Yellow and Grey Bathroom Ideas

Yellow bathrooms often give a happy and bright vibe. The shining of the sun, the brightness of the sky, and the warm vintage charm can be observed when you put all the right decorations in place, be it bathroom. Yellow décor in the bathroom can bring all the peace you need while taking a relaxing bath. You can combine different hues of yellow with grey color to give an artistic touch. 

Without further ado, let’s discuss some great yellow and grey bathroom ideas.

1. Yellow Painted Bathroom

Yellow painted bathroom

Big things often come in small packages. Because of limited square footage and opportunities to change the layout, you can get confused. But don’t worry, you can transform your bathroom with a new coat of paint. Paint your bathroom walls with yellow green color and attach some wall decals behind the toilet.

2. Yellow Floored Bathroom

Yellow floored bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, you can experiment by starting with a powder room. Use bold pallets, eye-catching tiles and cool hardware. Change the floor and countertop color with bold yellow hues keeping the rest of the bathroom neutral grey.

3. Yellow Bathroom with Grey Blocked Tiles

Yellow bathroom with grey blocked tiles

You can transform your bathroom floor with grey and yellow blocked tiles. This bathroom has limited leg space but you can make your stunning yellow bathroom by adding a yellow mat and curtains behind the bathtub.

4. Yellow Bathroom with Ancient Mirror

Yellow bathroom with ancient mirror

Mirrors play an important role in the decoration of any space. Generate a vintage look in your bathroom with this old school gold framed oval mirror. The dropdown vanity lights shed light directly on the mirror so you can get ready in the morning easily.

5. Mustard Shiplap Tiles

Mustard shiplap tiles

Never underestimate the style power of a yellow themed bathroom when it comes in a multitude of different hues.  This modern bathroom is a combination of mustard and grey tiles. The bathtub is enclosed with white curtains providing you with maximum privacy. You can make your bathroom utterly beautiful with some plants in it.

6. Yellow Bathroom with Monochrome Touches

Yellow bathroom with monochrome touches

When it comes to decorating your bathroom with two contrasts, your mind often goes for a monochromatic look. The two colors work well with each other. You can go for an all-white bathroom and add a visual touch with grouts of black tiles. If you don’t want to be extra in your bathroom then you can replace the wall color with mustard paint.

7. Yellow Curtain Touch

Yellow curtain touch

The tartan or plaid pattern is famous because of the geometrical representation of lines. You can use yellow colored plaid curtains in your white bathroom to make it homier and breezier. You can also adjust the length of your bathroom curtain according to the size of your window. The vibrant color transforms the bathroom look completely.

8. Warm Rustic Bathroom

Warm rustic bathroom:

For a perfect and adorable look, you can place all the rustic décor. This will give the farmhouse and ancient look both at the same time.

You can use different rustic elements like cabinets or faucets to your bathroom to make it look exquisite and adorable. You can obviously get high end elements but you can also go for thrift stores for your bathrooms.

9. Bright Bathroom with Globe Chandelier

Bright bathroom with globe chandelier

Bathroom is a perfect place to relax after a hard, energy draining day. We relax and pamper ourselves in the bathroom so with all other fixtures and designing, a bathroom should have perfect lighting. If you do not have space for a big chandelier then you can use minimal vanity lights to upgrade your bathroom. White vanity, light colored mirror frame, and dark-shaded countertop call for light bulbs to complete this understated bathroom.

10. Sunshine in A Bathroom

Sunshine in a bathroom

Bring sunshine in your bathroom with some flower decoration and rug placement. You can cover your bathtub with yellow curtains. Moreover, place a mat right in front of your vanity to make a contrast. Don’t leave any chance to decorate your bathroom. use some flowers and place them on the back of your toilet seat to add a beautiful effect.

11. Yellow Bathroom Paired with Green

Yellow bathroom paired with green

The combination of yellow and green never goes out of style. Beautifully transform your bathroom with yellow tiled walls and flooring. You can add hints of green to your ordinary yellow bathroom in the form of pedestal sink and toilet seat. 

