gold mirror mixes well with the peachy wallpaper of the bathroom. The gold faucets and fixtures also blend well into contemporary style bathrooms..

Twisted Peachy Wallpaper

23. Dark Floral Wallpaper

Bring drama to your wall with a variety of floral wallpaper available in the market. The dark toned wall with upbeat floral arrangement can be quite mesmerizing in the bathroom. Powder room or cloakroom can be transformed into lively space with this amazing wallpaper. The marble rectangular sink compliments the bathroom in a unique way. 

Dark Floral Wallpaper

24. Ancient Theater Style Bathroom

Make the bathroom paneling unique with ancient theater inspired wallpaper in your bathroom. The high and low contrast of the bathroom make it stand out among other rooms. The minimalist décor adds the tailored look to your bathroom with grey tiled flooring and white half tiled paneling. Small spaces are perfect to stir drama into art. 

Ancient Theater Style Bathroom

25. Nautical Bathroom Wallpaper

If your kid is a big fan of nautical inspired items, then this will be the perfect idea to decorate your bathroom. The Acquario wallpaper with blue backdrop will not only bring tranquility but also motivate your kids to stay neat and clean. You can also change the mirror and add a nautical soap holder to your bathroom. Blue towels neatly placed on a marble counter display the serene blues of the sea.

Nautical Bathroom Wallpaper

26. Yellow Bath with Frames

The breathtaking yellow wallpaper is your go to wallpaper in a traditional shiplap style bathroom. Contrast the wallpaper with high quality black tiling and bright white vanity. Add some art to your wall along with your bathroom doors. You can also use a rotating mirror in your bathroom if you want to give your bathroom an exceptional touch.

Yellow Bath With Frames

27. Blooming Pineapple Wallpaper

There are a million ways in which you can use tropical and floral inspired ideas in your bathroom. One of the widely used ideas is to implicate pineapple into your wall art. The pineapple inspired wall art is available in a variety of delightful colors and the bright pink color is one way to use it. The pink pineapples match with the built-in storage and decorative cabinet as well.

Blooming Pineapple Wallpaper

28. Serene Elegant Wallpaper

The breathtaking serene wallpaper is filled with cheerful birds and greenery. The landscape wallpaper shows photographic wildness compelled with warm hues of wood and tiled half wall. The mini white chandelier goes well with birds on the wallpaper and the white flowers look serene and elegant in the bathroom.

Serene Elegant Wallpaper

29. Striped  Wallpaper

The traditional wallpaper brings in a wonderful texture in your bathroom. If you are not into flowers or any themed wallpaper, then this is the perfect choice for you. The dark navy blue toned wallpaper shows a masculine bathroom with dark colored graffiti wall frame. Many other simple geometrical wallpapers are available in the market to choose from but the striped minimalist idea will fit every room perfectly.

Striped  Wallpaper

30. Pastel Colored Wallpaper

If you also like soft trending tones, go for pastels. The pastel colored wallpaper with tropical leaf illustration makes the space extra fresh and bright. The lavish bathroom with pastel tiles and pastel toned wallpaper fit every space effectively. The high quality tiled walls are understated but with the right wallpaper it will pop up the restroom even more. More so, change the simple bathtub into marble bathtub so it will blend into the theme of the bathroom.

Pastel Colored Wallpaper

31. Green Tree Wallpaper

To add crisp and unique feeling to your bathroom, try using simple yet striking green tree wallpaper into your bathroom. The featured palm tree and exotic tropical green leaves bring a breezy feeling to your bathroom. The fresh and natural style of bathroom makes it lavish and gets praises from the guests.

Green Tree Wallpaper

32. Black Artistic Wallpaper

Seal up some leaves and trees into your bathroom wall through some wallpaper art. Sparkle the space with a silver framed mirror and get some print off the internet, download it, get it printed and framed into your bathroom. The black artistic wallpaper gives the clear and beautiful view of the jungle and leaves into your bathroom.

Black Artistic Wallpaper

33. Map Themed Bathroom

The incredibly detailed vintage mapped wallpaper is perfect for a kid’s bathroom. In this way they can learn and have something to look on into the morning. The map illustration along with vintage light and mirror can bring drama to your bathroom. This is an ideal way to decorate your kid’s bathroom with space congestion.

Map Themed Bathroom

34. Butterfly Themed Wallpaper

The bright blue wallpaper with a beautiful illustration of butterflies acts as a modern take on a traditional style bathroom. if you want to play with some colors and do not want to go overboard with that, you can always take a plunge on wallpaper. Add colorful accessories to your bathroom along with the toilet paper stand and vanity.

Butterfly Themed Wallpaper

35. Black Sketchy Wallpaper

Represent nature in your bathroom with black sketchy wallpaper. The visual representation of different animals and Smokey detailing gives a fresh new vibe to your bathroom. Spot different animals like monkeys, rabbits, birds all in one frame. The boho style bathroom with marble counter sink and black tiling complete the theme of the bathroom.

Black Sketchy Wallpaper

36. Cherry Gold Bold Wallpaper

Retro style powder rooms have their own different charm. The gold wallpaper with cherries on it is a peel and stick on wallpaper and can be changed any time whenever you want and get bored of it. The retro style wallpaper brings the 50’s time period and helps you take the ride back to time. You can also hang a retro vintage photo frame on the wall. The bright colors will bring the warmth to the ordinary bathroom.

Cherry Gold Bold Wallpaper

37. Sea Themed Wallpaper

The Aquaria Fish themed wallpaper will add a whimsical touch to your bathroom. Any small bathroom decorated with bold designed wallpaper not only upgrades the bathroom but also changes the look from a boring bathroom environment. The cottage style bathroom with fish-themed wallpaper and a touch of white framed mirror will enrich the aesthetics of the bathroom

Sea Themed Wallpaper

38. Blue Denim Wallpaper

Blue is the main theme of nautical inspired bathrooms. Nautical bathroom with attached wallpaper coupled with warm toned furniture is a perfect blend of class and grace. The subtle drop back of this wallpaper with pedestal sink will help you achieve the nautical zen. Furthermore, You can also add nautical inspired wall signs in your restroom.

Blue Denim Wallpaper

39. Green Blooming Wallpaper

Most of the time small apartments have limited space available in their bathroom. There are so many options to decorate your small limited space. One of them is decorating it with dark toned green blooming wallpaper. The floral representation of dark moody tones will not only lift up your mood but you will also get a lot of compliments from your guests.

Green Blooming Wallpaper

40. Blue Blossoms Wall Art

Complete your traditional bathroom with blue blossom wall art. The light blue wall art with added details of blossoms on it can upgrade your traditional bathroom into a modern bathroom. Bright blue wallpaper brings a cool and crisp effect of air into the bathroom with a window in it and a pot of plants. The light blue tone of wallpaper can also be changed into any customized color of your choice. 

Blue Blossoms Wall Art

41. Classy Ocean View Bathroom

For the perfect blend of elegance and style, use relaxing ocean view wallpaper in your bathroom. The nautical inspired bathrooms include lots of items but the proper placement of them matters a lot. The right wallpaper featuring walls of bathroom can be a game changer for your bathroom. The cloudy illustrations in the wallpaper pop up even more.

Classy Ocean View Bathroom

Final Thoughts

For the perfect blend of class and elegance, try implementing those ideas in your bathroom.

The perfect way to style your bathroom is to take the plunge and merge the style and aesthetics into your space. 

A little bit of bright and colorful wallpapers can go a long way and if you get bored of that you can change it anytime.

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