12. White and Yellow Bathroom

White and yellow bathroom

No doubt white and grey make a perfect combination while decorating your bathroom but you do not have to go for a boring grey bathroom. 

For this, you can add white marble touches with a hint of yellow. 

You can also add matte grey stainless steel wall mounted lights on all sides of the mirror. The white sink with marble countertop will be the focal point while entering the bathroom. 

For more added variety and interest, you can add grey vanity contrast against an eggshell white wall and your new Cottage style bathroom is ready with lots of light and enough storage space

These light touches will provide a balance between light and dark.

13. The Grey Charm

The grey charm

Combining a stone grey colored marble finish tile with white freestanding tub can make a captivating theme in your bathroom. The placement of a wooden log in a standing manner serves as a stool. The bathroom looks timeless and gives a relaxing vibe. The transparent sliding window will bring in a lot of fresh light into your bathroom.

14. Yellow Walk-in Shower

Yellow walk-in shower

A yellow walk-in shower can totally change your perception of small bathroom space. You can have a brown shaded bathroom including tiles and counter as well as the wall of shower area. All covered in yellow theme. Add a hint of silver color into the glass separator of your wall in shower. You can add green colored towels for your guests under the counter.

15. Yellow Boho Bathroom

Yellow boho bathroom

Now you can decorate your space and bathroom just the way you like by minimal changes, adding up some spices to a boring bathroom that doesn’t give you any motivation to go to work in the morning. Bohemian bathroom style is just the one you are looking for.

From adding colors to putting some plants and placing some artwork in your bathroom, you can totally transform your old bathroom in a budget friendly way. A yellow boho bathroom can be your ideal bathroom. The walk-in shower has yellow tiles enclosed in a glass door.

16. Nautical Yellow Bath

Nautical yellow bath

If you don’t want to go all blue in your bathroom as it will be a representation of a boy’s bathroom, then most certainly this idea is for you. White and yellow décor can serve as a great alternative for neutral yet nautical style bathrooms.

White twin basin sink countertop with basket space underneath it will help you to store towels and accessories in it.

17. Traditional Yellow Bathroom

Traditional yellow bathroom

The use of a color palette while styling your bathroom is very necessary. You can use a different light color palette for a fresh polished décor.

From crisp cool white, with the hint of sea blue vanity evokes the look of the bathroom.

You can place a teal-colored stool near a white polished porcelain bathtub.

Sea and white truly make a lovely color scheme. For a real fresh appeal, you can add beautiful flowers to your vanity.

Your utterly serene bathroom is ready.

18. Yellow and Grey Wall Décor

Yellow and grey wall décor

If you have limited space in your bathroom and want to decorate it in the best possible way, then you can decorate the walls behind the toilet. Try adding some frames and attaching a towel rack. Arrange yellow and grey color towels on this rack for easy access.

19. Romantic Bathtub Setting

Romantic bathtub setting

Craving a romantic date with your partner but do not have enough time to go out? Use your bathtub for a relaxing romantic date night. You can make this bathtub area with a sofa in a monochrome pattern and some yellow cushions.

20. Rustic Style Bathroom

Rustic style bathroom

Brick floors are often used to add a twist to the cottage style bathroom flare. You can give a rustic, rugged appearance to the bathroom with the use of brick floored tiles. A wall mounted sink, a brown striped rug and some warm lights will give your bath a great cottage décor. It looks more refined than the old traditional bathroom.

21. Bathroom with an Art Wall

Bathroom with an art wall

Most of the time big bathrooms can be changed to a unique style by making a little effort. If you have a huge space for a bathroom, you can hang a mirror with a large vanity and place a jute towel basket under it so it wont cramp up your space.

You can also hang different aesthetic artistic paintings on the walls of the bathroom.

22. Modern Yellow Bathroom

Modern yellow bathroom

This modern bathroom is chic and trendy. It has vibrant tones of yellow color and can be maintained with a grey colored tone. You can add a shiny vanity with a yellow porcelain bathtub leaned against the wall.

23. Yellow Vanity in White Bathroom:

Yellow vanity in white bathroom

If you are not a big fan of white bathrooms then use a different color pallet to style your bathroom. Use a bright-colored yellow vanity in a grey furnished bathroom. You can also replace the ordinary toilet seat with a yellow colored toilet commode. Make a color contrast with the shower as well by placing a yellow-colored stool near it. 

24. Yellow Bathroom Makeover

Yellow bathroom makeover

Yellow bathroom makeover is very easy when you have a lot of decorating options. You can use white shiplap tiles on half walls keeping the floor color grey. All the fixtures will be in white color. Add hues of yellow to your bathroom in the form of towels.

25. Relaxing Yellow Bathtub

Relaxing yellow bathtub

Spend your relaxing evening in this yellow bathtub. This bathroom features a yellow tiled wall behind the bathtub. Light some scented candles in this bathtub and soak in a warm relaxing bath.

26. Yellow Decorative Paneling

Yellow decorative paneling

Decorative panel looks completely timeless in a modern bathroom. The tropical life illustration provides the bathroom with photographic wildness. It will bring in the natural light in the bathroom but for a more enhanced fixture in your bathroom, you can combine the wall paneling with modern tube light fixtures.

27. Yellow Bathroom Cabinetry

Yellow bathroom cabinetry

Create a complete striking bathroom look with yellow compact vanity. It is an enclosed vanity with almost two cabinets. The chain attached to it will help you to open the cabinet with ease. The wooden touches bring warmth with grey furnished bathroom walls. The porcelain white tub fulfils the styling needs of your bathroom contrasted with white vanity.

28. Honey Bee Themed Bathroom

Honey bee themed bathroom

Having a theme in the bathroom makes it very easy to decorate your bathroom. For a yellow theme, use honey bee shaped wall tiles. The yellow vanity looks mesmerizing in this huge bathroom. 

29. Beach Style Bathroom

Beach style bathroom

Blue mosaic tile floor with denim wallpaper can be a luxurious nautical style bathroom idea. Rope weaving is very famous for nautical items, so a roped mirror with denim wallpaper and coral reef photo frame will help you achieve the aesthetics of a nautical bathroom.

30. Bold Yellow and Grey Bathroom

Bold yellow and grey bathroom

If you don’t want to spend much on your bathroom, then this bathroom décor can be your go to option. You can use a simple grey tiled floor and a floating bathroom sink. The floating sinks give you space underneath it to place some extra towel baskets. The grey color scheme removes all the feelings of cramped up space. You can add yellow color to your bathroom as side paneling.

31. Yellow Kid’s Bathroom

Yellow kid’s bathroom

Your kid’s bathroom can be a perfect way to experiment with color tones. You can add tons of color and show your creative side. Add pink, yellow or blue color to your kid’s bathroom and effortlessly generate a masterpiece.

32. Vintage Yellow Bathroom

Vintage yellow bathroom

This bathroom is a classical example of a vintage style bathroom. As you can see, it has bright yellow tones for the walls of the bathroom, a colorful rug and industrial style pedestal sinks. You can also place a vase of flowers on the countertop for adding color to your bathroom.

33. Industrial Style Bathroom

Industrial style bathroom

The lovely industrial bathroom has minimal industrial décor. It comprises different styles of towel holding hooks and a shower area with unique bold flooring. Creamy yellow walls and lighting make the bathroom elegant and unique.

34. Yellow Trendy Bathroom

Yellow trendy bathroom

Make an interesting and delightful space in your bathroom with white tile flooring. You can use the same marble décor for your countertop. You can add yellow towels to your bathroom with your initials carved on them. It can be a romantic and thoughtful gesture.

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